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Are you looking to stay up to date with the latest news on Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Shiba Inu & cryptocurrency? Look no further! In this video, we’ll explore the world of Dogecoin,Bitcoin, Shiba Inu & cryptocurrency and discuss the latest news, trends, developments, and market analysis. We’ll dive into the fundamentals and technicals of Dogecoin & cryptocurrency, so that you can get a complete picture of the space. Tune in for a comprehensive overview of the Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Shiba Inu & cryptocurrency landscape!”

Dogecoin and Bitcoin are two of the most popular and valuable digital currencies on the market today. And things are only going to get better for them in the future!

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⚠️Note of caution: all of our videos are personal opinions. Do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial advice. There are many strategies and there is not one strategy fits all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

Whoo hey everyone this is Daryl from Daily crypto trade sales come to you Live live from billion am guys it is a Great time to be live and we're going to Be talking about a huge Elon Musk Bombshell guys so this could be more and More evidence out there that we could be Seeing the Dogecoin as the official Currency of Twitter guys so this could Be something this could be him Telegraphic to the Future guys so this Is a huge freaking bombshell out there Guys so we're gonna be talking about This and much much more and some levels That Bitcoin could hit that could create Extreme volatility guys are we going to Go up are we going to be going down Let's jump into the freaking content Without any further delay it's a great Time to be alive so let's get into it Right now guys so right now if we take a Look at this you know what time it is You know what freaking time it is it is Heat map time and we're seeing overall Bitty bitty baby on this long long Weekend that we're seeing Bitcoin is up About 3.21 so that is pretty lovely Jubilee I just came home from work guys It is like 9 30 here in the 9 30 pm here In uh backyard time guys and we're Seeing ethereum is a B and B is up guys Things are looking pretty good from the Crypto Market space and I'm pretty sorry I'm pretty pumped we only had two days

Of Debbie Downer so that is pretty Pretty good and so far year to date We're seeing the January January we saw January a blasted to the moon at 39.63 And so far so far February is looking Pretty good we're 18 days here in Vietnam into February and it's looking Pretty good and we've up 6.16 so you Guys should be pretty pretty psyched and And you know we're we're freaking up Almost uh you know 60 from November guys So that is pretty cool because if you've Been watching this channel guys so that Is pretty pretty cool beans in the house And if we take a look at what's going on Zola crypto market right now the total Marketing cap Camp it's a 1.12 trillion Dollars so that is good guys you should Be feeling pumped you should be feeling And we're still up 2.21 but the most Important thing to note is that Bitcoin Dollars is up ethereum is Dominus is up And we're seeing that overall on the Weekly most of the cryptocurrencies are Up Like crazy I don't see anything down uh Except binance USD but their market cap Is just going down down keep it keep in Mind that Doug Cardone was in the top Seventh spot followed by uh polymatic And douche coin at uh 10 10 guys I told You guys you've got to get to Twitter You've got to get to YouTube you've got To get on social media and you've got to

Start tweeting up a storm guys it's so Important but we're seeing everything is Just fine everything is just a lovely Jubilee out there guys so I'm pretty Pumped guys actually pretty pumped out There so it's a great time to be live Absolutely absolutely a great time to be Live so nothing too much to worry about Things are looking good right now for The price of Bitcoin we're seeing Bitcoin uh you know has been rejected Twice as a 25 000 level I did talk about That uh we've gotten around about nine Hours or 23 left in this daily candle uh Out there so guys you know if we Continue to get rejected time and time Again that could push uh Bitcoin below This support level here we just make This green green uh below the support Level and if that happens then we could Be going going down to twenty three Thousand and such a change but so far I'm pretty bullish you guys should be Pretty bullish don't forget to say do Screen one one do screen one one smash The like subscribe and remember none of This is freaking advice uh Financial Advice this is just OG expressing my Opinion and this is for entertainment Purposes only guys so you know that guys So remember do your own uh the due Diligence do your own research and Remember never invest more than you're Willing to lose it so so freaking

Important that you know a theory is also Looking very very good uh it is it is Staying above our support level so it's Been there almost a day now uh so you Know we got about a one day on the Weekly on the weekly it's looking good Let's take a look at ethereum on The Daily right now see what's going on The Daily oh the daily out there let me give This a refreshing wish you wish you so We are seeing that on the daily right Now that uh ethereum is above the uh 1 668 dollar Mark so that is pretty good My next level of resistance in the in This in the sand is around about 18 1800 Bucks guys so hopefully hopefully we can Get ourselves above that I think it's Just a matter of time I think we're We're probably going to go up a pretty Good uh uh next week guys so it is Saturday here I know that you guys in The U.S have a long week so remember Markets are closed Monday in the U.S so That is pretty good out there so we're Just going to be looking at the Bitcoin And cryptocurrency markets going up Organically out there so I'm not too Shabby not too shabby guys we're seeing A very nice pattern 2019 versus 2023. We're seeing a very very similar patent And you guys can see that right here You know after we saw this uh patent uh Here level one then we did go to level Two some good support here and this is

Looking pretty good guys we did have a Washout we had the item e-pad and we're Having here a nice neckline here's the Adam and Eve and if this if we break Above the net neckline here on level one That could take us you know as high as Around about uh 30 to 35 000 even can Take us up to forty thousand dollars so I'm pretty bullish that is pretty Bullish out there guys so this is Interesting it looks like create the Greatest while transfer from working Class to the elites Bitcoin right now Looks like Bitcoin is an engine of Prosperity that will reverse that guy so Let's let's listen what they have to say Thoughts on Society at large Uh and I think for a lot of people who Are in Bitcoin early that's what drove Them to Bitcoin in part so what are you Saying right now your thoughts on where We are as a nation in the world well I Think as a nation we're hurting and we Are trying to find a political Savior And we're blaming it on this team or That team this color versus that color And I argue us to for people to look Deeper than that it is the financial System that's broken and people need to Stop looking to a political savior to Break their chains of debt servitude They can break their own chains Now by Opting out of the system and into a Monetary protocol that's completely

Decentralized that's divorced from the State and that is Bitcoin and the thing That really got me interested in this Space that got me questioning it going Down the rabbit hole so to speak is I Ask myself why if technology is supposed To drive prices down why is the cost of Living going up every year why is it so Expensive to buy a house for young People stock portfolio is so expensive Cost of Education there's a real reason To that because when you flood the System with cheap money easy Capital you Manipulate what should be free markets Then you have the greatest wealth Transfer from the poor and the middle Class to the elite and now finally there Can be a reverse wealth transfer and That's what I'm fighting for all right Keep fighting keep finding goodbye You're going to managing Natalie thanks A lot so I mean I think that's really an Interesting commentary and you know She's really saying that you know Bitcoin is an engine of prosperity and a Bitcoin will allow life-changing wealth And it's just a matter of time tdtd time That and you know my recommendation and Not Financial advice is dollar cost Average huddle make sure that you pay Yourself remember if you're a two Percent profit take profit 50 if you're Four percent take profit at another 50 Make sure you pay yourself I think it's

A great time to be like so we still got To talk about Dogecoin huge bombshell Huge bombshell from Elon Musk huge bomb Stop uh from Twitter guys so this is Interesting guys so this time it this Time ain't different Bitcoin b2c and Crypto I think that you know Bitcoin is Just going to continue to go up it's Going to follow this nice trend line We've seen this pattern again and again And again and I think that you know by The end of the year I mean I'm calling For at least 40 or 40 to 40 000 Bitcoin By the end of the year some people are Saying that look bitcoin's gonna crash Down people said that Bitcoin is going To get a red card out there I don't see That I don't believe that I think that We're going to continue to go we might Have some chat we might have some Choppity chop but I think overall we're Going to close a year pretty pretty much Double almost double from where we are Here guys so guys what do you think you Think that cryptocurrency you think that Bitcoin is going to double here do you Think that 40 000 to 50 000 Bitcoin Could happen in uh 2023 tell me what you Think guys tell me what you think looks Like Bitcoin first and second try the 25 Okay resistance will make it will we Make it on the third time guys I think We will I think we will but every you Know every time that we that we are

Trying to beat this resistance line the Risk is like diminishes that limit sell Orders of course new sell orders can be Added if some major resistance happen But we're seeing that all of these cell Orders are getting solely wiped out the Liquidity is the liquidity is moving to The market makers we're moving into the Hands of the whales out there and I Think it's just a matter of time before The market makers allow actually allow Bitcoin to go above 25 000 and then They're going to let it go up and then They're going to take some more Liquidity probably between 25 and uh 27 000 so I think that's probably the 9 Move up the next logical move up is 25 To 27 000. guys remember Bitcoin can Start to become extremely volatile once Entering this range so like I said once Once we start to enter the 25 000 to 27 000 range Bitcoin will become extremely Extremely volatile we may see some you Know sudden Rises 27 000 with crashing Back down to 25 000 Rises and crashes as A market makers take liquidity out of The market guys so just be careful about That looks like btc's the third bullish Wave begins so we had wave one we had Wave two and now it looks like wave Three is coming guys and this this wave Three pattern does a pan out uh and this Takes to takes it to about May 2024. uh We could be seeing at least over 100k a

Bitcoin that is what the chart is saying That's not what I'm saying that's what The chart is saying so don't beat me up About oh OG remember ta only works until It doesn't remember ta ain't a science It ain't a predictive science it's Educated guessing out there so just Remember that ta ain't a science guys Remember gravity is the same what goes Up comes down guys but with ta uh you Know remember you know a part of in part Of uh investing part of trainings there Is a luck element out there guys so Justin binance considers ending Relationship with the US business citing Regulatory pressure looks like binance USA could be shutting this doors guys Because they see that we're seeing a lot Of regulatory pressures out there so That is interesting absolutely Interesting looks like you know we are Seeing that some some guys are going to Start to see before you see Bitcoin rise You're going to see a lot of fear and There's going to be a lot of people who Are saying that Bitcoin is probably Going to go down to 19k blah blah blah You know from my perspective if Bitcoin Does go down to 19k which is a zero six One eight Fibonacci level I don't care I Actually do not care out there because It will go up and it will hit 30 000 Guys so you know if it hits 30 000 by The end of the year I'm happy I'm much

Happier uh you know anyway so guys what Do you guys think uh do you think we're Going to see a tank it's down to 19 19 500 maybe I'm not worried guys actually Not worried uh let's take a look at the Total uh total Total Lock TBL uh tvl Right now still a 50.1 billion out there Some of the top chains are still legal Maker dial curve uh I have a convex Finance unit swap uh just land pine Pineapple pancake Swap and you guys can See that the you know the most of the Cryptocurrencies this is liquid staking You can see ethereum Solana out on there Uh so guys you can see that the total Tvl lock uh looks like Lido is the Biggest chain out there with with almost 8.9 billion followed by maker dollar 7.5 Billion a curve at 5.05 out there Ave at Five and let's go down pancakes I like Pancakes I'm not chilling but I like Pancake so at 2.47 billion guys they Offer really good apy I mean up to 40 to 60 API guys not showing you do you out There guys if you take a look at the Total on chain right now for centralized Exchanges uh you can see that the the Total amount locked right now is uh There's nothing really due to nothing Really to be concerned about We're seeing that the daily daily Outflows nothing mainly more inflowing Into the the uh exchange we are seeing a Lot of outflows from crypto.com though

So more people are moving out but Nothing really alarming nothing to be Concerned about out there from that Perspective guys so guys do not forget That the OG has got his limited edition OG t-shirts out there guys so that is Going to be cool that is going to be Cool guys so uh the link is going to be Link is going to be coming out soon guys Out and uh I'll put that in there and You can order it's got me direct Directly from the US guys so if you're In the usual you will get them fast guys So don't forget to smash like show some Love out there guys so let's take a look What's going on and also guys be part of The freaking conversation be part of the Freaking conversation guys and girls it Looks like Elon Musk big huge breaking News big bombshell Elon Musk promises to Monetize Twitter user content soon Dogecoin to pump guys so guys don't Forget we got the Dogecoin Dogecoin Tippy jar we haven't got that remember Elon Musk didn't make it is making an About to launch the Twitter token and That is that is a Fiat base It's not blockchain guys so if Dogecoin If the Dogecoin file needs to have a Blockchain based uh cryptocurrency it's Going to be those it will be down to Those so it looks like looks like that We could be seeing very soon that Elon Musk is going to turn on monetization

For Twitter user content out there so That is pretty interesting out there This is a huge bombshell and you know it All started with this tweet here uh we Had this guy uh Aaron bowley and he said You know I know most of you do this all The time but this is the first time Crossing a million now the question is How to turn that into dollars and uh and Then and then uh you know Shiba Toshi Nakamoto AKA Billy Marcus Dogecoin developer uh said look if you Figure out let me know and uh you know Elon Musk said we're working on it he Said I he said we're freaking working on It guys we are working on it so he just Telegraphed they are actually working on Monetization out there so that is going To be cool beans out there guys so this Is cool guys and if you get the Dogecoin Temperature and if we get Dogecoin as The official currency of Twitter that is Going to send Doge going to the freaking Moon guys it's just a matter of time Before this happens Elon Musk we need You to make this happen 2023 so guys if You're watching this if you're looking At this Go to my Twitter retweet it right now Guys do it do it do it right now for the Price of Dogecoin we're seeing Dogecoin Has zero eight seven three it's moving On up guys we didn't see that Dogecoin Did hit a high today

Of 888 that's pretty straight And 333 for all of the people out there Who need some love needs to know trolls Need love okay so we're seeing that uh Those guys looking pretty good it's Still in the mid channel of my uh Rising Funnel out there at some resistance of The uh yeah line and green line is Acting support so I'm pretty pretty Confident out there if we take a look at The Dogecoin right now in terms of token Office give this a medium Fresh Feed the Dogecoin is operating down 0.38 at zero Eight seven five one we are seeing that The volumes are still down down minus 42 And the market cap is at 11.605 and We're the 10th coin out there guys news Wise nothing really much happening out There uh Dogecoin price prediction 2025 Will Doge break out of must Shadow okay So we're gonna be talking about that Tomorrow guys so get ready tune in Tomorrow we're going to be discussing That much much more out there if you Take a look at who's in the money who's Out of the money do what's going on one Snap crackle pop pow pow pow pow we're Seeing 59 in at 37 percent out OMG if You take a look at the social mentions Right now we're still seeing that Dogecoin is in the poor spot and that's Around about 36.44 million people have Engaged with the dude you're so pretty Good guys on a weekly right now we are

Growing 6 46 43 increase this week in Social media and 36 in social engagement That is huge that is freaking huge guys Used to be proud of yourself and that is That is that guys so right now for the Price of shibi Wee we did see shibi wee We get us high today as one three two Five right now we're trading at one two Nine three it's come down a little bit We're seeing we're still up though about One percent guys so if we want to get Past this resistance and we got Resistant around about 1359 we do have Some ways to go up guys so we do need to Actually go up and pump that guy so Let's take a look at where we need to go So so from here to break past that Resistance we're looking at around about Five percent pump guys uh but this has Been really really elusive we did pump Us that we have been rejected we got Rejected once twice three times fourth Time hopefully this time will be a charm I'll get past that guys so we're still Waiting for some confirmation of the Shibiram out there so that's gonna bring This video to your clothes guys don't Forget to go follow me on Twitter go Back and watch all my other videos Follow Follow Follow the yellow brick Road and guys guys don't forget to get The merger Gear with the OG gear guys And also too if you're watching this Don't forget if you got your crypto on

Sometimes the chain get it up there get A hardware wallet and if you want to Wear all the linkages guys if you're Wondering where all the linkages you can Go down below the at the bottom to my Video description it's there I've got The Discord we got the now Ledger and Also guys by The Challenge and send some Dogecoin dust our way so it's a great Time to be alive guys so I love it you Love it be blessed be well next video is Coming out around about 10 30 a.m Bangkok time so set your watches set Your clock set your alarm be blessed be Well and hug the wife hug the kids show Us the love for you man I'll see you Next time peace Thank you Thank you Foreign

top crypto news

Top Crypto News Can Help You Find the Next Crypto Gem

Whether you’re a crypto newbie or seasoned crypto investor, top crypto news is a great source of information on the latest market trends and events. It can also help you find the next crypto gem.

Finding the Best Crypto Project

There are tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies and crypto projects on the market, and it can be hard to know which ones will have the most potential. The best way to find out which ones are worth investing in is to read about their features and development plans.

The best crypto news sites feature in-depth research on the most promising crypto projects and their prospects for success. This includes detailed analysis of their business models, technology, and more. It’s also a good idea to check out their white papers.

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This is a particularly useful strategy when prices are falling, as you can make big profits on small moves. However, it’s important to be aware of market trends and not overtrade.

How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

As mentioned earlier, there are tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market, and it can be hard for newcomers to know which ones will have the most potential. There are a number of ways to find out which ones are worth investing in, including reading about their features and development plans.

How to Trade Crypto

There’s a lot of information out there on how to trade crypto, but it can be overwhelming. There’s also a lot of jargon to decipher, which can be difficult for a newcomer to understand. Fortunately, there are a number of reliable and reputable websites that can provide you with all the information you need to start trading.

CoinTelegraph is a great place to find information on a variety of topics in the crypto space. Its articles are well-written and informative, and they often feature interviews with prominent people in the industry.

Forbes is a popular financial publication that has dedicated full-time coverage to the cryptocurrency world since 2014. In fact, Laura Shin, who was a senior editor at the time, started pushing for the magazine to see crypto as something with massive potential.

They’ve covered many big stories in the space, from ShapeShift’s acquisition of Portis to Consensys’s latest round of funding. They also cover newsworthy hires and advancements in the space.

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It’s a free site with some good articles on a range of subjects, but they can be hard to navigate at times.

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