Elon Musk just dropped a huge warning for the financial and crypto markets – I cover off the latest news you need to know in the crypto market, lets go πŸš€
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Elon Musk one of the world's richest men Has just dropped a huge warning over on Twitter and he says here if the FED Raises rates again next week the Recession will be greatly Amplified so If you hold cryptocurrency this does Impact you because there is talk of a Recession happening uh potentially next Year with the world economy so Critically what do you need to be aware Of that is coming up next week and if we Jump over to the meeting dates right Here you guys can see 2022 Fomc meetings and if we scroll down the Bottom December the 13th to the 14th This is the big meeting that's going to Happen next week that will impact the Crypto market so basically the Federal Reserve is going to come together and They're going to make a decision what They're going to do with the interest Rates because you guys know one of the Biggest factors impacting the world Right now is inflation so inflation Impacts crypto it impacts the stock Market it has a massive impact on the Real estate market and also retail sell Spending as well Peter Schiff has also Chimed in saying that's true but if the FED doesn't raise rates inflation will Be greatly Amplified which will Ultimately amplify the recession even More so who is to blame for all this Inflation who is to blame for you know

What we're in right now in my opinion You know who is to blame It's a Combination of both the central banks And also the government so the Governments are the ones who spend all The money so you know once upon a time It was actually illegal for a government To basically spend money they didn't Have because that was thieving away the People of the country right now they've Passed laws where countries can go into You know trillions of dollars of debt They don't worry about it but the reason They say not to worry about it is Because it's like a silent tax it's a Secret tax on the population they just Spend money but you get taxed you're Going to get taxed when you go to the Grocery store so when you're going to Buy your goods and services at the Grocery store you're trying to buy food For the week you're going to notice all The food prices are up and that's the Secret government tax of inflation and What's happening is now that if that Inflation is really kicking in the Federal Reserve the central banks are Going to have to start to increase the Interest rate so they have themselves to Blame they're trying to fix the problem But at the same time we may be in for a Bit of a rocky ride to get there and you Can see this big article coming out of BlackRock and they're saying you know a

Recession is likely for next year and uh One of the big changes of this recession Is there's not going to be a massive Amount of government spending to try and You know kick off the demand kick off The circulation of spending in the Economy because they've already tried That and you guys know you know printing Out more money isn't really what helps Out an economy in my opinion a lot of Economic growth needs to come out of Businesses and also the community as Well but what we're seeing right now is Uh potentially interest rate Rises next Week so guys put that into your calendar For next Tuesday Wednesday next week and There's also going to be more meetings Happening yet next year so this is one Of the most pivotal warnings you just Need to pay attention to what is going To be the impact packed for Cryptocurrency so guys one of the things I want to reiterate to you guys is I'm a Believer the crypto technology is still The same if not it's getting better so Crypto technology does have the Potential to revolutionize the banking The financial sector I'm a big believer Of that it's bringing a lot of Innovation so I think there's going to Be great opportunities next year even Though it may be Rocky with this uh you Know potential recession we're going Into I do think crypto has a big chance

To evolve and even get better what else We need to be paying attention to in the Market today is also have a look at this So see that a binance has absolutely Unleashed a storm of Fury against Kevin O'Leary you guys know Kevin O'Leary he Has been tied up to FTX exchange he's Been paid millions of dollars to promote FTX exchange and uh you know the funny Thing about Kevin O'Leary is he's still Kind of staying strong with the Narrative that you know FTX was just Like an accounting error it was just a Big mistake but basically she's out of Binance has come in swinging taking the Gloves off and he says right here in This tweet and it's actually a big Twitter thread he says it seems 15 Million dollars not only changed Kevin O'Leary's mind about crypto it also made Him aligned with a fraudster is he Seriously defending SPF and he's talking About an interview Kevin O'Leary had and Basically Kevin O'Leary is still toeing The line with FTX and now next week Kevin O'Leary apparently is going to Testify that is what's been reported as Well and uh sees out of binance is Basically laying down the facts over on Twitter and he says he exited FTX 1.5 Years ago and there's been a bunch of Other companies that have been involved In FDX Suzette also says right here on Top of that FTX spent money on Miami

Stadium multiple Super Bowl ads baseball Referees F1 not to mention massive Political donations and luxury real Estate oh and reprehensible misuse of Customer funds too worse than losing 15 Million you'd think that being used as a Poster child for one of the greatest Financial crimes in history would make Kevin O'Leary think twice before taking Sam at his word again but clearly not Based on his appearance on the TV Station so that's exactly right Kevin O'Leary is basically in the ring uh Defending SPF right now so his Reputation is getting crushed in the Business world and sees that has also Said right here you don't have to be a Genius to know something don't smell Right at FTX they were one tenth our Size yet outspent us a hundred to one on Marketing and Partnerships fancy parties In the Bahamas trips across the globe And mansions for all of their senior Staff and his parents as well and so one Of the questions here is where did they Get the money was that customer Money Getting spent and all that crazy stuff Potentially it could have been and czat Has concluded the thread by saying if Kevin O'Leary is looking for someone to Blame for the implosion of FTX he should Start by wagging his finger at his Investment partner Sam and then perhaps At the man in the mirror so it sees that

Of binance has absolutely taken to the Ring with Kevin O'Leary and is Kevin O'Leary is he devolving from a shark Into a goldfish right now are we seeing His credibility in crypto and business Absolutely getting destroyed right now Because of what he's saying in all these Interviews is he losing credibility fast You guys know FDX uh sandbagman freed Has caused huge amount of damage to Cryptocurrency and potentially he was Behind Luna that is what's also been Reported out there in the crypto Market As well so what is what is what is going Through Kevin O'Leary Mr Wonderful's Head right now I'm not sure I'm still a Fan of shark tank so I loved that show And I'm just very perplexed by what Kevin O'Leary is saying in the crypto Market today so very strange things but Guys that is a big warning to watch out For that's what you need to pay Attention to for next week watch out for The interest rate risers watch out for Elon musk's warning if you guys want to Join the quest towards Financial Freedom All you have to do is subscribe hit the Notification Bell thank you guys for Watching the video and I'll see you guys In the next one crypto Zeus signing out

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