“ETHEREUM ALL IN” Next Month!!?? My Million Dollar Strategy REVEALED!!!

I’m going “ETHEREUM ALL IN” beginning next month because millions of dollars are going to be made investing in ETH, Ethereum rollups & Ethereum layer 2s!! Today we reveal why we are going all in for Ethereum on February 15th. Ethereum ETF decision comes early March, Bitcoin should rebound in early march & finally a major upgrade is coming to Ethereum in early March…

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:00 Intro: The upcoming ETHEREUM opportunity
00:41 ETH performance looking to take even more of a hit?
01:49 SEC delaying BlackRock’s ETH Spot ETF
02:23 Why ETH could crash yet again before a MARCH RALLY
03:59 ETH’s gas problem
04:58 How Rollups aim to solve the gas problem
06:02 How ETH aims to reduce L2 TX fees through ProtoDankSharding in MARCH

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What about Ethereum!!?? When is that ole 
Ethereum going to PUMP Tyler?? You said   After Bitcoin get’s it’s ETF launched 
it’s Ether’s turn….well my frens,   That still is the case…Ethereum & Ethereum 
Layer 2’s are my plays moving forward into   2024…why is this still my case? Find out in about 
ten minutes….because it’s time for Chico Crypto!!! When you look at current stats, Ethereum 
looks like a DUD….checking out Coingecko,   Ethereum has crashed more than Bitcoin 
over the past 24 hours, by .8 percent and   Over the past 7 days has crashed 
more than BTC by 6.1 percent…. Ethereum is even further down, since the Bitcoin 
ETF hype faded…Down from 2.7k January 12th,   To 2.2k as of yesterday…a crash of 18.5 
percent. While Bitcoin crashed from 48.5k,   Down to yesterday’s 39,800…an 18 percent crash… Number 1, this was to be expected…when Bitcoin 
has severe crashes…it takes down a vast majority   Of the markets with it…and the altcoins, they 
crash even harder than BTC…this is clearly   Seen from the top 100 coins on Coingecko, 
Sats is down over 30 percent the past week,   Many are down over 20 percent, and many, many 
more are down more than Ethereum’s 12 percent… Also if you didn’t know, just yesterday…Ethereum 
got some not so great news!! The SEC announced   They were delaying and postponing 
Blackrock’s Ethereum ETF decision   Until March” and the article says “The SEC 
will now face a March 10 deadline to approve,   Disapprove or institute additional proceedings on 
the proposed fund. Fidelity's application for the   Fidelity Ethereum Fund was also delayed, 
according to a filing posted last week.” So after all this BAD NEWS 
for Ether…why am I still so   Bullish on it for the beginning of this year??? Well, let’s just go back to that 
article…the next decision deadline   For the SEC is coming March 10th…let’s 
just hear what I had to say in my last   Video posted a couple days ago. I 
predicted Bitcoin will crash by a   Total of 30 percent, aka it will crash by 
another 12 percent over the next 45 days. Bitcoin will crash over the next 45 days,   That video was posted January 23rd…let’s just 
see what day is 45 days from January 23rd…. Would you believe it?? 45 days 
from that video is … .March 8th… So likely Ethereum will crash with Bitcoin early 
on, throughout February…but come the first week   Of March, and the anticipation that the Ethereum 
ETF could get passed…Ethereum is going to start   To RIP, especially as Bitcoin has bottomed 
out and starts pumping again in Early March!! Although, anticipation of the Ethereum ETF isn’t 
the only thing to be bullish about….if you didn’t   Know, Ethereum is having a major upgrade getting 
ready to go live in the first quarter of 2024… Ethereum Layer 1, the Ethereum 
mainchain has had a GAS problem,  

High fees users are having to pay 
to use the chain. They got crazy,   But sustainable in 2017, ridiculous 
and unsustainable throughout 2021, and   As of today if you are thinking about using the 
mainchain, you are going to be paying some FEES!! Sending just ETH is alright, the average cost is 
$1.62 cents. But when you get into more complex   Transactions, things get stupid….average 
cost for swapping is $28.33 cents,   NFT sale average is a whopping $47.87 cents, 
average for bridging to other chains or roll   Ups is $9.11 cents, and doing some borrowing on 
the eth main chain will cost you over 24 dollars. This is a major problem, so Ethereum has 
a solution called Rollups and Layer 2’s.   Right now this works pretty much the same 
for every type of rollup, and layer 2.   Rollups executes the transaction off the main 
chain on a rollup or layer 2 specific chain,   It then batches the transaction data, compresses 
it, and sends it to the main Ethereum chain, where   Many transactions from that rollup are confirmed 
together…rollup? Roll transactions up together…. This lower’s the fees paid by users, as we can 
see from this table…right now swapping on l2’s   Is much much cheaper, ranging from $1.16 on 
Starknet…all the way down to just 21 cents   On zksync lite aka swapping is 95 percent to 
over 99 percent cheaper than the Eth mainchain Although, these fees on the rollups and l2s are 
during times of limited market hype…the mass   Amount of people pushing transactions onto l2s 
hasn’t near peaked…there will be mania, and when   That mania comes simple eth transfers could end 
up at 5 dollars, with swaps being 10-20 bucks…. Luckily this likely won’t be the case, 
even with swaths of new people utilizing   The rollups fees are likely going to 
stay low…due to a much anticipated,   And awaited Ethereum upgrade….the 
Ethereum Dencun upgrade, which is   Upgrading both the consensus layer 
of ETH, and the execution layer…. If you didn’t know, lask week Dencun went 
live with one of Ethereum’s testnets, Goerli,   And after a short hiccup, and fixing of a bug 
with the Prysm client…. it was a rounding success… Well guess what?? Dencun is 
getting ready to go live on   The 2 last Ethereum testnets….ethereum 
devs put out a blog post just yesterday,   And this is what they said…”Sepolia 
and Holesky will upgrade over the next   Two weeks. Dencun will activate on Sepolia 
January 30th, and on Holesky February 7th…” So what does this upgrade do? Well in the blog the 
Devs of Ether say “The upgrade includes several   Changes, most notably the introduction 
of ephemeral data blobs with EIP-4844,   Also known as "protodanksharding", which 
will help reduce L2 transaction fees.” Protodanksharing sounds pretty dank, dank enought 
to smoke that shit…but how is this going to help   Reduce L2 transaction fees??? Well currently with 
rollups, they all use the Ethereum mainchain for   Settlement and Data Availability, and rollup the 
transaction batches are posted as Calldata to  

The ETH mainchain. Calldata posting is expensive 
because it is processed by all Ethereum nodes and   Lives on the chain forever, even though rollups 
only need this data for a short amount of time. Proto Dank Sharding does away with this design. 
It implements a new transaction type that will   Hold an additional data field called a blob. 
Instead of submitting the transaction data   To Ethereum as calldata, rollups will now submit 
the data as blobs. A blob is contained within the   Ethereum beacon client but not the execution 
environment itself. These our now separate… Data in these blobs, are under 1MB 
are automatically deleted after a   Fixed period of 1 – 3 months! This creates 
much cheaper L2 transactions, as the EVM   Won’t need access to this data, and the Ethereum 
mainchain won’t need to hold this data forever… Checking out how much this is projected to reduce   Fees by is astonishing. Reducing swaps on 
Starknet from 1.16 down to just 12 cents,   Almost a 90 percent decrease from current 
levels. Optimism will drop to just 4 cents,   Arbitrum down to 3 cents, and then Polygon and 
zk will drop down to just 2 cents!! rtHOORAH!! So when is this going to go live??? 
Well in the Ethereum dev blog post,   They said “Assuming the Sepolia and Holesky 
upgrades go well, Dencun will be scheduled on   The Ethereum mainnet next.” So what does this 
mean?? Next? Is their an estimation of when   That could be? What if I told you this could 
be coming to the mainnet in early March??? Well Coindesk put out an article titled 
“Ethereum Developers Set Timeline for Final   ‘Dencun’ Testnet Upgrades” and the article 
states “If all goes according to plan,   The final test for Dencun will occur on Holesky 
on Feb. 7th. After that developers will ink in   A date for Dencun to hit Ethereum’s mainnet, now 
targeted for the end of February or early March.” Early March…early march for eth…..when 
Bitcoin falls like I expect it to this month,   Ethereum will dip harder….but during this DIP, 
that is the time to start stacking ETH…because   In March serious upgrades are coming….plus you 
have the chance that the ETH ETF gets approved… What are the Chico Army’s thoughts on 
this? Are you feeling Ether and ETH l2   Bullishness like me? Or are you more bullish 
on other l1s like Squalana….I won’t hate,   If you are bullish on Squalana, just 
lose a bit of respect….and of course   Don’t forget to subscribe, hit that 
like, and put on notifications. Chico’s   Content only gets better with time. So 
cheers, I’ll see you that next time!

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