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What’s the real story behind Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover? Is this good for crypto, does all the talk about “free speech” really mean something; and, do we actually like Elon again? This is the same guy who killed the bullrun with an overhyped twitter profile and some environmental fud, but on the other hand, he does hate censorship as much as we do; and that’s the main reason we own crypto in the first place. Real financial freedom through financial assets we actually own.

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What's the real story behind Elon musk's Twitter takeover is it good for crypto And good for free speech or is there Something here that we're missing and do We actually like Elon Musk now just last Year he dumped the price of Bitcoin was An environmental foot saying Tesla would No longer accept Bitcoin because of the Repercussions on climate change but I Guess all can be forgiven with Elon Musk As it seems like what he's doing for Twitter is actually pretty good he hates Censorship as much as a lot of us do and Censorship well that's why we have Bitcoin it's censorship resistant money Real Financial Freedom Through an asset that we actually own And it doesn't stop there we're web Savvy enough now to where we can own all Of our data social interactions and we Know that in Elon ran Twitter alone well That's not going to be enough to get us Over the Finish Line he has a big voice On Twitter he's got 125 million Followers But we all know the future of social Media is decentralized right that's why Today we're going to be learning more About Dsosh or d-soc decentralized social Media for God's sake it's an emerging Investment category and who knows Decentralized social media might even Unthrone some of the big players in web

2 including Facebook That met a name change didn't fool Anybody I still see his uh so go ahead And check out today's video we're gonna Be learning about decentralized social Media specifically on blockchain let's Get it Welcome to Big Boy crypto my name is Ben Today we're going to be talking about Diesel that's right decentralized social Media if that sounds good make sure you Hit that like button number one thing You can do to help support crypto Adoption if you like decentralized Social media also don't forget to Subscribe to this channel so that we Talk about all the time today we're Going to be talking about lens protocol And how it's building the foundation for Decentralized versions of Twitter Facebook and Instagram now the Twitter Takeover by Elon Musk has given us a Glimpse into what free speech on social Media actually looks like now of course Twitter is not completely censorship Resistant some people still have lost Their accounts but it feels pretty close To free speech and we want more of it so Let's take a look at what elon's done Since he took over as soon as he bought Twitter he fired 120 employees that are On the trust and safety team who are in Charge of securing the Safety and Security of users of course they had

Safety restrictions like profile bands And restrictions on certain topics well We were certainly sad to see the members Of the Twitter safety patrol Depart now Joel Roth was brought in by Elon Musk specifically to replace Someone he called the chief sensor now Roth quit but he did go to the New York Times in an op-ed piece and say in Regards to content moderation I know it When I see it Elon Musk was definitely Making these decisions based on his Personal values and let's face it web 2 Social media is dying they are ripe for A takeover but his Elon Musk version of Twitter the future when it comes to Social media or is it just another Remedy a quick fix Elon Musk wants Censorship to basically mimic the laws If it's illegal you can't say it if it's Legal then that's your right to say it But so far the way he's integrated it Has been impulsive and unscientific to Put it mildly like when he asked Twitter On a poll whether he should remain CEO Or not that was a ticking Time Bomb it's Very obvious that there were going to be A ton of bots coming in on those poles And that's exactly what happened as long As Elon Musk is in charge of Twitter Well it's still super centralized Regardless of his intent to represent as Many people on platform as he can The Innovation void is why decentralized

Social media or diesel has potential is An emerging investment category for the Next Bull Run I'm not sure if you guys Have checked out massari crypto's report Written by Ryan selkis the forecasts Everything he thinks is going to happen In 2023. it's a rejection of what's Bullish next year combined with Returning to the idea that there's a Reason we're all in crypto it's not just Price go up or Price go down oh yeah Don't forget to smash off that like Button if you're in crypto for more than Just watching the price so one of the Projects that Ryan selkis mentions is Lens protocol lens protocol is a social Graph layer that allows a network of People to connect kind of like with Centralized social media platforms and It's not a user interface it's a back End it puts out the welcome mat for Developers to come in and build great Apps that people want to use now some of This is already happening right now Social media adapts are building as we Speak there's one called linster which Is basically a permissionless version of Twitter now there are three layers of Decentralized social media and protocol Has them all the user interface the Social graph that connects everyone and Content storage because everybody wants To keep my tweets forever and of course Also in my photos

Outfit of the day anybody what this Means is that being slaves to algorithms And web 2 now the community has to agree On new features there's not one person That's got full control now lens is Built on polygon and from the same team That brought us Ave the Missouri report Identified a few things first it has the Social graph and content layers as the Most valuable on the platform because When someone's content is stored on the Social graph it can be used with any Front-end program built on lens they're Not locked in an identity on lens well Anchored by nfts users mint nft that Matches their identity it's all Encompassing and followers receive Follow nfts to signify that they're Following someone and those can actually Be encoded with additional values Meaning profiles can be easily monetized And also that dowels will probably be Created for group decisions imagine a Mr Beast dial work a bit Squad down we can Do things together and it would be a Group decision so these nfts are the Central pillar for how diesel is going To interact with defy and identity Decentralized identity is coming and It's a great use case for nfts now lens Has dot lens addresses similar to dot Ease addresses this gives your address a Readable name that's easy to remember When tokens are sent and received from

This address well that means it's a Human doing it so now the wallet is your Proof of identity and Humanity now there Are other projects that are adding more Identity features specifically around Privacy so this way you can reveal Certain versions of yourself to who you Want to online and keep certain parts to Yourself or to a small group for example New Year's Eve party pictures like it's Okay to put those on Instagram But you really want to put those on LinkedIn one of these products is called Your bit is a wechat-like interface Where users have data autonomy and Communicate through encrypted messages So we're getting back to our roots in Crypto why was all this created in the First place and one lesson we've all Learned this year is how important it is To self-custody and own your own assets Blockchain started as a way that we Could have our own funds without relying On big government what we want to avoid With crypto is censorship coming down From Big Brother and this is why Blockchain is useful for interacting and Engaging with our identities online if You need a reminder of who we are in Crypto and why we're here check out this Ryan selkis tweet he says I'm sick of Feeling like we have to apologize for Our early stage and walk on eggshells Around politicians and Regulators this

Is a two trillion dollar Financial Market built from scratch a lot of the Quote unquote bad things that happen in Crypto already happen in Banks to Regulators he says don't pretend you're Here to save people from us we started This movement to save people from you And that's the truth in crypto we do Things our way and with all the issues Surrounding centralization social media Censorship it's time to do that our way Too which means we're taking back our Digital identities blockchain and web3 Have such a great opportunity to move Away from censorship and also this could Be a hot new Niche heading into the next Bull Run Financial advice but at minimum The blockchain innovation of diesel is Going to change everything that's all I Got be blessed Foreign You know

Top Crypto News Sites

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites

If you want to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and developments in the crypto and fintech industries, you’ll need to follow the best crypto news sites. These sites provide information and reviews on the industry’s major cryptocurrencies and trends. They also give you access to charts and analysis to help you make informed decisions.

Coindoo is a site that specializes in delivering the latest news in the crypto and fintech industry. It has a daily and weekly news section, as well as guides and tutorials. The site is easy to use and offers compatibility for all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

News BTC is a site that publishes articles on a variety of topics, from ICOs to mining. It’s also a great source for technical insights, as it features editorials and interviews with industry experts. Another great site to keep up with is Crypto Tips, which provides news and commentary on the industry. This newsletter is suitable for beginner and experienced crypto users, and its content covers everything from security to wallet reviews.

Crypto Clarified is a site that provides unbiased, educational material about cryptocurrencies. Unlike most specialized news sites, the site has a wide range of content, including technical, economic, and legal issues. You can also find in-depth interviews with leading crypto entrepreneurs. Lastly, Cointelegraph is an independent, online news outlet. Founded in 2013, the website’s coverage spans the entire world of cryptocurrencies and the internet of finance.

TodayOnChain is another excellent source of curated crypto news. This site has a blog and weekly newsletters, both of which feature thoughts from experts in the industry. In addition, it publishes a list of top cryptocurrencies by market cap. Although it doesn’t post as often as other sites, the site’s articles are not beaten to death.

Crypt0 is a popular news site for crypto enthusiasts. The creator of the site is an Ethereum miner, and the site offers video and commentary. The site has over 100k subscribers and offers a wide variety of content. A great resource for beginners, Crypt0’s videos are incredibly informative, and its articles are short but concise.

Coinspeaker is a fast-growing online news outlet that delivers its core story in a simple, factual style. The team of reporters focuses on providing unbiased and thorough coverage of the crypto space. Their site is updated every day, and their coverage spans a variety of topics, from the technology behind cryptocurrencies to market sentiment.

Crypto Insider has become one of the most respected and widely-read cryptocurrency news sources. The site is an expert outlet, with a focus on investigative journalism and long-form content. Its content is targeted to users in developed nations, as well as emerging markets.

CryptoPanic is one of the first crypto news aggregators. It includes a variety of features, such as a portfolio tracking tool, social signals for price action, and RSS feeds. Subscribers can also add their own Reddit and Twitter sources. Also, there is an evergreen educational section, which provides information about artificial intelligence and 3D printing.

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