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Dogecoin and Bitcoin are two of the most popular and valuable digital currencies on the market today. And things are only going to get better for them in the future!

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Watch this video to get the latest and breaking Dogecoin news !! Do not miss every second of Dogecoin breaking news… This is a must see must watch breaking news video about Dogecoin. we support the Dogecoin army!!

We love dogecoin, dogecoin to the moon soon. Elon Musk is a dogecoin lover, he watches bitcoin news. Do you like dogecoin live? Elon likes dogecoin news today. What will be dogecoin prediction 2022? Is ,elon musk the dogefather of dogecoin? how to buy dogecoin, where to buy dogecoin? What is dogecoin? Dogecoin update today! What ,dogecoin price prediction 2022. Is dogecoin a stock? Will dogecoin ever reach $1? dogecoin explained and dogecoin analysis. Bitcoin price prediction today including ethereum and cryptocurrency news today as well.. What is dogecoin mining? bitcoin,bitcoin news,bitcoin today, How to buy bitcoin. how bitcoin purchase & invest in bitcoin. What is crypto, and cryptocurrency?

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Here you will find what’s new and great ideas, opinions & TA on all things Crypto. We will tell the latest and hottest news stories that will impact cryptocurrency investing and impact you. We present the information in a no nonsense way so that Cryptocurrency beginners can understand and take those steps!


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⚠️Note of caution: all of our videos are personal opinions. Do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial advice. There are many strategies and there is not one strategy fits all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

Whoo hey everyone this is Daryl from Daily crypto chasing let's come to your Live live from Vietnam guys it's a great Time to be live good morning good Evening good everything to everybody out There it's a great time to be live we Are seeing exactly what we wanted to see Finally it's happened finally it's here We're going to be talking about what is That what is finally happening what is Finally here guys we're going to be Talking about that and much much more in This video guys so get ready to go down The freaking crypto rabbit hole with the OG don't forget to go down there lick The like ah try some likes show some Love out there and guys don't forget to Subscribe and remember none of this is Financial advice guys you know that I Know that so it's a great time to be Alive so let's talk let's talk let's Talk turkey guys let's actually talk Turkey what's going on with crypto Markets right now we are seeing right Now the crypto Market the time recording Those going on midday from fresh we are Seeing the door the markets the Market's Going down a little bit in my previous Video we saw the markets were at 1.11 Trillion we're down slightly slightly Ever so slightly I down around about Three percent right now but we are Seeing that the Bitcoin dominance and The ethereum dominance is going up so

That is pretty good out there we're Still seeing that Bitcoin is above 20 24 400 that is good news out there ethereum Is still above uh 1678 dollars that's Still up six point uh six one percent We're probably gonna have a bit of a Cooling off because we're going to see Some people taking some profits guys so I expect a little bit of volatility but There will be they're absolutely Absolutely will be some profit taking And we may see this weekend uh you know I think we might see another Pump It Up Weekend guys we might see tomorrow Tomorrow we might see some red tomorrow As things start to cool off a little bit Guys just some things don't go red hot Forever guys things don't go green Forever guys we're still seeing B and B Is up we're seeing xrp is up binance USD We are seeing once again the total Market cap is slowly slowly draining It's slowly dying off guys we're seeing Cardano as well a lot of activity Happening right on cardano right now and Uh guys and gals unfortunately Unfortunately our Dogecoin right now is Only up about 1.88 it has fallen below And nine cents out there so that is not Too good guys that is not too good dxy Is coming back up so that's also putting Some undue pressure some undue freaking Pressure on uh Bitcoin and that's why Bitcoin is starting to

Starting to drop uh I mean today it you Know hit a high of uh you know plus 10 It's come back down as well almost Giving up around about three to half to Four percent today out there So that is not good guys so you can see Here you know Bitcoin is still up but Overall we are giving up some of the Gains guys we are giving up some of the Gains out there uh we did see that Ethereum did Smash back pass a 1700 Bucks we did see that uh BTC did hit a High of 24 or a thousand seven hundred So we have we're all giving up some Gains guys but overall not too shabby Not too shabby guys if you take a look At the if you take a look at the U.S Markets right now what is going with the US market I'm seeing that NASDAQ is Giving up uh 1.14 of its gains uh s p as Well and as Dow Jones is also down down So we can expect that most of Cryptocurrency will probably fall suit Pretty soon guys so don't don't panic Don't be crazy out there and guys Wholesale prices have rolled 0.7 in January more than expected in fueling And fueling inflation increase guys so Looks like a producer price a row of Seven percent and it looks like Excluding energy and food the PPI Increased almost 0.5 compared to Expectations so things are getting more And more expensive out there people are

Still going nuts about the egg game out There so we're gonna be talking about XXX guys we did see that the PPI index Uh the actual was six percent the Forecast was 5.4 so uh and previous was 6.5 so we we have come down from our Previous PPI a consumer price index but As well below the forecast guys so you Know it's not bad it's not good but we Are seeing that inflation and consumer Pricing has increased did you know that Elon Musk who co-founded firm chat gbt Warns AI is one of the biggest risks to Civilization and funnily enough did you Know that uh That uh you know Elon Musk actually he Started and he was a co-founder of a uh Open AI but he but he he has no longer Any any affiliation he did start as a Non-profit organization out there uh but It seems that the chat gbt has become a Profit profitable uh not become profit But become an organization for profit Out there so he's just saying that you Know be careful out there be freaking Careful out there guys you know now a Dozen eggs in the US now cost more than A pound of beef in the U.S per Bloomberg Guys what is up with that guys Definitely at Gate City bad news for our Tesla fires dozens of employers at Giga Giga in New York after you after Unionization so it looks like looks like Elon Musk says look you know you can't

Do this and if you do you're out so Looks like Elon Musk brought down the Hammer time so right now what's going on For Bitcoin right now Bitcoin is uh Right now forming a bull pennant uh flag Right now uh in itself that's pretty Bullish uh but we are we are down from Our high today on the four hour so on Four hour we did on the four hour we did Hit a high today of a 24 867. we have Come down from that high and uh if we Take a look at the chart we measure from The top here we have actually come down Almost two percent so it's still not too Bad guys let's take a look at what's Going on with Bitcoin on The Daily right Now big Big Ten we have uh did hit a high of uh 24 867. we did hit a low of 24 277 so we're Above we are above our low right now at 24 476. so I think we we might we might Get in up getting some steam so that Might be interesting for you guys uh Weekly still looking pretty good guys we Still have this huge huge resistance at Twenty five thousand uh I don't know About twenty five thousand two hundred Twenty five thousand dollars we just Love we need to get back I actually need To get past ethereum is looking strong Guys and still above uh 16 and 1668. so It's looking pretty good from that Perspective we've got an interesting

Pattern out there's almost like a Inverse Bart Simpson patent out there So I'll just have to wait and see what The crypto is going to be doing guys From that perspective uh you know September returns I found phenomenal Phenomenal uh you know we're over like 40 45 46 returns out there so that is Not too bad guys not too shabby out There and guys why did the price of Bitcoin and suddenly rise today well we Found that several funds institutions Poured nearly 1.6 billion into crypto Markets since February 10th so we did See that a lot of Institutions I did Talk about that on my previous video the Institutions and funds are starting to Ape back into cryptocurrency and Particularly Bitcoin guys so that is why We're seeing the Bitcoin dollars going Up and this is a very positive sign and Typically with institutions and uh and Several funds on ape in person then What's going to happen is we're going to Have Joe Nancy Joe Bullock and what They're going to do is they're going to AP and that's going to cause Pomo and That's going to push the Bitcoin price Up to 30 000 guys we can see maybe a high of this Year of fifty thousand dollars some People are calling for that guys and It's important to understand that Bitcoin price now seems to be firmly in

In enlightened Enlightenment stage of Cycle so we see that you know time and Time again that we do have uh you know Every single year we go through the Having 2017-2021 we saw pretty much the same Thing uh and you know 2013-2016 uh you know it's a four year Cycle right in case you guys didn't know That 2017 to 2019 and we can see that 2021 2023 we're following absolutely They're pretty much the same patent guys Over and over again so we might have Some chimney Chop Chop but overall we're Going to see that this patent is going To be going up and I think in 2023 we Actually may see that the patent will go More of a straight line upwards compared To the previous cycle because we see That things are different more more Extrus are aiming in and more Bitcoin Holders are holding holding their Bitcoin like crazy we have more and more Bitcoin moving off exchange we've never Seen this before guys so the conviction Is there so I think that you know this Whole reversal here I think it'll be much more volatile to The upside guys so that's going to be Pretty good so you can see you know We're right now in the enlightenment Phase and you can see that every single Uh halving pattern it follows a pretty Similar kind of cycle guys so that is

Pretty positive out there it looks like For William Clementi out that short-term Holocaust basis purple is curling up Guys so it looks like we could be seeing A bull cross soon and every time we see A bull cross coming uh we often see a Nice pump guy so we saw it here bang pom Pom powder and it looks like we're Getting reversed on this is more Confirmation that the Bull Run is in so If Bitcoin successfully breaks about 25 8 then it's opened the doors for 30k Guys so guys keep this write this down Write this freaking down guys twenty Five eight six zero if we can see Ourselves moving above 25 860 then that Is going to confirm a long slingshot to 3188 guys and if we do not uh you know Get above 25 860 we're going to see uh If we could do go down 24025 then that Is going to push just down down and We're going to be back in the 23 000 Range that's all it is guys historically When the RSI crosses up it's a 14 day SMA on the three-week Bitcoin chart uh Biggest state Bull Run so it's it's it Is it that time yeah it definitely is Guys we're seeing that you know saw These signals here RSI Bank uh RSI Crossed here bang bang and you know We're seeing it here guys and when that Happens we often uh and turn to Bull Run Guys so the fire is about to start guys So let's get hot let's get hot let's get

Freaking hot guys so bitcoin price shot Up almost 1800 bucks on the 15th guys uh And it puzzled a lot of people out there However a chain did attributed the Bullish went into a large usdc inflows Onto exchanges and like I said it's About institutions and large funds uh Basically aping into uh Bitcoin and Definitely the retail investors are Going to form in like crazy so let's Listen to our our friend your friend Mr Kevin O'Leary guys do everything do the Opposite 64 billion of market cap and what he's Doing he's Debbie Downing on uh binance Of course he's a he's a paid paid paid Uh FTX person out there and he's still Chilling and lying guys so right now Take for example BNB is 64 billion of Market cap the only reason to own that Token on binance is get a discount on Trading fees what's the intrinsic value Of that token nothing Doesn't give you access to the equity of The company didn't talk about defy if You go look at the walls baking there's Only two wallets All of those tokens I wonder who owns Those what happens if one of them says I Want cash does does binance have 34 Billion USD of cash I don't think so so My whole point is these things will keep Blowing up over and over and over again And finally the Senators are saying on

These committees we're done let's put The heavy head of Regulation down and That's probably a good thing long term Well I mean from my perspective I think Regulation is a good thing uh because The reason I like regulation is because What it's going to do guys is going to Allow institutions to AP into crypto Guys so guys I think it's a good thing And guys uh we got a limited edition OG Dogecoin limited edition T-shirts will Soon be available guys keep an eye on That I will tell you we will absolutely Tell you when the link uh is going to be In the description and when that happens Guys you can get your T-shirt guys be Part of the freaking conversation guys Looks like Dogecoin does going to go to The Moon guys just gonna go to the Mars Guys so if you love it I love it let's Get it guys so guys don't forget to go And smash the likes smooch the likes Lick the likes and show some love really Live for the OG you want it I want it Guys so let's get it guys let's see if Elon Musk is lurking lurking around the Channel let's get it let's get it and Let's see what the government Brian Needle must guys can we find looking at Elon Musk in a spaceship going to Mars Dude's going to freaking Mars guys so if You want to see Dogecoin going to Mars Go to my Twitter DM retweet show some Love guys I'm gonna love it I'm gonna

Love my own stuff guys and uh let's take A look what's going on right now for the Dues you worship right now so right now Who the Verizon dudes going dosecoin is Uh I mean today the Joshua is just kind Of interesting guys it's still it's Still in my uh expanding funnel so that Is pretty good it's hitting some Resistance on this yellow line that is Not good we need to break past that and Confirm out there we did hit a high of 909 low of eight eight six six so we I Have come up a little bit so do we do Have to keep an eye on this structure Right now because you know we could see Some downside for uh for those guys so Uh you know we just have to keep an eye On that guy so just just keep an eye on That guys if you got your crypto on uh Centralized exchange get it off there Get Hardware while you will sleep at Night guys and girls right now Dogecoin Is up about 2.33 it's giving up some of Its gains guys You know we were up almost uh seven Percent earlier today looks like the Volumes are also coming down and the Market cap is coming down as well and we Like I said we got the polygons flipped Us guys and that's not good and you know For the for the whole Community out There get to get get to Twitter guys get Get to whatever your your social Addiction is out there and start

Supporting the Doge and start making Some tweets and stuff we need to get the Message out there guys I actually need To get the message out there guys so it Looks like finally finally Shiba Inu is Highly anticipated layer 2 project is Ready says Dogecoin Rivals lead Developer here's the release timeline so According to this article right now Ladies and gentlemen peeps we're seeing That uh you know a Shiba Inu developer Says the debated version of the mean Coins highly anticipated Layer Two which Is going to allow you to build daps and Apps on it that's good and they're going To use bone as a as a gas so you can pay The gas with that so it looks like uh She shitoshi kusama kusama tells uh his Twitter Falls at shabira Shiba you know There are two networks built on top of It there and similar to scaling Solutions such as polygam omatic is Ready it's absolutely freaking ready out There however the the developer also Says it will not be unveiled just yet Due to a personal circumstances of one Of the douche coin Doge rival developers Okay so that is what he's talking about And it looks like you know It looks like you know this Shiba Inu Developer says that he will initially Push blog posts on February 15th Including shabir to the world before the Layer 2 is launched so it could be

Pretty soon so according to costama the Sugar bearing were released once one of The lead developers uh completes his Morning process for his father and I Have talked about that so maybe we could Get this by the end of uh end of February guys that would be cool so Right now let's take a look at what's Going on and also another thing looks Like the shiberian logo is on uh Shatoshi's cover so he has changed his Cover and he's added the shibarium logo There so that is cool guys more evidence That Shapiro is coming and with that Said though however we're seeing that uh That uh Shiba Inu is having a hard time Getting itself past the 1360 level guys And right now Shiva Inu is trading at The uh 13 13 35 so keep an eye on that Keep it on I'll keep you updated let me Hear more stuff guys so that's gonna Bring this video to a closing we'll see He's late here guys time for you to get Some sleep out there and guys do go Follow me on my Twitter follow follow go Back watch all the other videos guys We've got some cool stuff out there guys Let's get this up to about 10 000 balls I appreciate go down there lick it like Smash the likes show some love guys uh Big shout out big freaking shout out to All the new subscribers out there bang Boom yeah Billy in the house we got Raymond Raymond new subscriber out there

We got uh we got Chris out there as well Just joined up I appreciate that big Shout out to all of the all of the Members the fraternity of love out there Elijah Raymond Ray Adica spares David Racine all of you Travis Shane out there Anger and if you're watching brother I Appreciate Nick and if you're out there I appreciate it Mr brilliant I said Mr Bill and you get in the shout out guys Thanks for all the support don't forget To give the super chance don't give some Love and don't forget the smash do it Don't forget those screen 555 and Dogecoin 333 and trolls if you're Watching watch out for nasty scammer Whammer whammers if anyone tries to Contact you it ain't me if anyone says Join up for this it ain't me if anyone Says you know sign up on Sam hey me guys So watch out a lot of nasty strolls and Guys just to let you know trolls be Trolls do you control you can report you Can dislike but guys I ain't stopping Nothing's gonna stop the OG nothing will Keep the OG down I don't care keep on Keep on the rhetoric be virtual like Trolls I don't care go after me I don't Give a I didn't get I don't give a BBB I'm so pumped guys a great time to be Like don't forget to get a merch guys I Appreciate it get the monkey love I'll See you all in the freaking next one

Guys it's a great time to be alive let's Get it together be well be blessed Drive Change guys be positive you know live Life like every second counts live life Like it's your last guys be positive be Nice to aliens be nice to humans kiss Your wife kiss your kids and be loving Guys be absolutely loving life is too Short to be miserable out there and guys I'll see you next time peace out Thank you Thank you Thank you

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Top Crypto News

Top crypto news is a place where you can find the latest information about the digital asset market. It covers breaking news, features, and price analysis on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. The website also offers an extensive educational section that can help you understand the basics of digital currencies and how to trade them.

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There are many different strategies that can be used when trading cryptocurrency. Traders use both technical and fundamental analysis to make investment decisions. They watch the price action, volumes, and chart patterns of a coin to determine entry and exit points for investment positions. They also monitor developer updates and other factors that could affect a digital asset’s price.

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Some of the best crypto projects are backed by strong teams and VC funding. These coins have the potential to reach huge markets and become a major force in the digital asset market. The best way to find these is by researching and reading about them.

Profitable Crypto Strategy: You can trade a variety of cryptocurrencies by using various strategies such as buying low and selling high, scalping, or shorting. These are all ways to maximize your returns by identifying profitable opportunities.

Choosing the Right Crypto Project: It is important to choose the right crypto project for your portfolio. This will depend on your financial situation, goals, and investment objectives. The best way to start is by researching and reading about the project, including the team, their past work, and their plans for the future.

It is also important to read the white paper, which will provide you with the details about a particular project. This will help you decide if the project is worth investing in, or not.

The Psychological Game: It is also a good idea to understand the psychological aspect of investing in cryptocurrency. This will help you avoid making decisions based on emotions, and instead use logic.

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The market is cyclical and the price cycle can change quickly. This makes it difficult to predict how much a particular cryptocurrency will be worth in the future, but there are a few things that can give you a general idea about where it might be headed.

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