FTX Phone Call LEAKED (SBF Caught Red Handed)

NuGenesis Call Document: https://bitboycrypto.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/nugenesis-w-bb-wm-blk.pdf

Huge evidence towards FTX’s rampant negligence is yours to watch now! In this video, I let you listen in to a call between the COO of Liquid Exchange and the CEO of NuGenesis over the creation of over 192 MILLION counterfeit coins!

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Welcome to wake up dope my name is Ben I'm out sick today sorry about that Hardly ever happens uh but it got a Little bronchitis gonna try to get Rested today come back tomorrow We've got some evidence for you guys uh We have the actual phone call between Hussein farage of new genesis blockchain Uh and Seth melamed who is the CEO of FTX Japan In this call you are going to basically Hear This was a setup guys uh you know Hussein knew what he was doing here Hussein basically came prepared uh to Get very specific answers to specific Questions for evidence if that doesn't Become very clear throughout this then I Don't know it does so what you're going To see is there was a transaction of a 192 million new coin that got rejected By the new coin of blockchain we've Talked to Hussein we know why because When he gave them the source code they Did not put a tracking number in it that Goes in the original source code Hussein Left that out so it gets rejected by Their blockchain by the AI they have And now this is Hussein contacting FTX To find out what happened with this Transaction so what you're going to see Is you're going to look at the Admittance of counterfeiting coins You're going to look at the events of

Rolling back transactions and you're Going to look at the Amendments of them That accentralized exchanges do this and People know that they do this if you Don't want synthetic assets blowing up Liquidity pools to dump prices these are Going to use decentralized exchanges he Literally says that you can hear Seth And really squirm towards the end of This call if you guys want to follow Along with uh the text kind of summary Of the call go to bigboycrema.com and at The on the home page uh there is uh Basically a little link kind of under The main menu that says something about Evidence click that you can follow along And uh there you go and enjoy right now We're talking to Seth and Ellen so this Is the CEO of liquid liquid exchange Which is owned by sandbag and Freud and Also Irwin who was her first Contact who He dealt with in in obviously in liquid 199 million coins it came into our Wallet it came into our wallet where was It sent from someone sent it to us you Just told us To know where is it now where is it now Where does it go to who's just taking it There it is And someone took it out of our wallet so Who took it out of the wallet that was Allocated to us we were informed that uh Someone informed us that they wanted the Transaction to be on chain and that this

Was not a good transaction and that it Should be reversed look I I get We're not saying you made more We're not saying that there's more that There is more advanced manufacturers That didn't exist we're saying to be Very very blunt we're saying that an Amount disappeared somehow From your age it could have been an Accident it could have been a fire I Don't know And then you made it up and then you Made it up you haven't cheated anyone You just made up the difference So can we just make something clear at This point in time we're assuming that Um we're we're assuming that that I Haven't you know manufactured excessive Amounts of new coin and more than you Know as much as they wanted in order to Dump the market although we disrespect That Um what we're saying here is let's Assume that they're completely honest we We could tell that 200 million equal and Disappeared somewhere and then what they Were trying to pay us with was 200 fake New coin it counterfeit new coin so We're saying this seems odd if you can Do that with new coin why can't you do With Bitcoin why can't you do with Ethereum why can't you do it with Everything and what's the limits so yeah So at the start of it this section over

Here was actually talking about the 200 Million new coins that vanished the fake The counterfeit new coins so the emails That were important that you guys saw One of them was where we said look we've Received counterfeit counterfeit new Coin we did not say any other thing we Didn't talk about text we didn't talk About anything else we said in our Wallet there's counterfeit new coin all Of a sudden the next day those coins Vanished so those coins they were in our Wallets completely vanished and what Nick touched before about some customers Saying that in FTX that their wallets Are now to zero that happened to us and We've got proof of it as well so Although it's 200 million you can 199 Whatever it was completely vanished and It had a record of zero in our wallet And they were no longer there Yeah it's not that's not how we run our Business look someone I'll find the Slack message someone told us that they Wanted it to be an on-chain transaction And someone said well this wasn't a good Transaction because they didn't see the Transaction hash well the reason why There was no transaction hash on the Transfer from Alameda to uh the new Genesis account and I don't know your Account number but I I built the change It's because we don't broadcast Transactions between internal wallets

And I gotta look through my notes this Is a few weeks ago I don't really recall But somebody said oh they want it to be An on-chain transaction can you reverse That And I said well okay it's not something We normally do but we were trying to Keep everybody happy so we did it I Think the words are getting loaded here And we're all saying the same thing Which is good Here's the difference the difference is This we're not trying all you did is Make up the difference debit and credit That's that's terrific no one's been Treated what we want to know is you just Reversed what they had done that's it Our concern is this because we know that That wasn't done on chain that whatever That deficiency and how you made it up Wasn't done on chain Our concern isn't That you've created more than necessary Our concern is how can this Be done and how how can we be sure it's Not going to be repeated not whether Whether by you or anyone else But did you understand what we're saying We're not I understand that and that's a Valid questions thank you that's a valid Point and I acknowledge that I'm not Happy that we did this in fact I can Recall and I've been in the brand new Space for four years I can't recall ever Doing that before but and I don't have

The slack big message in front of me but It was communicated that that both sides Wanted this to be an on-stream Transaction and to reverse the transfer That Alameda had done to the new genesis We didn't know nothing about the Reversal we had no idea or nothing to do With it we we walk away from these Conversation friends there's no there's No there's nothing there's no problem How do we know but you you tell us how Do we make sure that someone doesn't Create more in the future Well I think what you're well I mean I I Don't think anybody like that look I Don't know that much about your boss This will only happen at the centralized Exchange Right I mean so the question is how can We sure didn't have it again look I Thought we were trying to help honestly Like honestly someone asked me someone Said uh they asked us to do this to Reverse it so they could make an On-chain transaction I'm like well this Isn't normally what we would do I don't Like doing this but If this is what the parties want to Happen then I was okay to accommodate it Because I wanted everyone I just wanted This to be Just I don't know get along We're happy with what you're saying very

Good we're all friends Can you tell us how do we make sure that They don't happen again so so for Example if you wanted to I mean you guys Are okay you're a major institution ftts And like there's you you're connected With you have credibility we're not Accusing you of that How do we know a small operator can't Just look Wow I mean I mean this is more philosophy look I I Have to say like this is always Centralizing changes that's always the The thing right that's why You know that's always the risk of the Centralized exchange you have a map Operator they can do bad things with bad Intent there is that risk at all cases Right Um that's why some people don't want to Be on centralizing changes so wait a Second because like I or do you know where the chat was Where it was asked to like reverse this Yeah I I based on the chat to your site Then it's me because you know what I Work 15 hour days I don't actually Remember everything so yeah I message I Message you yeah Foreign I'm reading the chat that was Communicated to me right and okay Arguably I should have talked to you

Directly before I authorize this but This is the message I got hey sorry to Bug you guys about this but we returned A new to new coin via liquid but they Are upset because there's no transaction ID That's what was communicated to me right But I had reading I'm reading the Message right now They are upset because there's no Transaction ID so I took it to the map That there was some sort of Communication between you guys in Alameda that you didn't want this Transaction to go through and therefore Uh we should reverse it and then they Would send some on-chain transaction to A non-liquid wallet that would generate A transaction hash that would be on Chain that would be auditable et cetera Et cetera that's what I thought this was All about this is yeah That and okay I'm probably shouldn't do But I'm hitting cool video I probably Should have called you and confirmed That with you directly by you I meaning The new generation so obviously so right Now that those funds are just back with Elements so corrected I I honestly I Can't I don't think I've ever done that Before in like four years and we have a Thousand withdrawals per day like we we Have we have gazillions of transactions But I don't right and I never authorized

It but my assumption was that there was A dialogue between the two parties and They wanted this reversal to happen Hence I authorized it now I did not do my full due diligence [Music] Thank you [Music]

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