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0:00 – Intro
0:09 – Christmas Sale
1:22 – Market Structure
1:46 – 2013-2019
2:39 – Bull Flag
3:28 – What is it?
3:43 – Stochastic RSI
4:09 – Flag Pole
4:54 – Days Inside
5:07 – RSI
5:38 – What is it saying?
6:10 – What Should Happen
7:25 – Time to Unveil it

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We have a giant bull flag forming right Here have you seen this this has been Forming for well over a year when is it Going to break hit that subscribe button My name is Steve there's only two days Left go to the Clock is ticking largest sale of the Year is almost over I don't want you to Miss out with that all in one bundle You're gonna start to dominate your Trades start recovering those losses and Have much less stress I have been where You are and I know how to take you where I am one time payment unlocks immediate Access and lifetime access reach out to Me 24 7 with any questions you have if You like my videos you're gonna Absolutely love love love my program Because you're gonna get my personal Strategy that's going to help you Multiply your portfolio the clock is Ticking two days left I'll see you on The inside now this chart right here We're gonna have it hidden you're not Gonna know what it is but we're going to Unveil it at the end and it's going to Be a fun little game can you guess what It is do you know what it is already Have you seen this chart you've probably Looked at this chart very recently I Guarantee you've looked at this chart Recently so do you know it let's play a Fun little game we're going to talk

About it I'm going to give my analysis And then we'll unveil it at the end and We'll see if you're correct so first and Foremost what's happened is Market Structure is everything on our Channel We talk about it time and time again These are similar moves to bitcoin where You just have enormous price action Moves you know down here from around two Dollars to up here around 17 these are Just massive kind of crypto-esque moves And then what we did for an entire Period of time you look from 2013 all The way to 2019 was we just focus on Building Market structure quite Literally this is what we did you can See this Market structure here Resistance resistance resistance Resistance resistance breakthrough Support support breakthrough boom Resistance back to support like a rocket Ship we went from about less than twenty Dollars all the way up here to about Over four hundred dollars these are Crypto-esque moves and they cannot be Possible without Market structure they Cannot Market structures everything look At this beautiful Market structure that It Formed for years Bitcoin may be in a Similar type of move over the next Handful of years to this because we just Did this over the last couple Market Cycles and we've already done this over The last couple of Market Cycles we have

To have this period where we build out Some pretty heavy Market structure now Bull Flags bull flags are very very Simple what you need is a level a line At the top this is our resistance Meaning each candle acts as resistance Coming into this level and then we need A parallel line at the bottom Representing our support and what Happens in a textbook bull flag is you Go from the top to the bottom back to The top back to the bottom you bounce in These parallel lines after a large large Rally this represents our flagpole and This represents our flag you can see our Flagpole is just ridiculous it's Ridiculous to go from a price of about 18 to a little over 400 is is absurd but We know it well because we're in crypto And these type of moves are just a Normal Tuesday so what is inside of here What does this represent is this some Kind of a crypto is this some kind of a Other investment is it some sort of Stock but what I'm doing here is showing You something very very powerful because At the bottom here we have our Stochastic RSI and we're on a two-month Chart to keep it super super clean and Super super simple we had a cross up Here and we had most recently had the Cross up here in 2019. this cross was After we were finished with our Market Structure we had this cross right when

We were in kind of a in-between area Here and this cross provided Monumental Momentum to help us Propel and now we're In this bull flag so we have a large Pole here we have our bull flag forming And bull flags are are bullish it's it's Continuation pattern which means that This flagpole will repeat again if we Break out as we should the majority of These break to the upside and if it did We would measure this huge ridiculous Pull and it would tell us some Astronomical number that we could get to If it plays out now how would it be null And void it would be null and void if we Broke to the downside like we are now And started closing candles below it Would be null and void so what we can do Is we can Wick through this bottom level That's no problem the Wix tell the story The Bodies tell the facts we've got to Hold our body of the candle inside of Here now we've been inside of here for Let's see how many days precisely oh 300 165 days 365 days we've been inside of This bull flag at the same time our RSI Has fallen dramatically from our recent Pivot high in July of 2020 to right here Which is almost our pivot low from 2019. So we can already look right here and in An earlier video we covered Amazon right Who actually broke to its most oversold Time of its entire life so would it be Possible that this stock could get to

The lowest point the most oversold point In its entire history it's quite Possible what this chart is saying based On the stochastic RSI being down here at This four level and kind of going Sideways is that there's still some Turmoil to come we are still having Almost no momentum in the market and We're in this bull flag and our RSI is Spiraling out of control this chart says There's still some turmoil to come we're Not out of the woods by any stretch of The imagination there's no signals in The market that we are close to out of The woods but what we want to do is we Want to continue in this bullfrog we Don't want to break out the bottom we Don't want a null and void because if This bull flag breaks to the upside it Will be legitimate fireworks similar to A move of this stature so shall we Unveil it shall we unveil what this is You may have had some guesses you may be Getting quite good at this game I saw in The comments that you guys want more Information like this where you can get More well-rounded information outside of Crypto to help your investment strategy So here I am providing information on One of the most widely disputed stocks On planet Earth and giving you my Opinion on what I see but the long story Short is still some turmoil we're going To have to see the stochastic RSI Blue

Line cross up and confirm above the 2 20 Level right first we need to confirm Above the 10 level which has been a Critical level for the stock and its History but we're then we're going to Need to confirm above the 20 Level which Is up here so we're far away from that There's still some terminal to come and We cannot break this bull flag so shall We unveil what it is you probably have Your guess right now you might have a Very good idea based on this Market Structure this was a very critical time But I think it's time to unveil it Drumroll please Introducing Tesla on the two-month chart We'll keep you up to date hit that Subscribe button I'll see you right back Here in the next video [Music] Thank you [Music]

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