Goldman Sachs LIES About Recession! (Davos Elite BUYING Bitcoin)

The CPI numbers came back great, the Dow is up, and Bitcoin is heading in the right direction. This narrative that inflation is going down, everything’s going to get fixed, the Fed is going to pivot, and we’re all going to be rich again. Well, there’s a group of people out there that may disagree.

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Those Epi numbers came back great the Dow it's up Bitcoin heading in the right Direction finally am I right this Narrative that inflation is going down And everything's going to get fixed and The fed's going to Pivot we're all going To be rich again well there's a group of People out there that may disagree let's Get it Welcome to people crypto my name is Ben Today we're going to be taking a look at What are the biggest companies the Institutions what are they doing right Now that you should be paying attention To we're getting the news inflation is Down the Dow is up we're going to get Into that and find out I don't know is This a good time for the market to turn Around or are we in for more pain so Let's go and check out the CPI and the Dow the market is showing here you know We sold off a little bit but the market It was right in line with Report with Expectations and I mean that's down Point one percent six months ago when CPI was up one point over one percent on The month over month basis no one would Have ever thought we'd be looking at a Minus point one percent uh CPI for the Month of December so I I think that's Encouraging if you saw CPI even crashing Further that wouldn't be a positive Signal that would be a sign if the Economy is doing really weak uh only

Four percent of CPI readings throughout History since 1950 have been uh less Than minus 0.1 so that would be a pretty Ominous signal I think if you did see a Very weak reading there and but it Sounds like you're suggesting that Actually things are weaker today than These numbers are suggesting and then The question is is that good or bad news In the sort of perverse what does the FED do about it situation The FED really should start to you The fact is every day that goes by we See another indicator suggesting that The economy is weaker rather than Stronger the only thing holding things Up seems to be the employment picture is Is holding in smoke and mirrors that's What we're looking at the CPI numbers Have come back and it looks like Inflation is cooling we have the Dow Climbing more than 200 points the December report showed a point a one Percent dip in prices from November but There's still 6.5 percent higher than The previous year in November the report Showed a point one percent monthly gain An annual pace of 7.1 percent stocks Rallied in recent sessions as investors Bet on the CPI report to confirm a Weakening inflation record which it did However you heard him talk about that Negative CPI number it's only been four Percent of the times in history it's

Been negative and it's negative right Now and that usually means the economy Is actually not that strong so then We've got our December jobs report here Unemployment average wages you guys can See came in lower that's not good that Means we're probably in a well we are in A recession December jobs report payroll Drives By 223 000 unemployment rate Falls to 3.5 percent uh this was Published on Friday last week December's Job report last read on job growth in 2022 showed the labor market remain Strong at the end of the year even as The Federal Reserve raised interest Rates to the highest level in 15 years So we're seeing inflation go down we're Seeing the rates go up and yet somehow As much Financial turmoil as that's Putting on all these businesses not all Of them are laying off yet some are Running pretty strong you got to ask Yourself why The unemployment rate in December fell To 3.5 percent the unemployment rate Came in at 3.468 percent the lowest Since 1969. check this out this jobs added Losses January the year of the pandemic You guys can see what happened there the Unemployment rate has gone down quite Significantly extremely low numbers Right here headline employment gains Have slowed in recent months but hiring

Remains robust despite the fed's efforts To Tamp down a strong labor market that Has placed upward pressure on wages and Contributed to Stubborn inflation indeed Expectations were a soft landing and the Economy have likely been boosted in the Light of today's job report so we think Oh soft Landing is coming guys there Already is not a soft Landing drum Powell has known that for a long time Guys the same way they're saying smoking Mirrors is a sign that the economy is Not as strong as they say it is that's Exactly what they do with the language Around the fed and a recession not a Recession ninety percent of our YouTube Viewers on a poll said we're in Recession guys if it walks like a duck Quacks like a duck the most likely It's a duck all right here we go cooler Inflation mixed with strong labor data Leaves Traders puzzled okay here we go We got inflation data slowed in December Is widely expected but labor market data Remains strong with both initial and Continuing claims coming in lower than Expected Wall Street struggled away how Each would affect future rate hikes Decisions for the Federal Reserve Here you can see the stocks wavering on The news of the CPI report that is Earlier on Thursday and when you poke Under the hood a little more it's clear A lot of the movement is down to

Following prices at the pump these are Inflation numbers so they're saying is The inflation numbers aren't actually as Good as you think they are It's just that gas prices have gone down And that affects the way that people View inflation because obviously if the Price goes down of gas It might look like that's due to the Economy but that's due to the oil Companies lowering the price per barrel Has nothing to do with inflation rents Went up month over month shelters still Remained High people are struggling to Find housing right now DirecTV is the Latest paid TV company to layoff staff Amid the ongoing shift to streaming so a Major company DirecTV they are going to Be laying off 10 of its management staff Here uh layoffs are expected and to be In effect next Friday alphabet jobs well They're getting cut as well why Because they're invested in robots less Than a month ago alphabet's industrial Robotics subsidiary intrinsic Senate Acquired team people from a software Development firm called open robotics on Wednesday intrinsic went in the other Action by laying 40 workers off so what Is going on here we have Google alphabet is Google if you didn't Know At times when chat GPT is going insane And users

And they're laying people off at their Robotics very very very interesting my Salesforce layoffs may actually be a Problem for the stock in Wake of sale Forces massive layoffs announcement last Week Wall Street may have overlooked one Key element in its haste to predict Better profit margins from The Tech Giant I've been thinking a lot about how He came to this moment Benny off said in A letter in place as our Revenue Accelerated through the pandemic we are Too many people leading into this Economic downturn we're now facing and I Take responsibility for that then we Also have of course coinbase we talked About this extensively this week on live Stream make sure you subscribe to check Out our livestream every day 11 30 a.m Eastern Standard Time coinbase layoffs Show Banks still offer subpar Severance So what's going on here You got coinbase crypto company At the bottom of the bear Market laying People off why are they doing that Well could it be they're trying to save Money to accumulate more assets is Suddenly the floodgates have opened in The world of exchanges and FTX is no Longer competitor coinbase once again Maybe in the position to be the number One competitor to finance but check this Out they're also offering low Severance Once again trying to save money Ryan

Tellcus I wouldn't be surprised to see Coinbase as a hostile takeover Target by A big Bank in 2023. I hope it doesn't Happen but with the debt at 15 yield and The decline below 10 billion in market Cap it will cost Jamie Diamond about Five percent of his Jam stock To buy the market world leader out right Now very interesting because we saw the Reports earlier in December about Coinbase and their balance sheet and how Much money they have as a company There's not that much there's a ton of People that could come in and just buy Coinbase are we going to see a bank by Coinbase well that's a great question Speaking of banks we'll come back to That question Goldman Sachs cut Investment Banking Global markets hard Source ton of layoffs there I think they Hire 3 200 people continuing to trim Down now could it be that they're Trimming down To buy coinbase just saying I don't know if it'll happen but man What a good candidate to ruin everything But look at this BlackRock plans to cut 500 jobs worldwide flying 2022 yourself The world's largest asset Andrew the Shed staff is the industry braces for 2023. The move reflects the period of Reckoning the 2023 could represent for Main Global asset managers which are

Being forced to cut costs and make hard Decisions about where to invest for Growth so here we go we have it laid out Here Where to invest for growth what is down That we could buy I'll say this BlackRock just recently adds Bitcoin Exposure for its retail and Institutional investors One reason why they're clearing money Off the books what a better way to do That To take over as the coinbase custodian The BlackRock Global allocation fund now Provides exposure to bitcoin for regular And passive investors 15 trillion dollar In assets of BlackRock Global occasion Fund manage should increase with the Inclusion of Bitcoin Uh here you can see the global asset Universe pretty interesting I mean Bitcoin way down here at 0.37 trillion 370 billion dollars looking up here at Real estate 258 trillion dollars start digging in a Little bit more into BlackRock and You'll find They issued a 17 million dollar loan to Bankrupt Bitcoin miner of course Scientific remember last week we told You BlackRock is coming for Bitcoin Mining they're accumulating They could be positioning themselves To buy coinbase BlackRock by coinbase

What they're doing with loans so they're Doing with laying off people to create More income on their balance sheets Looks like to me BlackRock is ready to Come out of the Shadows become a major Player in crypto There's a lot of Shadows going on in the World today The jobs report the stocks the Dow Jones But yet the real numbers show our Economy is not quite as strong as people Think it is right now I mean we're going to get a lot more Pain Or does this mean that somehow they're Just gonna click that money printer back On before you know it you know which one I think money printer go It's all good be blessed good way out Thank you

Where to Find the Best Crypto News

top crypto news|top crypto news

Where to Find the Best Crypto News

If you’re interested in the world of cryptocurrencies, you need to know where to turn to find the best crypto news. There are plenty of websites to choose from, but you may need to look for one that is more comprehensive than others. These sites offer information on everything from the latest ICOs to the most important news in the crypto industry.

CryptoAnalyst is one of the most trusted sources for digital currency news. It offers editorials on a wide range of subjects, from ICOs and price prediction to market sentiment and blockchain technology. Unlike other news sites, CryptoAnalyst does not focus on hype and marketing. Instead, it offers thorough reviews of a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Crypto Insider is another reliable source for crypto news. This news site focuses on investigative journalism and long-form articles that dig into topics like the frontiers of cryptocurrencies and the use of artificial intelligence. The blog also features op-ed pieces and interviews with prominent crypto entrepreneurs.

Coinspeaker is one of the fastest growing online news sites. Created in late 2014, the site covers a wide range of issues related to the crypto industry. They have quickly grown to be the go-to source for all things crypto, from altcoin markets to Bitcoin. Despite its rapid growth, the site still maintains an unwavering focus on factual, clear reporting.

Crypt0 is the creation of an Ethereum Miner who enjoys bringing you the latest in the crypto world. With over 100k subscribers, this site is a great resource for those who want to learn more about the market and the technology behind cryptocurrencies. Despite its focus on video, the site’s content is easy to digest.

Another website that provides a lot of useful information is NewsBTC. This is a cryptocurrency news site that covers the broad mass of people who are adopting cryptocurrencies. The site’s reporting team is knowledgeable and curious about the space. As a result, it provides readers with news and analysis that are useful for both beginners and advanced users.

Another great source of crypto news is Altcoin Today. This crypto news outlet specializes in covering all the major cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin and Ripple. They provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the entire industry and are a good resource for a newcomer. Their team does a good job of covering start-up ICOs and breaking news.

While these are all top-notch resources for getting the most up-to-date crypto news, there are many more out there. You can find out more about some of these top news outlets in our reviews below.

One of the oldest and most reputable crypto news sites is The Bitcoin News. This site started covering Bitcoin in 2012. In recent years, the team has expanded to cover a broader range of cryptocurrencies. Although it isn’t as big as other news sites, it is a useful resource to keep up with the latest developments.

Another excellent source for crypto news is Crypto Clarified. The site aims to simplify cryptocurrencies to laymen, and it also provides educational material on storing your coins safely.

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