How To Trade Bitcoin With Leverage (BITGET Walkthrough and Review)

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Foreign Crypto my name is Ben and today we're Going to be breaking down bit get for You it's an exchange trading platform Where you can do leverage trading and Also other types of trading including Regular spot there's actually a lot of Reasons why you might want to do spot Trading there we'll get into that later We're gonna do a full breakdown tutorial Of how to do it how to use it how to Sign up and also what is leverage Training how can you do it is it Dangerous we're gonna break all that Down today so let's go and get started Okay guys so here we are we are on the Bitcat exchange now when you pull up This exchange you'll notice it looks Like a lot of other leverage trading Platforms Um I think there's like one common Website builder they'll they all use I Don't know call me crazy a lot of them Have these panels that we'll scroll Through with newer updated events and Information Um scroll down they've got uh top coins That are trending over the last you know A certain amount of time uh then they've Got something very interesting they have Copy trading on here Prime xbt has used It uh it's a feature that a lot of People like not going to talk too much About the copy train today on this video

Because it's not something that we're Focused on but the copy trading is Definitely something that a lot of People like it mimics the trades of Traders that you choose that you feel Like are successful uh here it's got Some things that separated from some of The other places no incidents hassle Free worry free no bottlenecks they've Got a really nice app we're going to be Using the desktop version today but you Can of course scan this QR code and get The app as well I use the app personally That's what I'm doing my trading on and Here you go if you need a passport To the world of crypto you get it right Here uh but I really do like big yet I Think that the user interface is really Is really clean is really neat Um when you look here at the trading uh Terminal here you'll see it's very Similar to what we've seen before on Sites like uh buy bit and femex I would Say in my personal opinion some people Call it femx whatever I call it femax uh In my personal opinion though um bit get Um it and by bit are the only two that I Feel like offer the a premium Um you know trading experience as far as User interface goes when it came to Vmax I just felt like it did it wasn't quite Up just enough with some of these other Sites Um of course so you see up at the top

All the different features they have Futures Trading uh usdt pairs they have Usdc pairs they have coin and Futures Strategic trading which we'll talk about A little bit Futures info uh and of Course they have copy trading like I Mentioned earlier so uh you know big get Some of the things that separated we Talked about here but ultimately I think It's the user experience and the user Interface that really takes it to the Next level really separates it of course They do have a launch pad as well you Can check out their launch pad here big Get peniform a coin that just launched You know no I'm not backing Panda form I Don't know anything about it but the Point is they do have a launch power you Get in early to some projects now risk Management it's a Hot Topic so let's get Into how you can use proper risk Management tools and protocols in order To keep your training safe one of the Risk management tools they have here is Isolated leverage versus cross leverage If you're using isolated leverage that Means that basically your account is or Your trade is only going to pull extra Leverage that it needs from its own Trade if you use cross leverage any Extra money you have in your account That you aren't allocating towards this Trade it will actually seep into and Pull that money out so in my opinion

I think isolated uh Leverage is by far The best because it's more controllable With cross leverage you're always Risking eventually getting liquidated so Um in my opinion that's why I like Isolated better of course you can Control your leverage here with longer Or short here you can make it you know Whatever you want to be all the way up To 125x notice something kind of Interesting when you go to 100x you can See here you can bet 2.9294 Bitcoin if you go over that Um it is going to drop considerably not Well I guess right now it's not really Showing that but because the amount that I have in this account isn't a ton but It says here the amount can be opened is Limited by leverage available funds in The maximum amount of positions open Basically the longest short of it once You get between 100 and 125 if you have A decent amount of money in your account Uh like let's say over five thousand Dollars it's gonna really limit the Amount of Bitcoin you can open a trade With between 100 to 125x just proving That anything over 100x and really 100x Itself is very dangerous and it's Dangerous for the exchanges if you get a Big win it's dangerous for you if you Lose because you can lose your money Like that with that much leverage so Make sure you're using proper risk

Management don't use leverage that's you Know absolutely insane Um here is your take profit stop loss Button you click this make sure you're Putting your stop loss in before you Make your trade uh because you know you Would hate to make a trade and you say Oh I'm gonna set my stop loss later and Then the site goes down or you lose your Internet or you can't get back on or There's a giant scam Wick to one side or The other and you lose all your money so Make sure you're always entering a trade With a stop loss a few times that I Haven't I've always lost it just never Seems to fail so make sure as long as Short of it is you are using no pun Intended you're using proper risk Management never risk more than you can Afford to lose and training or anything Else in life okay so what types of Trades can you do here on big gap well Of course they have spot training spot Training is just the everyday trading That you're used to making on Exchange There's no leverage there's no margin There's no bells and whistles if you Want to buy you know Bitcoin for Instance and you want to trade it for For Matic Um you know there's a way you can do That on here you basically go here to Spot trading you go to the Bitcoin Payers and then you find the pair that

You want Um it's not listed here let's say let's Say I want to trade for ethereum you Come right here to the Bitcoin pair you Trade it as is you're not having to Worry about you know getting liquidated Or anything like that it's a one-to-one Trade spot trading also no it's just Regular trading you also have Um here uh you have leverage trading so This would be the Futures so Futures Here go to usdtm Uh this will take you to Um Bitcoin usdt pairs you can see that Here Um then you can come over here to trade And go to uh usdcm futures This is where you're making Perpetual Trades here BTC Perpetual contracts Um you have the perpetual and then you Have delivery contracts as well it Doesn't seem like there's any there They're just Bitcoin Perpetual contracts Or these Perpetual contracts I don't use Either one of those I'm going to show You what I use I use coin M Futures that That's what I use so you would come here You would go to trade go to coin and Futures and then you would pick your Payer these are based on US Dollars see These are based on usdc these are based On usdtm which means that you take your Profits and tether on these you take Your profits and usdc here I want my

Profits in Bitcoin so I'm going to come Here with the Bitcoin trading pair I Generally only trade Bitcoin on Leverage And and the reason is there's less Volatility with Bitcoin than some of the Other altcoins but I really enjoy doing Leverage trading with Bitcoin Specifically for the reason that uh it Settles in Bitcoin number one and number Two the the market is controlled by Bitcoin so it doesn't matter what your Ta is saying with an altcoin that you're Looking at if Bitcoin were to collapse Or to pump during that time Your coin is going to do the same thing I don't like having my trades messed up By the movement of another coin that I Can't control so I'm just going to go Ahead and make my trades on bitcoin and I'm gonna be happy with that but you Certainly can there's plenty of other Ones that you can trade with Um as you can see here click here on These pairs you can trade eth xrp EOS Bitcoin cash Litecoin unit swap longer Contracts Avalanche chain link and there You go so for me I'm I'm simply using Bitcoin USD as my pair and I like to Make my money in Bitcoin is what I like To do so we also have another type of Trading so we have another type of Trading that's called strategic trading Now strategic trading actually involves Bot trading now there's going to be way

More advanced than most of you guys are Going to be able to to use right now but Just a quick overview of what it is you Have the spot grid the Futures grid spot DCA and Futures DCA well if you come Over here and you click on the uh you Get into the glossary here uh what is Strategic trading it's a brand new Product line including two business Types it offers free strategy Bots to Users and offers Services of strategy Deals and subscriptions to strategists So the point is the reason it's called Strategic trading is because you're Picking a strategy whether it's based on A strategy or Bots and you're trying to Make money that way and then of course If you do really well you have a way you Can actually sell these Bots to other People and allow them to use it so you Have strategists strategy providers Users like I said we're going to get too Deep into this other than for me to just Tell you that exists on big gap now you Didn't think it was going to be free did You there's always going to be fees when You are making leverage trades or any Other type of Trades trading fees well They're just a part of the market They're the cost of doing business so to Speak so let's go ahead and break down The fee structure at big gap here's the Fee structure and fee calculations on Bitget you have deposit fees but yet

There's no fees for crypto deposit so When you put money on here there is no Fee with that and you will get trading Fees now when it comes to spot trading There's hardly any fees at all it's 0.1 Percent for both the maker and taker The Maker is the person who puts the trade Out there the taker is the person that Fills the trade as you can see but There's always two ends of a trade Someone doing the making someone doing The taking Um now with the leverage trading you're Going to see one of those is favored Quite a bit when you do spot trading Though if you use the bgb which is the Big get token just like with binance Coin you get a big reduction in fees for That for Futures Trading here we go the Maker is point zero two percent and Point zero six percent for the taker so The taker fees are considerably more and I may have said that backwards earlier The maker is the one filling the the Trade the taker is the one that's taking The trade that's putting the trade out There so you can see here withdrawal Fees uh you have slight withdrawal fees As you can see here but this is really What you have to understand the big gets Futures fee calculations because you can Really make some great trades And you can end up in the red because The fees were so high you're a maker if

You create buying or selling orders that Aren't carried out immediately you wait For orders to be filled hence by playing The maker role you create liquidity for An exchange I mean it's easier for Others to buy or sell when the condition Meets for this reason exchange will Reward makers with lower transaction Fees on the other hand if you're a taker If you fill someone else's orders you Make use of liquidity to easily buy or Sell assets instantly so this is like if You hit instant close on your trade by Playing the tail role and using Liquidity you ought to pay a higher Transaction fee so you can see the Futures transaction fee formula the Transaction fee equals the order value Times the fee rate Um and then this lays out an example of The trade of how much you would pay I'm Going to tell you this Anything you can do to avoid doing an Instant close the better if you can set An order Um on we'll show you how to do this in Just a little bit but if you can set an Order here where you close a trade using This instead of close a trade using the Insta close or a stop loss you're going To be far better you're going to pay Much much less in fees but fees are a Hardcore truth about trading on Leverage And the higher leverage you use the

Higher your fees are going to be so make Sure that when you are figuring all this Out when you're trying to figure out if You're profitable or not make sure You're taking consideration when you Close the trade the method you use to Close it is that going to make you Unprofitable if you're up a percent or Two in a trade you probably don't want To close it because if you do unless You're using extremely low leverage You're actually going to close it Probably in the red if you're up five Percent or more then you're probably Going to end up in the green but you Still want to try to you to make use uh You know of being a maker instead of Being a taker so you get the blower feed Structure all right let's go and get Into leverage training let's look at the Different levels available to you on Bitgap now also don't forget make sure To sign up for big get if you found this Tutorial to be helpful and you think You're ready to start your leverage Trading journey of course always be Careful and use proper risk management We got a link right down below for you Guys if you want to sign up it's even a Bonus hey guys Frankie candles here I Just want to interrupt Ben for just a Second and give you guys some more Details on this deal now you can get up To eight thousand dollars in bonus funds

200 is the minimum deposit which will Get you ten dollars and if you trade Anything worth 100 or more you'll get Five dollars in bonuses and 15 bgb That's it for me back to Ben all right So let's talk about leverage so you can See over here it is starting me off at Long 10x or short 10x if you're new to Trading Um which by the way if you would like to Sign up we have a link Down Below in the Description get a great bonus when you Sign up with bitget it is our training Site of course uh of choice of course I've told you all the reasons why I Really love the user interface it's very Intuitive nothing here are super Complicated especially when I'm doing With Futures Trading so make sure to Sign up got the link down below of Course use proper risk management don't Lose all your money but anybody can Learn how to trade and can do it Successfully I've been a very successful Trader in my career in crypto and I'm Not even that great of a TA guy a market Analysis guy and I've found ways and Methods and indicators to make it work Heavily in my benefit I highly suggest Checking out our bitlab trading Indicators to help you along this Journey you guys can get that link down Below as well but what I would say here Is when you're trying to figure out what

This means long at long or short what You're doing when you're trading on Leverage is you are leveraging other People's crypto so if you click this 10x Here Um you guys will see that it goes Anywhere from 1X all the way to 125x now 25x or more is probably super high uh You know 10x or below is what most People are going to use a lot of people Use 5x or below but the point here is That with 10x what this means is you're Are borrowing 10 times the amount you're Putting in the trade so if we were to Put 0.246 Bitcoin into this trade and we Were to trade on 10x then that means We're actually trading with 2.46 Bitcoin Even though we only have a quarter of a Bitcoin in our account and what this Allows us to do is it allows us to take The profits from all of the Bitcoin that We use together if it goes up in the Direction we want if we're going along Of course when you go long you're Betting the price goes up when you're Going short you're paying the price goes Down so when the price goes up And you're using 10x you get to take the Profits off of 10 times the amount that You put into the trade now the downside Of that is what's called liquidation or Your amount of margin that you have so When you're trading on on margin with Leverage that means that there's an

Amount a margin That you're allowed to gamble within if The price of Bitcoin gets without of That range of margin you get liquidated Which means you lose all your money so With spot trading if you put you know Ten thousand dollars in Bitcoin and the Price goes up ten percent well you made Uh you know a hundred bucks or what ten Thousand you put it you made a thousand Bucks price goes down ten percent you Lose a thousand bucks approximately okay But you will not lose your entire Bitcoin however if you're using a Certain a high enough amount of Leverage And the price were to drop ten percent On bitcoin and that's all the margin you Had then you lose all your money you Don't just lose the the amount that it's Down if it's down 10 percent you don't Lose 10 percent you if you're trading on 10x and it drops uh you know 10 percent Then you're probably pretty close to Getting liquidated if you haven't gotten Liquidated already so keep that in mind Um and of course you can do this on uh Going long or going short for the Purpose of this video and making these Trades we are going to do 10 and X the Way that it works when you're going Short is so when the price goes up and You're long and you're on 10x leverage Then you're able to take the profits off Of 10 Bitcoin you're like how can the

Price goes down can I make money well What you're doing is a Futures Contract So if you're shorting you're agree You're agreeing that when the price goes Down you're going to buy the Bitcoin at A lower price because you believe it's Going to go down and then the difference Between where it was sitting at and Where you close a trade at that's where You take your profits so let's say the Price of Bitcoin is twenty thousand Dollars and you short it with a certain Amount of Leverage and the price goes Down to eighteen thousand dollars and You close the trade your profit is the Amount of profit that you would have Made buying those Bitcoin at 18 000 as Opposed to buying them at twenty Thousand so that's kind of how that that Works it's a little complicated more Complicated to understand on the short Side than it is on the long side but Overall that's the way leverage Works be Careful with your risk management make Sure that you're not going insane with Your leverage because if you do there's A good chance you're going to lose uh You know a considerable amount of money There's all kinds of bells and whistles When you get into leverage trading but Let's right now take pause and look at The four different types of orders that You can set on The Exchange limit orders Market orders trailing stop orders and

Trigger orders and we're also going to Get into stop losses all right so let's Go over the different types of order Here you have a limit order which limit Order is generally what I would suggest That you use especially if you're a Beginner a limit order is very simple I Look right here the number is at twenty Four thousand five hundred and ten Dollars for Bitcoin approximately right Now at the time of this filming Um I would want to make sure that I set My bid price uh to where I'm going to Get it filled but you want to have a a Number that you've already got into Um in your brain when it comes to this So you might come over here and you Might look at the chart might look at The chart here and you might say okay This year was a strong level of Resistance right here at 24 215 dollars So I'm going to set my buy order for a Long at 24 000 211 dollars So what we want to do is we're going to Take advantage of I'm not going to do Technical analysis on this chart here But you just want to find some levels That it could bounce off of if it does Go down so you would want to take a Buy Price at twenty four thousand two Hundred and eleven dollars that looks Like a pretty good one I mean I could

Find some better ones here but it Doesn't matter it's irrelevant the the Point is you want to have a number in Mind you don't want to just go in here And click this number and oh 24 513 let Me click this Because it's in the middle of a move Here and you don't really know which way It's moving you want to already have a Pre-planned price because you feel like It's going to go down if you feel like It's going to go down and you want to Long it on a bounce then you want to Find a level like 24 000 uh 211 dollars Like we talked about on the other side If you want to short if you want a short Well you're always going to Short from a Higher price than it is now so right now The price is coming at 24 530 yesterday It got rejected off of 25 200 so what we would want to do is do a Short at that number now we'll show you How to actually set the trade in a Minute how to how to fix your stop loss Um but that's what you would want to do You want to put it 25 200 and then you Know I usually use the whole of my Account and every trade it's just the Way I operate you don't have to do that Um but there you go now you know what It's a good time let me go ahead and Show you this real quick when it comes To uh stop loss take profit I'll show You this now because I think it's very

Relevant so let's say I came in here at 25 200. now what happens if it breaks Through that resistance Well it breaks your that resistance it's Gonna keep going up most likely you Don't worry about a quick Wick that can Go slightly over Um your your price point you want to be Concerned about something that shows That it is broken through and it is Heading to a higher price all right so You can see yesterday this price did get Up to 50 25 281 so you know what we're a Little closer to uh we'll make that 25 To 50 because I did get a little bit Over that now you look there and you see It got rejected now If you you go back to the last time that We were at that level you got to go Really far back as you can see Um We can't even go back far enough on a Chart so what you'd want to do is you'd Want to go and uh look at trading views So we'll pull up trading view real quick He has a good uh perspective of what This should look like here Go here Bitcoin boom boom boom this is The big cat chart it's important you see You sequence the bit get Perpetual mix Contract here with bitget if you are Trading it Um because this is the exact big at Chart here on trading view so you're

Going to see yesterday here it did go All the way up to 25 283 dollars we are On the daily chart here so if you want To pick a number for a stop loss what You want to do is figure out where is The next level if it goes above this Where could it potentially get to and The answer to that is 26 425. that is kind of the next level You'd want to look at 26 425. so you come back here and you look At your um you look at your trade here It is right here and we say Okay 25 250 That's where I feel like we should short But if it gets above that price we want To set a stop loss so let's say if it Got to 25 325 we would feel pretty confident that It's broken through not only the Previous high but it's broken through Um you know what a lot of people Consider to be a really strong Resistance level uh 25 3 and it's Blowing past all that it's probably Going to keep going so that's where we Would want to set our um our stop loss App now depending on how high leverage You're using if you're using 50x 75x you May want to make that a little bit Tighter when you have lower leverage You're able to kind of play around with That number and get a kind of a bigger Range because one thing you don't want You don't want the price to Wick hit

Your stop loss and then plummet right Back down it does happen sometimes it's Just a matter of trading so where would We want to take profit if it comes up Here to 25.3 and we're shorting it or 25 To 81 and we're shorting it where are The levels at which we could probably Look to take some profit you could Potentially take some profit here at 25 105 you could also potentially set some Pro some take profits here at this looks Like a really strong level this is where We're going to put it uh 24 895 once you Set your trade you can actually go in Here and you can change it only a Certain percentage of your Bitcoin is Coming out so let's say if it hit 24 865 We want to take 50 profit we can do that And that way if it keeps dropping you Still have some in the market and you've Already taken some off the table it's Profit uh that's generally a pretty good Strategy so that's a limit order that's Not a fill the limit order from stop to Finish Um but then there's also other types of Orders you also have a market order a Market order is going to execute at the Exact price uh according to the market Now a market order I highly highly Highly advise you never to do a market Order and Market order is going to screw You so where it says execute at the best Price the best price right now it says

24 512. well shoot that might give you The price of your longing it might give It to you at 25 490 way below where you Bought it at it's going to use the Liquidity of the market at the time and Execute that trade immediately do not Here's my advice do not use it I don't Want to go too much more into a market Order other than that let's say just Don't do it uh it's the simplest thing For sure you also have what is called a Trailing stop here this is an order Where you can basically say you know if It hits uh this number the trigger price What happens is the trailing stop order Will be triggered the system will start To calculate based on the Callback rate And upper lower price whether it plays An order with your preset quantity at The best market price here is what a Trailing stop is a trailing stop is Where you pick a number and once it hits That number it either Longs or shorts And then you put the Callback rate and As soon as it dips down five percent or Ten percent or whatever you put it at It's going to close the trade for you Why would people do this well this is Basically a way to take advantage of a Strong pump or a strong dump and to Automatically sell for profits when it's In the green and you get to take Advantage of it keeps going a certain Direction you're able to keep writing it

But as soon as it pulls back it closes The trade so that is a trailing stop you Also have a trigger order which a Trigger order is a kind of order with Preset order price and Trigger condition Last price reaches the trigger price System will place an order at the preset Order price it allows you to preset your Buying and selling price so you can Automatically take profit or stop loss Without the hassle of monitoring the Market all the time here's the real Truth guys the the real truth is none of You that are watching this video should Be using trigger orders right now none Of you that are watching this video Should be using strategic trading right Now uh the Bots why you're not there yet If you're watching this video because You need a tutorial on Leverage trading And on bitget then I don't think you're Probably close to ready to use those Types of orders those types of orders Are for people who have have a strong Hold of the market and what they're Doing and understand how to set it and Forget it You need to take a more active approach In your trading or you're going to lose Beginners need to basically treat this Not necessarily like a full-time job if You want to do it as a full-time job you Have to treat it like that but you know You just have to watch the market

Closely when you're making trades you Need to get the feel of the market feel The UPS feel the Downs that's just kind Of the way that it works and make sure That you are uh you know not setting and Forgetting because if you do that you're Going to lose your money so just another Piece of advice uh for you guys is I Wouldn't worry too much about those so We've already showed you the take profit And stop loss how that works I've Already told you earlier you want to use Isolated make sure your Leverage is Tight shows you how to execute an order But there's so a few more things for us To get to now if you're looking for an Exchange that has zero customer support Well I want to look otherwise big also Has a great support team that won't Answer any of your questions or issues Should they arise okay so bigot Obviously has a really solid support Team that's one thing that separates Them again from other folks if you want To get a support tab you easiest way I've found to do it is come up here to This little box of squares come over Here to FAQs hit FAQs and Boom come down To the bottom and you got the support Service email you can get to right there As well as you can ask questions it's Got you know product news announcement Centers obviously if you want help with Something let's say you want to see what

Spot trading fees were you type in spot Trading fees then it will pop up with an Article knowledge base here it is this Is one way you can earn zero spot Trading fees we become a merchant but See that didn't actually really answer My question here so that was an ongoing Event so that didn't answer so in that Case I would want to probably go over Here to the support service email them And ask them what was going on so that Was a pretty good example of what Happens when you search the uh you know Search and what you're looking for Doesn't come up let's say I want to Learn a little bit more about leverage Talks about adjusting leverage here you Go right here how to set leverage this Is one way you could do it click on that To learn more about leverage so plenty Of examples here if you just want to Search something to know an article but I know how frustrating that is because I Don't ever find what I'm looking for When I'm looking through these types of FAQs or support articles I'm always when I got something I really want to know I'm going to come right over here Support at I'm going to email Them and I'm going to get my answer all Right now we've taught you everything Now you know completely how to use a Site let's put into action and let's Actually execute an order to show you

What that looks like okay so we're going To execute a short trade here now we've Already said that the number we wanted To possibly short at was 25 250 Um our take profit we said that Basically uh 24 865 would have been a Pretty great spot for that and then stop Loss uh we said we were going to go 25 325 dollars so we're going to go ahead And hit that sell short button now it Says our order succeeded so we click Down here we're going to show you where Our open order is this tab down here You're going to be able to see your Position once it's filled Uh the following order you're gonna see Your open orders order history order Details and fund record so you can see That right there Um so we're going to go over here to our Open orders and we are going to take a Look at everything that's here you have Your direction it's short it's isolated It's bitcoinusd it's a limit order the Order amount is 0.239 Bitcoin you can See here the price is 25 250. uh the take profit and the stop Loss are already set now if you want to Change those you can click on this and Hit do not remind me again I don't need That well I'm not gonna hit it you can Change it right here and now if you Tweak it it'll show you how much you Would lose down here at the bottom and

Stuff like that you can also see if with Your take profits like man if I took Profits over here how much would it be If it went all the way down to 12 000 You know I would make uh you know 0.12 BTC wow we are rich Um so there you go shows you everything You need to know here about your order How you can change your take profit and Stop loss and things like that okay so Just for the sake of um showing you guys What a filled order looks like I'm going To go ahead and do a long and I'm going To do it at a market buy and the reason I'm going to do that is so you can see What a filled order looks like and how You would change things from there so We're going to hit take profit stop loss Obviously so we're going to buy in Probably we're going to set a take Profit at twenty four thousand seven Hundred and fifty we're gonna do a stop Loss price at uh 24 300 and there we go we are going to buy Long boom and there it is Whoa we have sound effects I didn't even Know that Um but here we go I showed you what our Order is and it shows you what our uh Purchase price was 24 557 you guys Remember what I told you here it was Going to drop it the price was what we Got was basically ten dollars less than The going price because we did a market

Order Um so that really hurt us Um you can see right here the difference Uh the Mark Price uh 24 575 and the open Price was 24 557. uh we are up right now look at this We are up One percent wow we are crushing it what A great time to take this we are looking Right now ladies and gentlemen at an Absolute killer Market trade that we Just did on accident and now it's Dropping again and now we're right back To even and this is how it goes guys This is how fast the market moves Um actually no yeah we're we're now down And now we're in the red you guys see How fast leverage trading works we go From in the green two percent to down One percent in a matter of seconds we're Gonna let this run out I don't really Care this is just the money we have in This account for fun so we're gonna let These play out with the take profit and Stop loss but if you wanted to change uh Your margin you could click here Uh you can increase your margin or you Can decrease your margin as you guys can See Um I don't think we have enough extra Money in the account to change it uh Right now because we have the whole Account in the trade but that's how you Would do it

Um and also uh one thing I wanted to Show you here you can hit close here Closes close if you want to instant Close it but remember that's going to Really hurt you take a lot of fees you Also have a flash close uh this is where The system will instantly execute the Order at the best available price Immediately the order does not complete Or partially complete since it will auto Trigger the order to execute as a Closing market price then we have Reversals reversals are fun so reversal Is if you feel like the price is going The opposite way that you want it to uh But let's say let's say the price is Running and you realize man I am right Now about to go back to unprofitable but I feel like it's going to go past my Entry price if you want to reverse it You can reverse the trade you can go Immediately from a long to a short or From a short to a long but the only Thing is is Is that when you do that you're going to Get you're going to have a big cost You're going to have a big cost in the Form of basically a penalty for doing it So you're going to get like a five Percent fee or something like that I Don't know exactly what the percent is But I can tell you that don't think just Because you trade the direction that Everything's going to be okay even if it

Does go the right direction you're going To be starting behind the starting Blocks uh because like let's say you're Going along and let's say the price is 25 000 and you get it right at twenty Five thousand dollars and it goes to 25 500 and you decide to short it at 25 500. well you're in the profit but if You actually look at the the amount of Satoshi's in your account when you hit That reverse and go short You're going to immediately lose value From your trade so keep that in mind Only be willing to use a reversal button If you think it's a big move if you Think it's only a minimal move and You're on Lower leverage you should not Be using the reversal but if you're on Higher leverage and you're in a lot of Profit then I would say it's definitely A decent idea I've done it a few times Uh and you know made a lot of money made A lot of uh return on investment from Just giving up and saying okay I'm long Right now but it looks like it's going Heavily short uh and I'm going to go Ahead and reverse so that's what the Reversal button is this one immediately Reverse this from a long to a short so We're up like half a percent on this Trade so I'll just show you what it Looks like so Um we will hit uh reverse I understand

.071 right now our position is 2.246 confirm And there we go There it is so we have now reversed We're now going the other direction Um and we'll have to see what happens Here from this uh but be careful here Because remember Now because I reversed it I don't Actually have a take profit or a stop Loss so if you reverse it you need to Immediately go in and uh take that so We're going to put the take profit at Twenty four thousand five hundred we're Gonna put a stop loss at 24 750. now usually you should be doing a Much better job of picking these prices I'm just picking them very quickly for The purpose of the video so there you go So now we've got the order set now we Know what our numbers are we can chill And uh you know let this thing run well That's it guys we broke down the Complete exchange we executed an order And I hope you understand a little bit Better how to use bitget and what Leverage trading is and why it gets so Talked about if you want to sign up for Bitget like I said earlier make sure to Go down below in the description we've Got a great link for you to use in Addition a great bonus for you to get When you sign up that's all I got be Blessed

Thank you

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This international news outlet delivers a variety of news on cryptocurrencies around the globe. The platform has a diverse group of writers who discuss everything from global policies to regulations to cryptocurrency.

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