Hyperinflation HORROR

Hyperinflation of the US dollar could have severe consequences for the global economy and could lead to the loss of its world reserve status. Countries that support crypto may have an advantage in such a scenario due to the increased value proposition of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
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Hyperinflation of the dollar would have Ripple effects all over the world and it Would definitely lose its World Reserve Status this whole thing that gives America its power on the world stage and Look some countries may rise up and Their currency may become worth more Because what happens at the dollar That's going to take a long time in the Short term world economies would be Right that's right there's so much Motivation around the world to keep the Dollar from going into hyperinflation The thing about what an advantage Countries who support crypto would have During this time while the dollar is Going out of control hyperinflating Imagine the value proposition for crypto For Bitcoin

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