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Dogecoin and Bitcoin are two of the most popular and valuable digital currencies on the market today. And things are only going to get better for them in the future!

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Watch this video to get the latest and breaking Dogecoin news !! Do not miss every second of Dogecoin breaking news… This is a must see must watch breaking news video about Dogecoin. we support the Dogecoin army!!

We love dogecoin, dogecoin to the moon soon. Elon Musk is a dogecoin lover, he watches bitcoin news. Do you like dogecoin live? Elon likes dogecoin news today. What will be dogecoin prediction 2022? Is ,elon musk the dogefather of dogecoin? how to buy dogecoin, where to buy dogecoin? What is dogecoin? Dogecoin update today! What ,dogecoin price prediction 2022. Is dogecoin a stock? Will dogecoin ever reach $1? dogecoin explained and dogecoin analysis. Bitcoin price prediction today including ethereum and cryptocurrency news today as well.. What is dogecoin mining? bitcoin,bitcoin news,bitcoin today, How to buy bitcoin. how bitcoin purchase & invest in bitcoin. What is crypto, and cryptocurrency?

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Crypto Daily Trade signals
Here you will find what’s new and great ideas, opinions & TA on all things Crypto. We will tell the latest and hottest news stories that will impact cryptocurrency investing and impact you. We present the information in a no nonsense way so that Cryptocurrency beginners can understand and take those steps!


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⚠️Note of caution: all of our videos are personal opinions. Do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial advice. There are many strategies and there is not one strategy fits all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

Whoo hey everyone this is Daryl from Daily crypto Trace news coming to you Live live from Asia guys this is our Morning time drive time update for you All out there in crypto YouTube land and Remember everything you see here is not Financial advice it's just the OG In-house Express in my opinion and guys I'm gals I know that a lot of you are Not very happy a lot of you are very Depressed right now about what you see Uh with the crypto uh currency markets Right there remember now this is Financial advice I'm just telling them Right now and you know a lot of people Are wondering like okay is uh is this Like a bear trap is this a big like fake Out uh is this the end are we going to Be going down and is Bitcoin going to be Retesting it's like 1500 uh 15 500 level Are we going to be seeing sub 1 000 uh Theorem are we going to be seeing uh you Know a sub Vice and Dogecoin are we Going to be seeing you know just just You know basically end of the world when It comes to crypto So I'm here to tell you what I think is Going to happen I'm here to tell you why We're in the way where we are right now And you know from my perspective I think There's some good good stuff that's Going to happen and it's going to happen Sooner than later so you know before we Start remember once again not Financial

Advice You know you do you out there and what You got to do is remember remember some Things and this is so so important for You out there what you got to do is First of all you've got to do your Research it's so important that you do Your own research you got to do your own Risk management it's so important that You do your own risk management and a Lot of you don't do that a lot of just Ape in the projects because you see Things things going up and just like Don't do that take the time research the Projects find out how long they've been There never invest anything that's Generated in two years just don't do That And you know one of the biggest problems And I did talk about that in my previous Video and it's really important to Reiterate that reiterate that right now Is that a lot of you out there you don't Have patience Okay you have no patience uh and you're Very emotional about trading and you've Just got to stop that emotional trading Is a recipe for disaster so you know put The emotions aside and you know one of The one of the ways that you can Mitigate emotions is never invest More than you're willing to lose like Don't take your college fund don't take Your don't take your your lunch money

Don't take your rent you know just don't Do any of that kind of stuff you know Like like you know don't sell your Wife's jewelry out there Because at the end of the day you're Going to be so so you know focused on Trying to get your money back that you You'll just make stupid moves guys so From that perspective with that being Said let's jump into freaking content Without any further delay guys so let's Get it let's get let's get uh but before We do that we got to do one thing Our friend Gary Gary gets a red card Because one of the reasons we're seeing That everything is just tanking right Now and you know what time you know what Time it is You know the eyes are just burning all This redness out there it's spicy on the Eyes and you know one of the reasons We're seeing that everything is going Down right now is because of the fact Fact that basically cracking Uh had to stop sticking and the reason Kraken had to stop staking is because Gary Gary out there said that uh staking Is uh you know is considered a security Blah yeah yeah and all that so you know Like I said in my previous video the Whole crypto Market had a knee-jerk Reaction everybody tank the Tank tank And uh that is why we are here today What do I see in the short term well I I

Think you know at least until the Weekend is over we're definitely not Going to have a Pump It Up weekend uh And I think that we we probably just be Exactly where we are right now and uh Could there be some more downside sure There could be some more downside but in The long term Wendy trendy is your Friend and uh you know Guess who's back And that's why we're here where we are Right now because this is Gary Gary's Favorite toy Annabelle the Debbie Jenner bear is back At you from Mars and we also got Mr Brilliant a freaking alien in the house Can you please take Anna bill Back to Mars you chucklehead why why did You bring Annabelle back what because She was lonely well I think everybody Out there on YouTube land would like to Stay like Annabelle To stay on Mars because every time Adam Bell surfaces You know crypto tax so it just have to Be you know coincidental that the Gary And Annabelle return at the same time so I think we're gonna have to hang Annabelle upside down and let her rot Out there okay so I digress I digress so You know now we know why crypto's down Because of Gary and because of this this Bad news bear Annabelle and that's why Things are going out so overall we're

Thinking seeing things down I mean I Mean Bitcoin was as low as like you know 21-6 I mean it's come up a little bit I Mean things are coming up but it's not Coming up a lot you know if you take a Look what's going on with the market Gap Right now I'm gonna do it first time 101 to the Moon guys we're still seeing that you Know we're kind of hovering between four And five percent on the downside we're Seeing that uh you know bitty bitty Bitcoin dollars is coming down uh a Theorem is about the same but overall it Ain't looking good guys I mean ethereum Is getting Hammer timed out there uh you Know xrp Hammer Hammer Hammer uh Cardinal Hammer Time polymatics not do So bad now look at the douche they're Just getting Smackdown WWE out there uh And that is not a good look so there is Absolutely nothing nothing crypto Related all-time related that is in the Positive it is I mean we got we got H Bar what's up with h bar H bars bumper Right now interesting interesting uh but You know other than H bar I'm not seeing Anything out there uh from that Protector now in terms of buying the Dips uh from my perspective I'm not Gonna I will not buy anything that's you Know anything below the top 50. I'm not Gonna do that and what I am looking for I'm looking at the seven day time frame

So if I take a look at the seven day Time frame out there and if there's Anything if there's anything about you Know that's a dump more than 10 I I I Would pick some up not Financial advice So uh the only thing I see Solana's the Song might be worth worth a tickle out There uh it's below Avalanche yeah I Would definitely worth a tickle You know these things are might be good Pickups guys because seven days you know Uh Aptos I don't know I don't know much About it I I'm sorry to say uh you know File coin yeah I definitely would be a Pickup eight coin no I I think eight Coin is too high B uh ICP yeah Definitely pick up so these are some of The things I'll be looking at phantom Phantom yes I would be picking up some Phantom I like Phantom uh you know so There's some some goodness this uh there Are still some goodness in the top 50. So you know there's some goodness Obviously some goodness uh what else is Coming in we're seeing that uh just in PayPal uh held 604 million in crypto for Customers in 2022 and that's according To SEC filings out there so that is Pretty good uh you know PayPal is Holding crypto trading crypto and you Know PayPal is one of the biggest Platforms but I don't like I don't like PayPal uh it's got too many regulations And their fees are insane in the

Membrane and I'm really hoping that Twitter Twitter will you know take over As this huge you know Giga payment app That Elon Musk wants and you know once Again you know if you talk about Dogecoin and Dogecoin road to one dollar I know a lot of you guys are tired Hearing it about Dogecoin road to one Dollar a lot of people say ah Here We Go Again OG and all the YouTubers are Talking about those coming to one dollar Well I think it's I think it is Inevitable The exact date and composition of when We don't know but there are a lot of a Lot of things happening and we're going To be talking about some of these things In this video we're going to be Extrapolating and expanding on these Things and what leads me to believe that A dollar for Dogecoin is I believe I can Say it's a certainty But it's the win it's the win that we're All looking at and you know we've all Talked about Twitter You know and we all talked about the Dogecoin dippy jar I think it's gonna Dogecoin the official currency of Twitter it's gonna count uh we're going To talk about some other catalysts that Are going to be coming in Q3 as well and That could be that could be a Coincidental timing uh by Elon Musk to In fact have this Dogecoin uh official

Currency of Twitter coming guys uh Remember we do have the Twitter the Twitter token out there remember the Twit token is not is absolutely not a Block it's not a blockchain it's not a Crypto but as we have seen and we have Talked about in many videos in the past That the the Twitter developers are Leaving you know the room open for Blockchain to be on Twitter guys and I Think that you know the ultimate Currency uh you know I the high Transaction rate very low fees it's got To be Doge guys so it's just a matter of Time and we all you know we all know That you know Elon Musk loves Doge we Know that you know we know that uh guys So it's kind of interesting I did ask uh Chat gbt today I did ask chat gbt do you Think blockchain technology will grow Over time so I mean before that I did Ask well will Dogecoin grow and it gave Me this kind of like You know generic answer I can't answer That but so I decided to talk about Blockchain technology because blockchain Technology Bitcoin Dogecoin it's all Kind of like wrapped in wrapped in Together in one kind of like thing right So you know chat GPT says blockchain is Going to grow and go up this means Dogecoin and Bitcoin are going to grow Right essential I asked chat GPT do you Think blockchain technology will grow

Over time okay and this is what chat gbt Said yes it's likely that blockchain Technology will continue to grow and Evolve over time bullish Blockchain is a decentralized and Distributed digital Ledger that records Transactions in a secure and transparent Manner that we know it has the potential To transform a wide range of Industries Including Finance Supply Chain Management and digital identity among Others so these are some of the emerging Technologies if not already merged Technologies but in recent years Blockchain has gained significant Interest in investment from both private And public sectors and many companies And organizations are exploring the use Of blockchain to improve efficiency and Security Of their operations so we're you know It's telling us that blockchain is Growing adoption is growing both private And public sectors so that's kind of Interesting as a technology matures and More use cases are developed and they Will be developed it is likely that Blockchain will will continue will Continue to grow and and become Increasingly adopted so it will grow it Will be increasingly adopted however There are also challenges that must be Addressed such as scalability Interoperability and Regulatory

Uncertainty and other things that could Impact the technology so overall Overall I think this is positive I think It is bullish for Bitcoin for blockchain For crypto for Dogecoin and as we get More private and more you know Corporations adopting it it's just a Matter time tdtd time time before see Things going up so I think it's pretty Bullish guys it's kind of interesting And this is you know this is Elon Musk Talking about SpaceX and about how People are critical and how he feels and All that kind of stuff so let's listen Let's let's actually listen into what The Elon Musk has to say Yes Yes and to see them casting stones in Your direction Did you expect them to cheer you on Um What are you trying to prove to them What I'm trying to do is is to make a Significant difference in In space flight and and and help make Space flight accessible to to almost Anyone and I I would hope for as much Support in that direction as we as we Can the critics say you can't do this Your answer to them is we've done it yes All right so basically when when the Critics criticize Elon Musk in fact he Will do it he has done it and there's More evidence and more evidence out

There that you know SpaceX is happening Test is happening Twitter is happening And it's just a matter of time before Dogecoin becomes official currency and These are some of the catalysts that Will take Dogecoin to one dollar guys And this is from Bobby axible Axel Bobby Bobby a my brother out there and he's He's saying and I agree 100 with this And this is not only for Bitcoin it's Not only for everything this is for Dogecoin as well sell off before a huge Pump next week and remember next week we Have the CPI I report okay and that's Coming out on Valentine's freaking day And I believe I absolutely believe that The that the CPI report that that it's Going to show that inflation is going Down and what happens when this is Announced that cryptos and the markets Will pump Dogecoin will pump and this is Another Catalyst another freaking Callous up there that's going to bring Her closer closer and closer to one Dollar guys also too we're seeing that Uh over 24 million dollars in Bitcoin Longs have been liquidated in the last Hour and if you take a look at the Launch right now I mean we're seeing Almost 223 million dollars in last 24 Hours and we're seeing unprecedented Unprecedented amount of logs and we have This long squeeze and that is why we are Going that is why we are seeing Bitcoin

Going down because the market makers are Taking the liquidity from all the long Positions Now we will have a reversal it will be a Reversal and we're going to see a huge Freaking long squeeze happen and that's Going to be coming around the 14th of February Valentine's the hard day out There and you're going to see Dogecoin Pump you're going to see Bitcoin pump You're going to see everything go Nutsoid out there because I believe that Interest rates are coming down and that Is more and more interesting more and More freaking good news out there and Also Justin Gary Gary uh on national TV Said not your keys not your crypto I Agree with that I agree with that if you Don't control the keys you don't control The crypto and that is going to put you At risk and that is why I'm saying and I'm I'm telling you out there get Yourself a hardware walk definitely you Want to do that get a hardware wallet Out there secure your crypto and and be Safe on that and we're seeing that you Know almost 320 000 Bitcoins have gone Off of freaking exchanges and we're Seeing more and more people huddling Guys So interesting instrumenting and you Know I think something that's really you Know one another huge catalysts that is Going to signify us getting closer and

Closer to that one dollar is the fact That those coin Mission launch date has Been updated okay and I did talk about This in my previous video that the gec's Moon mission called the dogewan mission To the Moon is now scheduled no earlier Than Q3 2023 okay so the key thing out There because a lot of people are like Not happy and they think it's they think It's a a doge thing or they think it's a Gec thing no it's not a gec thing the You know the big takeaway from here the Big takeaway from here is that Q3 2007-23 is just informed by SpaceX okay So the delay the delay is not the doors One Q is not the satellite it's not the Payload it's the freaking it's SpaceX Because the reason it's been delayed out There because Elon Musk loves the douche He don't want this mission To he doesn't want the mission to be to Screw up he wants it perfect so he is Being a perfectionist he wants to make Sure that SpaceX this thing is going to Go off without a hitch because if if That if SpaceX might might blow up or Something and the dogex-1 cube and the Satellites Blow up this would not be good and you Know it it could bring a world of pain To the Doge command so he wants to be Sure he actually wants to be sure out There so that is cool beans guys and Like you know those kind the currency of

The people guys it is absolutely Inevitable we're gonna change the dollar Bill and we're going to put the dojo on There I'm loving it you're loving it Guys stay strong because you're worth it And that's why you got to have Diamond Hands you've got a dollar cost average Never invest more than willing to lose And it is inevitable that Dogecoin will Hit freaking one dollar guys I it just Is a matter of time you know but do you Have demoxie do you have the cojones do You want the stones out there to weather The storm I do how about you think about It think about it You got a Moxie I do so let's take a Look what's going with the Dogecoin Price right now then we're getting some More technicals so those coins did Collapse down to eight sets it's rebound Enough there eight cents is a good Support level some people are asking me You know if if we go below eight cents What's gonna happen what's what's gonna Happen guys well what's gonna happen is Our next support level is a roundabout Here guys so our next our next support Level is around Above This level here Let me just Mark that in so around about Around about around about here we've got Some we've got some pretty good support Around that we're seeing here here here Uh we've seen it here so around about Seven one four zero seven one four is

Going to act as some good support so we Need to keep an eye on that absolutely Absolutely keep an eye on that those are Support levels uh you know this this Level here is just flip red resistance Right now we're on this purple line and It's kind of Purple Rain line it's Really tenuous right now to see what is Happening with the douche and the Purple Rain line guys so it is what it is I Wouldn't be panicking so much do you not Panic so let's take a look what's going On links right now let me give this Refresh Dogecoin frequent one one one Yes yes yes Dogecoin to one dollar the Pat to one dollar is inevitable we're Seeing huge amount of bombs we can huge Amount of arms a lot of that itself Because again this long speed is Happening about 743 million dollars We're seeing almost 11 billion dollars Market cap but that's down 7.25 and we Are seeing right now that uh you know Doge is down about 7.53 so it's not Looking not looking good uh Shiba you Know right now Shiba Inu is faring a Little bit better we're seeing some nice Nice green pump today uh we're seeing We're up almost 2.33 I think as in Comparison to Doge right now which is Only up to 1.23 so that's what it is so Guys still just going 101 doors going Path to one dollar guys this is not Clickbait I think we're gonna get there

It's just a maritime we got dojacks Confirming let me let me make my Facebook we got the dojacks right it's Confirming Q3 now And the delay is because SpaceX is not Because of uh it's not because of uh you Know the cube or anything like that Satellite it's not because of the Payload it's because it's because of the The delivery system the delivery system Is delayed and it's being delayed out There because Elon Musk wants it to be perfect and I Know what that's all about because I'm a Perfectionist guys the last thing we Want everyone is that payload to blow up Right so guys if you love this channel Like I love you guys can you I don't Know lick the like smash like but the Light shows a lot and if you're watching The first time thank you I appreciate it Subscribe like a madman social love and Don't forget you can go down there and Give super tanks it looks like it looks Like a heart Mark right Super super chats would be also be Welcome guys and uh you know I do would Appreciate it I would absolutely Appreciate it if you would follow me on The Twitter follow follow me on Twitter And we got you know almost uh let me Give this somebody refresh I think we Had more I think we had more Yeah we got almost uh so we got 6379 we

Got to go check mark watch scammer Warmer bammers out there we've got fake Twitter accounts we got this fake no we Got there is fake Facebook Discord hey Speak about Discord guys be part of the Freaking conversation out there uh join Our Discord go down there there's our Friend Gary Gary He's a Debbie Downer Bear out there so go down there I Appreciate it I absolutely appreciate it And follow us on Twitter and don't Forget to get the merch get the freaking Merch I saw I just want to say I love You guys Be blessed be well I'm off the I'm off Tomorrow so that's some more pep on my Step I'm feeling better guys uh it's a Little bit itchy from the shrinkles Shrinkle shingles my stomach is better It's not really bad a little bit woozy Woozy sometimes but I'm I'm feeling good Guys I'm recovering from the mall but a Trip out there I tell you a Mumbai was Interesting I love to carry out there Wow So hopefully I can find some here in Vietnam as good as a fantastic food out There so guys I'll see you next time be Blessed hug and white hug you kids be Nice to humans show some love support The community support the world support Life be well be blessed peace out Foreign [Music]

[Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] Thank you Foreign

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