Is 13.7k Bitcoin Next – An Honest Take


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01:52 – Most Important Level To Hold
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06:30 – Market Structure
07:55 – Bullish Divergence
08:25 – Resistance

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Is Bitcoin 13.7K Next – An Honest Hot Take


Will bitcoin's bloodbath lead to the Magical number of 13 700. hit that subscribe button my name Is Steve we're pumping out bangers all The way from now until Christmas a ton Of extra content to give back to you in The community hit that subscribe button Right now did you hit it hit that Subscribe button only the facts in the Charts my words are not paid for no BS Straight to the point let's jump Straight into it we've got a really Exciting video 13 700 the magical number We've always said this is the strongest Level in Bitcoin unequivocally Undeniably we have the most touch points The most really really important parts Of the candle are all touching 13.7 you Can't deny 13 700 is the most critical Level in Bitcoin we said way way way way Back that we were expecting thirteen Thousand seven hundred until Bitcoin Reached seventeen thousand five hundred We started showing a lot of signs that The bottom May in fact be in but during That time we said to look at nineteen Thousand five hundred and we really Needed to respect that level nineteen Thousand five hundred and that's because That was our first top right on the Bitcoin on the monthly chart the top in 2018 Huge huge huge profit takings here he Huge cell walls here at this Wick right

Here and that led us into our November Monthly candle holding resistance at Exactly that level here and then our December candle and two years ago Holding critical support at that level This became bitcoin's most important Level to hold otherwise we're going to Be in trouble and we held it month after Month after month after month after Month until just recently breaking that Level leading us to have some turmoil Some trouble what's going to happen with Bitcoin because our story has taken us From 1905 through 1905 and now we don't Have much room to play with there's not A lot of room for error so it's 13 700 Next or is there some very thin thin ice That could save us Now I want to mention we're going to get Into this thin ice we're gonna we're Gonna really get into uh what's Happening right now in Ken thirteen Thousand seven hundred be in on December 12th we're launching the largest sale of The Year everything that we have is Going to be at the largest discount Whether it's courses whether it's Indicator bundles so make sure you pay Attention this will be the best Christmas present for yourself or for Your family my courses have minted a lot Of millionaires and I hope that you are Next bear markets are tough bear markets Are stressful

And again the trading strategy that I Teach in my courses my indicator bundles It's completely irrelevant whether the Bottom is in or not uh Pro Traders do Not trade based on Bottoms being in I do Not trade based on whether I think the Bottom is in or maybe not in it's Completely irrelevant my students do not Trade based on this Theory uh obviously And I just wanted to make that clear Trading is about you want to win 50 of Your time and you want to have a Dominant strategy that's very strategic To minimize your losses and maximize Your gains and if you can do that fifty Percent of the time you're going to be Better than 90 95 percent of Traders out There and that's a fact and that's what My courses do better than anybody else's It's very simple and and and straight to The point with strategies that whether You're 10 years old or 110 you'll be Able to follow now back to this what I've noticed here is that we clearly Broke this level of 1905. making a Higher probability that we'll see Thirteen thousand seven hundred okay we Can't deny that we broke nineteen five And we can't deny that if we break Nineteen five there's a higher Probability we're going to reach the Next level of support but there is some Very very thin ice and the thin ice Starts with this nice little thin yellow

Line here to represent something nice And what we noticed is that this candle Here in January had a pretty big selling Wick right there was another selling Wick here that started precisely here And that exact level of that thin ice Back when we finally broke through the Thin ice we came back down to confirm it As support Two years ago in December two years ago We Wicked down right down to that thin Ice so we broke through a level what You'll often see in charts is when you Break through a critical level and shoot Up you're gonna come down to hold as Support to get even more momentum in the Upside all right this often happens and That's precisely what happened two years Ago and then Fast forward to our bottom our Market Bottom of 17 500 came down and there was A large Wick here as well so we came Down to our thin ice and showed a Tremendous amount of respect as well There was a big buying pressure coming In at that level just as it did two Years ago right and the exact opposite Happened uh four years ago almost five Years ago you can see that we had a Large cell wall here then we had a large By wall here then we had another large By wall at seventeen thousand five Hundred shooting this Wick up and we Just closed our body on this level on

Thin ice so we're on really dicey Category because below this level below This thin ice There's no levels of support in Market Structure to withstand any any problems In crypto if there's any sort of little Problem like a minor minor FTX problem Anything small like that there's Literally no Market structure to hold us And in trading in charts you have to Have Market structure if you don't have It there's literally nothing holding It's just it's a it's a free fall it's a Free fall so we have tremendous support At thirteen thousand seven hundred it's The strongest level of support we have In Bitcoin period hands down there's no Debating that But we don't have anything until then if We were to break this thin ice so then The question becomes okay Is it possible that we hold this thin Ice or is that just a small hope right Now It's a small hope all right it's Definitely a critical level isn't as Critical as 1905 no is as critical as Thirteen seven hell no Is it thin ice yeah have you ever stood On thin ice is it possible to stand on Thin ice it is Can you stand on it for very long no We do not want to stand on this thin ice For very long what we would need to see

Bitcoin do is come up and and hold this Level 19.5 back as support until we do That we have a higher probability of Reaching 13 7. I think that's the Simplest way to understand our situation All right we cannot spend very long on Thin ice we just discussed that we have To get up up above here above 19.5 and Hold that as support that's asking Bitcoin quite a bit One thing that could help us there is Bullish Divergence all right now what we Can't do is spend too long on thin ice Or we're going to go to thirteen seven Okay and we've and we've discussed that At length there's literally no Market Structure to prevent us going from Thirteen seven so with our recent candle Close Do we have a higher probability of 13 7 Yes Do we have a last remaining thing that Could help us through this thin ice we Do and right now we're holding this thin Ice as resistance at the moment which is Not good but this candle is very new and We need to give it some time but this Month is going to be really really Exciting to say the least okay what's Going to come are we going to reach down To 13 7 or are we going to get above 19.5 it's going to be a hell of a month And we're going to be making a ton of Content so make sure you subscribe

Largest sale of our year December 12th And that's going to be incredible and Shout out to you For being in this bear Market it's very Tough and it's very emotional most Everybody in crypto gave up you are here Learning and growing and staying Positive during these difficult times Props to you that's very difficult to do Props to you I'll see you right back Here in the next video peace and love to The fellow underdogs [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music]

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