Is This A Crypto Shakeout? | Do THIS Before Its Too Late!

The Bitcoin price pulled back to $22,800 and has now found some support. Is this simply a Crypto shakeout before a greater move? If so, how deep could this pullback go? Join Kyledoops in today’s episode of Crypto Banter live, to find out the exact levels he is watching to trigger the next trade setup!

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Is this a crypto Shaker Um or is it actually a massive massive Boot trap well we're going to cover that On today's show having a look over here At the crypto bubbles chart on The Daily You can see that pretty much everything Remains red but if you look on the hour There and you switch to that almost Every single coin here has already Started to bounce so that is the Question what to expect uh what trades Are there to potentially take going into The fomc and should we even be trading Uh that's what we're going to cover on Today's show it should be very very Quick but nevertheless super super Important because tomorrow's events are Very very important and will move the Market you can see that priced in Already is a 98.6 probability that it's Going to be a 25 basis point rate hike And that is coming up on Wednesday for The fomc meeting so for the most part it Should pretty much already be priced in The way that the market has been Reacting but I think this is a very Important tweet from the Northman Trader Over here and he says pal if of other And raise rates I lose all credibility But if I do raise rates by 25 basis Points then Financial conditions May Loosen further and then I lose all Credibility if I raise rates by 50 basis Points all of our previous guidance

Turns out to have been wrong and I lose All credibility so what do I do I raise By 25 and then I talk mean and hope that That works so that's probably what your Expectation should be going into Tomorrow is most likely 25 basis points Rate hike Market is going to Rally off Of that as soon as it comes out it's Going to ready because came in expected I'm not calling for a massive massive Rally but then after that it will Probably cool back down again because He's obviously going to have the Post-conference meeting take questions And answers and that's where he's going To be super super hawkish that's my Personal opinion I agree with what uh Sven heinrichs is over here in the Street and kind of use that information As you will and plan accordingly around That so that's coming up tomorrow Wednesday the fomc statement that's at 2 Pm and then 2 30 30 minutes later will Be the press conference all right Smart money smart money is currently Long if you look at the hedge fund index Over here which combines all different Hedge funds uh they're betting bullish On the market at the moment so net long On all of their positions and a wifey Who is kind of a big crypto Twitter Account at the moment I don't really Know their true background but they seem To be well respected within the space

Um says over here that the bear Market Rally is trying to suck you into Thinking this is a new Bull Run if you Are feeling nervous don't be ashamed There's certainly normal even after a Decade plus of experience re he read the Research and there's a lot of Information on bear Market rallies uh so Go ahead and read the research that's Basically what he's calling is still a Bear Market relief rally and I mean in Theory he's 100 correct so if you do Look at the S P 500 we are still yet to Make any higher high so how do you know That the uh trend is reversing well of Course simply put you need higher highs And higher lows on a high time frame and We are yet to see that we are are seeing Higher lows which I've gauged with this Trend line over here but I think there's A possibility as I mentioned on the Previous streams that we could be Breaking into a range as opposed to Being in a strong downtrend so lower High lower high lower high on a closing Basis this is still a this is higher Than this side of here which is the Lower high and that would make if this Is a local top confirm now which is Starting to look like it is that is Still marginally lower than this side But you can see the momentum is Beginning to shift so what I've done is I've put in a simple momentum trend line

Over here gauging on the daily chart the Higher lows and the way that I'd be Viewing this at the moment is if you are Trading the S P 500 very simply put you Have your top of your range Range High Mid-range range load now what would Happen and I'll zoom in just to to give You some more perspective over here is If price does come down below the Mid-range over there and then reject While simultaneously breaking that Momentum trend line that would obviously Be more bearish than bullish of course We're on our way down you've just lost An important trend line and now there's A possibility that you're gonna visit at The very least this area and I'll just Play it level to level so going to the 25 level within this range brings you to 3816 and then if you lose that level I'll watch for 3645 and then just take it as it comes Seeing what the momentum is like on the Way down otherwise as long as the S P 500 futures manages to maintain Above This momentum trend line and especially Above the mid-range I would start to Continue to look for higher prices and It's really that simple just playing at Level to level this is your one range This is your other range over there so You're either in zone one or you're in Zone two over here it's one or the other Um and and I was just treat it like that

For the time being while the market is Such a pivotal point the Dixie coming Into the liquidity Zone you can see the Reaction that's come off of this and a Small reaction on the dollar Index and Already look at what's happened with Crypto and the stock market quite a big Pullback so can you imagine the prices That you may see if it does move into These zones over here which have been Outlined at 103.5 and the other one's at 104.7 so do keep that in mind when you Are considering your lungs and the Market does still have a potential to Reverse so I don't want to uh you know Change my tune uh what I've said is what I've said I've said that high time frame On bitcoin any higher low I'll be Looking to bid it's just a matter of When we get that higher low from my side I'm already happy with what we've seen With this big move up that's given us a Higher high relative to these zones over Here so I'm pretty happy with that now Waiting for the pullback and then Looking to bid into that zone and if you Look at the weekly chart over here in Quite an interesting place it's being Wedged between its 200 exponential Moving average which is the white line That's currently coming down we didn't Manage to quite tag that level yet and Then it's also the 21 exponential moving Average which has been quite important

You can't use this indicates in Isolation they need to be combined with Other Confluence levels in order to make A rational decision when you go long or Short but typically speaking as long as That moving average the 21 exponential Moving average on a weekly chart is Angled upwards and prices holding above It it's generally been a good thing if It's angled downwards and price is stuck Below generally that's been a bad thing And governed the majority of the bear Market or bull market moves so what does That mean well if you have a look over Here at the weekly chart you can see Quite a key level that comes into play Over here the way that the weekly Candles have reacted into the Zone both On a weak basis and a closing basis if You pull that cross then you have an Area that kind of lines up more or less With the 21 exponential moving average Bear in mind the 21 exponential moving Average with each passing week is of Course trending up now I want to outline These levels to you for potential zones Where this pullback could fall into so The area that I have outlined here is Between twenty thousand nine hundred and Twenty one thousand nine hundred so it's A one thousand dollar range uh the Current price if it were to happen this Week uh of the 21 exponential moving Averages at twenty thousand three

Hundred and fifty dollars so anywhere Within that zone anywhere between about Twenty thousand five hundred and call it About twenty one thousand eight hundred That on the weekly time frame is an area Where you'll be looking for a new higher Low to potentially form and I'm saying That uh with emphasis potentially There's no guarantees in this market uh I don't know and neither do you know or Anyone else that that knows what is Going to happen with the fomc meeting Tomorrow and what Jerome Powell will say Afterwards yes it's mostly priced in That 25 basis points but you never ever Ever know you can't be too sure of Yourself which means you need to wait You need to be patient and wait for your Opportunity to go along you don't want To ape in uh so if you start to see it Roll over like that then that would be An opportunity to get into the market You can see as well with the four day Chart over here Um specifically take a look at the Wix So we know that we're in a key level we Know that this whole area over here Around that 24 to 25 000 level is a key Level and you can see the way that the Market is reacting by the print of those Candles so the the every time that the Bulls push price into that zone Bears Take Back Control and there's profit Taking that's going on obviously with

Fear of rejection from that particular Zone so what this simply means is Essentially you still have the bullish Posturing on the four day chart using The short the medium and the long term Moving average this is your signal that That you want to start to be fully along With in the market you're just waiting For the best opportunity to do so and Judging by this any pullback into this Moving average which is currently Inclining also comes in within that same Level which is around that twenty Thousand two hundred dollar Mark so that Number comes up again Now will Clemente is shown over here That the miners have started to turn Back their machines uh turn on their Machines again and the hash rate is on An absolute tear he says not only is the Absolute value at an all-time high but This is also the most aggressive 30-day Increase ever and if I can remind you The Bitcoin hash rate indicates over Here which essentially works on the Minor profitability has flipped green It's gone into full on Buy Signal and I Did mention that I think already all the Way back in early January that happened The actual blue buy signal signal took Place over here at twenty thousand seven Hundred dollars now when you view this When you look at this in uh its history And every other print that it's had

Except for the previous one with covert That was the only one that failed every Single other one that printed it doesn't Mean that this is the absolute bottom When it prints over here at twenty Thousand three hundred price can still Come low but what it does tell you uh Barring that one exception which was Covered is that you should never ever Ever break below the lows ever again Which the lows of course we know are Sitting at fifteen thousand five hundred So if that's anything to go by you'd be Looking for any move into these regions Wherever that may come as an opportunity To go long you're giving the Bulls the Benefit of the doubt and attempting to Buy the dip The ichimoku cloud had already flipped Bullish as well you can see that you Have the cross which has taken place Over here the bullish cross and at the Moment you're looking for pull back into This region I did give this as well on a Previous show the squiggly line still Remain and you can see they're playing Out more or less we were looking for Push-up and then a possible re-test into The top of the range over here which Also matches up with these moving Averages you can see by the Um below chart over here which is the Average directional index so the adx and Then the DI

Continues to move towards the upside the Adx is moving to the upside yes the uh Di has directional index for the Bulls Is the green one that one has slowly Started to roll back down but similar to Price It's usually just a corrective Pattern where you can expect that it's Just going to form a series of higher Hives and high lows so that's one thing That I'm looking at I'm looking at the Area of Confluence over here which lines Up with that blue moving average very Small one over there I don't know if you Can see it but it's coming in right now At the moment at twenty thousand uh 22 Letters Roundup it's coming in at 22 000. the lower end one is coming in at Twenty thousand two hundred dollars so Again those numbers though that is the Area of Confluence that keeps coming up As a potential zone of where price could Go to now from one bearish uh at least From a bearish scenario that should be Considered as from this material Indicators looking at the heat Maps Which is uh the order book of the crypto Market and where massive whale orders Have been set so it says here are a few Different charts to help gain some Perspective six month view of the order Book shows a 64 million dollar cell wall Which has been holding price down and Then a 32 million dollar buywall as the Foundation for a recent bitcoin price

Action And he saves that 25 million dollars of That 32 million dollar buy wall which is The orange block of bids shown in the Six-month chart above is seen more Granularly on the monthly chart it's Worth noting that this is the same block Of bids that has been pushing bitcoin Price for weeks and because it's prone To move it could out could end up Getting rugged so what he's saying is That that massive order of 32 billion or 30 excuse me 32 million uh those players Have been chasing price up and Constantly rising and rising and Rising Uh raising up their bids and therefore They because they they they're not Sticking with their level and they keep Adjusting it that's seen on the order Book A lot of people trade the order Books that's seen as a very very strong Area of support and if they decide to Pull that bit because they're chasing Price and maybe they get over it they Don't want to chase price anymore they Decide they're going to pull it that Could obviously have a consequence and Have a lot of the players spooked and he Shows that we had that it's no Coincidence that the support is resting Just above the trend line holding it Keeps the hopium alive to extend the Rally and will likely attract more bids To the range if Bitcoin Bulls lose the

Chain line then the 2017 top is the Last Stand And he's got all the levels marked over Here your 2017 top from the bull market Top is 19891 so that's the one level that he's Looking at as the final stand anything Below that level so those are all zones That you can potentially bid into if you Have missed the rally and you're looking To get into the market I've given you Some you could probably leave your lower Levels going all the way down to about 18 500 and I'm going to show you why on A low time frame why that is a major Pivot level as well where things Drastically begin to get to change so he Says over here both Trend uh Precognition all goes are flashing short On the weekly chart but considering the Fact that many indicators have been Struggling with manipulator price action And the week's earnings and economic Reports are wild cards use the data Cautiously so saying take it with a Pinch of salt keep it under Consideration that it might not be up Only it might not be as easy as Everybody said where it's going to go Straight to 30k with no no no breaks no Pauses no pullbacks it's just up only so That is the one bearish consideration The other one is over here from swall he Says BTC uh a s o p r update so the dark

Red is the 24 hour simple moving average Of the one hour so PR Prince Historically speaking maintaining a Downtrend of lower highs and in a soopi That is a very strange acronym to to say Supper while price makes slightly higher Highs is indicative of a weakening Trend That's entered distribution and subject To a pullback so he says whenever you Start to get those prints essentially Where price action is going up but the Sopr is on its way down then technically That is a sign of distribution and a Pullback again a pullback not a mega Mega crash to new lows but a potential Pullback is in play total three total Three is showing a rejection still from The Zone failing to get above uh the way That it currently stands the way I would Look at it if I were you if you are Playing the out the altcoin market Considering the major economic data that Is coming out today I would put this Onto probably a bit of a low time frame A 12 hour throw in a very very simple Trend line over there uh I've marked I'll make it bigger so that you can see It nicely so there you go I got the dash Line over here use that as your momentum Gauge if this starts to break below that Level and fall back below the range Which is the orange line over here that Would be incredibly bearish for altcoins I would imagine that altcoins would get

Hit quite hard let's quickly grab the Pin so if you start to excuse me if you Start to see something like that that Would not be good and you'll see the Level of Confluence when you look at the Bitcoin dominance chart Bitcoin Dominance is also managed to reclaim Above the mid-range over here and so far It is reacting within the Zone what you Would obviously expect in order for the Total three which is the majority of Altcoins everything excluding Bitcoin And ethereum if that is to go down you Would expect the Bitcoin dominance to Continue to hold above here and then Start to move up towards its Range High I don't think that it will just jump Straight from this Zone I do think that At the very least you would probably Want to see the Bitcoin dominance Consolidate for a couple of more days Before you do see the next leg up so Keep that in mind with regards to any of Your trade plans if you are going long On altcoins into these all-important Economic events uh by the way I don't Recommend it most professional Traders Would remain flat uh over this time Period you wouldn't be looking to go Long or short for that matter into such An unknown event such as the fomc all Right something else that I wanted to Bring up is uh Prime xbt so prime xbt One of the sponsors of the channel uh I

I was playing around yesterday on the Um copy trading platform so full Disclosure is of course risky you don't Have control full control of your trades They're using other professional traders To enter and exit trades for you but Nevertheless so far the results are Pretty good I started very small with Just fifty dollars and the guys are Ready he went up to maximum I think of 14 profit now what you can do is if you Do enter into these trades you can still See their statistics you can get a whole Bunch of information if you click on the Trader's name over there but you can Actually take profit so if I'm happy With that right now I can close the Position which I don't want to do I want To leave this the guy is currently short At the moment but you can set a stop Loss at the very least so I think that I'll set this for five percent and you Put that in so that means means that if Price does come or at least he starts to Lose some of those profits I'm limited To Um five percent is is what I will keep If you enter the trade initially from The get-go then of course you can set Those parameters what I'll actually do Is I'll set another one let's take let's Use another usdt one Um maybe this guy over here So this guy is up we can click on him

So you can gather a bunch of information From them you can see over here his Equity has hardly any money so I I mean I'm a bit susceptible to give him too Much I think I'll only give him like Fifty dollars in so all your all you Would do then is you click uh accept in Order to get the discounts over here you Essentially need to buy the governance Token I'm not so interested in doing That that means that you get 75 of the Profit share and then you have to stake That governance token if you don't do That you get sixty percent of all of Their profits I'm gonna stick with the Sixty percent I'm gonna put uh 50 Another 50 into this one over here and Every day I'm gonna just keep testing Out different guys and building up Positions and uh you don't need to Necessarily do it yourself if you don't Want to you can just watch and see how It unfolds for Me Maybe it's going to Work out maybe it's not I don't know but I think uh what's interesting is some of These guys like this guy king of price Action he trades a whole bunch of Different yeah Equity let's have a look At this one where did I find it follower Stats he trades the I saw he was trading The S P 500 he was trading a bit of gold He was trading some Commodities because This exchange offers all of those uh Crypto Commodities stocks uh pretty much

Everything and consequently uh you get a You get a little bit of a diversified Exposure to the market Um so I think I'm gonna start at least Moving some of my funds into this there You go my copy trading amount has been Accepted so portfolio there you go so Here is the next guy Okay this guy must be a DJing because He's already five percent up and I just Entered that that's insane Um Maybe I should limit this one as well Said the stop loss Two percent Okay no never mind it's not in profit Yet I can't set the stop loss all right Guys check that out if you are Interested check it out um I'll be Playing around with it a little bit over The coming days there is a link in the Description below Prime xbt Um if you do want to use the link below Use uh the promo code Kyle dupes because That also gives you access to up to Seven thousand dollars in sign up Bonuses you don't have to use the copy Trading there you can also manually Trade if you do want to trade the S P 500 okay back onto the price action over Here for Bitcoin look it's looking like This area could potentially uh in terms Of the anatomy of the Candlestick the Types of print that you're getting over

Here you could probably take a simple Trend line and you'll notice that these Levels Match up as a potential bounce zone so Move that down Put on a solid line Just line that up over there so if you Do take a look at that this is similar To what's formed on all these previous Ones over here there was always a shake Out first before the next move uh big Wick down and then it creates that Consolidation and then breaks back out To the upside and ultimately still Looking for that 25 000 level to get Tagged so do with that information what You will this is more than likely going To be for the short term time trip it's Short low time frame Traders so those Guys that are only entering in for a Couple of hours or days I'm not Necessarily saying that you must hold This position as a swing trade that is What I'm looking at over there daily Chart you can see this lines up as well Again with the same zones you have the Moving averages over here currently Reacting off of the uh 12 exponential Moving average below that I have the Pink one which is the 24 exponential Moving average and that lines up with The same zones I've given you 21 000 to 21 500 that's the area of of Interest I Want to see price action that bounce

From that zone at the very least if you Start to fall back below the range the Range being this area at 18 800 then Trouble begins to set in very very Quickly currently the RSI is still Angled to the downside and price action Will need to reclaim much higher levels To turn back up you can see over here on The four hour chart again it lines up And what in my experience I like to use The 50 and 200 exponential moving Average on a four hour chart in my Experience what typically happens is Once you have that Golden Cross if price Starts to Rally aggressively in the same Way that it has over here it eventually Comes back to the 200 exponential moving Average if you look at where the Exponential moving average is currently Tracking It lines up once again with Those same levels it comes in between 20 000 right now it's at twenty thousand Six hundred but it will be rising slowly But surely sometime probably tomorrow The next day it's going to be at about 21 200 so another level of confidence Those are the levels to watch Um I think I've covered this one What about the uh spot cumulative volume Delta I'm monitoring it on a low time Frame 15-minute chart over here if you Want confirmation of the long then Pretty much very simple 15 minute chart Put on your simple trend line over here

Once price breaks back above here and You see the aggregate spots as well as The Futures contracts uh ticking back up Which it looks like they already are Slowly but surely starting to do that a Confirmed break of that with this in an Uptrend would signal that probably the Longs are going to have their next Assault to the upside that being at About that 25 000 Zone that's it from me Guys um actually was a longer show then I thought it would be uh please give the Video a like below hit the Bell Notification subscribe to the channel And then don't forget today is the last Day for the Rolex competition if you do Want to participate in that Um here is the links below sign up take One trade and you entered into the Competition Rand will be giving it away On his show every day until somebody Claims it he gives it a away based on Your on your user ID which comes from Signing up on one of those links okay That's it from me I will see everybody Tomorrow I'm sure that tomorrow will have a much More exciting day on the markets and We'll also have a lot more Um sort of forward guidance on what to Expect next so that's it from me I will See you all on tomorrow's video cheers For now [Music]

Ready [Music]

Top Crypto News Sites to Keep You Up to Date

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites to Keep You Up to Date

Regardless of whether you are an experienced investor or a newcomer to crypto, it is important to stay on top of the latest news in the industry. This way, you can make informed decisions and avoid losing money to market volatility. Here are the top crypto news sites to keep you up to date with everything going on in the world of cryptocurrency.

Best Crypto Projects to Invest In

The cryptocurrency market is constantly changing, which means that you should always be on the lookout for the next big thing. This is especially true for cryptocurrencies that are not yet mainstream. By finding a project with a strong team and an attractive roadmap, you can be sure that your investment will pay off in the long run.

How to Trade Crypto

One of the most common ways to trade crypto is through swing trading, where you buy low and sell high. This can be done with a single coin or multiple ones. It also allows you to take advantage of crypto’s volatility, which can be a lucrative strategy.

How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

One way to find great projects is to listen to podcasts. The best crypto podcasts are often produced by influencers in the space. This allows you to hear from them about what they are doing and how it will affect the industry.

If you have the time, it is also a good idea to check out social media for new crypto projects. These are often posted on Reddit, Twitter, and other crypto forums. You can even subscribe to these forums in order to get regular updates on projects.

How to Detect Profitable Crypto Strategies

A good crypto trading strategy is a mix of technical analysis and psychology. While some traders use a technical approach, others prefer to rely on psychological factors such as market sentiments and sentiment curves. The latter method relies on identifying trending patterns that will likely continue in the future and then taking action to exploit them.

How Much Bitcoin Will Be Worth This Year?

While many experts predict that the price of bitcoin will continue to rise in 2019, it’s important not to assume anything. This is because, as with any other asset class, the price of a cryptocurrency can fluctuate depending on whether there is a lot of demand or hype.

Despite this, some investors believe that there are still opportunities in the crypto space for investors to make profitable trades. In particular, you can buy a currency before it gets added to a stablecoin, or when it reaches a point where the price begins to fall.

You can also invest in crypto with a small amount, which is referred to as ‘difficulty mining.’ This is a method that requires you to run a node, which can be quite challenging. You’ll also need to be willing to accept the risk of losing your money.

Another great source of information is CoinDesk, which covers everything from Bitcoin and Ethereum to XRP and blockchain. They offer articles, podcasts, and live price updates. They also host events and webinars with experts from the crypto space.

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