MEGA GREEN WEEK For Bitcoin! Bitboy Portfolio Update

In this week’s portfolio update, I’m going to be moving some of our success from Cosmos into some Layer 2 coins I think will pay off in the long run.

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0:17 Portfolio Overviews
2:00 10K Portfolio
3:06 ISO 20022 Portfolio
3:30 1K Portfolio

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Foreign Crypto my name is Ben today we're going To be taking a look at our portfolios That we put together for the channel These are real portfolios containing Real crypto currency if cryptocurrency Is real is it just magic internet money Who knows uh so here we are on our Dashboard see our portfolio total is 37 187 bucks now we have a 25 000 portfolio We have a ten thousand dollar portfolio We have a one thousand dollar portfolio And then we have a five thousand dollar ISO 20022 uh portfolio here's a little Bit about our um that's the last three Months as you guys can see here man you Go to the last day looks a little bit Better I come here to the week also Looks better and side note these numbers Are thrown off over here if you see These uh it says 76 to 86k there was a Day where we had deposited a bunch of Money into this exchange account and you Know as long as short of it is I don't Think we can fix it so we're just going To deal with it but the chart is Actually still the same so Um all right let's go down here and Check out our asset let's see all our Assets across all our portfolios let's Take a look see if there's anything we Can uh figure here uh this is for the Day let's see if we have any coins that Have been positive for us uh ICP has

Been crushing it up 17 since we added it Cosmos Up 26 since we added it I got an idea Let's break some of that Cosmos down Because if you remember correctly we Bought Cosmos because we thought it was Going to pump and sure enough it has so Let's take some profits on that uh man Look at that near protocol down 40 Percent xdc Network up two percent wow Um you can see my uh coin diversity here Um Al Green eth Ada ICP xrp usdc Matic Link and other so there you go we got Nothing making up more than 20 of our uh Portfolio let's go over here and check Out our wallets okay let's go over here To our 1000 or 10K portfolio this is Where we got the atom so here's what We're going to do this week guys Adam Has been crushing it as you can see it's Up 26 since we bought it so what that Means is we made a free 26 percent let's Take that and put that into another coin Um I am partial to right now as I talked About last week on our portfolio video Talking about different niches to layer Twos so we're going to take Adam we're Going to break it into a thousand Dollars we're gonna pull a thousand out We're gonna keep 878 in here and then We're gonna split that between optimism And Magic we're gonna put 500 each into Those so that's what we're gonna be Doing on this portfolio

You guys can see it's down a little bit Now we also have some Stables here we Have 700 in stable coins you know the Prevailing thought is you always want to Have stable coins in your portfolio and I'll probably set it a lot Um because that's kind of what you're Supposed to say in crypto But if the market is bottomed why would You not want to have it all hit just Saying at least uh almost all of it We've got 20 pretty much left or uh no Excuse me less than 10 percent now now Let's check out the uh ISO 20022 Portfolio just briefly nothing really to Look at here Um algorand I just got off an interview With uh H bars uh hedera's co-founder uh Dr Lehman beard very interesting Conversation you guys are going to hear In a couple weeks yeah so we're gonna We're gonna stand Pat here we're gonna Wait for Al Green and Ada to make big Moves and then we're gonna diversify That that's what we're doing is Portfolio Superior to our 1 000 Portfolio we have algo East Ada ICP usdc Xrp and sand and I tell you I I don't Like that we have zero exposure in this One thousand dollar portfolio Two uh Matic or optimism I'm gonna go Ahead and uh take our last hundred Dollars in usdc here and I'm going to Move that to uh polygon ormatic because

I just believe you got to have some Exposure to layer twos and unfortunately We do not have one in here we also do Not have a big pumper that we can take Profits from so we're going to roll our Last hundred bucks in we're gonna roll The dice guys I feel more and more Confident every day that the bottom for This cycle is in it may not be but I Feel confident and that's the way that I'm making moves on this as you guys can See we're down four point six four Percent since we started not too bad Considering we started a time when I Believe Bitcoin was above twenty Thousand dollars and you just gotta be Patient you gotta stay in Pat you gotta Hold tight that's what we're doing and You look it looks like we're very close Back to breaking even Um and then we can start heading in the Right direction and get some coin pumps Here and there we're gonna take profits All throughout the bear Market gonna Take them all throughout the bull market You guys are gonna get to track it live Can't wait until this number is higher Than where we started all right guys That's all I got be blessed good boy out [Music]

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The CryptoVerse is a popular vlog that provides detailed news on current events in the cryptocurrencies world. Users can also watch videos or listen to audio commentary. You can subscribe to the podcast to get more information.

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Cointelegraph started as an online, independent publication in 2013, and since then, it has become one of the most widely read cryptocurrency sites on the internet. This website focuses on blockchain technology and emerging markets, while also providing an in-depth look at the Internet of Finance. Unlike many other publications, the team here isn’t focused on promoting new coins. Instead, they focus on the technology and applications of existing cryptocurrencies and their decentralized applications.

Bitcoin Magazine is a well-established media outlet that offers in-depth coverage of the entire digital currency world. Besides news, the magazine covers a wide range of topics, including hardware, software, and business applications of new technologies. Also, the team of journalists covers the global regulatory and economic implications of cryptocurrencies. Among the most popular features of this magazine are the newsletters and podcasts that they have produced. Moreover, they have millions of monthly views.

Cointelegraph is a well-established and respected news outlet, and it is one of the largest and most reliable sources of cryptocurrency news. In addition to their news coverage, the website is also home to a number of articles, editorials, and opinion pieces.

Coinsheet is a newsletter that is delivered to subscribers’ email addresses Monday through Friday. It focuses on the technical perspectives of Bitcoin and Litecoin, and on market sentiment. There is also a blog that is full of useful guides and tutorials. However, the site isn’t really a blogging platform, as it relies on a proprietary analysis method.

Although it isn’t the most popular news source, the Trace Mayer show is worth checking out. He often features interviews with prominent figures in the fintech and crypto industries. Several times a week, he posts a podcast. Another feature that he provides is a video guide for beginners.

Ivan on Tech is a YouTube channel that brings in prominent personalities from the crypto and tech communities. He interviews these people to discuss the future of the industry and its development. The show’s format can vary from episode to episode, and sometimes it is only published once a week.

While these are some of the more popular and reputable crypto news sites on the web, it’s still important to do your research before signing up with any of them. You don’t want to wind up on a scam site. And it’s also a good idea to check if any of them have been involved in any scams in the past.

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