MY TOP 3 ALTCOINS w/ Massive Potential For The Incoming 2023 BULLRUN!!!!!

Today we reveal the TOP 3 altcoins with the biggest potential for gains in 2023!!! The bears will exhaust next year & another bullrun will take place. What crypto coins are going to surge when the bulls return!? The first crypto could compete with binance. The second has real world enterprise adoption. The third cryptocurrency will be a huge airdrop!! Which coins are they? Tune in to find out…

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00:00 Intro: Top Altcoin Picks for 2023
00:52 Federal Reserve pivoting on inflation data
02:12 Altcoin Pick #1: GMX
04:53 Altcoin Pick #2: Energy Web
09:26 Altcoin Pick #3: NFTperp
11:03 Chico Crypto NFT

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The year is coming to a close & 2023 brings us 
a new year, with new opportunities to be had   In the crypto space. Will the markets rebound 
next year & flip bullish? What cryptocurrencies   Are going to RIP once bullishness returns? 
Well today I’m dropping my top altcoin picks   For 2023…what are they? Find out in about ten 
minutes….because it’s time for Chico Crypto!!! So what are my top coins for 2023!? Well 
before we dive head first into that,   We need to decide if 2023 will be the year 
the bears exhaust and the bulls takeover…. Well…a bull market will only return 
if the FED slows the pace of their   Aggressiveness due to inflation 
falling to their target levels. And the FED is beginning to slow 
their aggressiveness. Last FOMC   Meeting on Wednesday of last week, the 
FED slowed their interest rate hikes for   The 1st time. They raised by 50 basis points, 
instead of the 75 like the 4 previous raises. That is because inflation is dropping steadily, 
from a high of 9.1 in June down to 7.1 for   November…but things are looking even better for 
inflation, when you look at truflation…the actual   Inflation number that is independently 
calculated taking in many other factors,   Giving a better reading of inflation. Truflation 
has US inflation, at under 5.8 percent!! So yes, if the trend continues…it seems 
the economic environment in 2023 will be   Satisfactory enough for the markets 
to wake back up and turn bullish!! Which means right now is the 
time to be preparing that 2023   BAG!! So what is my #1 altcoin pick for 2023!? Well this year showed us exactly 
what crypto is all about.   You cannot trust centralized entities 
with your money. Celsius blew up,   FTX crashed and burned, and Binance 
is currently having big problems. Thus crypto projects who focus on 
decentralizing trading are HIGH on   My radar. And one I’ve been bullish 
on throughout the year is GMX!! GMX is a decentralized exchange that 
provides the decentralized trading   Of assets, swapping and using up to 50x 
leverage to go long or short & if you're   Going to use the leverage, make sure 
it is legal to do so in your country… The value of GMX comes from the revenue share…100 
percent of the platform’s fees are distributed to   Holders of GMX & GLP, their liquidity pool 
token!! Their token design is beautifully   Crafted, which allows for a compounding 
flywheel effect & the fees you receive   From trading on the exchange is paid in ETH!!
And those FEES are just stacking and stacking   Up…recently GMX flipped the binance smart chain 
on cryptofees, to become the 3rd highest producing   Crypto product out there with over 1 billion in 24 
hour fees paid out entirely to GMX & GLP stakers! But something BIG is coming for GMX, which could 
even put it into a position to compete with  

Binance in terms of trading volume….billions 
upon billions, 100s of billions even… And that is GMX synthetics. GMX synthetics will 
allow the trading of any type of asset. It opens   The door to all crypto assets, and beyond into 
things like precious metals, stocks, and more. As we can see the codebase is deployed in 
their github, and in their discord…KR of   The GMX team gave an update of what is going 
on with the development of the synthetics.   They said “Updates for the Week. Should 
be finishing up work on the interface code   For deposits and withdrawals for synthetics 
this week and moving on to the trading page.” Deposits and withdrawals are done!!! 
Trading page is next…they are CLOSE!!! My #2 Cryptocurrency for 2023 is one of my 
OG loves. It’s a coin I talk about a lot,   And some people might not like 
that…but it’s for good reason!! Every cycle, the shitcoins get washed away in the 
bear, with many to never return. The real coins,   With real world adoption and users are 
the ones who start to RIP early in a   Bull. And no other coin has as much real world 
adoption by BIG industry names than this one… That is Energy Web!! Do you need an example? Well 
going to Energy Web’s website,   And scrolling down to partners…the 
1st one that rolls through is Google!! But are there real world transactions 
happening on Energy Web with Google?   Yes there is….and Google is in 
on the BIG ONE!! Decentralizing   Energy communities allowing them to 
transact their energy with one another!! Back in October of 2020…I actually covered this, 
Energy Web and Community electricity partnered   To bring decentralized energy communities to 
California and beyond, across the Americas! The article stated “The partnership 
will initially focus on three projects:   One in Los Angeles County, California, USA; 
a campus microgrid in Bogotá, Colombia;   And another in Medellín, Colombia’s 
second-largest city. In each project,   Energy Web and Community Electricity 
will deploy digital infrastructure   Across multiple power plants, customers, and 
distributed energy resources (DERs) to enable   Multiple applications leveraging the Energy 
Web Decentralized Operating System (EW-DOS)” Back then I knew this was huge, 
especially since they were getting   To trail this in the United States. 
But back then Google wasn’t involved… Checking out their website today…and 
scrolling down to partners…we can see   That Google is in on this, decentralizing 
energy trading…among other big names like   The California Energy Commission the primary 
energy policy and planning agency for the state,   But also one of the states most 
recognizable colleges, UCLA! Google and Energy Web connect on many fronts 
besides this…Google has invested in Energy Web,  

They have multiple projects happening 
together all around the world. Energy   Web is the only crypto who can claim a real 
partnership with a trillion dollar company!! Speaking of trillions, Energy 
Web may be partnered with the   Company who rules the United States 
financial markets who has had as much   As 10 trillion dollars in assets under 
their management! That firm is Blackrock… A couple months ago….Blackrock announced they were 
getting in on the Bitcoin game, by launching a   Private trust…and they specifically shoutout 
Energy Web saying “BlackRock is encouraged   That organizations such as RMI and Energy Web are 
developing programs to bring greater transparency   To sustainable energy usage in bitcoin mining, and 
will follow progress around those initiatives.” Now the CEO of Blackrock, Larry 
Fink gave a public interview just   A couple weeks ago & was asked about 
crypto…let’s hear what he had to say…. He knows this tech is going 
to be VERY important….i wonder   Where he thinks most of the money will flow? Larry believes in crypto and decentralized 
options, he believes decarbonization is where they   Money will be…and his company has specifically 
mentioned Energy Web, saying they will “follow”   Their progress and initiatives? I don’t know about 
you, but those dots are easy for me to connect. Now there are many other tokens who are on 
my list, to rage next bull run. This includes   Chainlink, Rocketpool, Polkadot, gains network, 
Ocena protocol, Illuvium and a few others… But to finish this episode, I want 
to cover something new & something   That could be airdropping their token. That is NFT   Perp which allows a person to go long 
or short on the floor price of NFTs!! This is BIG…leverage trading for NFTs!! 
This is a brand new idea & when the   Bull market resumes along with NFTs, 
NFT Perp will see a ton of volume!! So airdrop? Well A DeFi Riddler on twitter 
tweeted this about NFT Perp just a few weeks   Ago. “NFT Perp is a perpetual futures 
DEX for NFTs.To engage their community,   They launched a trading competition 
leveraging Tide.Tide enabled to:  -Gamify the TC with dynamic NFTs 
changing based on a leaderboard  -Mitigate bots, so only real 
users get the airdrop allocation. So how do you get yourself in a position 
to get some tokens? Well they have a paper   Trading competition going on…you trade fake money 
& participants are going to be airdropped tokens.   As we can from the leaderboard it says “Trade with 
mock WETH & win prizes up to 500,000 NFTP tokens” Finally speaking of NFTs, the Chico Crypto 
ecosystem has launched our first one,   A music NFT on public pressure…and one of the 
perks? You get some alpha videos from this   Channel early! Link to purchase on public pressure 
is down below! Cheers I’ll see you next time!

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