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Guys we have an exciting new Cryptocurrency and VIP nft membership to Talk about in this video uh so what We're going to be doing is we're going To be talking about the be crypto VIP Nft and token that is getting released Very very soon onto the market so it is An exciting membership group and uh what I'm going to do is talk through this Token I'm going to talk through the Utility of the nft as well so what is The benefits uh this ecosystem is Building out we'll take a look at the Team of the crypto as well so who's on The team the security uh have a look at The roadmap and uh exactly when this one Is launching as well so if that sounds Good to you guys and you guys enjoy Learning about these new projects make Sure to hit the thumbs up button on this Video this one is a sponsored review and In addition I'll be giving away some Free crypto myself so if you want some Free crypto make sure to hit the thumbs Up button and stick around to the end of The video for those instructions as Always not Financial advice but guys Let's get straight into this video so be Crypto VIP what is this one all about And you can see right here just from the Website it is a premium nft Cryptocurrency it's going to have both The token and there's also a VIP nft Club as well and it says right here be

Crypto VIP is the first in the world VIP Club for crypto enthusiasts allowing to Save and earn our crypto exchange Transactions thanks to the largest International network of physical crypto Exchange offices and uh that is pretty Cool so already there is some utility Discounts on the physical crypto Exchange offices and uh it's connected To air Downs which is also connected to The Kanga exchange so you guys can see Right here we are the operator of the Kanga exchange and they have over 350 Exchange offices worldwide and there's Also no kyc and it is a physical Exchange location as well which is very Cool so the utility connection is pretty Awesome and some of the benefits it says Right here members can get up to 60 Discounts on Fiat to crypto transactions In our exchange offices worldwide There's passive income of up to 40 Percent apy for liquidity providers who Use the proof of stake mechanism oh There's extremely fast and easy Transaction process with our fully Automated OTC tools and uh something Very interesting that I did see here is That there is also any personal Assistant help as well so it says Additionally personal assistant to Handle your requests in travel Entertainment Industries and everyday Life so I have never seen that on a

Crypto nft membership group ever so that Is something very unique these guys are Bringing out to the market and you can See some extra aspects of the proof of Stake right here so liquidity pull 10 Million dollars you have the nft Membership right there every member can Deposit opln in the amount limited to The level of membership and words and Will receive rewards in proportion to The stake amount and you can see right There the apy is also getting updated Quite freshly so it says 45.98 right There so really at its core the proof of Stake mechanism allows you to share in The profits from transactions on Crim Crypto to Fiat exchanges in our physical Exchange points worldwide so you're Getting a slice of those profits which Is pretty cool and you can see a bit of A preview of uh the nfts associated with This project and it's not your standard Nft project but you do get some of those Perks which we'll talk about soon and The way you can get nfts so they can be Minted using the be tokens only okay so That is pretty cool so you have to Mint It on the website and there's six Different levels and you guys can see Right here a bit of a preview of these Nfts you've got the crabs you got the Whales you got the shark collection you Got the dolphin collection as well you Got the fish collection and also the

Octopuses as well so the nfts are Looking pretty good and so at the Epicenter of this cryptocurrency Membership ecosystem will be the be Token right here this is what you use to Mince an nft and you can also pay for Additional services and products offered By the club and earned by staking be Tokens on on the dedicated proof of Stake and what's really interesting as Well check out this next line 95 of all The be tokens spent for buying nfts will Be forever burnt and five percent will Be forwarded to the proof of stake tool To be used in profit shares amongst all The be holders so there is a massive Focus on burns so every single nft Purchase it does look like 95 of those Precedes are going to get burnt so this Is very deflationary this cryptocurrency And that's really good for the token and You guys can see the tokenomics right Here so total Supply Max Supply is 99 999 999 and uh that's for 10 years and you Can see there's going to be three annual Rounds with scarcity of five percent and Uh the first round is coming up very Very soon so we'll be talking about that And if we do look at some of the Benefits for the different membership uh Options right here you can see the Whales which is the most prestigious Level right here you can get up to 60

Discount for crypto exchange Transactions worldwide personal Assistant 24 7 for the whole year Available slot for investment in POS is Up to 1 million and then sharks have 30 Percent discount for crypto transactions Worldwide and you also get a personal Assistant from Monday to till Friday 10 A.m to 6 p.m your local time and the Available slots are up to five hundred Thousand dollars and uh so the Dolphins 15 discounts and you also get a personal Assistant uh Monday to Friday 10 a.m to 4 P.M at your local time and POS up to a Hundred thousand right there and uh you Can see right here the fish you can Participate in the proof of stake you Also get lifelong membership so it's not Just a year it's lifelong for the fish Octopuses also get the option to go up To 30 000 the proof of stake lifelong Membership as well and also the crabs Available up to ten thousand dollars in The proof of stake and lifelong Membership there and they do have a bit Of a breakdown of the different tiers And some of the different benefits which Is really cool and you can see right Here as well with the higher tiers the Whales and the sharks you can get Special offers and events that are Exclusive which is pretty cool and they Do have an application as well so mobile Access to your crypto VIP assistant

Services and current events right there And you can see this nft membership is Also linked to those Services we spoke About as well so exchange discounts and It's also a loyalty Club as well so Potentially special offer and events for Some of the tiers right there which is Pretty cool and as mentioned these guys Have crypto exchange offices all around The world basically and they are growing As well so you guys can see Warsaw Ikea Of Odessa khaki of London Dubai Miami is In progress New York is in progress Los Angeles is in progress Thailand and Israel also in process so the physical Locations they're growing globally which Is very very exciting if we do take a Look at the security of this crypto and Also the team you know this one is a Fully identifiable team which is great To see in the crypto space I'd rate this One as a professional crypto team you Can see they have LinkedIn accounts uh They also have experience uh in their Fields as well so lots of uh experience In the right things to run this project Which is definitely good to see and uh On top of that they also have a big road Map and they have been working on this For quite a while so you can see right Here all the work that has went into This project so again serious project Out there they've got Partnerships with Kangar partners with tensor mobile app

Development Q3 2022 they've had Licensing open up in Dubai expand the Team and then 2023 in 2024 it's gonna be Big for this nft project right here so Expanding the team exchanges opening up In Thailand full skate Opera full scale Operation of B crypto VIP mobile app to Interact with personal assistants uh More rounds of the be token coming up And nft memberships and a lot lot more Happening in the future so this is a big Crypto so it's a big ecosystem they are Building out lots of development Happening happening into the future Which is great to see if we check him Out over on Twitter there is lots of Exciting news coming out about be crypto VIP over on Twitter so giveaways have Been happening recently some big updates About the nft memberships as well and a Lot more happening over on Twitter so if You're interested make sure to check Them out over on Twitter they're also Over on Instagram as well and anytime You've got questions about a Cryptocurrency the best place to ask Questions is in the telegram of the Group so I'm going to leave a link to The telegram if you want to jump in There and ask your question so what is Next on the radar for this one so this Crypto nft project and token will be Launching very soon so it's actually Going to go to ieo on the 13th of

December over on the Kanger exchange so You guys know we love the kangaroo Exchange we've seen 10 set everdome Maddie Hero on the kangaroo exchange so Great crypto exchange I've used it Before date's gonna be the 13th of December 12 a.m CET time and if we Actually jump over to Kanga they Actually have Kanga priority pass Auctions also open up right now for this Crypto so you can see 500be 500 usdt and Also some of the corresponding uh other Tiers as well for the Kanga priority Pass auction so that is very exciting Right there and then following the ieo People can mint their nfts right here so Three steps to join baby tokens mint Random nft of your chosen collection and Enjoy your be crypto privileges and you Can see the different tiers of other Nfts up the top here so the bigger the Tier the more services and perks with The nft project but guys that's a very Exciting look at this very unique nft Ecosystem if you guys enjoyed it make Sure to hit the thumbs up button and as Promised I will be giving away some free Crypto off my own so all you need to do Is uh make sure to like this video drop A comment down below what you guys think Of the project and then also head over To my Twitter so I will be dropping a Tweet about this video over my Twitter Account make sure to like that and

Retweet that and one of you guys will Get 50 busd courtesy of of me today so Guys thank you guys for watching the Video I really appreciate it have a good Day and I'll see you guys in the next One crypto Zeus signing out

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