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We have an exciting new cryptocurrency Pre-sale to talk about on the channel Today this one is called revoltings and It will be launching extremely soon so What we're going to do in this video is We're going to learn more about this Crypto project exactly what they are Bringing out to the market want to check Out the team we're going to check out The security and we're also going to Have a look at the roadmap and then Exactly what is happening in the future For this one so what are some important Things we need to know about this crypto We're going to check it out in this Video so if that sounds good to you guys Please do me a favor hit the thumbs up Button on this video this one is a Sponsor review and in addition I will be Giving away some free cryptocurrency of My own so make sure to hit the thumbs up Button and stick around to the end of This video for those instructions as Well and as always this is not Financial Advice but I hope you guys are enjoying The journey so far so this Cryptocurrency is called revoltings and It's bringing the power to the trader You can see it in the the slogan right There and you can see this big mission Statement and it says here it is our Intent to produce a project that can can Survive both bear and bull markets by Not forcing holders to hold long term

For awards we have all experience being Locked into a high tax token over the Last year and not getting the benefit of What a high tax token has to offer Reflections revoltings will break the Mold of being stuck in high tax tokens With limited options revoltings token Will have a unique tax structure three Percent that will allow its holders to Benefit from either holding or also Trading it is our desire to have a Project where the holder is encouraged To hold a trade as they see fit Depending on the current market status Provide profitable utilities and Maintain real-world solidity in the Project itself so that is pretty cool so They're actually opting for a low tax Crypto so we've covered some pretty Exciting cryptocurrencies on the channel Some of them may have really high taxes And one of the penalties of having a Really high tax is that it can be Discourage you know volume and trading To some degree so revoltings token They're kind of flipping the switch Right here and they're going to have a Three percent tax and that's going to Help fuel the ecosystem which we'll Check out soon so how will the business Be operating for revoltings and one big Word I want to focus in on is Transparency so these guys are planning To be super transparent to the community

And they're only going to give Information about products once they are About to launch and not before they have Been fully tested by the team and we are Confident that they are going to achieve The goals so they're going to be very Big on delivering so you guys know Delivering on the roadmap is very Important in a cryptocurrency it can Help to build up trust and that's going To be very important and they say right Here no Community equals no project so Absolutely so you always have to be Building up your community are we Talking about the revoltings community Soon and they're going to be very open To answering questions and before we Learn more about this crypto let's check Out a little bit more about the team of This crypto project so the team is that Fully transparent you guys can see the Names right here so the co-founder and CEO Jason K and he has 20 plus years Engaging in traditional financial Markets and six years in the crypto Space including being an executive Producer and core team staff member of Glow token LLC so glow token connections Right there you also have James Parnell He's got some good business experience He got Shane crott as well and he was The CEO of glow token and he brings a Lot of knowledge to the web 3 space you Got Carl Wallace as well who has a lot

Of experience in sales marketing and Community engagement which is great to See and you also have Chris jyn who my Understanding has helped out with you Know the contract and he is very well Connected in the crypto space as well so You can actually see uh Jason over on Twitter you can also see Chris gin over On Twitter as well and he has some Really strong connections particularly Into the tokenomics sector of Cryptocurrencies so I've seen metacapton Help out with a lot of exciting crypto Projects and I also want to give a shout Out to Legion who is well connected into This cryptocurrency as well so hit the Thumbs Up Button if you guys know Legion Over on Twitter as well but that is a Look at the team for this crypto but Again they're all going to be in the Discord answering questions we'll get to The Discord more information but it's Really great to see you know a fully Identifiable team and on top of that They have some real world experience and They have a nice diversity of experience As well so so lots of different skill Sets contributing to this project on top Of that what else does this crypto Project aim to achieve and something Else that really kind of popped out to Me as I learned more about this crypto So you know one of the utilities is a Buying and trading currency but on top

Of that you know they're also going to Aim to help other businesses out there Uh you know go from web 2 to web through So this is one of the big Evolutions a Lot of companies out there are doing at The moment getting into crypto getting Integrated and again if these guys can Help with that I think that's going to Be very bullish and very exciting and I Think there's a lot of potential in web3 And crypto with all the technology you Know crypto is bringing in addition to You know your traditional brick and Mortar businesses so I think the fusion Between the two is very exciting and if We have a look at the tokenomic Breakdown right here so we have a three Percent tax on buys and sells 2.5 Percent is going to go into operations To help you know continue to build out This ecosystem point five percent is Going to go to liquidity and you can see Right here the operations wallet is Going to be looking to you know fund Marketing development stable growth and Uh savings fund along with normal Operational expenses as well so that's One thing you do want in a crypto you Want funds available to develop the Crypto and kind of continue to make it Evolve you know get those Partnerships And make sure you can hit all the goals It wants to achieve with the money that Is available right there and if we have

A look at the token allocation for this Upcoming pre-sale you guys can see the Breakdown right here so 21 pre-sale Coming up soon initial LP will be 25 3 Will be going to operations 45 will be Going to the rewards ball and they also Had a very successful very quickly run Private that sell as well fully sold out Within 18 hours which is another very Bullish sign but the pre-sale is coming Up soon and that's exactly what we're Going to be talking about and in regards To the security of this crypto project You can see a certificate of compliance Presented to revoltings by crypto Holocrite here which is very nice we Also know meta Captain Chris jyn who is Part of the team right here director of Development he has also got some good Experience in the crypto space and he Has been developing you know the Technical side of the contracts as well So some very nice security signals all Ready for this cryptocurrency and if we Check out the roadmap for this crypto You know what is the next 12 months Looking like for revoltings so they have Developed the concept already so Inception has been completed token audit Has been completed which we just saw There uh pre-sale is coming up soon the Team has also been formed in Q4 2022 so We've had a look at the team we also Have some big Partnerships potentially

Coming up in the future q1 2023 so watch Out for that staking as well so staking Is important staking is going to provide A role within this ecosystem as well Listing Blitz as well so they're going To plan to get on multiple exchanges Which is very exciting Q3 2023 project Diversification so more Diversified Ecosystem and I know Legion has let me Know also they're working on two passive Income models for utilities this year as Well for revolting so that does sound Pretty exciting and also diversification Very good strategy overall in the crypto Market and also Q4 2023 watch out for This one project Wonder this is a unique Nft series with some never before Utilized features within BSC so I wonder What that could be uh so to speak so Very exciting roadmap coming up for Revolten in the future and again we're At the very early stage of this Cryptocurrency so the pre-sale hasn't Even begun yet so when will the pre-sale Be happening so you guys can see there's A bit of a timer on their website However by the time this video is Released the time left will be a lot Less and if we jump over to their Twitter account you guys can see right Here some details so 14th of January 2023 11 A.M CST 5 p.m UTC and of course You know security is important the Crypto space so they say right here to

Avoid scammers we will post our swap a Contract address to a pin tweet from This account in a live space during Pre-sale to a pin Post in Discord and on Our website when live 800 BNB hard cut For pre-cell 0.2 minimum by 6 BNB Maximum buy right there so they are some Details about the pre-sale and as I Always recommend anytime you're Interested in a cryptocurrency always Make sure to you know do your own Research make your own decisions not Financial advice on the channel so Definitely have a read through the Website yourself and also importantly Jump into the Discord so the team's Going to be in the Discord answering Questions but on top of that I also saw They're also going to have a pre-launch Party over on Twitter the spaces so 10 30 a.m Central Time potentially some Free giveaways that is exciting and a Bit of a launch party happening over on Twitter spaces and I know they've got Some big followers already over on Twitter so you can see safe Moon night So you can see some people from the safe Moon Community uh follow this crypto so You're Troy safe Moon night meta busd Coin meta Captain Dark Moon Tim and Legions so very well networked Cryptocurrency so overall it does look Like an exciting project the roadmap Does look good but guys that is a very

Exciting look at uh Revolt since Launching on the binance smart chain Very soon hope you guys enjoyed the Video hope this crypto project does go Well and as promised I will be giving Away some free cryptocurrency of my own So all you need to do is after this Video goes live make sure to jump over To my Twitter account I'm going to be Posting a tweet linking this video make Sure to like retweet that tweet and also Like this video as well and one of you Guys will get your hands on 50 worth of Busd completely free courtesy of me Today so guys I hope you guys enjoyed The video thank you guys for watching And I'll see you guys in the next one Crypto Zeus signing out

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

In today’s era of cryptocurrencies, there are a number of top crypto news outlets. These websites are not only informative, but also provide updates on the latest developments in the industry. Some of these outlets also have financial interests in cryptocurrencies, so it’s important to check out their background before using them. While some of these sites are reputable, others are not. It’s important to find a source that has a proven track record and can give you unbiased information about the industry.

CoinMarketCap is an excellent resource for real-time news. This website tracks prices for a variety of cryptocurrencies and provides insight into their current market status. It also features an evergreen educational section for readers. There is also an ICO tracker, which is great for finding out when new cryptocurrencies are launched. The Wall Street Journal has recently incorporated the BPI charts from CoinDesk into its reporting.

Cointelegraph is a reputed cryptocurrency news site that covers the entire ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. You can get a wide range of articles, including the technology behind them, the development of the underlying blockchain, and how they are changing the world. Although the site is older, it’s still worth reading. Also, the articles are written by experts, so they are a good way to get the pulse of the industry.

One of the first crypto news aggregators, CryptoPanic has grown into a comprehensive source of news. You’ll find daily and weekly news and reviews, as well as interviews with crypto entrepreneurs. With a subscription, you can select which cryptocurrencies you want to follow. Plus, there is a portfolio tracking feature, which lets you monitor your crypto assets.

Another crypto news site, Decrypt, focuses on breaking stories. They have an active community, and they also have an RSS feed. Users can sign up for a newsletter to receive updates, or subscribe to the website to receive news, articles, and analysis. Besides breaking news, you’ll find in-depth analysis pieces and long form content.

The creator of this site is an Ethereum miner who is also a stock investor. He creates a lot of long form videos, and has more than 100k subscribers. Aside from covering crypto-related news, you can read about how to protect yourself from hacks, and learn about wallets, trading, and other relevant topics.

The Bitcoin News is a relatively small, but reliable, news outlet. As a result, it may not be as widely known as some of the other outlets, but it’s an invaluable resource if you’re interested in keeping up with the latest developments in the crypto space.

While these are the most popular crypto news sources, you can also find many other outlets that aren’t as well known. These include the Ivan on Tech YouTube channel, which focuses on interviews with the leading figures in the crypto and tech industries. Additionally, you can visit Reddit to find out what’s trending in the crypto space. Several popular subreddits, like r/Bitcoin, are also a great place to see what’s new in the cryptocurrency community.

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