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We have a new crypto pre-sale to talk About on the channel today so this one Is called fight out and what I'll be Doing in this video is talking to you Guys about this cryptocurrency project So it's a very new one it's just Launched it's in pre-sale right now so It is live and what we're going to do is We're going to run through this crypto Project so we'll be checking out the Team of the crypto project we'll be Checking out the ambassadors as well so They have some ambassadors big names Back in this crypto project I will have A look at the order at the road map and The socials and also how do you Participate in the crypto project as Well so if that sounds good to you guys Make sure to hit the thumbs up button so This one is called fight out and uh the Big innovation they are focusing in on Is the move to earn aspect of the Ecosystem so you can level up your Health earn rewards and compete in the Metaverse find out will track your real Life workouts and improve your Avada Stats as you progress so if you know Like smart watches you know smart Watches do all that stuff this is Basically bringing uh that type of smart Tracking smart moving into the crypto a Currency World which I think is awesome So if you have a look here we can have a Look at the mobile app so the mobile app

Works like a personal trainer in your Pocket the app will tailor bespoke Workouts to make sure you're fighting Fit in real life and in the metaverse as Well so it's basically encouraging you To work out to stay healthy to keep Moving and I think that is pretty cool Also within the app you're also going to Have the move to earn aspect of the app As well so when you complete fight out Workouts you'll level up your digital Fighter and earn rewards these can be Used to buy fight Out Gym passes and Merge private sessions or nft Cosmetics For your avatar so there is some real Utility linked to this as well so not Only is it encouraging people to work Out but uh gym passes merch private Sessions and also the nft Cosmetics too And on top of that the app will also Have lots of challenges so you can Complete daily weekly or monthly Challenges for additional earnings and Uh it's all about user experience so It's basically getting people to stay Fit and healthy and do workouts which I Think is actually really great so There's a great pairing between you know Staying fit staying healthy moving and Also crypto as well and you can see here A bit of a preview of one of the avadas And you can improve this in the Ecosystem as well so you can improve Your Avada and uh the stats as well so

There's lots of different stats and this Is the power of cryptocurrency right There so there's a preview of the female And here's another guy and uh there's Some cool looking avoiders already and If we jump into this white paper right Here it's a very detailed white paper First thing you can see it has some Really good backing so it's backed by Block media Labs transact lbank labs and Crypto news as well so I would rate this One as a professional cryptocurrency on Top of that they have identified that You know the personal training industry The gym industry also virtual Fitness is A massive massive uh area and you can See how much this has been worth in Terms of dollars down the bottom so Fitness apps uh how pretty how much They're projected to be worth in the Future like billions of dollars fifteen A billion dollars in 2028 virtual Fitness 59 billion dollars in 2027 and Uh just some absolutely massive Projections happening between you know Fitness metaverse avadas and also Fitness apps themselves and uh this Crypto is basically looking to play into All of those areas right there and uh so Move to earn will be one of the big Prominent areas of this crypto and one Of the big goals of this crypto Ecosystem is to introduce you know easy To use technology moves to earn to the

Masses uh through web3 so a lot of People use web 2 apps and I still use a Lot of web 2 apps but uh web 3 is where It's at with crypto as well so we're Talking about digital avadas move to Earn getting rewards in the ecosystem as Well which I do think is very exciting And also going into that metaverse which Is very cool and if we have a look at Utility of the ecosystem you can Actually see there's going to be two Types of currencies within this Ecosystem so there's going to be the web 2 currency which is reps which is app Only but cross-pollinating with that Will be the fight fght token as well and The cross-pollination can also happen Here with wraps purchased with fght a Given 25 additional reps as a bonus so Definitely looking to encourage everyone To participate in the app but basically The goal is to make fght the default Currency for purchasing reps thus Increasing the demand and also on top of That fght will be the epicenter of the Metaverse for fight out it's going to be Linked to competing in league league Tournaments uh special game modes as Well and all purchases in the metaverse Will be exclusively made using fght Right there and they're also looking to Implement wages as well so peer-to-peer Wages which is pretty cool between Friends and also other people in the

Ecosystem as well and there's also going To be staking rewards as well so if you Stake the crypto you're going to unlock Rewards based on different tiers and you Can see some of the rewards you get for Staking right here so stake for Membership gym membership Health Center Discounts free merchandise co-working Space third party Services a free One-on-one training sessions limited Edition fighter nfts and access to Exclusive events and activities and I Also want to point out that this Cryptocurrency will have potentially Gyms linked to the ecosystem as well so Real world gyms Community amplifier and They want to open the world's first web3 Integrated gym so these are going to be Incentivized for move to earn Opportunities show off providers and Generates Community Bonds in those gyms And it says right here depending on the Success of the pre-sale raise we will Open up to 20 fight out gems globally Across the key locations and uh specific Sites to be determined and these gyms Are also going to be specifically Designed to have move to earn basically Embedded with them so that's going to be Part of the ecosystem but to avoid doubt You're not going to be actually owning The gym yourself right there so that the Fght token is part of the ecosystem but Not the actual gym but it basically will

Help amplify the use of the crypto token That's what I'm thinking anyway and uh Potentially health bars in the gym Content Studio as well and also Workspaces as well and of course those Avatars that we had a look at before so The dividers are going to play a pivotal Role in the ecosystem as well and if we Actually have a look at the team of this Crypto I would rate this one as a Professional crypto team so you got Carl Jones he has a LinkedIn profile you can Check it out over here on LinkedIn but It's got some good experience he's the CEO of the project looks like he has Some sales and marketing experience Tech Experience right there you also got John Bishop the CMO of the crypto project and A lot of other people supporting this Crypto project right here but they've All got LinkedIn profiles and you can Check them out in a detail right there But also something else interesting I Saw is this crypto project also has Ambassadors so you can see Amanda Rivers MMA fighter right there which is pretty Cool you've got Fitness influencers You've got Savannah Marshall Professor Professional boxer and talio Santos so Amanda is over on Instagram she's got 2.2 million followers and that is pretty Cool and uh you got Talia as well and uh The rest of them so the team and the Ambassadors it's great to see that they

Are present they are showing up and That's a really nice a security signal As well and on the topic of security This one has also had a certic audit Completed which is nice as always make Sure to read through the audit report in Detail yourself and if we jump over and Have a look at the road map of this Crypto project so this is very fresh so The pre-sale has just opened they've got Institutional rounds open audit is out So make sure to check out the order as Well uh marketing campaign is kicking Off so we're going to check out their Twitter soon fight out merch happening You've got the ambassadors as well that We had a look and then post pre-sale What happens after the pre-sale is Completed so centralized exchange Listing Drive founding round closes and Uh they're looking to acquire their First fight Out Gym which is pretty cool App testing limited nfts and fght Staking also launched and then also You're going to have the app launch in Q2 2023 coming up and the app launch Party nft divider launch first pro Fighter workouts launched as well Possibly is that coming with the Ambassadors we'll find out in the future And then more and more things getting Added to the ecosystem overall so lots Of additions happening to the ecosystem Additional exercises tracking First

Steps more rewards getting unlocked and More demand workouts as well and uh Basically this continues on so it goes Into the metaverse and fight Out Gym Grand opening in-app Marketplace and nft Launch and a lot lot more so lots of Contests and metaverse launch in Q4 2023 So I would consider this one a long-term Crypto project with a professional team To get this roadmap completed right here And if we do take a look at the socials So you can see them over on Twitter so They are doing lots of things over on Twitter lots of tweets are going out and They've just passed the two million Dollar raise for the pre-star which is Great to see and so make sure to check Them out over on Twitter and there are Bonuses which we'll talk about soon so Some early bonuses and also Telegram and A Discord as well so anytime you're Looking to research a crypto I always Recommend jumping into the Discord Telegram asking questions in there Should you wish and if we actually have A look at the pre-sale right now so the Pre-sale is live but let's have a quick Chat about the token economics as well So there's gonna be 10 billion fght Tokens that make up this crypto 60 is Going towards pre-sale 10 liquidity 30 Rewards and growth and with that money That will be kicking off the ecosystem Build out of this crypto project and it

Does say right here people who purchase Fght tokens in the pre-sale have the Option to gain up to 50 additional fght Tokens as a reward and this is based on The number of tokens purchased and also The length of vesting as well and you Can see some of the bonuses are getting Unlocked for this pre-sale as well so Additional bonuses for the more you Purchase and there is vesting attached As well so you have to be aware of the Vesting of the crypto project and that Is all detailed in the white paper right There and if you are interested in Participating in the ecosystem as always Make sure to do your own research make Your own decisions not Financial advice In the crypto space but this one is Running live now stage one is now live So they've raised over two million Dollars so far and this one can be Bought in a couple of different ways There are instructions on the website Which I'll leave a link to you can use Metamask wallet connect and they also Have a how to buy section as well so There's options to buy it with credit Card as well using those steps right There but you've also got the other Options with buying with ethereum and Also usdt right there but that is how You can participate in the crypto Ecosystem but I'll leave a link to this Crypto project below and uh looks like a

Very exciting one so guys thank you for Watching the video I hope this crypto Project does go well and I'll see you Guys in the next one crypto Zeus signing Out

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