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We have an exciting very high utility Cryptocurrency project to talk about on The channel today this one is called Everscale and if you haven't heard of Everscale you should be paying attention To this one because it is on the rise And what I'm going to be doing in this Video is breaking down exactly whatever Scale is what is the utility the value That you're bringing out to the market We're also going to be talking about the Massive news that has just dropped for This project what it means for the Future and then at the end of this video We're gonna be checking out the socials Learning more about this crypto but also Importantly you know how is it going in Price where could this one go Potentially in the future so if that Sounds good to you guys you guys like Learning about these crypto projects Before they get massive on the radar Make sure to hit the Thumbs Up Button This one is a sponsored update but as Always this is not Financial advice I'm Not a financial advisor but I hope you Guys are enjoying the journey so far so If you guys have not heard of everscale Before it is a very exciting project so It has a massive focus on scalability so It is actually a layer one proof of Stake blockchain the aims to solve the Big issue of scalability that bogs down A lot of the web 3 Industry so you guys

Know scalability is one of the big Things in everscale is really looking to Come into the market provide a solution In regards to scalability on top of that Get a ton of utility get a ton of apps On the blockchain and provide a ton of Value to the crypto ecosystem and also Industry Partners out there as well so They have a lot of things going for it In particular about this crypto project Actually has Dynamic multi-threading and Sharding technology so it actually has a Blockchain consisting of a master chain And multiple shards called work chains But what makes everscale very unique is Uh it's sharding Dynamic so a new work Chain can be added anytime when the Capacity of the current work chain is Almost utilized to prevent the slightest Congestion and one of the things that Makes everscale very unique is its Infinite sharding capability so it has Infinite sharding capability and the Network adapts to any workload it is Tasked with without the size of the load Affecting transaction times or Processing fees and this is what gives Everscale a ton of value so you guys Know uh you know one of the big problems With cryptocurrencies out there some of The really big ones is you know they can Get sluggish they can have high fees There can be delays on those blockchains But everscale is kind of playing in the

Field where it looks to solve those Massive problems but also get massive Adoption as well and if we learn more About the ecosystem everscale is Bringing out you can see right here they Already have a ton of apps and services That have been developed on everscale Due to its low cost fast and accessible Solutions and this list is continuing to Grow as well so they've got a bridge a Swap and they also have a ton of Application in their ecosystem right now So you guys can see the ecosystem right Here 78 developments but it continues to Uh grow which is uh extremely exciting Forever scale but I would see this Crypto is a very high utility crypto Serious project serious development Serious utility and one of the big Pieces of news we've had forever scale Have a look at this article right here Venom Ventures fund commits five million Strategic investment in the everscale Blockchain so this is very big and it's Not just about the money so again five Million dollars it's a significant Amount of money but this is really a Strategic partnership they are building Out and it says here Venom Venture funds Has committed five million dollar Investment in everscale to help it Further expand its development teams and Boost the number of projects the Investment will be made in stages based

On progress and cooperation indicators And one of the big things about Everscale is that it has been working Hard in particular getting a lot of Expansion into Asia as well and it is a Leading blockchain in Asia and the Community is continuing to grow and you Can see right here Venom Venture fund Has invested into this crypto project And the chairman of Venom Ventures fund Is actually the xcio chief investment Officer of BlackRock Peter Nez right There and I just want to pause for a Second and just say how important that Is so the ex-cio of BlackRock has Identified the value in this project and That they have made an investment of Five million dollars but it's not just Five million dollars it's a Strategic Investment and he says right here for us This is a Strategic investment aimed at The technological development of Projects and teams around technologies That we focus on and actively develop in Particular we're talking about the Venom Blockchain project and its ecosystem Which is planned to be launched soon and For whichever scale is a potential layer 2 solution so Venom Venture funds Actually has a Venom blockchain itself But because everscale is so Dynamic it Can actually operate as a layer 2 Solution as well and that is massively Exciting so both a layer one proof of

Stake blockchain but also a potential Layer 2 solution as well and Venom and Everscale teams as we're working Together on the further development of The core and the ecosystem and this is All going to be about bringing Blockchain adoption closer to real Business use cases so remember in crypto At the end of the day what you do want Is real utility real adoption real Businesses using the technology and this Is exactly where everscale is looking to You know provide value in the market so You can see right here current Initiatives digital asset tokenization Platforms a full framework for Central Banking digital currencies stable coins And Payment Solutions with crypto Fiat Gateways but again real utility real Development which is uh very very Exciting so again this partnership is Going to be very big for both Venom and Everscale and you know cross-pollination Between these Partnerships so sharing Ideas sharing Resources with the goal of More valuable development in the crypto Space so that is a bit of a look at the Big news but again to get that Recognition from Venom Ventures is very Very exciting especially when it's run By Peter Nez the xcio of BlackRock right There and if we check out everscale over On Twitter these guys are actually Growing quite a lot so they actually

Have lots of giveaways so if you're Interested in free crypto definitely Check them out over on Twitter they are Growing out their Community they have Also been getting some really good Recognition on coin market cap so it is On the rise we're going to check out the Price and how it is comparing against Some of the other big crypto projects Out there and you can see you know the Ecosystem is getting very Diversified so I saw this tweet forever gaming right Here so the ecosystem is getting Diversified it is getting big and on top Of that they also have a telegram and Discord that is growing out right now so If you've got questions the best place To ask questions is always going to be Telegram or the Discord of the group and If we jump over to how these guys are Tracking in terms of market cap where They are ranked right now so again this One is sitting outside the top 100 which I quite like so you guys know on the Channel I'm a fan of those cryptos that Are growing so again it's the growing Cryptos where you know if they can grow If they can get up there that is where It can get very very exciting so it's Ranked at number 156 the last month is Getting some really nice growth rate Here and overall if we do take a long Term look at this crypto project as well So you know it used to be up around 1.49

Right here but it's only trading about 11 cents right now but the good signal About this project and I will say it is They're continuing to develop and uh Continuing to get those Partnerships in A market which has been bearish for the Last few months you guys know that but Again if you have a look at the one Month here is that something exciting Happening with everscale and uh where it Is going in the future but I do like What they are bringing to the market and I think it's a very good crypto to keep On the radar as they continue to develop And uh this one is trading over on Cuecoin pancake swap get AO QB Global Coin one and uni swap right there so Guys as always make sure to do your own Research make your own decisions not Financial advice on the channel but I do Like what these guys are bringing out to The market so very exciting project Appreciate you guys tuning into the Video have a good one and I'll see you Guys in the next one crypto Zeus signing Out

top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Identify the Best New Coins to Invest In

Investing in crypto is an exciting venture that allows you to make money in a variety of ways. It’s possible to earn millions of dollars in a short amount of time, but it’s also very risky. The best way to reduce your risk is to diversify your portfolio and avoid crypto projects that have a high risk of losing your investment.

How to Trade Crypto

If you want to get involved in trading crypto, it’s important to understand the different strategies available. Some of these strategies include technical analysis and swing trading. These are all based on price charts and mathematical calculations to determine whether a coin is going to rise or fall in value.

How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

One of the most effective ways to earn big bucks in crypto is to pick out the best new coins to invest in. Some of these coins have the potential to skyrocket in value if they can prove themselves. These cryptos are known as β€œcrypto gems” and can be worth several hundred times their current value if they succeed.

However, it’s not easy to identify these gems, especially when they’re still in the early stages of development. That’s why it’s important to follow crypto news sites that are reputable and have a track record of publishing accurate information about the latest developments in the industry.

The Best Crypto Projects

The best crypto project will have a unique proposition and will be able to attract a large audience. These will be the coins that are likely to grow the fastest in the future.

A good example of a project with a large audience is Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), which is developing the world’s first dedicated Web3 mobile gaming platform. MEMAG’s token presale has already seen over $700,000 invested and is set to double in value during the upcoming launch.

How to Find Profitable Crypto Strategies

Another strategy that has made a lot of people rich is β€œswing trading.” This involves buying low and selling high in order to exploit volatility. It’s an ideal method for speculators, but it’s not suitable for everyone.

You can also use this technique to buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, in a bid to take advantage of the market’s recent upswing. This strategy is especially useful for beginners in the crypto space, as it can help them gain valuable experience and develop a better understanding of the market.

How Much Bitcoin Will Be Worth This Year

A great way to gauge how much value a cryptocurrency will have this year is to look at its price history. Many of these currencies have experienced massive price increases in the past, so it’s important to keep an eye on these trends.

How to Find the Next Crypto Project

The best crypto project is the one that is a true game changer. This means that it can change the way we interact with technology and has a large potential for growth. This could be a new technology, or it could be a project that’s using existing technologies to create something revolutionary.

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