New crypto today , GreenBlock passive BTC rewards, very early only a few days old – exciting one to check out on the radar. More info below

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We have a very early cryptocurrency to Check out on the channel today this one Is called Green Block Capital so what I Want to do in this video is we're going To check out this crypto project exactly What it is bringing out to the market How early is it on the radar we're going To talk through some things they've done Already what's going on what are the big Plans for in the future and also you Know what is the price doing for this One as well so a full comprehensive look At this crypto project if that sounds Good to you guys please do me a favor Hit the Thumbs Up Button this one is a Sponsored review but as always not Financial advice but I hope you guys are Enjoying the journey so far so guys this One is called Green Block capital and What it is focused in on is Bitcoin Mining and they actually have mining Operations already in uh Georgia and Abu Dhabi as well so it's got a big focus on Crypto mining in particular uh Bitcoin Mining and if we actually have a look at A bit of their preview video right here They actually display uh some of the Mining rigs they have up already and They have a token associated with this That we're going to talk about soon it's Running on the buy down smart chain but They are running mining rigs using Bitcoin Miners and that is one of the Main value propositions they're bringing

To the market and if we learn more about This cryptocurrency you know this one is All about opening up crypto mining so Using crypto as a bit of a gateway to Allow that and it says here at Green Block we have studied the market so we Know how and where to mine we also care About the environment as well as the bad Image of mining for energy consumption From Green Block Capital we guarantee Commitment respect veracity and Transparency so they've got some big Values right here and if we learn a bit More about the actual token itself so There is a token that has just been Launched we're going to talk about that Soon but it says here Green Block Capital offers several benefits to our Stakeholders firstly by being part of The Bitcoin Network so you will get Exposure to some Bitcoin rewards in this Project and it's going to secure the Bitcoin Network through the Decentralized most mining process and Additionally by operating the Large-scale mining operations they are Able to offer a steady and reliable Stream of mining rewards for the token Holders which is pretty cool and it says Here receive your rewards directly to Your wallet mining one time per week on The Bitcoin BSC Network so Bitcoin Rewards will be paid out on the binance Smart chain Network which is pretty

Exciting and on top of that there are Some tokenomics on this crypto so it Does say here implementing a sales tax Of 10 of the token we will use to buy More mining equipment and keep the Equipment updated always with more Efficient machines so that sell tax is Going straight back to buying up more Mining equipment which is uh which is Pretty exciting right there and if we Learn a little bit more about the team Of this crypto project it is actually a Quite a large team I can see you've got Luis Fernandez he is the CEO and he's Got experience in a financing technology And crypto mining you've also got Roberto Rodriguez he's the coo and he's A managed large-scale projects in the Energy and Mining Industries as well You've also got a lot of other people on This crypto project you've got Ignacio Right here is bringing lore experience You've got Vicente who is Big on Technology uh Carlos and Mark as well so Lots of uh experience getting brought to This crypto project and already they Have some nice Partnerships and I've Seen some new marketing Partnerships Come out as well they have a partnership With space decks and minus Hub right There so that is looking very exciting They also have a deck that I saw saw a Slide deck as well which kind of gives a Bit of an overview of how the mining

Operation works with green block Capital So there is a big focus on using clean Energy in the sources where they are you Know mining this mining Bitcoin so low Cost high efficiency uh the miners They're using so the Asic L7 mod 905 Right there and it's rewarded back to Staked GBC holders in the project and I Have seen their app as well so they've Got an app up the top and if you jump Into that app they're a staking up Opportunities as well to the apis and The rewards from the crypto mining right There on top of that what else do you Need to know about this crypto project So they actually had a very successful Pre-sale so it's very early this crypto It's only been out launched for a couple Of days but they actually hit 800 BNB Right here they also have an audit kyc And docs which is a really good security Signal I actually have seen them do a Bunch of amas over on YouTube but I Definitely feel free to look at these in Full detail yourself right here which is Uh good to see and on top of that They've also got the pink sale kyc which Is a nice security signal in the crypto Space and they also have an audit as Well coming out of block safe with an 82 Security score and uh no major or medium Or critical issues right there which is Another good security signal and uh so This crypto has literally just been

Launched a couple of days ago uh its Total Supply is 21 million gbt so same As Bitcoin total supplier right there uh The listing price was at 4074 and the Cell type excellent project is 10 that Goes towards buying new miners as well And they have done a ton of amas over on Twitter so definitely encourage you guys To uh check them out over on Twitter and On top of that they have a big marketing Campaign unfolding right now and uh one Of the connections they have is Diva's Blockchain so watch out for that so Tick Tock Instagram uh Twitter post coming Out in collaboration with divas Blockchain right there and on top of That I also saw this post and it looks Like a potential you know recognition Within the Vault Eno cryptocurrency so If you guys know Vault Inu it says right Here attention gbt Community we're Excited to announce that gbt token is Now available for trading on volte Change a deflationary swap platform a Big shout out to the volcano official Community for creating this fantastic Tool so guys nice Partnerships I have to Say right off the bat for this Cryptocurrency and a lot more is coming Out in the future and they are doing Lots of giveaways and rewards over on This if you want to be part of the Community you know get some free rewards They are doing giveaway ways I

Constantly I could see in the telegram Too and I've got a link tree to all the Links so if you're interested in this Project make sure to check out all the Links and I'll definitely jump into Their telegram so I've just had a look At some of the latest announcements Myself coming out of the telegram and it Does look pretty exciting right there so Guys watch out for some more big Announcements coming out of this and if We actually check them out over on coin Market cap and uh deck screener right Here you can actually see this one is uh Just launched so it's only been a coin Market cap for literally what less than A day right there and you can see it Over on Deck screener only been trading For a couple of days but guys watch out For this and watch out for the other big Things they have coming down the Pipeline as well as they expand their Crypto Network and also the Partnerships As well and if you guys are interested In this crypto project as always make Sure to do your own research make your Own decisions of the crypto space always Remember there's High reward cryptos out There that can get extremely exciting But it always comes with levels of risk As well but it is trading over on Pancake swap right now so if we check Out this link right here to Pancake swap You can see that one BNB currently

Trades for around 14 700 gbt tokens but guys very exciting Project to put on your radar but Appreciate you guys watching the video Have a good one and I'll see you guys in The next one crypto Zeus signing out

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How to Spot the Top Crypto Gems and Projects

The crypto market has gained a lot of attention lately. It has captured the imagination of a new generation of investors across the globe. It has also been attracting mainstream companies to consider it as an emerging business opportunity and technology tool. As a result, the crypto industry has grown to the point where it is gaining a reputation for being a volatile and fast-moving one.

With so much noise in the crypto space, it can be hard to identify a top crypto project that is worth investing in. Fortunately, there are many ways to spot a crypto gem that is going to be popular and have long-term value.

How to Trade Crypto

Before you start trading crypto, you need to get set up with an exchange account and a digital ID that you can use to deposit or withdraw coins. Generally, the verification process will take from a few minutes to several days. Once you have verified your account, you can begin to buy and sell coins.

How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, with new projects and coins popping up all the time. It can be difficult to identify which ones are worth investing in and which ones are just a waste of your time.

This is why it’s so important to be able to spot a crypto gem that will be worth investing in. You can do this by assessing the number of people that are holding the coin and checking out how many wallets it is being held in.

You can also check out how much a particular coin is being held by a single wallet, using tools like Etherscan and BscScan to help you keep track of the amount that is currently being held by different users.

How to Profit from Crypto Strategies

There are a few profitable crypto strategies that you can try out to maximize your profits in the cryptocurrency market. They include using a combination of stop loss and take profit orders to limit your losses while keeping your returns in check. These strategies are often the best way to make money in the crypto market as they offer good risk-return control and allow you to plan your positions ahead of time.

What to Watch for in Crypto News

The crypto news market is a thriving one, with a growing number of websites and blogs offering information on crypto topics. However, not all of these sources are reliable. You should be sure to pick a website that has a clear focus on the crypto market and does not feature too many ads or affiliate links that could distract you from getting the information you need.

A great source for breaking crypto news and technical analysis is Crypto Daily. This website covers a wide range of crypto topics, and it offers articles that will help you make the best possible decision when it comes to your investment.

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