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We have a new cryptocurrency to talk About on the channel today so this one Is very fresh it's just been launched It's called space decks so what we're Going to do in this video is we want to Check out this crypto what is the value They are bringing to the crypto Market What exactly are they doing we're also Going to check out the security of the Project the audit as well and also Excitingly what is coming up on the Roadmap and a lot more so if you guys Enjoy learning about these new cryptos Make sure to hit the thumbs up button on This video this one is a sponsored Review but as always this is not Financial advice I'm not a financial Advisor but I hope you guys are enjoying The journey so far so guys this one is Called space decks and it does have the Big theme of space you can see the Rocket right here and it reminds me a Little bit of uh you know Elon Musk and What he has going on with with his SpaceX company and it says right here Space decks is a new decentralized spot And Perpetual exchange that supports low Swap fees with zero price impact trades Our trading platform offers a unique Multi-asset pool that liquidity Providers fees from Market making Swap And leverage trades so right there a lot Of the focus will be on the Decentralized swap so they're building

Out a decentralized swap in the crypto Space Also with some potentially big Innovation so zero price impact trades That does sound very very interesting Right there and you can see right here From their vision and Mission they will Be creating features from centralized Exchanges with a more user-friendly Interface uh tools accessibilities and An added layer of privacy as well so Privacy is going to be a big focus and Uh you know that users can retain their Privacy on transactions while Controlling their funds you guys know Centralized exchanges out there what do You got to do a lot of the time you're Gonna have to kyc send in some Government identification and these guys Right here are going to be very big on Privacy their goal is to be a top 100 Exchange per volume over the next month So they have massive massive goals for Growing this exchange get getting more Users onto the platform and that is Pretty exciting if they can get the Volume up right there and if we do take A look at some of the tokenomics of this Cryptocurrency you can see right here Looks to have a 1.5 billion Supply there Was a pre-sale price which was pretty Close to the listing price as well Slight discount on the pre-sale and this One has literally just launched uh Recently maybe a day around a day or

Less potentially and you can see right Here the allocation so a big part of the Tokens went to people out there the Public which is really good to see a lot Going into liquidity and they're also of Course important to have some rewards For the team and partners as well so 10 Of the team and partners and that is Also vested as well and if we do have a Look at some of the buy and sell fees so That does have tokenomics attached to This cryptocurrency there is a zero Percent purchase fee so there's no tax To actually buy this cryptocurrency uh In the first three months there's going To be a 10 fee uh for selling and then Following 9 months seven percent and Then it's gonna actually drop to five Percent right there and uh also in Addition to that they also have some Massive rewards for people who want to Stake Falcon and uh get rewards and it Says right here if you stake your Purchased Falcon tokens you can earn B And B rewards and it says 25 of fees Generated in our ecosystem from swaps And leverage trading are converted to BNB which is then distributed among the Stakers of Falcon tokens so not only if You are you know buy the token you can Potentially get some of the upside but Again if you stake the token and at Trading on the exchange you're also Going to get a reward in the form of

Token so I do like that I do like how They do reward uh holders and stakers in This project and one of the important Things to understand is with these Tokenomics and these are relatively low In comparison to some of the other Cryptos we've seen out there the fees Are going to be used to maintain the Ecosystem and also for marketing as well So marketing is super imported in the Crypto space and again if you want that Volume you want massive growth marketing Is definitely the way to go and having Those tokenomics in place is a very Smart thing and if we have a look at This they're also going to add some more Features to this exchange potentially as Well so have a look at Social and uh Copy training as well so we know copy Trading is becoming more and more Popular and it does look like space Decks has plans to get this going as Well and our new platform will offer Contracts with performance verification Of Traders as well so that does look Very exciting and also as well they have A referral system so affiliate rewards And I like affiliate rewards and it's Great to give that to the community as Well and it says right here users will Be able to show their friends how much They love our platform with a referral Link as a way of giving back every user Who signs up through the referral links

Will get a percentage of their trading Fees and referrers can enjoy a handsome Percentage from the trading fees and I Think that's really smart business so One way to you know Market businesses is Through affiliate rewards and you know Anyone can sign up for this anyone can Uh you know become an affiliate it looks Like through the referral system so Multiple rewards being given out there And that is really good to see and uh Because this is a decentralized exchange As well there's also opportunities to Add liquidity and also get rewarded in The ecosystem right there so that is a Really good to see on the security of This one so this one has just recently Launched uh you can see right here on Pink cell they have a kyc they also have A docs and they also have an audit so if We jump over to the docs you can also See they've had a big AMA with the pink With pink cell right here and you can See the developers of this crypto Project in the AMA which is really good To see on top of that they've also had An audit completed by a solid proof and The audit has come back as past which is A nice security signal and on top of That they've also got that kyc done with Pink cell which is another nice security Signal in the crypto space and if we Jump over to Twitter lots of exciting Things are happening over on Twitter for

These guys in particular you can see Them get on watch lists of coin market Cap so some nice uh Trends and things Are happening with these guys over on Coin market cap you can see them number Four right here space decks the next big Decks on lots of the watch lists and in Addition they also have a ton of that Telegram channels loading up so telegram Groups for this crypto in multiple Languages right there which is really Good so bring so building out a big Global community and they have been Doing a ton of other amas and important Things over on Twitter as well so lots Of marketing and this one is really just Getting started so really good to see This one uh building out in the crypto Space and you can see right here this One was a very popular one and the Presale actually sold out in uh 11 Minutes 600 BNB and it has just recently Launched so if you guys are interested In learning more about this crypto make Sure to check out the website check out All the links that Twitter I also have a Listening to the AMA and make sure to do Your own research make your own Decisions in the crypto space not Financial advice on the Channel and this One you can see just launched recently Over here on deck's screener and it's Off to a good start already and this one Is trading over on pancake swap right

Now so fln is the token and uh really Cool one to learn about but guys that's A bit of a look at space decks very Exciting crypto with some big Ambitions In the crypto space hope you guys enjoy The video if you did Smash the thumbs up Button drop a comment down below what You think of this crypto and uh thank You guys for watching and I'll see you Guys in the next one crypto Zeus signing Out

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