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Meme coins in the crypto space have been Absolutely on fire just recently and uh We have a very New Meme coin to talk About on the channel today so guys we're Going to be checking out Ric Flair Nature Boy he actually has released a New meme coin we're going to be talking About some huge things what's happening With the price graph of this one what Are some big potential catalysts coming Up for this crypto is it early plus a Lot more so if you guys enjoy learning About these meme coins super early right Here on the channel do me a favor hit The thumbs up button on this video shout Out to the Ric Flair token for Sponsoring this one as always mem coins Are high reward high risk not Financial Advice and guys let's get straight into It so you guys know some of these mem Coins have been absolutely pumping in The crypto Market just recently and Ric Flair himself has backed a new crypto Based around himself let's listen into What Rick actually has to say about it Right here so he's going to give the Intro we'll talk more about the coin Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls let Me tell you something I'm the Nature Boy Rick Flair the style and profile and Libery rideing Jet flly kiss steeling Wheel and deal and son of a gun and I'm Here to set the Registrate about the one and only woo

Coin so there you guys go Rick Flair the Famous wrestler out of the United States He has launched his own crypto he's got Some big things coming up for this some Big meme energy and we're going to learn Exactly about it and he's still he's Still got the massive happening so it Actually is called wooin that is the Official name of it I think so Ric Flair Wooin right here the Nature Boy Ric Flair's only official coin contract and You can see that is the Tweet we just Checked out just then and uh he is Backing this one himself so he's got a Lot of people following him if you check Out his Twitter account he basically has I think it's like an excess of a million Yes he's got he's got 1.2 million Followers and what's interesting about This he's followed by Shoshi kusama of Shiba Inu so you guys might know Shoshi Shibs an absolutely massive meme coin in The crypto space it actually got up to Where is it it's around5 billion plus in Terms of market cap so Shoshi so here's Following Ric Flair Nature Boy and uh so What is this crypto all about let's Learn about it this one is basically a Very exciting meme cryptocurrency so Ric Flair engineered from mcoin Master Street crafted for the crypto verse Welcome to wooin where Simplicity meets The Thrill of the crypto world it's not That complex it's all about embracing

The essence of fun and Flair inspired by The legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair we're Here to take you on a styling profiling Limousine writing jet flying kiss Stealing wheeling and dealing crypto Adventure Rick is more than just a Platform it's a celebration of the Larger than Life Persona that is Ric Flair built to Meme and designed for Crypto Enthusiast this is the ultimate Homage to one and only Nature Boy if There's anyone destined for the crypto World it's Rick Flair our platform is Rick's way of expressing gratitude to Generations of fans who've supported him Throughout his illustrious career join The Rick community and start collecting Woo coins your ticket to Exclusive experiences that only Rick can Offer so that is super interesting so Rick offering some potential experiences With the crypto so that is a very Exciting element of this so some Potential utility behind this and then It goes on to say at Rick we believe in The power of Simplicity and the thrill Join us in the crypto adventure and Let's make every moment a styl and Profile and woo kind of experience it's Not just a platform it's a lifestyle Rick style so you guys know Meme coins What are they about they're about energy They're about community and that's Exactly what I'm kind of getting the

Vibe for for Rick Flair the coin right Here the woo coin right here absolute Monster in the wrestling space what else Is very interesting about this one I Have heard Intel from the team of this Cryptocurrency that uh it's potentially Rick himself is going to go to big Events similar to these ones like this Token 2040 Dubai so will Rick be there That's going to be very very exciting if He is and this is where a lot of these Big meme coins can potentially Network The other thing you have to understand As well is a lot of the meme coins out There sometimes they're Anonymous Sometimes you don't have people who are You know identifiable really backing Their project and it can be you know a Bit of a challenge for them to actually Go out and go to some of these big Events but with Rick Flair you know if He goes to some of these is really going To put this crypto on the radar so I do Think that's pretty bullish for the Crypto and the Community behind that and It's kind of rare to some degree to have A face behind a crypto so a lot of these Cryptos you guys know they're going to Be anonymously run they're not going to Show up at these uh these events but Rick he's not afraid of that he's Performed live in front of millions of Fans uh during his career so he has Absolutely no problem probably going

Into some of these big events right There so if we do learn a little bit More about the tokenomics of this Cryptocurrency it's a very early one it Is running on the ethereum chain that is The contract right there the total token Supply is going to be what is this 10 Billion right there fixed Supply the Market cap was around 9 million it Actually has a very strong LP ratio as Well so if we actually check out this Crypto I want to point out something Have a look at the lp behind this guy This one here so it's got around 5.3 Million dollars in liquidity absolutely Monster liquidity back in this one so That is going to make it a very stable Cryptocurrency in terms of movements and It definitely is an exciting play to Have on the radar right now but very Very strong liquidity backing this Crypto currency it also has had an audit Completed by hackin which I think is Very very good so hackin is a good Company in the crypto space they have Locked their LP which is very important As well and it does have some potential Tokenomics on the crypto as well so you Can see the token allocation for this One so very fresh crypto and there are Some tokenomics on this one so every Time there is a buy and sell live on the Market right now there is some founder Rewards there is a marketing uh fee as

Well so good for marketing funds right There networking fee and auto liquidity As well Sur mering this cryptocurrency With the tokenomics and also some fresh Alpha for this cryptocurrency is they Will be doing some giveaways of merch Tickets as well lots of fun to come and If we do take a look at this one on coin Market cap very important to understand That this one is only trading right now Over on Unis swap so super early right Here for this crypto but I do have some Fresh Alpha so they are planning to get Listed on three centralized exchanges Coming up so that is a big piece of news For Ric Flair the woorin But right now this one is only trading Over on Unis swap so if you don't know How to trade these types of cryptos you Can check out the 100x crypto Master Course I've got it it can tell you how You can actually trade cryptos on Unis Swap so super early right here for wooin The crypto and uh it's not even listed Properly on coin Geto as well so that's How early we are checking out this Crypto but big things potentially Happening in the future centralized Exchange listings crypto events coming Up in the future and I do think overall This is going to be like a high energy Cryptocurrency with Ric Flair backing it So very very exciting concept as always In crypto you understand the whole mem

Coin Market it's going to be high reward High risk so if you are interested in This one make sure to conduct your Research I will leave links to woo coin In the description of this video and Right now this one is trading over on Ethereum and one ethereum basically gets You a ton of woo crypto right now but Guys that's a very exciting early look At this crypto links to the telegram Links to the Discord in the description Of this video but guys exciting play Coming up for 2024 if you guys enjoyed This video smash that thumbs up button I Really appreciate you guys watching this One hope wooin goes woo to the moon and I'll see you guys in the next one crypto Zeus signing Out

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