Optimal Portfolio STRATEGY (Top Two Alt-Coin BANGERS)

Today I give you an update on our ongoing portfolios as we hunt for altcoins that have the potential to be terrific long term holds.

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1:20 $25K
3:19 $10K
4:37 $1K
5:17 ISO20022

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Foreign Crypto my name is Ben uh today we're Going to be uh updating our portfolios We're going to be adding a few things to Our portfolios today uh just uh we got These new digital whiteboards are pretty Sweet all right so we've got our 25 000 Portfolio right now it's worth 21.7 we Have our 10K portfolio it's worth 8 500. Uh you got our kucoin ISO 20022 coins uh Five thousand dollar portfolio coming at 4 600. our 1 000 portfolio down to 837 Right now Um now look they're down about 15 on Average Uh if you will not not too terribly bad Considering the contagion and whatnot I've not been saying I actually believe I'm leaning more towards the fact that We've hit the Box Now I believe that it's not guaranteed And you know one thing you wouldn't want To do is you're always going to want to Have some stable so we're going to keep About 10 in Stables we're gonna go ahead We're gonna put some more in right now Um I think this is the right move uh for Me I think the wrist first reward here Is very good if we go into a spot where The market tanks we go to these crazy Low numbers like five thousand dollar Bitcoin we're screwed anyways we don't Have enough Capital left to really be Able to apply at the bottom we're just

Gonna have to sit through and be patient I don't mind being patient so okay so What we're gonna do here we're gonna Break down each of these portfolios so Here's what we got in this puppy we got 7 800 usdc so we're gonna be allocating All but 2500 of this uh it's already put In about five thousand dollars into some Different coins uh and you can look here And you can see what we have we've got East ICP the ICP we bought has been Crushing it uh xrp Matic Ada optimism BNB h-bar algo sand Aptos near and file Coin so what we're going to start doing In here especially because you know like I mentioned earlier there's a chance we Couldn't have gone much lower we're Going to put most of our capital in Right now we want to look for Opportunities I think this is very Important so what we're going to do here Is actually we're going to take a look At um coin market cap and we're going to Start looking for some opportunities Maybe make some trades with some of These uh coins okay so um what we're Gonna do is we're going to come over Here we're going to look at the 24 uh or We're gonna do the seven day actually We're gonna do the seven day we're gonna Look for solid coins that are down in The red That we could move over to these Portfolios uh one inch Chili's now 11

Osmo now those really are hitting me Hard but look here we got algorand we Got chain link these are two coins that Are both down between seven and eight And a half percent for the week Um not a lot of moves or sorry eight Percent about eight point three percent On average Um and over the last 24 hours not a huge Move either way so we're gonna actually Take advantage of these two coins and We're gonna put them in the portfolio We're gonna split these so we're gonna Put 2800 and I'll go don't worry about 2500 into chain link and we're gonna see What happens we're gonna see if we can Ride this dip where these coins are down This week see if our next seven days They can get a pop back up and then we Can take some profits and we can start Actually making some moves in these Portfolios you've just been we've been Patient we've been in waiting mode but Right now it feels a little bit like go Time so that's what we're going to be Doing to that portfolio uh let's take a Look at our 10 000 portfolio you guys Can see it's uh down about 1500 we have 2500 in Stables so we're going to be Applying 1500 of this here let's see if There's another coin that might hit Different or something like that if we Look at it chain link I'll go immutable X I like communal X pretty well you know

Those are the only two I'll go and chain Link that would really fit what I'm Looking for right now Um but I don't want to put all my eggs In one basket for all my portfolios so Let's go ahead and let's choose two Different coins that maybe not down as Much but coins that I like could Potentially be long-term holds and They're at least down about Um you know look at Cosmos right here Down five percent it's dead even right Now for the last 24 hours down five Percent for the week let's run it out Let's put all 1500 and Cosmos let's see If we can get a big pump from that uh Maybe over the next week and see when You take some profits if it stays about The same we might actually uh you know Split that up next week into something Else but we're just gonna you know we're Gonna be Daredevils see Daredevils right Now uh cost was a good project if you Had to hold it in the portfolio it's not Going to kill you so let's go ahead and Put 1500 in Cosmos it leaves us 10 still In stables for next week if we had to Have it let's go to our Google Input Portfolio here with our 1K portfolio Um this one here I would say this is a Great opportunity to add uh algorand Into this portfolio and let's go ahead And just only add algorithm I think Algorithms get a lot of upside because

It's a great project but it's been down For this week and with this portfolio we Can't add a ton of diversity right you Don't want to diversify so much here Because we've only got a thousand Dollars to work with you don't want to Have more than seven or eight coins at The most so in this portfolio what we're Going to do is we're gonna go and take 199 dollars and we're gonna put that in Our grain in this portfolio we'll see Maybe next week we can take uh some Profits on that a quick look at our ISO 20022 portfolio we're not going to be Doing too much with this one uh this Week because you know this one is almost A set and forget kind of portfolio we do Have some stables in here actually uh You know what actually I'm going to add Some more I'll go in here as well I mean Why would we not right let's add eight Hundred dollars of algo to this Portfolio as well so look we got coins That we like and they're down big that's A good opportunity to load up that's What buying the dip it's about it's not About the overall Market going down and You you know know buying this and that Is when you are buying the red and Selling in the green that's what you Want to be doing so where's it we can Make some moves with this this week We'll go ahead and add that here we're Gonna see if we can make a pop-up I'll

Go over a lot of these portfolios and See them next week we can come to the Table with uh you know positive trades And stuff like that so let me know what You guys think I do have a dollar cost Average portfolio as well Um on the combination of crypto.com and Trustwallet and coinbase watch I'll keep You guys updated on that it's going Pretty well sometimes the transactions Aren't going through on the dollar cost Averaging not sure why but that stack is Growing as well I did remove those You're going uh from creeper.com and Move them over to those other wallets Those hot wallets that way if crypto.com Went down or was insolvent which I don't Think that it is but if it did that way I protect it always make sure not your Keys not your crypto so guys that's all We got drop your comment down below let Me know what you guys think about our New digital life form talk happy last But way out Thank you

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