SBF STAYING IN BAHAMAS!!! (No U.S. Extradition – the TRUTH Behind Crypto Debacle)

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Hey guys welcome to bitboy crypto my Name is Ben uh we are here in the Bahamas uh we're eating a little fish Fry right now and uh we just got back From uh going to court with Sam bingman Freed for his extradition hearing and Let me tell you it was fireworks it was Absolutely insane what we witnessed this Morning so uh I get there at 6 a.m uh It's first come first serve to get into The courtroom so we had about uh six People with us or so uh not County Security and uh we were going to go into The courtroom and uh see the hearing we Expected his parents to be there I Expected you know a lot of media to be There which they were uh Wall Street Journal New York Times Bloomberg uh Reuters AP they were all there this Morning and um so long and short of it Is I could have got here at nine and Still got in but we were out at 6 a.m Waiting outside the courtroom we go Inside the courtroom and there's Sam as Soon as I walk in I kid you not I kid You not there's witnesses to this as Soon as I walk in the courtroom Sam is Right right there talking to his lawyer He turns and he says that's bit boy he Just walked into court I kid you not he Said that's a true story a lot of people Saw that and so I go I sit down he Looked dead in the eyes dead in my eyes We had the moment he smirked a little

Bit later on I looked right out of my Waved at him I don't know how much he Liked that uh but guys the real story Here is not bitboy meets SPF the real Story here is what happened in the Hearing it was absolutely insane so from The moment we get inside the hearing we Have the lawyers the lawyer for uh Sam Bateman freed and then the lawyer for The Attorney General uh for the Bahamas Arguing back and forth and they keep Talking about Why are we here today why are we here Today why are we here today well Everybody knew why we were here right we Were here for an extradition hearing so He was going to use uh I think it was Called motion 17. he was going to move The court to waive his right to stay in The Bahamas and so he could go in the United States and let me tell you he Wanted desperately to get out there were Several times he was shaking uh there Were several times he stood up and and Motioned over to his lawyer and said you Have to get me out of here today today You have to get me out of here he said That multiple times he did not want to Stay in the Bahamas another minute The FBI was there the IRS was there uh There were people from the U.S embassy That were there guys there was literally A jet running on the tarmac to take SBF Away

What unfolds is quite an interesting Tale if you've been watching what we've Been doing here we talked about it uh on Saturday night at our panel what we did Is we brought down investors from FTX Investors from Celsius who lost a lot of Money we brought them down here to the Bahamas originally we were going to do a Protest we want to do a protest to get Them arrested well we had it all planned And of course he got arrested on Monday Night which changed what we want to do Well This changed things dramatically so on Saturday we all went up to the police Station to file criminal charges against SPF because basically the story is is Nobody had filed criminal charges Against him so he says nobody had filed Criminal charges against him That meant that the Bahamas didn't have To arrest him they were only going to Arrest him on on behalf of the U.S Charges however we went there on Saturday Sunday morning they arranged a Special meeting for our people to come And actually file these reports so they Didn't take them Saturday It's weird one hour after we were up at The police station on Saturday here Comes the announcement the same amen Free is going to be extradited and he's Going to wave his rights Well Sunday we go back up there uh one

Of the ladies with us Rebecca she filled Out a police report uh guided time got It sent up And so over this court hearing you kept Hearing them talk about a mysterious Event that happened over the weekend and A mysterious document that the the legal Team for Sam Bateman freed had not seen Yet And so what I'll put it down to is this We file this police report Rebecca has a document basically Explaining his wrongdoing And the court Use that to stop the extradition So Technically what what the the legal Counsel wanted for same payment free is To view this document and be able to Decide what to do from there he wanted To talk to his lawyers in the United States so what happens is That basically after two we had to go to The courtroom twice we come back in and Here's where it ends Sam bingman freed Is begging his lawyer to let him out Begging him for this motion 17 and the Lawyer says no we can't we have to look At this document first and talk to your Lawyers in the United States so they Arrange for everybody to leave the Courtroom and them to have this phone Call well while they're having this Phone call everybody leaves the the

Project attorney leaves The last thing that the judge told the Same payment free was your your now uh Remanded by by the court remanded I Think that's the right word basically Where he was gonna have to stay in court In the Bahamas now Sam didn't understand This when he was hearing it when he was Hearing this he took that to me that he Was going to get this this call with U.S Lawyers get to go back into court and Get extradited but that is not in fact What happened Sam is actually staying in The Bahamas I've been told they want to keep them Here up to a year of course we do know He has another hearing on February 8th Now the pressure in the United States The U.S is pissed FBI is pissed the IRS Is pissed they wanted him on that jet Going back to the United States today Now the United States does have enough Power To Push Sam or to push the Bahamian Government here into forcing Sam to Leave for the extradition The United States does have that power But the Bahamian government is pushing Against this so much why well if you Watch your panel the other night then You would know that one thing that is a Big myth is a big misinformation smoke And mirrors is that oh right after Sam

Father chapter 11 that they suddenly Gave all the crypto assets back to the People in the Bahamas that if you live In the Bahamas if you're in the Jurisdiction you got your assets back And then there was a lot of withdrawals To support that well Lo and behold what actually happened Here is that you may not know this Unless you watch your panel and you know That people that live in the Bahamas are Not allowed to gamble at the casinos Here did you know the people live in the Bahamas are not allowed to invest in Crypto assets they're not allowed to Have FTX accounts so what does that tell You that tells you the only people that Were able to get those withdrawals are People that are above the law who's Above the law The government they have a a document I Believe that's 1500 names on it Including people from the Bahamian Government who were able to go behind Everybody's back and would draw their Crypto assets while you got stuck Holding yours you got stuck holding the Bag meanwhile people down here maybe Including the Prime Minister actually Were able to get their funds off of FTX What a sham what a Croc absolutely Ridiculous that this happened and that's What's going on here they want to keep Him here as long as possible so they can

Maneuver and try to cover up what was Done here in the Bahamian government Because they know if Sam goes to the United States and all these documents Become public Into what's going to occur is there a Government corruption is going to be Exposed in in the Bahamas they love Government corruption they hate people Knowing that their government is corrupt So they're often trying to do things a Maneuver to make it look like there's Not corruption when there clearly is so While they have Sam here in their Possession they can control what is Going on so they used our document they Used Rebecca's document to keep him here For the time being but it won't last Forever there will be a time where he Does get out and go to the United States Like I said they want to hold him here For a year but I'm not sure if that's Going to be uh legit or not this is all According to Lincoln Bain who of course Remember prime minister here he knows Exactly what's going on we also have a Civil lawsuit that we're filing against Sam which is going to have gigantic Implications for you as the investor uh In FTX and we're going to be able to Tell you more about that hopefully in The coming weeks we got to do some Things in stealth here to uh you know You guys know I love to move in stealth

We gotta do some things in stealth to Make sure things occur the way that we Want them to occur but we are moving Forward and uh you know it's never going To be more clear we are fighting for you We're fighting for the people we're Fighting for everybody who lost money We're making sure Sam gets held Accountable that's all I gotta be Blessed good boy out

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