SEC Coming After Me (Gary Gensler HATES BitBoy Crypto)

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Welcome to bitboy crypto The people's Channel I've been crying All night I don't know if you can tell From my voice A lot going on right now guys uh very Very concerned Very concerned I got a letter from the SEC last night I don't know how long it had been uh Sitting uh waiting for me to get back Excuse me Terrified right now Gary ginsler has now Came knocking at my door wanting Documents Very scary I'm very scared All right listen uh yeah so I did get All over the SEC this is true actually Uh I'm obviously not scared my boy's a Little jacked up from uh being at all These parties in Miami this week and Having to uh speak over uh loud music Um Before I tell you what it's about uh we Are gonna have our lawyers look at it Because it's just standard practice it's What you should do and I want other Influencers to understand while the SEC Is low IQ and Gary ginsler is a lizard Person if you do get a letter from the SEC you should have an attorney look Over it and unfortunately a lot of People that would get letters uh you Know that they may not be in the same Financial uh position I'm in or that

Some other people are in and uh you know It's gonna cost you money just to have a Lawyer look at it we fortunately have Many lawyers on staff Um or not necessarily on staff but on Retainer because that's what you do when You have a big business especially an Emergency uh technology All right sector uh like Finance or or Whatever the case may be so uh here is My reaction I will start by giving you My reaction to the SEC letter from Gary Ginsler [Laughter] That's my reaction That second one was a real cough Uh guys I I ain't scared I don't know what People can tell uh these people are Scammers uh Gary Kinsler is a scammer uh And you know what I think if you really Look at what the SEC is doing right now Uh they are trying to rule by Enforcement and I will tell you this I Don't think it's a coincidence okay uh I'll do this I don't think it's a Coincidence That we people are going to see our bill We have the funding for the bill the Bill's gonna be coming out soon we're Super excited about it can't wait to Show it to you Who who is our bill in direct opposition To

The SEC our bill is direct opposition Against the SEC Sam Bateman freed have been meeting with Gary ginsler for six months okay if you Guys watched my video yesterday I'm telling you guys Our bill not that it's passed already is Not even public yet Sending our bill to FTX for funding is What triggered the entire thing the Entire reveal of the insolvency of FTX It triggered the Whistleblower uh to Send the documents to the place they Sent it to uh towards the places The Whistleblower sent it to Um uh including CZ including coindesk All this was triggered By Sam and Mark wetjin of FDX reading Our bill they're terrified of it they've Been working for six months with the F With the SEC in order to control crypto And guess what they get our bill and They see our supporters we know because They try to steal one and they go Oh crap like we need to get moving on This or We are screwed all this work we've been Putting in with Gary with dirty Gary Ginsler and the SEC is going to be for Naught So uh there are four is working with us Higher than Gary ginsler I'll tell you That uh we we have had some level of Contact with the highest offices in the

Land if that makes sense to you people Are going to find out we've not been Playing games well while people have Been out there memeing and uh you know Uh intentionally attacking me and have You know long-haired uh you know hippies Uh pretending to be liberals that Actually know or super super Conservative actually uh uh you know you Have these YouTubers are these big Followers making all these videos you Know try to try to be these like you Know liberal batsies and stuff uh but in Reality I know that this person gives a Ton of money to conservative uh you know Conservative policies which is fine I'm Conservative but you know you got a lot Of these people out there faking and Pretending right now trying to make me Look bad and uh why is this it's because We are attacking and we are going at Some of the highest people in the Country who want to control some of the Most corrupt people in the country that Want to control your money they want to Control your tax dollars they want to Control your crypto Investments they Want to control your Retirements portfolios That's what they want they don't want You to have a dream to change your life It's not what they want Me what we're working for is common Sense regulation

Loud crypto divided seat at the table so We can move to a new digital economy It's fair for everybody that's what We're doing So I just want to look deep into the To the soulless eyes of Gary ginsler and Thailand come at me I'm not scared of You we're taking your power I hope You're ready for that so I would say the Same thing I told Sam Get ready Bud get ready Though that's it guys hopefully Hopefully uh you know probably by Monday Or Tuesday we'll make public uh what This is over it's ridiculous if you it's Just another example of wasted taxpayer Dollars Wasted money from the SEC trying to Collect a check and that's all it has to Do with so we're I'll tell you this I'm Concerned Zero percent and when people who watch This channel for years find out the Thing that they that they're they're Accusing me of You're gonna laugh so Hard okay we are going to make so much Fun of them it's gonna be absolutely Ridiculous so there you go can't wait to Find it oh and all people enjoy oh a bit Like Oh man this gotta be rich all right That's all I got be blessed uh whale

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