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Dogecoin and Bitcoin are two of the most popular and valuable digital currencies on the market today. And things are only going to get better for them in the future!

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Watch this video to get the latest and breaking Dogecoin news !! Do not miss every second of Dogecoin breaking news… This is a must see must watch breaking news video about Dogecoin. we support the Dogecoin army!!

We love dogecoin, dogecoin to the moon soon. Elon Musk is a dogecoin lover, he watches bitcoin news. Do you like dogecoin live? Elon likes dogecoin news today. What will be dogecoin prediction 2022? Is ,elon musk the dogefather of dogecoin? how to buy dogecoin, where to buy dogecoin? What is dogecoin? Dogecoin update today! What ,dogecoin price prediction 2022. Is dogecoin a stock? Will dogecoin ever reach $1? dogecoin explained and dogecoin analysis. Bitcoin price prediction today including ethereum and cryptocurrency news today as well.. What is dogecoin mining? bitcoin,bitcoin news,bitcoin today, How to buy bitcoin. how bitcoin purchase & invest in bitcoin. What is crypto, and cryptocurrency?

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Here you will find what’s new and great ideas, opinions & TA on all things Crypto. We will tell the latest and hottest news stories that will impact cryptocurrency investing and impact you. We present the information in a no nonsense way so that Cryptocurrency beginners can understand and take those steps!


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⚠️Note of caution: all of our videos are personal opinions. Do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial advice. There are many strategies and there is not one strategy fits all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

Whoo heroin this is Daryl and Batman Coming to your live life from Vietnam Guys it's a great time to be alive and Guys and guys we're going to be talking About 422 million what's the freak is All that about guys we're going to be Talking about that and much much more Out there guys so if you're getting Ready to go down the crypto rabbit hole With the request the Vanilla Ice Ice Baby of crypto in the house guys get Ready get ready to buckle the freak Because we're going down the crypto Rabbit Hole together together guys it's Gonna be a great time to be alive and Don't forget to smash the likes like the Likes and show some love with OG I don't Know what happened but my back hurts Like a mother beep beep out there I mean It hurts guys I am in the uh I'm in a Huge amount of pain I don't know what Happened I don't know what I did but it Wow like my back and my leg it hurts Guys I don't know what I did I think a Pencil nerve it's insane guys I've never Been in so much freaking pain in my Whole life I don't know what I did I Feel like I got kicking them back by a Horse guys so let's jump into content Let's jump into freaking content it has Been bad the OG has been reading in pain For about like three months now with my Stomach problem got surgery coming I think I'm gonna have to buy a coffin

And start to buying a burial plot out There so guys much love love to the Community love to the Dogecoin Army out There it's a great time to be live so I Digress I digress I'm wearing the Sunglasses out there because we can see The Tahiti heat map his name looking too Good right now some people are saying That this is going to be you know I I Was reading a post from Alex Becker out There and Alex Becker uh he was saying Like this is one huge huge freaking bear Trap and uh that uh you know a lot of People are going to get hurt it's going To go down and it's going to go nuts and And it's just everyone's Gonna Get Wrecked I don't see that and from my perspective If Bitcoin goes down this technical Support of 13 500 I don't care because I'm just gonna be buying another one Another Bitcoin another Bitcoin dollar Cost averaging so you know I started my Dollar cost average again every Thursday Guys you guys know that uh and that's The only way to do it guys I don't Forget we've got the the next having is Going to be happening March 28 2024. so things will pick up guys maybe I have to sit on sit on sit on my Bitcoin uh Bitcoin uh baskets of Bitcoin And my Doge and all that kind of stuff And some people have been asking You know some people have been asking uh

Oh gee when we're gonna see the the one Dollar coming in for the Doge uh what's Going on with that well guys I I 25. it's inevitable uh we're gonna see a Huge pump pump you like you like you Like the Batman guy standing guy Batman Got the Bruno Mars Batman so yeah it Looks like me so people have been asking You know Windows gonna go to a bucket I Think 2025 we could go or I mean it Depends on a lot of a lot of stuff That's happening I mean we we've got the You know Elon Musk he's on a corner that Those cars in our those those father He's freaking in our Corner guys he Actually is uh you know and still Tesla's accepting those from merch guys You guys didn't you guys forgot that the Boring company accepting Doge for uh for Tickets right for the for the Vegas Loop Right so that's good so you know those The little muskies don't give up he Hasn't given up on us he has not Freaking given up on us so you shouldn't Be giving up on anybody out there guys So guys Grow a pair and and cheer up guys don't Come and get there if the apps are going To get there so you waited 2024 March 28th so what so what so what so what if You can't wait and it's too hot in the Kitchen get out of the kitchen guys Remember real man we got the fortitude We got the Moxie we got the stones we

Can wait you can wait guys wait for life Changing well so we are seeing that Bitcoin is slightly down I always say That's neutral a theorem has been almost Down 1.18 all day it's all freaking day Don't forget the you know most of Asia's On holiday move because today is the First of uh Lunar New Year out there it Is the year of the rabbit guy so get Ready go to other Rabbit Hole win the OG In the in the year the ramen guys so It's gonna get interesting it's gonna Get wacky it's gonna get wild guys let Me get Mindy refresh this so we are Seeing that the uh the market cap It's a 1.05 trillion was at 1.04 Trillion my previous video so things are Still going up looks like it looks like It looks like from where I see it that Uh Bitcoin is making a move the upside Remember that you brought up the markets Are closed because it's Sunday right all Right good morning good morning good Morning happy Sunday guys make sure You're getting yourself to church and uh We're seeing that theorem is down one Percent The OG pump effect OG pump effect oh I Jinxed it and we're still seeing it you Know most of the cryptocurrencies are up Over the week guys so that's not too bad It's a Bitcoin Beast coin is uh where's Finance Finance Beast coin is up Slightly it's been beaten up a lot you

Know we had that big scare last Wednesday when the doj announced that They were going to crack down on uh some Crypto a lot of people are like thinking It's going to be binance binance is good But it wasn't that's a you know bits a Lot though something you know obscure I Don't know who but you know they didn't Do anything with voyager they didn't do Anything else it's like what's up with That what's up with that anyways this is What it is doge is down half a percent Right now and it's only up two percent On the week so And uh cardano is kicking our butts Right now cardano is actually going ape Ape Apes ape it's it it's going it's Going berserk guys it's actually going Berserk my back hurts I said my back Hurts it's distracting me it's Distracting me I apologize and guys Don't forget uh be you know um from the Second from the second to the fourth I'm Gonna be in Mumbai okay so if any money Of you guys are in India in Mumbai is in India in case you don't know I'm gonna Be there And uh I'd love to get have an off site With people so guys and gals uh if You're interested let me know DM we'll Get together JW Marriott down there and Uh we'll we'll have a coffee and some Snacky wackies and talk crypto guys so If you're interested in joining the OG

Uh probably I think we'll make it like Uh like on the third right third maybe Around about uh around noon time around About 2 p.m 2 p.m you know I'll be in The lobby 2 p.m on the third Get on over there guys get the freak Over there let's have an outside let's Get a coffee talk about crypto so that's That's a that's a big announcement and If anyone wants from the US wants to fly To Mumbai you're welcome you're welcome Too you're trying to welcome guys uh Let's see what's going on uh dxy's Continues to go down like I said it's Going to get to 99 Cents fantastic we're Seeing that uh looks like Bitcoin is Starting trying to break out past the 23 000 level it did get up there it got Rejected but it's I think we're gonna Make another run run for the money out There weekly we're looking fantastic uh We've only got a couple hours left on This wiki wiki week week about nine Hours uh left on this weekly for me out Here in Asia uh Ethereum ethereum it keeps getting Rejected to the 1667. uh if we don't get Past that It's not going to be good and it's going To push ethereum down It is what it is but you know one is Really leading the pack right now is Bitcoin Pickling pumps everything bumps guys I'm

Not going to talk about the leverage Tire leverage but guys did you know that The percentage of Bitcoin addresses and Profit just reach an eight-month high of 67.287 so 67.28 of all the Bitcoin Holders are finally back in profit so That's bullish that's bullish I keep Talking about the Habit guys we're going To be talking about this every freaking Day guys uh basically 431 days okay Lovely Joey that is when you want to set Your clocks because that is when crypto Is going to go to the Moon again guys That is going to be a big freaking show For crypto Ice Ice Baby the oldies eyes Baby guys the the the geriatric Ice Ice Baby guys we're seeing a bit car in a 14-dayer parabolic sar indicators giving Out the early signal BTC bottoming so Yeah I mean like I said 13 13 500 are Tactical that is definitely the bottom I Think the bottom is in it's in like Flynn I do not believe I do not think That Bitcoin will go any lower than 13 500. I mean I hope I'm not wrong and if I am I'm sorry I mean you know remember Uh technical analysis is basically uh It's a guessing game you know with the Crypto crypto markets being volatile Anything happened guys we have a huge Crypto contagion we can have dcg Collapse and go under and that would Just wreak havoc I mean that would make Uh FDX look like kindergarten right so

If dcg does collapse it collapse down That is gonna just that's just gonna be A huge I mean we could be seeing that The crypto everything goes to zero out There implosion time now this is from Mustache uh crypto Professor out there I Love this guy now he's been talking About wake up I've been talking about Wyckoff for a couple years as well and I Don't even know how often I've shared This chart me too I've shared it I had Listened to so many people insulting and Me too A lot of people saying the White Cough is well it's baloney it's Malarkey But guys we are following the white cup Patent exactly as freaking predicted and You know as you can see here let me just Get into that let me just zoom in I don't know if you guys are taking my Face out of there get my face my Poonam Out of there so you can see we're right Here we're actually at the SMS SMN Accumulation long position and we're Right there and you know we should have The markup and profit release guys so We're gonna go up I definitely Believe In My Bones we're gonna go sure we meet We may retest some some some lower lows It's okay guys we're gonna bounce up Techno supporters at 13.5 guys do not Forget that and guys did you know that You can now buy Bitcoin wallets at your Local Best Buy store you know Bitcoin is Now mainstream tell me about it I mean

Before you know Bitcoin wallets and Stuff that was like for like super Hackers and weird nerds that live in the Mother's basement you know but it's Becoming mainstream guys and if you guys Have a nano Ledger wallet out there You're gonna sleep better you're Actually going to sleep better and you Can go down to my video description and Check it out guys actually check it out Batman we want you to check it out Everybody wants to check it out so check It check check what else is coming in We're seeing are you you guys seeing What I see are you seeing what I Freaking see Bitcoin bottom is in guys It's In Like Flint and what we need to Do is we need to be above the 22 900 as I said in my previous video if we could Do that then we're going to moonshot Baby moonshot and doge is preparing to Go to the Moon doge is strapped in so Freaking strap on the jet boosters strap On because Dogecoin is going to go to The Moon I believe it it's just a matter Of time sure I've been saying Joe's Going to the Moon For like two years but we're gonna get There I mean you got to be patient okay A lot of people like all right there are OG and protective whatever all I gotta Say is Dogecoin one one five five and The trolls all I gotta say is you know Read between the lines that's all I

Gotta say out there but you know three Through three Product Community 555 for the community 333 is actually for the OG so love it Love it look at the lights lick the Likes they taste good trust me try it Lick the likes go down there and lick The freaking likes do right now yeah I Appreciate it and guys Dogecoin Elon Musk aka the Doge father do not give up Hope Elon Musk is the Doge's best friend And when you've got a friend like that Doge only can do one thing and that is Make everybody successful George is Going to go up like crazy guys good Freaking morning guys get your cup of Jill get your dose Jill get it down here Go out there be positive even though Things are looking like poo push matter Even though inflation is going up even Though your paychecks are shrinking and Maybe you got laid off whatever maybe That happened guys every every door that Closes a new one's going to open and Trust me it is all about you nobody out There is a loser you're all winners and Remember if you're stressed out remember You're the one that creates the stress So guys learn to reduce the stress keep Positive and guys never freaking fail Never give up and remember Do what you like to do if you hate your Job and you can't stand it then quit Right freaking out and go and you know

Go do something you want to do go climb A mountain go you know be a Hermit do Whatever you want to do but remember you Got one life no one's giving you more so Be happy make the most of it guys and be Peaceful be blessful and guys be Freaking positive out there guys it's a Great time to be alive and guys don't Screen price predictions so from my Perspective by looking at those right Now those is looking pretty good I Believe that right now is a good buy Opportunity for Dosh if we go down to Zero six five again which I don't think So I think seven is going to be the Lowest ever can go and even if those Coin goes does go down that low I'm Going to be freaking buying more up guys I've got like 50k on the freaking Sidelines that I'm gonna use to Whip up a bunch of dealers guys so doge Is looking good right now guys Dosh is Still looking good we've had a three Points at five five percent candle to The upside so that is pretty good and if We can typically tap the zero nine and Get past the zero nine and like a madman That is going to be huge guys this White Line in the Sand let me make the work Done in the sun because I know that no Can put this white line on the sand We're going to blow past it we're gonna Get it we're gonna absolutely get it out There you're gonna be freaking awesomely

Surprised that women get past it because If we can do that like I said 11 cents Will come it is will come it's a Certainty with absolute doubt with Absolute conviction 11 cents is going to Come Do you believe Do you believe tell me you believe Tell me you believe you've got to Believe it because I believe it in my Heart of hearts in my bones in the Deep Recesses of every part of my soul and Being I believe it guys so we have to Believe it so right now we're seeing the Doses at zero eight seven one five not Too bad we're seeing almost half a Billion about 449 a million dollars Worth of volume out there I'm loving it I'm loving it and I'm always positive Even though it goes going to I'm Positive guys I've been writing this Riding this wave for like two years now I'm still unfettered on I Still Loving It guys uh those are 11.5 guys Doge and Remember for two freaking years dose has Been in the top ten guys top ten can you The top freaking 10 guys it has been in The top ten so you guys have to love it You guys need to love it and guys 422 million what is the OG talking about Guys ethereum whales have accumulated in This week 422 million dollars of Shiba Inu in the Last week and why are they doing that

Because they are getting excited The Shibi Weepies are getting excited Because we got this Shapiro and that's Happening and this is a huge Layer Two Solution and it's going to have daps and Apps built on top and they're gonna You're gonna be able to use your own Native bone token so get boned by the Bone token and we won't be up we won't Be using ethereum gas to to swap Exchange on uh on the shabir so that is Going to be good guys actually going to Be good and I believe that also we're Going to see the shibi wee we take off Like never before and we're seeing that Shiba weeby right now is at zero is it Four zeros and twelve it's looking good It was way down it's starting to Flip Flip positive so remember we got this Next resistance level if we can smash if We can smash past that then we Definitely have 16 cents in a horizon Guys definitely so keep an eye on that And remember buy the news I mean buy the Rumors sell the news so do not be do not Be dismayed if when shabbirum goes live That we do have a bit of a tank that is Normal so remember I'm buying up the ship and then you're Probably around the 12th or 13. I'm Going to sell my my not short position My short-term Holdings of ship that I Bought in anticipation of experim Because what's going to happen is

They are going to go down remember it's Always like that it's by the by the Rumors sell the new Soul what that means Is when people talk about shabbir ml2 a Lot of high people into it and then when It actually happens people people sell It just and it pushes the price down so That's why I'm going to be selling on The 13th of February and then I'm gonna Wait for the price to go way down so I'm Gonna buy back and I'm gonna have more Ship that's what I'm gonna do that's What I'm gonna do it's not Financial Advice of course you you do freaking you Out there and guys don't forget to be Part of the conversation I appreciate it Get and be part of the conversation out There uh we're always supposed to last Off we got 17 members online right now So that's pretty good and it's totally Free free free go down the video Description you're gonna love it and Guys that's going to bring this quickie Quickie video to a close now we got Those scoring on a motorbike guys who Wouldn't want freaking doors on a Motorbike we got those going to the Moon I posted eight hours ago we got we got The Dogecoin in we got the shiba in know In Old Japan beautiful beautiful those Have been with us a long time guys so go Follow me on my Twitter we got lots of Cool stuff we got this uh we got this Whole um

This thing we're asking next price Target for Dogecoin uh 11 cents or seven Cents so far 97.4 percent of you have Said 11 cents so the community believes it And what the community thinks is not Often what happens guys those guys Wearing up the moon a whole bunch of Stuff out there and guys don't forget to Go back and watch my charity video in in Thailand it's good guys we're like to Get back so right now we got not 5961 Falls let's get this up to six thousand Calls it would be fantastic guys I Definitely need your help I definitely Definitely and if you're watching licky Licky subscriby comedy comedy and share The video right now guys and gals I'm Not gonna bore you with where all the Connections that go below the Description here you can buy the you Find the not a ledger link you can find The Discord link buy the channel on Coffee the merch link is there uh you Guys know about the merch right merch we Got it we got merch so guys this is a Friendly friendly video from me and the Co-host the OG Batman in the house much Love much blessings out there my back Freaking hurts guys I don't know what to Do with it maybe I need to go up to the Doctor again they love me they're just Like yeah it's it's zero the ATM again Guys I spend so much money in the

Freaking hospital right now they love me I'm like a like a gold star VIP member With that it's like ching ching when I'm Coming over there so guys I'm and Tomorrow I'm working again wow wow Hotels like 90 it's gonna be crazy it's Gonna be bedroom over there so guys I Gotta tell you I love you guys be Peaceful have a freaking good day out There hug your wife hug your kids Remember it's National International Hugging day so hug it hug hug hug it out Kiss it out love it out I'll see you in A freaking next one be well be blessed Pizza Thank you Thank you Foreign

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