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Submitting you the cryptocurrency the One cent question is one that comes up a Lot so could ship get to one cent and What would be the main factors in Getting Shiba in you the cryptocurrency Up to one cent that's exactly what we're Going to be talking about in this video Plus a lot more so if that sounds good To you guys hit the Thumbs Up Button Let's get straight into this video so You guys know right now ship is trading At around four zeros and a one so for us To get to one cent we need to kill off About three zeros and there's gonna be Some main factors that would help to Drive this up over time so let's get Into these main factors what could take Ship to one cent what is important Factor number one coming out of this Article is mass adoption so it says here High demand is the primary driver of an Assets value including cryptocurrencies Like Shiba Inu however the adoption rate Is a key factor in creating demand Mass Adoption could introduce more demand Into ship supporting its performance and That is very true so the more real Demand for an asset the higher the price Generally it will go and ship it in you You know the thing I've seen about this Crypto is that people describe it as a Bit of a Gateway cryptocurrency so it's One of the first cryptos they may Potentially buy there is a lot of Demand

On big crypto exchanges out there but uh If you want to take it to that next Level so if ship is to climb towards one Cent over the long term you know there Could be attached some more utility to The project that will help to increase The demand but I actually think we are Getting that because there are a lot of Things happening with Shiba Inu there's Going to be shibarium there is a big Ecosystem getting built out in this Crypto and naturally that's going to Increase the adoption the demand over The long term so that is a very very Important factor in shiv and you're Getting towards the one cent level there Is another Factor as well that is Staking and liquidity so staking Liquidity can also contribute to the Value of an asset staking is the process Where users dedicate their Holdings to Help secure the network and receive Rewards also importantly with that Another thing that staking really helps To do with any type of crypto project Including Shiba Inu the crypto is it Actually reduces the circulating Supply So really at the end of the day if You're looking at crypto prices you know Demanded Supply actually is what Determines a crypto price so you know Staking if everyone if there was a lot Of staking of this crypto you're going To see you know the circulating Supply

This number here rapidly rapidly Decrease and when you have high demand Low circulating Supply this is another Factor that will push up the price of Ship over the long term so the more Staking we have that is going to be Bullish for this cryptocurrency and then Of course you know one of the biggest Factors for Shiba Inu you know on its Journey towards one cent it's going to Be burning up the cryptocurrency okay so Burning up this crypto is a permanent Destruction of the supply of this crypto So you guys can see right here the Circulating Supply so you can you can Reduce that through staking that we Talked about but you know staking Doesn't permanently reduce the supply of A crypto bill learning does okay so the More Burns we get for Shiba in you the Cryptocurrency the more bullish that's Going to be for this ecosystem the more Bush it's going to be for the price and It's literally just a mathematical Formula so if you burn down the Circulating supply of ship enough in the Market you know it's just mathematics That the price actually bounces up over The long term so these are the three Factors they are talking about right Here and I think the fourth Factor you Have to also factor in is that you know This stuff doesn't happen overnight so I Think patience is a big rewarder in

Crypto so the more patient you are the Longer time passes you know the more This stuff these factors can actually be Utilized for ship and this can really Help to push up Shiba in you the long Term so you know these gains if you're Going to get crazy crazy gains in the Price of ship it's going to happen over A long period of time and you have to Also remember you know stuff like this Is what happened with Bitcoin the Cryptocurrency too so if you go to Bitcoin and you actually have a maximum Look at the price chart and those people Who are pay patient with Bitcoin have a Look at this level right here if you're Patients from 2013 you know to 2017 so what is that around four years Right there you can get absolutely crazy Rewards for Bitcoin so those people held Onto Bitcoin when it was at these levels You know 100 bucks 200 bucks a thousand Bucks and then you know if they took Profits even at like twenty thousand Dollars fifteen thousand dollars that is Life-changing money and uh you know That's the thing about crypto so a lot Of the time you're looking for projects That you bullish on you're looking for The fundamentals you are looking for That long-term Horizon and I think shiv In you in my opinion I classify this one As a long-term hold and there are other Good factors going for ship that we

Haven't delved into deeply into this Video but I'd say the community for shib Is pretty good so there's a lot of Support over for ship on Twitter I see It all the time it's a strong Decentralized community and you're going To see the same thing for cryptos like Bitcoin over the long term as well so Guys that is a big update if you guys Think shipping can get to one cent Comment down below if you think it's Possible comment down below over what Time Horizon and it could get there as Well but guys appreciate you tuning in Have a good day I'll see you guys in the Next one crypto Zeus signing out

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