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Dogecoin and Bitcoin are two of the most popular and valuable digital currencies on the market today. And things are only going to get better for them in the future!

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Watch this video to get the latest and breaking Dogecoin news !! Do not miss every second of Dogecoin breaking news… This is a must see must watch breaking news video about Dogecoin. we support the Dogecoin army!!

We love dogecoin, dogecoin to the moon soon. Elon Musk is a dogecoin lover, he watches bitcoin news. Do you like dogecoin live? Elon likes dogecoin news today. What will be dogecoin prediction 2022? Is ,elon musk the dogefather of dogecoin? how to buy dogecoin, where to buy dogecoin? What is dogecoin? Dogecoin update today! What ,dogecoin price prediction 2022. Is dogecoin a stock? Will dogecoin ever reach $1? dogecoin explained and dogecoin analysis. Bitcoin price prediction today including ethereum and cryptocurrency news today as well.. What is dogecoin mining? bitcoin,bitcoin news,bitcoin today, How to buy bitcoin. how bitcoin purchase & invest in bitcoin. What is crypto, and cryptocurrency?

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Here you will find what’s new and great ideas, opinions & TA on all things Crypto. We will tell the latest and hottest news stories that will impact cryptocurrency investing and impact you. We present the information in a no nonsense way so that Cryptocurrency beginners can understand and take those steps!


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⚠️Note of caution: all of our videos are personal opinions. Do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial advice. There are many strategies and there is not one strategy fits all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

Ah Hey everyone this is Daryl from daily Crypto Tracey who's coming to you live Live live live from Vietnam guys Seriously what is going on guys what is Happening we're going to be talking About that and what much much more out There what's going on with Shiba Inu What's going on with the dude guys so Let's get into it right now so as we can See the pre-markets are green green Green so that is looking pretty good Overall and it is Thursday here so that Is kind of interesting guys but if we Take a look at the heat map right now We're seeing that the heat map right now It's weird Bitcoin is freaking usual out There we're seeing that a theorem is Slightly a B and B but we are starting To see a lot some of the old coins start To flip uh red out there so what is Going on with dxy right now we're seeing In dxy is going sideways but oh back up Up to 104.03 so that is not good for the Broader markets that's not good for you And me out there and right now we're Seeing that Bitcoin right now is at 16 833 dollars and we're seeing a little Bit of a red coming in we're seeing a Little red green and it's kind of Neutral out there so that is what's Going on with that if we take a look at The total marketing cap cap right now

The total marketing cap we are seeing That the cryptos are also neutral out There we're seeing Bitcoin is neutral We're seeing ethereum right now is up Slightly we're seeing BNB is up guys and Gals but our dose your doge is still up 1.92 so that is very very good guys so Seriously seriously what is going on Right now are we going to be uh seeing a Big Splashdown are we going to be seeing A big move to the downside guys so we're Going to be talking about that and much Much more we're going to give you my Predictions out there so what is going On right now we can see that SEC has Charges eight eight eight for 45 million Coin deal I had to block a chain fund Scheme so it looks like the the crypto The crypto SEC is uh going after people Like like crazy guys so expect Gary Getzer to turn up the freaking heat guys So get ready for that one it could be Nasty it could be gnarly out there Bitcoin havings are bull market things Will this time be different so a lot of People are thinking that you know the Bull market is going to come and things Are going to be much much different and I believe that we could be seeing in 2025 100 200 000 Bitcoin coming against That is amazing absolutely amazing looks Like analytic firm says these key Catalysts will kick off the next crypto Bull Run guys so seriously guys we're

Seeing that all this is happening we're Seeing that crypto analysts from Sentiment is breaking down what callus Will launch the next digital asset bull Market guys so sentiment notes in a new Analysis that when markets take off Social media discussions about crypto Assets tend to be more focused on Bitcoin so right now we're not seeing a Lot of focus on bitcoin we're seeing a Lot of focus on everything else guys and Gals so the analyst firm says one six to One eighth of crypto assets discussions Have been centered on Bitcoin in the Second half of 2022 the number is Typically 1.5 uh so an ideal market Conditions so right now we need to see More people talking about Bitcoin Because when people talk about Bitcoin Bitcoin price goes up when bitcoin price Goes up everything goes up guys so that Is what's going on guys and gals so it's Pretty interesting we need to see more People talking about Bitcoin and that Will typically kick off a huge bull Market guys so As you guys know Sam Bachman did plead Guilty out not guilty out there to all The charges so what is going on is he's Is he is he deluded out there no he's Pleading not guilty so he can't make a Better plea deal out there guys so Seriously that is what's going on what Else is coming in right now looks like

Coindeel scammers nailed by SEC in a 45 Million dollar phone case so it looks Like the SEC has nailed these cameras Guys and we're seeing that more and more Crypto scammers are going to get nailed And not only that it looks like we could Be even going after some crypto project Setup not too bad looks like ascending Support and oversold at RSI downside is Limited and this is pretty good guys so We're seeing the RSI downside is limited And we could be starting to see a Reversal coming in for Bitcoin so that Is pretty cool beans out there looks Like uh you know Captain Obvious out There so we've seen that every time we Have you know Bitcoin moving 132 bars 124 bars 141 bars 420 20 the 421 days And every time we have this cycle Finished and you can see this downside Cycle here this downside cycle here we Often have an explosion to the top side So we did see that in you know 2019 to 2021 we did see a 20x increase in Previous cycle so 572x 622x 132x and I Believe that next next cycle and we're Getting pretty close to that we could be Seeing at least 100 x coming it's pretty Obvious guys what are you guys saying Bitcoin time is almost up many are Waiting for one last blow I rather think That we might see BTC hit its first Target in 2023. so it's first Target Guys let's take a look at the first

Target let's jump into it right now what Is going on so it looks like we could be Seeing this first Target right now which Is going to be seeing this Fibonacci Level right here and our first Target Which I think is going to be hit in 2023 Could be could absolutely be around About 41 000 followed by around about a 40 59 a thousand dollar Target so that's Looking pretty good guys so seriously Breaking Sam bankman Freed's parents Have been looks like they've been uh Some threats have been made his lawyers Are saying so a lot of people are not uh Angry and anxious about that we're Seeing that Bitcoin is going to form a Converging triangle until the next Having in April 2024 this triangle is Also the first part of the next Bull Run So it looks like we have 70 73 weeks Before the next having guys so guys keep On giving on we could be 73 weeks away From the bull cycle so what you should Be doing now Is accumulating accumulating you know we We did see that we had you know 73 bars Or 300 511 days in the down cycle 511 Days in this down cycle so history is Repeating guys so it looks like we could Have 73 weeks before the next Bull Run Guys what do you guys think 73 weeks Justin Tesla files paperwork to make Electronic motors for airplanes boats And more wow electronic motor on a plane

Interesting absolutely interesting guys Uh we've seen the Bitcoin on the week Right now three days 13 hours left and Bitcoin is going sideways right now Ethereum right now uh it's forming a Nice bull flag patent out there I don't Know if you can see this but it looks Like that there's a bit of a bull flag Forming here for a theorem and if this Breaks out to the upside you can see it Right here bull flag patent right here Here's the stick here's a flag and if This breaks out this could take us Pretty close to around about 1400 or 1400 bucks out there so that is pretty Good for that guys that is pretty good Fear and greed X for doge is 33 out There and guys guys don't forget we Still got the Doge Doge X Doge One Mission mission pay for indulge first Crypto in space first meme in space guys So I'm pretty bullish about Dogecoin and Right now for the price of those Companies saying that Dogecoin is at Zero seven three three kind of just Doing this thing out there nothing too Much to write home about and if you take A look at who's in the money who's out Of the money right now so do is calling Right now seriously the SEC is going After a lot of projects right now 54 are In the money 44 are out guys so I'm not Too shabby if you take a look at the Dogecoin tokenomics right now what is

Going on with that douche to the Freaking mood and smash Joe's going one One we're seeing that Dogecoin is up 1.97 right now and we are seeing that The volumes are up 15 above 411 million So not too bad it looks like we're Getting closer and closer breaking past 10 billion dollars out there so guys Much while Dogecoin is at 29 so not too Shabby out there I'm feeling in love You're feeling love what is going on What is going on uh with Dogecoin bone Will be siberian's only token and we're Getting pretty much closer and closer to A shiberian launching guy so this could Be launching I think in about q1 q1 we Should be seeing end of q1 we should be Seeing the shoe barium launch and that's Going to be pretty good for uh Shiba Inu Guys so let's take a look what's going On should be even right now so Shiba Webe right now it did it did go as high Today as uh eight almost almost nine Zero zero nine out there so not too bad Looks like Shiba Inu is making some Movies so guys smash the likes show some Love for the OG out there guys And remember what you should be doing Right now is Don't Panic don't forget we've got CPI Data coming out on the 15th guys so get Ready for that the FED did say that They're not going to be raising interest Rates out there so that is that they

Will be continuing to raise interest Rates so that that's not good but they Are starting to admit that we're seeing More and more uh inflation coming and Recession could be coming so guys what Am I doing right now I'm waiting till January 26th I think there's going to be A huge Catalyst January 26 out there for Dogecoin uh I got off the phone with Elon he said something Big's happening Guys so get ready for that buckle up I Think something hugee wuji is going to Be coming for uh Dogecoin and you know Guys I'm not doing any DCA I'm just Huddling I'm keeping my dry powder on The size remember it never invest more Than to lose diversification is Absolutely key key out there guys it is Absolutely a great time to be live so Guys don't forget to go follow me on Twitter Twitter we got uh almost getting Pretty close to uh six thousand calls so Go follow share this video guys share Absolutely share guys it's a great time To be live and don't forget guys be part Of the freaking conversation uh you know Know if you're missing if you're Absolutely missing all the notifications From YouTube guys do please do me a Favor and go down to the video Description and you're going to find all The links there guys so we got the we Got the we got the connection to Discord We got the uh Nano Ledger promo we got

Also stuck guys so guys and gals share This video I would appreciate don't Forget to get the merch guys show some Lovely love you I appreciate it and guys And gals I'll see you in the next one be Blessed be well peace out Good Foreign Foreign Thank you

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

There are many different news sites covering cryptocurrencies. You may not be familiar with all of them, but there are a few to keep in mind. These news sites will help you stay in the know and will give you an in-depth overview of the world of crypto.

One of the first news sites to cover crypto was CryptoPanic. This site provides information on everything from ICOs to financial analysis. The site also includes a portfolio tracking feature. It’s a great source for both beginners and experts. It’s easy to follow rumors and price action.

Another site to check out is The CryptoVerse. Its vlog covers everything from events and breaking stories in the cryptospace to interviews with leading figures in the industry. The team also hosts a podcast to accompany their blog. They have a large subscriber base and have a good grasp on the cryptospace.

The Bitcoin News began coverage in 2012, but expanded its coverage to include a wider range of cryptocurrencies in 2013. While this isn’t the biggest news outlet, it’s a solid addition to any cryptocurrency news reader.

Besides being a source of information, CoinDesk also hosts the Consensus summit in New York City each year. This conference brings together thousands of attendees to discuss a wide variety of topics in the cryptosphere. In 2013, they released the most comprehensive indexed Bitcoin Price Index. Since then, they’ve expanded to cover every aspect of the cryptospace.

Ethereum World News is an independent, non-commercial source of cryptocurrency news. The site covers a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Nano, Litecoin and Ripple, as well as various global blockchain conferences. Each issue of the newsletter includes a breakdown of the latest news and developments.

Crowdsense is another great source for crypto news. They monitor a variety of social media networks for news events and then provide alerts for them. Their reports are timely, and they’re often early enough for you to take action.

Another great site to check out is The Coin Report. This is a curated news site that believes in the power of cryptocurrencies and the impact they can have on the world. The team is dedicated to providing unbiased, comprehensive news about cryptocurrencies and their potential uses. If you’re new to the space, they have a tutorial to walk you through how to use the platform.

One of the largest technology blogs online today, Hackernoon, is a great resource for news and opinion on technology. They also publish in-depth op-ed pieces about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Another major outlet is Cointelegraph, which began covering cryptocurrencies in 2013. The site focuses on expert opinions and provides education about the technology. Though the site is a bit old, they still offer new articles each day. Those interested in learning more about the cryptospace should subscribe to their email list.

Although these sites are not all-inclusive, they are all worth checking out for their information and analysis. Some are best for beginners and others are more suitable for experienced users.

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