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0:00 Intro
0:26 – Holiday Sale
01:39 – 3 Month Chart
01:57 – Market Cycle Top
02:15 – Double Top
02:48 – Selling Pressure
03:00 – 20K Market Cycle Top
03:05 – Long Wick
03:43 – First Top
05:02 – Double Bottomed
05:05 – Total Market Cap Chart
11:27 – Downhill Momentum
11:48 – Bottom is In
13:27 – 3 Month Candles

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This bear Market may have made you want To give up it's been tough It's been Overwhelming stressful there's a lot of Anxiety you're always checking the Prices I want to show you a chart that's Going to help you remain level-headed It's going to help you remain calm and It's going to give you a lot of peace of Mind and a lot of clarity and I also Have a powerful message to share with You my name is Steve hit that subscribe Button there are only three days left The largest sale of the year the clock Is ticking go to with that all In one bundle you can start dominating Your trades start recovering those Losses And start having a lot less stress I Have been where you are and I know how To take you where I am A one-time payment gets immediate access And lifetime access take my program at Your own speed reach out to me 24 7 with Any questions you have If price is a problem at checkout you Have payment plan options If you like my videos you're going to Absolutely love my program because You're going to get my personal strategy That's going to help you multiply your Portfolio How would it feel to multiply your Portfolio

The clock is ticking only three days Left now we're Getting gonna get into this Simple and Clean chart but I want to start with Something first well we'll get to that In a moment but here's what I'll say This is the three month chart meaning Each candle represents three months and There's something really fascinating Happening between these two yellow lines If you can see here but before that even Happened you can see that we battled With this yellow line back here with our Market cycle top with this candle with The top of this Wick and then the top of The next Wick was here and fast forward For a few years we finally broke through Here right coming up to this Market Cycle top this was our Market cycle top This was our double top so at our Market Cycle top we had some resistance coming In there was some selling pressure Coming in there was a lot of profit Taking up here at the top case in point The wick but then we had this little Correction and everybody got relatively Scared and then we got to our double top The double top is really where things Started to spiral out of control there Was major major dominoes that fell look At this Wick this is absurd this is how Much selling pressure was coming into The market literally the most selling

Pressure that we've had in many many Years okay many many years was Substantially more than the 20K Market Sticker Top This is extraordinary and This was our double top so this long Wick represents Enormous dominoes that fell and it's Kind of like a snowball that started way At the top of the mountain and as it Rolled down it got bigger and bigger and Bigger and that's what we had here and We're in that Snowball right now and we Don't know if we're at the bottom of the Mountain and we're gonna we're gonna Start slowing down or is there about to Be another Hill and another Mountain That we're about to go down that part We're going to discuss right now but you Can see as we fell we fell right to our First Top with this Wick the top of this Wick And the top of this Wick form this nice Little Channel and we fell all the way Down the mountain as our snowball was Getting bigger and bigger and bigger we Started to slow down right at the top of This Wick and it held our body right Here the snowball was just a little bit Too big so we broke through that first Level and we we felt a little bit Further but we had lost a lot of Momentum so that huge snowball that was Falling down the hill this level started To slow that snowball pretty heavily but

It just couldn't hold it broke and Luckily we have this top of this Wick And that's where we are now So basically Bitcoin rolled down the Mountain and we're at that first level Of support that is not very strong but It could hold us right it's holding us Now it's a big snowball because it came All the way down the mountain and we had All of this pressure behind it and we're On this kind of thin ice now we're right Between the top of this Wick and the top Of this Wick in this nice little Channel And we could hold there it's a Possibility that we could hold it's a Possibility that the market just double Bottomed according to this total market Cap chart it's definitely a possibility But what is very very interesting is These two white lines okay these two White lines have very very very strong Market structure okay I just mentioned That where we are now is decent Market Structure but it's laughable compared to These two levels right 13.7 K is what we've been talking about For a year this has always been a Possibility there was never a time where Like that's not a possibility in fact we Presented it as a possibility when Bitcoin was up at around like 60 000 Whatever it was 58 000 or whatever the Number was we said 13.7 is a legit Possibility and at the time everybody

Thought we were relatively crazy and Once that snowball started rolling down The mountain and we held here we Realized the charts are saying it's a Possibility that we could hold here and We could bounce here But what's interesting is that it looks Like it could be a possibility That we reached 13.7 whether it's in This cycle or the next cycle it looks Like at some point Bitcoin is going to Reach 13.7 just simply because of how Powerful the market structure is but Before I continue that conversation I Want to say this and this will help you Remain level-headed this will help you See the big picture this will help you Take a a big breath and feel actually Good about this bear Market most Investors most Traders would literally Cut off their arm and give it to you if You can double their money right if you Can invest in something and double your Money over the course of five years that Is a major win as an investor or a Trader if you look at that five-year Time Horizon right So I'm asking you do you want to be in Crypto for the next five years If the answer is yes you're here for the Right reasons if you're like no I'm not Sure you're probably focused more on you Know the get rich quick you know you're In crypto you don't you don't know if

You're going to be here for a while You're not quite sure about the Technology you might think it's going to Zero you don't know if it has any use Case if you're unsure about all of these Things you're here for the wrong reasons You're here to get rich quick and if You're here to get rich quick crypto is Not for you because it eats people like You up and spits them out so fast There's so many scams in crypto that are The get rich quick types that'll just Burn you so it if you're here for the Right reasons and you've just decided Hey five year time Horizon That's realistic I'll present to you A New Concept in the next five years Bitcoin is definitely gonna double from The price it is now Definitely And it might even triple If you're in that five year time Horizon And you buy Bitcoin right now and you Just don't give a crap what happens next And tomorrow and the next week with all The bad news and the good news and the Bad news and the good news in this kind Of roller coaster and you're just Focused on the five years suddenly you Have a breath of fresh air Because you can just sell once you Double your money it we just discussed Any long-term investor would literally Give the right arm if you told them

There was something they can invest in That it's likely they could double their Money in five years what the problem is In crypto is there's so much news There's so much immediate attention and There's so much anxiety and stress over These day-to-day movements that are Completely irrelevant if we've just Discussed this five-year time Horizon And if you're not wanting to be in Crypto for five years we've already Discussed it you're gonna be there's too Much greed you're here for the wrong Reasons you're here to get rich quick And you're going to get burned that way So all of the stress that you've been Feeling all of that anxiety you can Literally throw it right in the trash Because if you buy Bitcoin right now and It goes down tomorrow or down next week Who the hell cares you can sell right When you double your money It would be a little bit riskier to sell It tripling your money because Bitcoin May may have some turmoil for a longer Period of time but it's very probable That Bitcoin will double from the price It is right now you know the 17 000. It's very probable you can take profits At 34 and you'll look like a superhero You'll double your money probably within Five years so have that mindset you'll Be much calmer and then all of this Day-to-day stuff is just noise and who

The hell cares about it because you're In crypto for the next five years or Longer okay now back to this case This level 13.7 we've always said is the Strongest level in crypto and when we Brought that up nobody has talked about That level but we've been talking about It for quite a while and you can see Right in front of you body body Wick Wick Wick you can see that this is really Really strong also 10.7 K Bitcoin really Likes the seven or because we're at 17 Now and then we got 13.7 and this is 10.7 10.7 is a little bit more recent Action the more recent action for Bitcoin prior to this run up is you can See Wick here body body Wick Wick Wick Body body it's very strong this 10.7 Level okay so can we say that it there's No chance that we reach 13.7 no that Would be very that would be a very Uneducated uh synopsis of the market Okay there's a potential for anything There's no certainties in charts there Are probabilities right we can say that Because Bitcoin has so much downhill Momentum and we fell to this area that's Not so strong but it's holding a us Right now we can say that maybe in the Future we fall to 13.7 or during this Cycle this 10.7 is also a possibility it Would be silly of anybody to say this is Not a possibility even if you're in the

Camp that the bottom is in we have to be Smart and say this is a possibility I Want you to get into this Frame of Mind Where there are no certainties a lot of People get emotionally attached to Either Bitcoin going up and nothing can Change their mind or Bitcoin going down And nothing can change their mind you Have to change your mind based on the Facts right now we don't have enough Facts to say 13.7 or 10 7. So we can say it's a possibility it Would be silly of us to deny that right But looking at the more recent action 10.7 is a more recent thing 13.7 is a Little bit more long-term thing so these Are the levels to watch but again if you Take that five-year time frame Horizon You remove all the stress you remove all The agony because I know that's how You're feeling now and that's how the People to your left and the right are Feeling also so if you want to remove it That's the easiest way and then you have A very different mindset all of that Stress and Agony is in the trash where It belongs and you feel good so please Share this video with people who need it Who feel the same way but it's a very Powerful message a very simple and clean Chart and we will keep you up to date Because Bitcoin is going to close this Candle Uh while there's fireworks going on and

It's New Year's we're going to be Closing this candle Bitcoin has to close Above 17.2 k at the end of the calendar year To still be in this channel that could Help us keep in mind these are three Month candles okay these are three month Candles so take your time Take a deep breath everything's going to Be fine you also have to realize 90 85 90 of the herd already gave up they Already quit in crypto and they're Unfortunately they will get back in Right near the next Market cycle top You're already well ahead of all the Pretenders that were here to get rich Okay we're still trying to shake out all The people that were here to get rich That's what bear markets are for uh it Really separates you know the men from The boys and the women from the girls This is what the bear Market is and it Hasn't shook you out yet you're still Here so give yourself credit for that It's not talked about enough Hit that subscribe button I'll see you Right back here in the next video [Music]

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