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Is Carolina Classic one of the big Sleeping Giants of 2023 in the Cryptocurrency market if you think it is If you think it can go up in value hit The thumbs up button on this video what I want to talk to you guys about in Today's video is that question is lunar Classic a sleeping giant and also want To do some updates about what else is Happening in the Luna classic Community Right now what do you guys need to be Aware of we're going to break it down in This video so if you guys enjoy the Updates hit the Thumbs Up Button as Always not Financial advice and let's Get straight into this video and the First thing I want to do in this video Is do a bit of a status update on how we Are tracking overall for lunar classic So right now it is ranked at number 42 On the coin gecko chart so it's already A hugely respectable cryptocurrency so To get into the top 50 you know tens of Thousands if not 20 20 000 plus cryptos Never get into the top 50. lunar classic Has been there but we've actually been Higher than number 42. I think as an Immediate goal for lunar classic I would Would love to see this crypto move into The top 30s so you know jump above Quant Jump above Bitcoin cash get in here Somewhere I think that'd be a great goal In the imminent term for lunar classic Currently the price is three zeros one

Five the market cap just sub of a Billion and the fully diluted market cap Slightly higher and if we do take a look At the price graph for Terra classic Let's take a long term look at this Crypto you know we tracked this crypto Very early on the radar and if you want To make money in crypto you always have To be looking out early for Trends and New Opportunities and we did see it Explode uh when it got into these micro Levels the highest recently we got up to Was back in September the September the 9th 2022 three zeros five one it has Been uh trending and consolidating since Then but we know during this period as Well we've had a lot of fun in the Crypto Market FTX Etc but if you Actually zoom in for the last 30 days or So you can see some nice kind of Uptrends from this December low so it Has started to push back up in price for This cryptocurrency one thing that's Very interesting about lunar classic That not many other cryptos has is it Does have a very special relationship With binance.com so you can see the Volume is absolutely huge for this Crypto and let's talk about this Question of sleeping giant could it Potentially explode in value what needs To happen realistically so I think Luna Classic right now if I was to summarize This crypto we have some really good

Developers working on this Cryptocurrency one in particular Edward Kim and the rest of them working on this Crypto and I think what we're in at the Moment we're in the build phase of lunar Classic so the ecosystem is getting Built out proposals are getting past so I have seen this new proposal retweeted By Edward Kim and it says here proposal 11267 is now up for voting interstation Please consider voting on removing Unchained taxes for IBC assets to make Terra classic a cool place for off-chain Assets to to be so again what are we in At the moment we're in the building Phase of this cryptocurrency so they're Polishing off the network and then we do Also know Edward Kim once he's done kind Of maintaining and updating the Blockchain he's going to get onto the Innovative stuff for Terra classic so Can there be some massive Innovation Happening with this uh cryptocurrency And then once we get that massive Innovation then what needs to happen is We need to get a lot of uh projects to Come onto this cryptocurrency as well so Again you know the reason these other Cryptos they're ranked up the top you Know ethereum BNB are polygon is because You know they're getting a lot of Adoption so there's a lot of crypto Projects going to them nft projects Going to them and uh that's what Terra

Classic needs to do so once the Ecosystem is fully ready fully up to Date it's time to attract the developers And the projects and the other extremely Bullish thing for Terra classic is it's Got a massive decentralized Community Particularly over on Twitter as well so I've seen lots of great people in the Luna classic community over on Twitter And everyone's always tweeting about Luna classic and it has a very strong Community so in cryptocurrency if you Have a strong Community with a crypto That is an extremely bullish signal Because again it doesn't matter what Type of project you have so if you had The world's best wallet the world's best Blockchain but you actually didn't have Anyone using that utilizing that service Guess what the crypto is not going to be Worth much at all Terra classic already Has a massive community so it's just a Matter of time I think but for enough Dapps and applications are developed and Then the community can fully utilize Them but we also know the community is Big on staking so lots of people are Staking getting some passive rewards That way and that is another big Explosive thing for Terra classic to Really you know wake up and be a Sleeping giant in a 2023 and if we do take a look at the Terra classic burn where are we up to so

We've crossed the 37.2 billion lunar classic burn that's 0.54 of the total Supply and again you Know this is going to be a mathematical Formula but in my opinion where is most The burn going to come from so so far a Lot of this has come from binance you Can see those blue Wicks on the on the Chart right here there the binance band Been 2023 if we want to see lunar Classic really evolve and really wake up And explode in value these big burn Numbers need to shift from binance which We do have that special relationship With and it needs to come from the Community so me meaning it needs to come From the Terra classic blockchain itself That is where we're going to get a ton Of value for this cryptocurrency so if We can get more and more Burns for lunar Classic more adoption more dapps more Use of the crypto that is going to be Massively bullish for Terra classic in 2023 and but it is great to see that Special relationship with Finance the Number one crypto exchange out there but I do think Terra classic it does have Some very very exciting potential for 2023. guys comment down below what you Guys think of Terror classic for 2023 You saying bullish do you think it can Explode let me know your thoughts below As always you know always make sure You're comfortable with the reward and

Risk in the crypto market and if you Guys enjoyed the update please hit the Thumbs Up Button there's links to Different crypto exchanges in the Description of this video also got my 100x Mastery course out there if you Want to learn more about crypto if You're new to crypto you don't Understand it I can take you from zero To being very good in crypto very Quickly with the 100x Mastery course but That is a massive update hope you guys Enjoyed it have a good one and I'll see You in the next one crypto Zeus signing Out

Top Crypto News Sources – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sources – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

The crypto market is a hotbed of activity with many news outlets and websites offering coverage of the latest events. However, it is important to find a reliable source. Here are some of the best options available to help you keep up-to-date.

Cointelegraph, founded in 2013, is a well-known site that provides comprehensive coverage of the digital currency and blockchain technology space. Its articles include literary features and expert opinion, as well as breaking news and price analysis. While the site is primarily a news outlet, it also offers a number of helpful guides for those interested in cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Insider is a news site that focuses on in-depth news pieces, op-eds, and investigative journalism. It also offers an educational section, which provides a variety of information about cryptocurrencies, including an overview of how ICOs work, how to avoid hacks, and how the industry is transforming the global economy.

Coinsheet is a newsletter that delivers a short summary of the top stories in cryptocurrencies. The publication uses a proprietary analysis technique to produce its content, and subscribers receive it in a daily email. A unique feature is that the newsletter includes information from both Medium blogs and other sources.

CryptoAnalyst is one of the most respected sources of digital currency news. Their articles include a complete review of an ICO, and they offer articles on the key topics of blockchain and bitcoin. They are also able to provide a comprehensive view of the coins with the highest future potential.

BeInCrypto is another excellent news source, offering an array of crypto-related information. The site features a price tracker, along with a portfolio tracking feature. In addition, it offers “how to” guides on investing in cryptocurrencies.

NewsBTC is another good option for those looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the crypto world. Although it is not as big as some of the other news sites, the team behind the site believes in the power of cryptocurrencies and is willing to share their views with readers.

If you are an active investor in crypto, then you may be considering joining a crypto exchange. You can get all the information you need on the platform, from reviews of the best exchanges to how much a particular coin is worth. One of the best things about this site is that it has a nice layout. Another bonus is the ability to filter a variety of news sources, such as YouTube and Reddit.

Another great site for those looking to get the best crypto news is Crypto Tips. This site is aimed at beginners and experienced users alike, providing everything from market analysis to upcoming ICOs. Also, the site has a free version, which provides access to the most up-to-date crypto news.

While these are some of the top crypto news websites, there are dozens of other options. The trick is to find the one that works for you. Each site provides a variety of features to suit your preferences.

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