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Terra Luna Classic Plus a reverse split That is exactly what we're going to be Talking about in today's video so I've Seen a lot of chatter over on Twitter Over on YouTube about potentially a Reverse split for Terror classic to push Up the price of this cryptocurrency so In this video I'm gonna break down Exactly what a reverse split is and then I'm going to give you my honest opinion On the matter so make sure to stick Around to the end of this video very Important video If you appreciate the Analysis make sure to hit the thumbs up Button on this video and as always not Financial advice but let's get straight Into this so guys I have seen the Proposal floating around and it is Starting to gain some traction people Are talking about a reverse split ten to One so you can see one of the discussion Points right here and it says most Companies in the stock market will split Their stock price to make it more Affordable and appealing for their Everyday buyers this strategy is purely Psychological as the the value of your Holding will stay the same but our Circulating Supply will go from 6.9 Trillion to 690 billion you're learning Classic bags will lose a zero but the Price of Luna classic with a circulating Supply below 1 trillion should bring us Very close to one dollar so that is one

Of the proposals that has been floating Around and uh so to break it down so I Want to summarize you know what what a Lot of people out there are saying so if You want to understand this we're just Going to bring up a diagram right now And I've got it right here so let's say This this pie this pizza is your Luna Classic Holdings right now so this is Your lunar classic Holdings you've got 10 tokens so let's just do the maths up Here so you've got 10 tokens of lunar Classic and let's say for demonstration Purposes uh right now each token is Worth one cent okay so the price is Equal to one cent for the token and uh So the value the entire value of your Holding and lunar classic before the Reverse split uh is going to equal 10 Cents so it's just going to be 10 tokens Times uh the price of each one so one Cent that's going to equal 10 cents so What does a reverse split do for your Lunar classic Holdings so if we were to Then reverse split this by a factor of 10 to 1. what I'm actually going to do I'm going to get out the Eraser right Here and your Holdings in lunar classic Are actually going to get massively Reduced so instead of having 10 tokens What's going to happen is you are now Only going to have one token okay so After the reverse split what's going to Happen is you're going to go down to one

Token in Luna classic the price per Token is now going to be increased by a Factor of 10. so the price per this Token is going to now equal 10 cents and Your value is actually going to stay the Same so your value is going to equal 10 Cents but what's happened here is that We can tell by our diagram we now only Have one lunar classic left but this is Now worth 10 times as much before we had 10 tokens and the price was one cent Each so we had 10 times as many tokens Before and uh what else is important to Understand is your value is actually Just staying the same so the value of Your portfolio stays the same this is Just kind of like an artificial Manipulation of the supply and price of A cryptocurrency so what is crypto Zeus's opinion on this guys and I have To be honest and I know some of you guys Will not like what I'm about to say but I do not like the reverse split idea at All because again what are you doing you Just artificially manipulating the price You're artificially manipulating the Supply and I'm not a fan of that so you Guys know I'm being brutally honest on This channel and one thing that's going To increase the value of Crypt of of Lunar classic it's not going to be Fiddling around with the supply of this Crypto what's going to increase the Value of lunar classic it's spelled out

For us in black and white in Cryptocurrency guys it's utility it's Adoption it's getting dapps built on This cryptocurrency and that's the stuff That's going to actually increase the Value so I'm actually not a fan of Reverse split at all and I've actually Never seen it work properly effectively At all so I've seen other cryptos do a Reverse split and guess what happens it Doesn't work so it fades away and it Actually ends up being worse for the Cryptocurrency and I know a lot of you Guys out there you like the idea of Holding lots and lots of lunar classic Because again if the price does explode That gets very exciting for investors For holders in this cryptocurrency as Well so I think a reverse split is a Very good way to kill off a Cryptocurrency you don't think it's a Good way to actually generate any value And you have to remember it's not Generating any value you're just Manipulating the cryptocurrency so that Is my honest opinion I know some of you Guys guys may not like that but I'm just Here to give it to you how I see it in The crypto market and I want to stay Consistent with my point of view and my Point of view for Tara classic is guys It's on chain it's it's Improvement to The blockchain it's innovation of the Blockchain it's building out apps in the

Ecosystem it's about getting you know D5 Money onto the chain it's about you know Getting that real utility that is the Stuff that's going to boost up the price Of uh Terror classic and the market cap As well so again reverse split doesn't Have any impact on the market cap what Drives market cap is real value Creation In a crypto and that's the stuff that Makes cryptos go higher in higher in Value so guys comment down below what do You think of the reverse split idea drop A comment down below interested to hear Your thoughts if they're different to Mine that's okay I respect your opinion And on the topic of learning about Crypto so if you want to learn more About cryptos why cryptos actually Explode in value you guys can get some Time limited bonuses into my course Right now so I've summed up my best Lessons in cryptocurrency see why some Cryptos explode why they don't and uh The reverse split is not a reason why Cryptocurrencies explode so I give you a Spoiler alert right there and uh but There are other valuable reasons you Have to understand in cryptocurrency why Cryptos go up a reverse split is not Really a value Creator in my opinion but That is my point of view on the matter Let me know if you guys appreciated it And uh look I'm going to be staying Consistent with Terra classic so you

Know again you know what I'm what am I Looking for this crypto over the long Term guys I'm looking for that Blockchain adoption I'm looking for the Innovation I'm looking for the apps Coming online I'm looking for that money Coming online that is kind of what Excites me about Terra classic and as Always you know what do I do Limited in My investments I'm Diversified and I'm Also comfortable with the levels of risk I'm taking on in cryptocurrency they're My principles and they have served me Very well in the crypto Market but that Is a big update appreciate you guys Watching and I'll see you in the next Video crypto Zeus signing out

Top Crypto News Sites to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites to Find the Next Crypto Gem

If you’re interested in gaining a deeper understanding of crypto, you should read some of the best crypto news sites. There are dozens of sources to choose from, but you’ll want to choose one that is trustworthy. You don’t want to get caught up in hyped up articles about new coins or tokens. This is especially important if you’re not investing in crypto yourself.

One of the first news sites dedicated to covering cryptocurrencies was CryptoPanic. It’s a news site that allows users to subscribe to several sources for a comprehensive view of the industry. Subscribers can also specify which cryptocurrencies they’re following and receive alerts of price movements. Another feature is that you can track your portfolio through a built-in RSS feed.

The first major blogger to advocate for Bitcoin in 2010, Trace Mayer, produces a podcast, the Trace Mayer show. He interviews leading figures in the fintech and crypto worlds. His show sometimes airs once a week and can be worth checking out.

Coin Spectator is another great resource for learning about the crypto world. The site is a real-time aggregator of all the top crypto news, providing a comprehensive listing of ICOs and upcoming events. It also helps users find and act on trends in the market.

Cointelegraph is a well-respected online news publication. It is an independent outlet that covers the internet of finance, blockchain technology, and generation 3.0 web development. They also cover other technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. In addition to news articles, they offer guides for beginners.

Ethereum World News is another independent news outlet. The site covers everything from the latest global conferences to news about Litecoin dApps and other cryptocurrencies. At times, they also run their own conference.

The creator of Crypt0 is a crypto enthusiast and stock investor who is committed to the advancement of cryptocurrencies. The site provides easy-to-digest videos and commentary. Users can learn about current events and trends and find out how to safely store their assets.

The CryptoVerse is a popular vlog that keeps users up-to-date on the latest crypto news. The site also features a podcast. Those who subscribe can add their own feeds and social media sources to keep up with the latest.

Crush Crypto is an unbiased research site that covers a variety of cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Their newsletter includes breaking news and analysis on the industry. They also offer daily news articles and a ‘what’s happening’ section.

Crypto Hackers features interviews with crypto entrepreneurs. The site also hosts a weekly podcast. The blog posts are informative and not overdone. This is a good resource for those who are just getting into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Live Bitcoin News is a young team with a knack for reporting on the latest and most interesting stories in the crypto space. While not the largest of the news sites, the reporting team has a strong background in technology.

Another newcomer to the crypto news scene is Coinspace. Launched in September 2017, the site offers a detailed guide to cryptocurrencies and ICOs, as well as financial analysis.

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