Will BZ Binance END LUNC burn? We talk about what needs to happen Now for lunaclassic!
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Will CZ of binance in the Terra classic Burn some news out there is talking About it and it is linked to a very Important proposal for Terra classic so What I want to do in this video is give You guys a big update on exactly what They're talking about in this article What does it mean for Terra classic will Binance likely end the burn what's my Opinion about the situation what do I Think will happen this is probably one Of Terra Classics most important updates So make sure to hit the thumbs up button On this video as always not Financial Advice but guys let's get straight into This video so you guys can see the Article right here binance 2 likely end Its Terra classic burn here's why so They speculating that binance will end The burn I'm here to say binance has not Ended the burn yet but people are saying Potentially there are reasons it will But we'll get to that but let's just Talk about what's happened with Terra Classic recently so you guys can see Right here there has been a proposal Proposal 10 9 8 3 right here has divided The community to either choose between The burn or utility as it proposes to Increase the community pool from 10 to 50 percent most people believe the Proposal will make a binance revoke its Lunar burn mechanism okay so it hasn't Been confirmed binance is ending the

Burn but what they're saying is uh so Proposal 10983 so if we bring this up right here People are basically talking about Increasing the community pool okay so You can see right here from Terra Rebels Rex he says parameter change increase Reward reward policy to minimum 50 of The burn so it says this will allow 50 Of all burn transactions in a given Epoch to be minted into the community Pool at the end of said Epoch and then The key reason it says here is once Sufficiently capitalize the lunar Classic Community will have capital on Hand to truly contemplate undertaking The work required to finish rebuilding The ecosystem self-reliance a Well-capitalized pool will allow the Lunar class security to rely solely on Itself for funding Dev work and Ecosystem rebuild out people can either Vote Yes or no to this and if we jump Back to this article you know it does Provide some other information about This so Tobias Anderson who is a Developer claims the fastest way to Reduce lunar classic Supply is by Incentivizing activity on chain Re-enabling swaps and implementing lower Burn fees the Terra classic Community Indeed passed proposal 4234 to lower the Burn tax from 1.2 percent to 0.2 percent And fund the community pool with 10 of

The lunar classic burn at the end of Each Epoch however decreasing the burn Tax failed to increase the lunar classic Trading volume as expected and uh some People out there are basically saying if Proposal 10983 will make binance CEO CZ To revoke the Luna classic burn Mechanism and uh you guys know right now Who is one of the biggest burners of Lunar classic it is actually binance.com So Caesar events he is burning a lot of The lunar classic trading fees sending It to the burn address and that is very Bullish okay so what do we need to be Aware of right here so what's critical To understand uh in this scenario so You've got this proposal right so really To break this down simply so right now One of the biggest contributors to the Burn is binance so binance is a big Burner of lunar classic and uh they Contribute a lot of money you saw the One million dollar burn come through Just recently but uh this proposal will Split or change Terror classic forever So what can happen here is right now on The left hand side this is what Currently exists for Terra classic so we Have um you know 10 of the burn going to Devs or or funding the ecosystem but uh This change is basically going to change It so this is not 10 this is actually Going to be 50 to development or the Community pool and then you're probably

Gonna have 50 are going to the burn Address and and in this other scenario Before you had probably 90 going to the Burn address so what is actually you Know critical for Terror classic Um one thing I think we need to Understand and we just need to pause Here is uh you know people are in talks With CZ or binance so I don't think They're going to put this proposal Through uh without getting finances kind Of thoughts on it so we don't want to we Don't want to lose a relationship with Binance we need to keep this going a Binance have to be cool with whatever Proposal goes through so that is Important Um but what else is important to Understand is you know where does Terra Classic need to go right now what is What is happening about with Terra Classic Um the biggest challenge in my opinion I Have been in the crypto market for a Long period of time I've seen lots of Cryptos come and go and I can tell you Single-handedly right now what Terra Classic does need to do and I'm being Completely honest with you guys is there Does need to be a lot of ecosystem Development so you actually do need to Develop on the ecosystem right now you Know the question I personally have and I'm being completely honest you know

Does the does the burn mechanism of Terra classic is this actually slowing Down the development on the ecosystem so That is one question I have because if We go to um defy llama we have a look at Some of these chains right so ethereum Binance smart chain what you're going to Find that's in common with all these Chains at the top and if we go to coin Gecko today you're going to find a lot Of these chains up the top so ethereum It's uh market cap is like 155 billion You're buying out smart chain Market cup Of 47 billion you've got Tron right here Market cap of 1 billion what tends to Happen in crypto is a lot of these Chains they don't have taxes on them so They don't have big fees for moving Money around on their ecosystem you know Ethereum has a bit of a gas issue at the Moment but you know you look at Finance Smart chain you look at Tron you look at Avalanche as well generally or even Phantom you know the fees for moving Things around getting things built are Actually kind of low so my first Question for Terra classic is you know We'd have to we have to think about this Burn because I know the community loves The burn I love to burn I love seeing The burn numbers go up for Terror Classic but is this actually slowing Down on chain development of this crypto Because you know why are people not

Developing on doing a classic that's What I want to get to the bottom of uh In my opinion so that's one thing we Need to kind of figure out for this Crypto um the other thing though is you Know is the terror Rebels is the Developers are they actually Um are they actually short on money so Right now we have seen 10 of those funds Uh are around that from the burn go to The development of uh you know Terra Classic Um you know but you would want to look Into quantifying that so what is the ROI On that community pool you know how's The money been spent and if the money Does go up to 50 what's going to be the ROI on the community as well so always Remember you know when you're going to Business as well Um you know business isn't always about You know saving money sometimes you also Have to in invest money as well so you Have to spend money to make money and You know this fifty percent burn could Be seen as a bit of an investment in the Ecosystem and uh you have to be thinking What's the ROI of increasing the Community pool to 50 if it's going to be A massive Roi lots of development um you Know potentially I'd be open to that Idea but at the same time you know a lot Of the fears out there and I've seen Them over on Twitter and you guys know

Crypto Zeus I'm a man of the people I'm Completely uh neutral and I just tell You guys how it is and I've seen some Responses right here so Matt's Market he Says right here this is going to destroy Binance you've got uh the the post from Terror Rebels uh you've got crypto Kings Saying they're going to talk to binance Which I think is very important David Here says we all want to burn the supply Of lunar classic so he's more focused on Just burning up lunar classic classic Crypto saying yes and I have seen other Cryptos in there you know people talking About the developers getting rich and Things like that so what I would say to That is uh you know as long as the 50 Percent if it does go to 50 right so if It does go to 50 for the community pool And we're seeing this as an investment Right this is an investment in the ROI Or the infrastructure of Terra classic So we're seeing this as money spent to Get money back that's a good thing but I Would put that contingent on checks and Balances okay so you guys know checks And balances so if we are giving lots of Money to the community pool we basically Want to make sure that money is not Squandered that money doesn't go missing That money doesn't get uh you know Misappropriated and things like that so My message to the terror my message to The developers of lunar classic would be

Is yes I'd be open to a 50 deal based on Roi investment uh but it's also going to Be contingent again on that uh big Transparency okay so we need to see Transparency and we also need to see Roi So we want to say look you're going to Get a lot of money from this sure you Might there may be hundreds of thousands Of dollars going into the community pool Now where's the ROI where's the Development where's the transparency and Things like that so I'm open to that Idea but that is contingent on what I Want to see and I think at the end of The day you know I go back to you know D5 llama right here so I've seen lots of Crypto chains come and go lots of tokens Come and go uh Terra classic does need To develop that is the number one thing Happening on Terra classic right now so We if I go here and you know this is not Going to tell me any lies guys this is Just the TV house look at the TV on Ethereum 24 billion binance smartphone 5 Billion and if we go down Terra classic Guys this is like minuscule right now I Don't even know where it is Terra Classic we've only got six million Dollars okay so this needs to get way Way up so if we have a market cap of uh Whatever it is a billion and we only Have you know six million dollars on the Chain Um yeah that's that's that's something

That we need to get sorted okay so we Need to get that that is definitely Something we need to get sorted so we Need to get more money on the Chain we Do mean we do need more development Um but at the same time I also want to Keep that relationship with binance Going so we're definitely not going to Lose this relationship we can't lose That relationship with binance I think It's too important for the Cryptocurrency and we got a special Relationship with binance so this is Extremely special guys we are this is a Star relationship VIP relationship with Finance let's keep that going that's a Really nice cash flow into Terra classic For development and uh what do we want To see guys ultimately you guys know on The Channel I want to see this crypto Succeed so I'm a fan of cryptos being Successful getting developed getting Good returns for money and guys I'll be Staying strong with Terra classic and Generally what do I do in the crypto Space so I am always Diversified I'm Always comfortable with the levels of Investment and I'm in Terra classic for The long run because that's my opinion On the matter big update today very Important one smash the Thumbs Up Button If you got value if you guys agree or Disagree with what I'm saying drop a Comment down below but guys I appreciate

You guys tuning to the video have a good Weekend and I'll see you guys in the Next one crypto Zeus signing out

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