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We have some big Terra Luna classic Updates to talk about including changes Binance is going to be doing for this Cryptocurrency so if that sounds good to You guys please hit the Thumbs Up Button Uh drop a comment down below what do you Guys think of this Finance strange and Uh let's get straight into this update So we have this huge announcement that Has been posted over on binance.com I Have seen it float around over on Twitter too and uh so what is happening Right here let's read out the Announcement and then let's talk about It as well so it says here fellow Financians following the recent Developments as laid out in proposal 10983 and proposal 11111 where lunar Classic burn is being re-minted as a Development Fund binance will be making Changes to the burning of lunar classic Trading fees to continue to contribute To supply decrease of lunar classic and Be in line with what the community Originally looked forward to from December 2022 binance will be burning 50 Of the lunar Classics spot and margin Trading fees instead of 100 and delaying Sending the lunar classic trading burn Contribution until it looks like the 1st Of March 2023 so I think this is American I always get confused reading These but I think it may be the first of March I'm not sure I don't think that's

Going to be the third of January uh Right there when is this applying from So it's applying pretty much effectively Right now until further notice and it Also says right here in addition binance Has been engaging with the leadership Team from Tara Grant's foundation with Below requests to create a new Burn Wallet that binance can send the lunar Classic spot and margin trading fees to That does not allow re-minting of the Burn amount to whitelists finance's Wallets so the transaction tax is not Applied when transferring between these Wallets and uh to allow time for this to Take place they're going to be delaying That send right now so really really Interesting updates right there so Contextually where do I think this is Coming from so I think I've seen some Photos floating around about you know The spending of uh you know lunar Classic how people are getting paid from The Development Fund about this I reckon Binance is now keeping a bit of a close Watch on exactly you know how money is Getting spent uh by developers and They're coming up with some checks and Balances so to speak but they've also Dropped in this line as well which is Really really interesting also in November 2022 binance announced the Industry Recovery initiative which is a Fun to support crypto and web 3 projects

For developers wanting to continue to Build Luna classic chain with support They are welcome to apply here so Binance is making it super clear right Here developers if you want to develop On lunar classic chain they potentially May have money ready for you and they Don't want you know Community Money Getting squandered or going to the wrong People or or you know misallocated and Things like that so binance is basically Saying guys guys apply right here if you Want to build on the Luna classic chain So really really interesting updates Coming out of binance sender look these Are good and you have to remember you Know binance and lunar classic it Probably has the most unique Relationship in the crypto Market I've Never seen a crypto exchange support a Crypto project like binance has Supported lunar classic and remember we Have been getting a lot of free stuff From binance they didn't need to do what They've done for lunar classic but they Have anyway and uh I'm grateful for that Relationship but really interesting Updates right here so I reckon the Developers behind lunar Classics should Follow the instructions of what binance Has said right here get all this white Listing set up create the new Burn Wallet address Etc to continue support Lunar classic and the binance

Relationship and then importantly if you Are a developer you know thinking about Developing on lunar classic which is Exactly what we need for this Cryptocurrency so I've been telling you Guys you know the number one thing lunar Classic needs to focus us on for 2023 so If it wants to really grow in value it's To you know develop more projects on the Chain you know attract more money Attract more development get some games Onto the chain things like that and Binance has basically said right here Guys apply through binance.com they have Money waiting for you and if we actually Go here you can see they have like one Billion dollars okay it's no joke Binance will commit USD one billion Dollars to iri themed investment Opportunities with an intent to ramp up To two billion dollars okay so these Guys have billions of dollars but you Know what binance is not dumb so you Don't get to be a big crypto exchange With you know billions of dollars if You're not careful with your money but They have checks and balances in place To ensure people just don't try and Steal money so you guys know crypto one Of the biggest challenges you have is uh Sometimes you can't trust the developers Or crypto projects because they have you Know incentives sometimes just run off With money squander the money and that's

Your money that's our money we don't Want that wasted and binance has got Some checks and balances in place to Make sure that doesn't happen if they go Through and apply through binance's Program right here so it says Collectively we will be looking for Projects characterized by number one Innovation and long-term value creation Number two are clearly delineated and Viable business model and number three a Laser focus on risk management as well And they're going to provide you know Support Financial all site all types of Stuff and that is really good so binance Has got the answers and they're just Looking for legitimate developers people With good intentions that are not going To you know steal money embezzle money Things like that that's not what we want In crypto and that's not going to help Lunar classic so actually I'm a massive Fan of what binance is doing right here So great stuff from binance and I Actually think this has the opportunity To make Luna classic stronger and Stronger so again if we want to be a big Cryptocurrency in the future you know Get this get this crypto really burnt up Get heaps of burns happening we need to Be looking at development for the crypto Project so binance is basically say hey We have the money we can pay we can help You fund your development but just go

Through us so we can make sure you're Not going to steal the money you're not Going to squander the money as well so Great things right here and if people Are listening right now they want to you Know develop a lunar classic guys the Answer is right here get on board with Finance and make it happen but some Pretty interesting changes I think the Relationship will still continue with Finance I don't think they're just going To disappear into the ether away from The lunar classic community and I think The lunar classic Community does have a Strong community and I think there is Potential there and it just comes down To real development real adoption but Guys that is some big changes happening For binance if you guys appreciated the Update please do me a favor hit the Thumbs Up Button if you guys want to see More lunar classic updates in the future On this crypto Channel guys please do me A favor hit the Thumbs Up Button Subscribe to the channel hit the Notification Bell because that's a big Update thank you guys for watching Watching and I'll see you guys in the Next one crypto Zeus signing out

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