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Carolina Classic the cryptocurrency I Want to talk about some bullish Catalysts I've seen for this crypto I'm Going to talk about the price and what Else is happening in the market for Terra Luna classic that you need to know About in the crypto market today so Let's get straight into this video and The first piece of news I want to bring You is uh have a look at this so cuecoin Stakes 47.9 billion lunar classic tokens Good news for holders question mark I Think it's good news and uh you can see Right here on Wednesday reports made the Rounds on Twitter that crypto exchange Cuecoin has become one of the largest Stakes of Terra Luna classic and uh that Is massively massively exciting so at The time the massive State figure from Qcoin brought the total stake tokens on The supply to 13.8 percent and Q coin The crypto exchange Now controls about 5.09 of the voting power for the network And I want to say in my opinion that's Actually a good Catalyst for Terror Classics you guys know one of the big Catalysts we've had for Terra classic is The support from the binance crypto Exchange with the burns that have went Through for Luna classic so it gets Special attention from that but is this Like the first signs of more cross Collaboration between qcoin and also the Lunac classic Community as you guys know

Lunar classic is one of the most Powerful crypto communities out there And again catching the eyes of our Cuecoin qcoin is now a big Staker you Know a big player in the lunar classic Ecosystem I've actually classified that As a bullish sign for Terra classic Right now so that is some big news that Has happened recently on top of that we Also have some development happening in The Luna classic ecosystem according to Rex here one of the terror classic Developers and uh senior member of the Luna classic Development Group he's Highlighted the ultimate goal of the Much anticipated Terror Port project for Lunar classic ecosystem according to him Teraport will help introduce investments Into lunar classic and concurrently Expedite token burns the project is is Expected launch q1 2023 so guys we are In q1 2023 right now and even though There is a bit of a storm brewing in the Background of the crypto market right Now I actually think this would be Another good thing for Luna classic and You can see with this development what's Going to happen is uh potentially more Investments coming into the lunar Classic ecosystem uh with the Decentralized exchange as well so you Guys know on our binance smart chain You've got pancake swap on ethereum You've got uni Swap and uh this decks if

It's big if it's attractive if it's easy To use this could be very very exciting And he said right here in a tweet the Primary purpose of terraport is to Create a sustainable decks to create Trading pairs to make it easy for Investors holding other tokens to swap With lunar classic thereby attracting Investments into lunar classic for a Decks to work it requires liquidity and That is exciting so people can Potentially you know add liquidity to This exchange if you're holding lunar Classic or other types of tokens and uh So just watch out for this as well in The background of Terror classic and Again what else is this going to do this Is going to build out the ecosystem for Terra classic and more and more so some Nice development is still happening in The background of Luna classic right now On top of that what else is strong for Lunar classic and this is something I've Noticed over on Twitter so Luna classic Is still extremely powerful over on Twitter and uh social engagement in Cryptocurrency is actually really really Important and you can see some of the One week social science of Terror lunar Classic right here really actually just Jumping up in terms of Engagement and Those scores and I've actually seen it Pretty powerful over on Twitter and I Take this as another bullish sign for

Terror classic and if we actually have a Look at the price of Terror classic how Is this one going for the month right Here and you can see roughly for the Month we've held the line in regards to The 0.000 roughly you know one seven line Right here so there has actually been a Ton of volatility in the crypto Market Recently about a week or so ago we Actually pushed up to to the three zeros And the two level uh there has been a Bit of a retracement in the last few Days but I'd actually correlate that Over to what's happening with Bitcoin so I've been doing some big crypto news Updates to explain what exactly has Happened with bitcoin's price you guys Can see right here when Bitcoin kind of Goes down you know it's going to bring The rest of the crypto Market kind of Down with it as it goes down but again Terra classic in my opinion has been Holding up pretty strong in the last Month or so and I think as some other Things what we need to see for Terror Classic in regards to you know price Potential for this crypto it all comes Down to ecosystem build out and then Also on top of that it's going to come Down to people really participating in The lunar classic ecosystem the chain You know getting onto this decks this Development getting built out and the

Terra classic developers you guys know It Edward Kim and the rest of them if They can continue to build out a very Attractive ecosystem in the long run That's how it's going to compete against Some of those other big crypto chains Out there like ethereum Finance smart Chain that's kind of what I would Compare lunar classic to if you can get Up to those levels so it's a big Question if but I definitely think there Is potential to do that but guys drop in The comment section below do you guys Think there is potential to do that but Guys that is a big update I hope you Guys enjoyed the video if you did Smash The Thumbs Up Button if you want to see More terror classic updates let me know In the comment section below thank you Guys for watching the video and I'll see You in the next one crypto Zeus signing Out

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Top Crypto News: Best Crypto Projects, How to Trade Crypto and More

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HODLing is also a safe and sound strategy for beginners, as it doesn’t require you to constantly monitor your portfolio or perform active management. It is also an excellent option if you don’t have the resources to invest in several cryptocurrencies.

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