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Could this one potential change from Binance boost lunar Classics priced by a 10x that's exactly what we're going to Be talking about in this video plus some Other very important updates that you Guys need to be aware of for Terra Classic so if you guys enjoyed the Terra Classic updates do me a favor hit the Thumbs Up Button as always not Financial Advice and let's get straight into this Video so this article right here I saw It very very interesting article it says Can this one change from binance boost Lunar Classics price by 10x so what Possibly could they be talking about in This article so it says here can binance Push lunar Classics price although these Developments have been the primary Driving force behind the recent price Movements prominent lunar classic Validator and Community evangelist lunar Classic Dao has pointed out a potential Way through which the altcoin could see A major price boost the top Terra Classic validator predicted that the Lunar classic token was destined to Appreciate shading value if delete if The leading binance crypto exchange Removed its words of caution from the Two major Terror cryptocurrencies Through usdc and Luna so here is the Tweet right here it says Luna classic Community if we get this done warnings Removed from ustc and Luna then Luna

Classic will pump all three correlate This is the lowest hanging fruit that Grants us an instant to X be loud and Get it done so I'm interested to hear Your thoughts in the comment section Below do you think binance should remove Those warnings about ustc and Luna from Their crypto exchange and then do you Also agree with the price pump potential Of uh you know those warnings getting Removed and then you know people may be Trading more lunar classic Luna and ustc Over on binance as a result of those Warnings going away what do you guys Reckon comment Down Below in the Comments section and we also have some Other important news coming out of uh CEO underscore 44 voted yes to Luna Classic proposal 11242 to stop any Remitting of Luna classic and we know CEO underscore 44 has also been working Hard and he says right here I've been Busy helping a team with a lunar classic Project they're picking up rust Programming fast test net experience has Been solid documentation surprisingly Good lunar classic deserved its spot as A top L1 blockchain and will and will Soon regain that spot lunar classic Community saved a gem so that is a very Exciting tweet out of CEO underscore 44 And to be honest with you this is kind Of what I've been saying about Terra Classic so right now we're trading at

Number 40 on the coin market cap Rankings right here but in the past Historically you guys know how big Luna Was in the past I think it was like a Top 10 cryptocurrency it was very very Big it actually got up to a market cap Of a rounds you know 40 billion plus and If you have a look at the market cap Right now only 956 million so if we're Having to regain our original market cap That would put us up at number you know Nearly close with B and B roughly so Around the you know 40 billion market Cap range and that's the potential of Lunar classic if it was ever to regain Its former glory and if we actually have A look at the crypto bubbles today the Whole entire crypto Market is absolutely Pumping so if you're holding other Cryptos in addition to Luna classic You're probably experiencing some nice Gains today and I did drop a big crypto News update so if you ever want to know Why your portfolio may be going up in Value you can check out the big crypto News they do them very very frequently On the channel but the crypto market Today is looking good and if we Specifically have a look at the Terra Classic price we're up 4.67 percent in The last 24 hours and you can see right Here we have experienced some nice gains Because we are going up in price in the Last few hours which is I've been really

Nice so if Bitcoin can hold on to this I Think this is correlated to the overall Crypto market and I think if we want to Break the correlation and we want to get Really high in value we have to do kind Of what CEO and score 44 is saying you Know get more projects onto the chain Get the market cap get the tvl up that's What's going to contribute to the rise In Terra Classics price but that is a Big update for Terra classic for today If you guys enjoyed it hit the Thumbs Up Button appreciate you guys watching These videos if you want to join the Quest for Financial Freedom just make Sure to subscribe hit the notification Bell and I'll see you guys in the next One crypto Zeus signing out

Top Crypto News Sources – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sources – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

The best sources of crypto news are important for anyone who wants to know the latest information about the digital token market. The wider economic landscape and socio-political environment can influence the performance of digital currencies. There are a number of resources to choose from. Here are some of the most credible and reliable ones.

CryptoAnalyst is a reliable source for news and analysis on digital currencies. Its articles highlight ICO reviews, price predictions, and coins with a promising future. In addition, the site features educational material on cryptocurrencies and how to safely store them. This blog offers articles on key topics, such as blockchain technology, the internet of finance, and artificial intelligence.

Cryptowiky is an independent online crypto publication that covers bitcoin, Ethereum, and the entire blockchain ecosystem. They also have a weekly podcast where they interview top personalities in the crypto world. You can subscribe to their newsletter to receive updates and insights from the team.

ETHNews provides comprehensive guides and tutorials on a range of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain ecosystem. Their articles focus on the use cases of blockchain technologies, and the impact of cryptocurrencies on the global financial system.

Cointelegraph is a leading online news outlet for the crypto community. The site is dedicated to promoting serious journalistic standards for the crypto industry. Founded in 2013, they cover a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, and they provide a daily guide to the crypto space.

Another good source of crypto news is CoinDesk, which hosts the Consensus summit every year. They have millions of monthly views, and they’re committed to covering the latest developments in the crypto world. If you’re not a tech-savvy person, you might find the format of their reports a little overwhelming. However, they do offer an unbiased view of the crypto world, and their reporting is well-received by the mainstream media.

Altcoin Today is another solid source of news for those looking to get up-to-date on the crypto world. The channel doesn’t feature a lot of technical analysis, but its interviews with prominent figures from the crypto space provide insight into the landscape. And since they’re not monetizing their content, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted advertisements.

One of the earlier crypto news aggregators, CryptoPanic, has a lot of features, including portfolio tracking, social signals for price action, and Reddit sources for added sourcing. It also includes a video channel where they showcase long-form videos and commentary.

The Bitcoin News began reporting on the Bitcoin market in 2012. Soon they expanded to cover a broader range of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum. Although they’re not the most well-known, this resource is a great way to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the crypto world.

Trace Mayer is a popular crypto advocate and his podcasts are worth listening to. He interviews a wide range of industry leaders, and his shows are often scheduled for six weeks or more. Some posts can be a bit sporadic, though.

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