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We have some big updates to talk about For Terra classic in this video so I Want to give you guys a big update on The burn and we're just going to take a Look at the price contextually in the Last month and also overall how are we Tracking with the terraq classic price If you guys enjoy lunar classic updates Make sure to hit the thumbs up button Drop a comment down below if you guys Are staying bullish on this crypto as Always not Financial advice but let's Get straight into this video and the First piece of news I want to bring you Is have a look at this article Tara Classic Community puts an end to Luna Classic remix so no more re-minting is Happening and it says here the Terra Classic network will no longer remit a Percentage of burnt lunar classic the Terra classic network has voted to end Terra Luna classic remix per a tweet and Uh 95.98 have uh voted in favor and so the Proposal one one two four two has passed And uh this is potentially some good News so again you know mathematically What do we want for Terror classic guys We want this crypto to burn to the Ground in terms of Supply not the actual Overall project we want the supply of This to get burnt more and more up we're Sitting around 37.48 billion and if we Have a look at some other more important

News you can see right here consequently With proposal 11242 passing the exchange Should continue its lunar classic Burn By March the 1st as promised so that is Good so they're referring to binance Right there and notably the crypto Exchange will only burn 50 of all of all Lunar classic trading fees going forward Instead of the original 100 so a bit of A decrease right there but overall Things are still looking good for Terror Classic and uh if we have a contextual Look at this cryptocurrency now so how Are we sitting 37.4 billion burnt for Luna classic if we have a look at the Overall crypto market right now you guys Can see the crypto Market has been Looking absolutely pumping and anytime You guys want to get updated on the Broader crypto news I release big crypto News updates gives you a bit of an Insight into the big crypto news stories You need to know the crypto market and Often those big stories can impact lunar Classic indirectly but you guys can see The crypto Market is absolutely uh Pumping recently which is great to see And uh where are we sitting with Terror Classics Terra classic sitting at number 42 and if we do take a look at some Prices right here you can actually see Over roughly the month or so the last Few weeks at least the Terra classic Price if you actually are to get out a

Line right here it has actually been on A bit of an uptrend so you know this Could be a combination of macro Factor So you guys know the broader crypto Market is going up uh but you know Possibly some strong sentiments some Strong coordination amongst the Developers of lunar classic if we zoom Out though so it's important that we do Zoom out as well and I've pretty much Got the multi a month Journey right here So who's been a subscriber of the Channel and we started to analyze Luna Classic early on the radar there's Absolutely micro levels once it started To plunge into the Airbus but we've been Covering lunar classic for quite a while Uh you can see right here we were Trading at you know the four zeros uh Three zeros in the one level right here And then we did get this massive Spike So this is the you know I'd classify This as the recent all-time high for Lunar classic so 0.006 level we have decline but a lot of This stuff right here in my opinion this Is the FTX kind of the big crypto news Impacting our lunar classic right here But uh we have had a bit of a pivot so The last few weeks and uh roughly last Month it has been on a bit of an incline So realistically and this is uh to give You guys my objective analysis of why of How Terror classic can go up in price so

What do I what am I thinking for this Crypto so you know I'm a Believer in Utility for this cryptocurrency so again It's going to come down to this big Factor of attracting cryptos onto the Terra Luna classic train uh chain Attracting apps for this cryptocurrency And uh you know getting the tvl and Those other fundamentals really up in uh Value for this crypto and that's Probably what's going to increase uh the Market cap so if you have a look at like Terra classic the original and I've told You guys this before but it's important So repeat it but the reason uh Terra Luna the original got so big is because Everyone was going to the crypto wallets And they were depositing you know the Stable coin U.S Terror onto the network To get those 19 yields on anchor Protocol all the money was coming in Terra classic was exploiting so really You know when there's a really good use Case for a crypto chain but it has to be Sustainable as well so you don't want to Be of course offering yields which are Not sustainable in the long term because That ends up in disaster as you can see In the market cap decrease but really it Comes down to real utility so you always Have to be thinking for you know your Project you're invested in so I'm what Is the real reason people are going to Be going to a crypto wallets you know

Busting up their money and they're Depositing it onto the chain and that's Kind of one of the secrets of crypto There's lots of more secrets in crypto But that's one of the factors uh why Cryptos explode but there's multiple Factors and it's you know it's a Combination of things generally speaking But that's what I'm thinking about Terra Classic but I think there's potential to Regrow this based on utility but as Always not Financial advice but but I am Going to stay optimistic with Terra Classic over the long run but guys That's a bit of another update for Tara Classic could you want to see the Updates continue for Terra classic make Sure to hit the Thumbs Up Button because It signal to me that you guys are Interested in this crypto and don't you Want me to continue it and I'm always Putting out sensors into the market Right now and uh Luna classic winning Another poll on the crypto Zeus YouTube Channel so crypto is surging right now What crypto are you most bullish on and Uh some people bullish on xips some are On ship some are on lunar Classics some Are on eth and uh some of you guys have Got other ideas in the comments section Below so shout out to you guys dropping Your suggestions right there but guys That's a big update if you guys enjoyed It hit the thumbs up button and uh look

If you want some free crypto tips you Can check out that go to cryptos 100x Mastery course we also have some sweet Bonuses on some different crypto Exchanges and big discounts on nordvpn If you want to keep your crypto trades Safe if you're traveling around the World but guys that is a big update Thank you guys for watching and I'll see You guys in the next one crypto Zeus Signing out

Top Crypto News Sites to Stay in the Know

There is so much news about cryptocurrencies, and it seems like there are always new stories being published. The market is growing and changing at a rapid pace, so it is important to stay on top of the latest developments. Here are some of the best crypto news sites to help keep you in the know.

One of the best sources of the latest news is Cointelegraph. The site is an independent news outlet that provides comprehensive coverage of the crypto space, as well as the internet of finance and blockchain technology. They also publish interviews with thought leaders and experts in the industry. You can follow their newsletter or subscribe to their website to receive regular updates.

TodayOnChain is a crypto news website that publishes top coins by market cap and their weekly newsletter. Their website also provides a technical analysis of the most relevant cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Crypto Clarified is a site that aims to simplify the complexities of cryptocurrencies for the uninitiated. It is a great resource for those looking to learn more about cryptocurrencies, including where they are available, how they work, and how to store them safely. However, it is not as comprehensive as some of the other crypto news websites.

The Coin Report is a crypto news site that focuses on the benefits of cryptocurrencies. This news site has a dedicated team that believes in the potential of the crypto world and is committed to providing users with reliable information. While it isn’t as large as some of the other news websites, the team at the Coin Report does an excellent job of providing its readers with educational content that covers a wide variety of topics.

In addition to their comprehensive cryptocurrency news coverage, the Coin Spectator team also maintains a blog with interesting articles on the cryptospace. They provide a detailed ICO list and a unique portfolio tracking feature. Additionally, they offer expert commentary on the latest e-commerce trends and the role of cryptocurrencies in the future.

One of the oldest crypto news sites on the internet, CoinTelegraph is a great source of information about cryptocurrencies. They publish breaking news, articles about ICOs and other developments, and also a variety of guides and opinion pieces. Although the site isn’t as cluttered as some of the other sites, the user interface is well-organized.

Another notable crypto news site is CryptoPanic. It features a variety of ICO news, a portfolio tracker, and social signals for price action. Several sources, such as Reddit and Twitter, are integrated into the site, so users can keep up with what’s going on in the world of cryptocurrencies.

One of the most popular crypto news websites, TodayNFTNews, offers an extensive list of ICOs, Blockchain technology, and other tidbits. While it isn’t as comprehensive as some of the other sites, it is one of the most authoritative sources of a variety of news.

The site boasts a unique “Data-Engine” that scours the internet for all upcoming ICOs and tokens. The site also has a weekly newsletter that includes stories from key figures in the crypto space.

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