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We have some big Terror classic news to Talk about in the cryptocurrency market Today including the potential release of A DEX coming next year so we're going to Be breaking down exactly what this means For Terra classic what does it mean for The price what does it mean for the road Map that's what we're going to be Talking about in this video plus a lot More so if you guys enjoy the updates Please do me a favor hit the thumbs up Button drop a comment down below what You guys think of this video as always Not Financial advice and uh before we Kick off this big Terra classic update I Want to let you guys know I'm super Excited because 100x crypto Mastery is Now open to early enrollments so for you Guys who want to take your crypto Investing to the next level I have Released a course that includes all my Best lessons in cryptocurrency it's a Quick and easy to learn course that will Teach anyone the most valuable lessons From me in crypto both in identifying High potential altcoin gems while also Importantly avoiding poor performing Cryptos and also scams that are out There so we have a deep dive into Altcoin gem factors why they are Important what you need to be looking For which ones can potentially explode In the market and which ones are going To fizzle out and go to zero as well and

In my opinion this is the best uh crypto Course out there for you know 100x Crypto investing altcoin gem investing And you can separate yourself from the Pack today become Elite so if you want To learn more there is a webinar I'll Leave a link to that where you can watch The video in full and I've got special Discounts for only people watching this Video right now until the 6th of January So there's a 75 discount available right Now for you early listeners to the Channel so always appreciate you guys Listening into my videos and this is a Way to say thank you by giving you a 75 Discount and later on the price will go Up but again this is for people who like To diversify into crypto look into other Crypto projects it's how I've made Life-changing money in cryptocurrency But the link is below super exciting and You can check it out right there and Guys let's get back to Tara classic Right now and one of the big things I've Seen for Terra classic just recently is This big article come out so this is Good news let's break it down what is it What does it exactly mean for Terra Classic so Terra C Vita to launch Terra Luna classic decks q1 2023 so Potentially q1 2023 more infrastructure Is getting built out in the Luna classic Ecosystem and this is extremely exciting So Target is q1 2023 and the group

Behind it has also said they are Currently overriding 100 plus smart Contracts to ensure they are compatible With the 0.16 and 1.0.0 releases of Cosmos's smart contract platform Cosman Wassum right there and this is great so Why is this important to Terra Classics So the number one thing and this Explains why some cryptos go up and if You want to make money in cryptocurrency You get the cryptos before they grow Massively in price in market cap as well But uh one thing we do need for Terra Classic is we need that ecosystem to get Built out and that's really going to Push up the crypto so if we have a look Up the top here you're going to see Ethereum look at the market cap 144 Billion you got BNB coin you've got a Market cap of 40 billion right there so If Terra classic was to even get up to Bnb's market cap you know you are Looking at roughly a 40x whereas if it Was to catch up to ethereum you know You're looking at a 144x in regards to Potential market cap growth in the Cryptocurrency but having said that Realistically how does it get up there The number one thing it has to do it it Has to you know attract more money onto The chain more TVO onto the chain and it Needs more infrastructure on the Chain So we need more decentralized swaps more Apps more dapps and I think this swap is

Going to be something really good for Terra classic so I actually take this as A bullish sign a long-term sign and for Terra classic to make for this crypto to Really grow out its infrastructure so I Think it's a really good thing this is Happening and it's really going to be Good to see the terracy Vita you know Deliver on this swap on this decks and I Think that's going to attract more you Know ecosystem activity to the chain and That's exactly what we want for Terra Classic so I take it as a very positive Sign and if we actually do take a look At Terra classic how we have been Performing in the last seven days for This crypto you can see we got up to Around you know nearly the 1900 level so Around 1800 right there we did retrace Slightly in the last seven days but Again you know I consider Terror classic A long term crypto project so these Price movements for it to really grow You know it's going to be correlated to You know the growth of the ecosystem so These big ticket things we're talking About you know Dex is getting built out Apps getting built out and that's going To help grow the price of Terror classic As well the things in the immediate term I think are going well for this crypto And that guys I'm gonna be staying Bullish on terror classic into 2023 as Well so if you guys are staying bullish

On lunar classic into 2023 make sure to Hit the thumbs up button on this video Drop a comment down below if you want The Luna classic updates to continue on The channel and also if you guys want to Take your crypto investing to the next Level make sure to learn more about the 100x crypto Mastery course now available For early enrollments and you can check Out the link right there but guys that Is a big update appreciate you guys Tuning into the video have a good one And I'll see you guys in the next one Crypto Zeus signing out

Top Crypto News Sites

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites

There are a number of different crypto news sites on the web. These sites cover everything from crypto currency, to blockchain technology, to the internet of things. Each site provides different features and information.

The Bitcoin News has become one of the top crypto news websites online. This site provides daily updates on the latest developments in the crypto space. It’s easy to use, and it even has built-in filters for Reddit and YouTube. You can subscribe to receive the Daily Digest in your email. While it’s not as large as other news sites, it’s a good way to keep up with the world of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Tips is another great site for getting the latest news on crypto. It provides news and advice on a wide range of topics, including the best wallets, the most secure ways to store coins, and tips for avoiding hacks. Also, this website offers detailed guides for newcomers to the world of crypto.

The team behind Crypto Global News is adamant about covering the latest developments in the digital currency and blockchain spaces. They offer a range of articles, including reviews, opinion pieces, and more. Their site is also a good source of unbiased news and research. They have a weekly newsletter with stories from thought leaders in the crypto industry.

Coinspeaker is a rapidly growing news site that covers all facets of the crypto and altcoin markets. With over 100k subscribers, they provide easy-to-digest videos and commentary. In addition to their regular reporting, they offer a podcast, which is a good way to stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the crypto world.

Unlike most news websites, CryptoPanic allows its users to track the price of a number of different cryptocurrencies. Users can add their own RSS feeds or Twitter sources, so they can stay informed of the latest developments. Plus, this website has an evergreen educational section, so it’s a great resource for those looking to learn more about cryptocurrencies.

Founded by former FTX CEO Bankman-Fried, a savvy stock investor, this site is a good place to find the most up-to-date information on crypto. Aside from the most popular news, they also have a directory of people in the space, and a good selection of opinion pieces and interviews.

Breaking Crypto News is an interesting blog. It covers the latest news, analysis, and tutorials about cryptocurrencies and the Web3.0 revolution. Not only does it focus on the latest, but it has some pretty impressive stats as well. Among its recent topics are an article on the latest crypto financial craze, an interview with Matt Willemsen, a DCA into ETH, and a look into the future of crypto.

Among other good features, the team at CryptoSlate offers access to over 250k active bloggers. The site’s RSS feeds can be customized to include any number of niche categories, including crypto news. Moreover, there’s a dedicated portfolio tracking feature for those who want to keep track of their investments.

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