Bullish #LUNC update, good stuff LUNACLASSIC – we need more of this.
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We have some big crypto news to talk About for Luna classic today because the Last 24 hours have been looking bullish And I also want to talk about the Question is Luna classic in for a Potentially a big December if you guys Think that is the case we could have a Bullish December hit the thumbs up Button on this video and guys let's get Straight into this massive update and The first thing I want to point out to You guys is the price of Terra classic In the last 24 hours is looking bullish So this one is up 11.3 percent last 24 Hours so you guys can see this nice Climb up in the price of lunar classic So what exactly is happening with lunar Classic right now and you guys can see Right here have a look at this one Binance Burns 6.3 billion lunar classic Worth 1 million for November and uh this Is massively exciting so what's actually Happened here instead of having a weekly Burn for lunar classic which we have Been I used to in the past binance has Actually done a big batch uh for the Month so it's is a monthly burn right Here and binance has incinerated up to 6.3 billion lunar classic worth over 1 Million USD so that is a lot of Lambos Right there and uh you know the big Thing about this is weekends now see the Lunar classic total burn amount start to Really really climb so we are now above

35 billion Luna classic Burns so if we Actually have a look at this this looks To be one of the biggest Burns of all Time for lunar Classics so you can see The numbers here 35 billion right here Which is massively exciting and if we Have a look at this graph we have a Massive monthly burn for lunar classic So look how big that candle is right Here this big blue candle that is the Binance burn coming through and uh that Has actually sent a lot of uh enthusiasm A lot of energy over on Twitter so People are very excited about this you Can see uh the numbers go through you Can also see the big green candle go Through as well so lots of people over On Twitter are excited about this I'm Excited about this too and uh you know This other question about December so You guys know uh you know could we Potentially be in it for a big month in December for lunar classic what needs to Happen you know potential Catalyst we Could look out for is uh you know could We see a coinbase listing on lunar Classic could we get Luna classic listed On more crypto exchanges out there right Now we have a absolutely unique Relationship with binance.com that is One of the greatest wins of this Community so it's been amazing to see Lunar classic get that special treatment For binance with all the burns going

Through I would be great to see other Crypto exchanges do it and also those Other crypto exchanges contribute to the Burn of lunar classic if we have a look At where lunar classic is roughly Sitting right now in the price charts You can see right here sitting at number 40. we do want to see this climb up the Ranks and like get back into the mid 30s And I'd actually love to see Luna Classic kind of Smash down the doors of The top 30. so how amazing would it be To to see Luna classic get into the top 20s as well that would be pretty cool And realistically how do we get Terra Classic up the top with the other big Crypto chain so you can see ethereum you Can see binance smart chain they've got A lot of tvl on those chains and uh the Answer is pretty simple guys we need That tvl to come on to the Terra classic Chain so you can see some of the biggest Cryptos out there Tron are you going to Find it up the top of the market caps You're gonna find Avalanche up there Kronos Solana etc etc so realistically We need tvl we need money coming onto The Terra classic chain so if we have a Look right here where are we up to we're Sitting at number 67 we're sitting Around 6 million on chain but we need to Get this number up so what do we need Guys we need lots of defy apps we need Some rewards we need some new cryptos we

Need some new pre-sales things like that That make people excited to be in the Cryptocurrency market so if you guys Know me original subscribers of the Channel you guys know we're big fans of The binance smart chain gems that come Up on the channel and that's one of the Big reasons you know binance has so much So much TBR Lots on your cryptos new Pre-sales people launching on there all The time so I'd love to see uh you know Luna classic get that development new Projects you know that's going to unlock A lot of value for this crypto so it Really comes down to both the Development of the crypto and also the Communities the community wants to uh Participate in these cryptos it could be Bullish and we could potentially be in For a bullish December but of course you Always have to remember in crypto it Does come with that reward and risk also So you guys know there is a bit of Volatility in the world economic scene And I do do updates on that on the big Crypto news on the channel as well so if You guys want to check out those videos You can but guys that's a big update for Terra classic today great to see these Massive Burns go through from binance And uh potentially are we in for a big December we'll find out in the future But guys that's a big update I hope you Guys enjoyed it and I'll see you guys in

The next one crypto Zeus signing out

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