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I found a 30-year cycle that nobody is Talking about I'm gonna break it down in This video it's going to be eye-opening And it's going to be a deep insight as To what this financial industry is going To do over the next 10 to 20 years from Now it's time to buckle up this one's Going to be very deep my name is Steve Welcome in hit that subscribe button and Let's jump into it right now we're on The monthly chart of the S P 500 right In front of you is the history of the s P dating back to the 1920s what you'll Notice right away is there's three Distinct periods this period right here In the 1930s this period right here in The 1970s in this period here in the 2000s all three of them were the worst Time periods in human history from a Financial standpoint it was a period of Sideways movement of very difficult Times of blood in the streets but it Didn't last a year or two it was a 12-year period in the 1930s so all of The 1930s where it was just Devastation Right same in the 1970s if your parents Were around in the 1970s they might tell You it was the hippie times and Everybody was great on LSD and Everything but it was actually very very Difficult financial times for every Human that was alive and it lasted for 10 years it was the entire 70s right and If you remember bubble in the

Early 2000s it was very difficult Because we went from Bubble Plummeting below this blue line and then We had the rise in prices back to a Double top and then we had the 2008 Financial crisis and we came all the way Back down and it was a 10-year period to Really recover from all of this so when Is the next cycle when are we going to Have the next one of this 10-year Periods is it starting right now that's What I want to dig into now keep in mind How did we get these Cycles in is we Have our moving average it's a 100 m a On the monthly so it's 100 month moving Average represents this blue line simply Put when the S P 500 dips below this Blue line for the first time that Signals a 10-year Devastation period There's never been a time where the S P 500 dipped below this blue line and we Didn't have a 10-year period of Devastation it's never happened we Dipped our head below here right here in The 1931 all of the 1930s was Devastation it literally took us 10 Years to recover from that moment same In the 1970s as soon as the 1970s hit we Dipped our head below here in 1970. it Was the first time we had done that Since 1930 right and as soon as we Dipped our head below there that was our Warning sign that the next 10 years are Going to be a bloodbath not the next

Year not the next two years not the next Three the next decade and that's what Exactly happened in the 1970s we Struggled with this blue line and the Market went sideways the financial times Were very difficult a lot of people got Laid off right we had very historic Difficult times in the 1970s and then we Recovered and then the 1980s and 90s Were just an historic growth pattern but It was a similar growth pattern after Here once we finally recovered in the Early 1940s it was Off to the Races Right we were off to higher races in the 80s and 90s so I want to talk about are We in this growth phase now are we in One of these growth phases with just a Little correction right are we in a Growth phase with these kind of Corrections here or are we in the start Of a next decade-long difficult time Because we all know if the world economy Is at absolutely devastating levels for A decade there's no way in hell Bitcoin Is going to do really well during that Time Bitcoin will do work worse than Whatever the the rest of the financial Industry is doing and we all know that Right deep down you understand Bitcoin Is very volatile it usually does better Than everything else when it's growing And it usually Falls further than Everything else when it's falling just Because the law of averages right

Everything averages out so we have to Ask ourselves are we about to enter a Period of a decade-long Devastation or Are we just in are we in the middle of One of these growth phases as we break It down what you'll notice and I'm going To talk about this Bear Flag and I'm Going to compare it to this Bear Flag But I want to talk about a couple things That are more interesting first and That's what happens after this Decade-long phase because what you can See here is after this decade-long Battle with this blue line we got above It here in the early 1940s and we spent The next 27 years as growth okay so After the early 1940s the 27 years after That at 27 years later was the actual Year that we fell below here right so For 27 years it was the Glory Days okay And now we went into this period of 1970s and when we finished it we Finished it around this time right Around 1980 and we spent the next 23 Years as a growth phase so our first Gross phase 27 years our second growth Phase 23 years and you may say okay These are relatively similar one could Expect the number to be relatively Similar to this maybe you know on a Slight decline maybe we go from 27 to 23 To 19. whatever the case may be it Should be similar right we've got a Pretty big data point here and a pretty

Big data point here how many years has It been because we measured it once we Finally got above this blue line inhale As a support that's when we started Measuring these growth phase of 27 years In 23 years by the way the number 27 was The point point at which we got above Here as support to the point that we Actually broke it as resistance that was The 27 years same in the 23 it was from The point of holding an S support to the Point we actually broke it as resistance Right so we ask ourselves where are we In the gross phase now because clearly Unequivocally in the 2000s was our time Period of distress right we had two Pretty major Cycles happen during that Period you know we had bubble And we had the financial crisis of 2008. So once we actually got above here we Were right around here and 2011 very Very early 2012. we're 10 years in right We're on year 11 right now so we had 27 Years here 23 years here we're on year 11. and those are just facts right we Haven't deciphered anything yet we Haven't said One Way Or Another We're Trying to figure out are we potentially In one of these growth phases or are we About to enter one of these phases now Let's make it very very clear if the S P 500 dipped below this level that's the Start of a 10-year horrific time we're Clearly not there right now you can see

We have not broken this blue line okay So we're just talking about facts here If we broke this blue line we would say Not with certainty but with a higher Probability we're about to enter their 10-year phase one could also say hey we Had this in the 1930s and then we had This in the 1970s and then we had this In the 2000s should we have our next Phase in the 2030s or towards the latter Part of the 2020s right just based on The numbers that are in front of us one Could also decipher this right now I Want to talk about these bear flags and Then I'm going to talk about my honest Take on what I think because I think This cycle is incredibly powerful I Don't know why people aren't talking About this we don't enter this type of Cycle very often you know you might live Through two of them in your whole life So these are very very powerful now I Wanted to show this this was a bull flag That we were in previously and we had a Pretty major flagpole this was our flag This is a bullish pattern and it's a Bullish continuation pattern but you can See that this bullish continuation Pattern it played out it broke out and We went up in a major way but we Actually double top and that's what Caused the financial crisis right back Down to where we were so it's a pretty It's a textbook pattern it's a beautiful

Pattern this beautiful Market structure Too we would have never had this type of Growth if we didn't take the time to Build the structure which is another Thing I keep stressing in Bitcoin 2018 Not good Market structure top Short-lived we built incredibly strong Structure here that's why you see the Trajectory of growth that we've seen now We're in a Bear Flag right or Technically we're not in it but we just Were in it let me explain a bear flag is You want to have parallel lines right The top and the bottom the top acts as Resistance the bottom excess support and It bounces between the top and the Bottom line you want to have multiple Touch points so we ran up to the top Here came back to the bottom here ran up To the top here came back to the bottom Here ran back up to the top here came Back down to the bottom and then this Was our breakout candle and this is our Confirmation candle okay so our Confirmation candle is official now what You want to look for is what happens Next because this is a textbook bull Flag we just had our confirmation candle And could this be you know 11 years in Are we going to have several more years Of a run and then enter one of these 10-year decade-long horrific time Periods right because another thing to Look at is whenever price whenever the S

P 500 gets further away from this blue Line we always revert back to the mean Okay and we were just simply too far Above it case in point if you take a Little measured move it's almost 50 Percent and if you look back whenever we Were around 50 before that's when we had We reverted back to the mean right even Around this point you can see we're About 50 here and we had a major Correction to revert back to to this Level and we've done so repeatedly time And time again whenever we get too far Away from this blue line and we're just Pulled back a little bit we can't grow Too fast we can't crash too hard Everything happens in little these Little mini cycles so that could be very Well playing out here now let's talk About what I think because we laid out All of the facts and they're very Fascinating right these Cycles to know That we're about to enter a 10-year Cycle where it's going to be devastating It's beyond remarkable right to be able To know that we're not there yet and if We do cross below this level we will Change our tune but the facts are the Facts we're not there yet and we just Broke out of a bull flag so if you're Looking at the facts and you're saying Hey this period here was a 27 year Period this was a 23-year period we're Only starting year 11. we could have

Some legs right that doesn't mean we're Going to snap our fingers and everything Will be bullish tomorrow we're looking At a chart that's dating back to the 1920s I remind you so what we can say is That based on the facts we may not be Close to this 10-year period yet and if We look at the numbers it looks like This 10-year period will start towards The end of the decade and the beginning Of the next decade at least the way the Numbers are looking right in front of us Which goes against everything that Everybody is saying which somehow I Always find myself on the other side of The fence and that's where I like to Play if you follow my channel this is my Personality this is how I've been since I was a kid when everyone goes right I Go left when everyone says don't go down There it's dangerous I go down there This is how I live it's how I travel Everybody says oh don't travel to these Countries they're really dangerous where Do I go I go to those countries and Guess what they're not dangerous the People are very nice so in charts it's No different what I think is everybody Including every single billionaire who They know more than me they all are Saying the same thing that 2023 is going To be this major recession and maybe it Will be but I get scared when everyone's Saying the same thing and everyone's

Saying the same thing about 2023 I think We're gonna have a rough 2023 in q1 and Q2 but I think it's going to start to Turn around in Q3 and I think we'll have Turned the corner a little bit in Q4 of This year that's what I think that's my Honest take and I think we could avoid It we could avoid this blue line but Let's make no mistake we react to the Facts in the charts if several months From now we crash down and we break this Blue line we can say not with certainty But with a higher probability that we Just entered a 10-year long Devastation Period and we'll be ahead of the curve When that time comes but it could be Towards the end of the decade which Would mean we could be in a Devastation Period from the end of this decade to The end or beginning of 2040 which is Really crazy to think about so you have Some time to make some wise Investments And you're going to need education plain And simple otherwise you're going to be Just a part of the herd so these are Pretty major things let me know in the Comments down below about what you think Is going to happen with this chart and What you think about this 30-year cycle Peace and love to the fellow underdogs Do you want to know when to buy and when To sell click this video right now

Top Crypto News Sources – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sources – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

When it comes to crypto news, it’s important to choose the right sources. There are a lot of online resources offering news, analysis, and advice. However, some of these outlets may also be promoting scams. This is why it’s important to check out each of these sources to see if they’ve had any problems in the past.

One of the best sources for current news on the crypto world is Reddit. In addition to being a forum for the community, it’s also a place where many of the top crypto personalities can be found. Whether you’re looking for information on upcoming ICOs, hacking, or other topics, Reddit is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. Using the hashtags “#crypto” and “#altcoin” can also help you find the right source for your needs.

Coinspeaker is a fast-growing website that covers the entire bitcoin and altcoin markets. Founded in 2014, the site quickly became a leading online source of news. Besides providing news on the market, the site also has a detailed educational section. It provides information on trading, mining, and artificial intelligence. Another section covers 3D printing and virtual reality.

While the team behind The Defiant has a relatively small user base, they are a valuable resource for crypto-related information. Their newsletter, which they send out once a week, is filled with stories from top thought leaders in the crypto space. They also host a weekly podcast.

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies, the Coin Report team believes in their power. As such, they are devoted to providing unbiased and in-depth coverage of the crypto space. With a focus on expert opinions, the team delivers news pieces, reviews, and guides for beginners.

Crypto Insider is a more specialized and focused source of crypto news. It focuses on reporting from emerging markets and the frontiers of cryptocurrencies. Unlike most other sites, the team at this outlet emphasizes investigative journalism, rather than promotional marketing. Despite its focus on investigative journalism, the site also features an evergreen educational section.

The Bitcoin News started covering the crypto space in 2012. After a few years of covering the major coins, it moved to cover the wider cryptocurrency arena. Today, the site provides breaking news, technical perspectives, and reviews for a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Another reliable source for crypto news is the Wall Street Journal. They incorporate CoinDesk’s BPI charts into their reporting. But the site’s content isn’t always that comprehensive. So, if you’re looking for a more in-depth and detailed look at the latest news in the industry, you might want to turn to a different resource.

If you’re more of a trader, you might be interested in CryptoPanic. It offers a portfolio tracking feature and social signals to track price action. Alternatively, you can add your own RSS feeds and Twitter sources to stay up-to-date on the newest cryptocurrencies.

Another good source of crypto news is ZyCrypto. The site is run by a longtime Bitcoin enthusiast. It provides short videos, commentary, and technical articles.

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