The AFTERMATH Of Getting Swatted

Swatting isn’t trendy & hearing this from Bethany’s angle is one more reason why legislation should change this process to a 911-only procedure!
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I was like I don't even know why you're Here and they were like what and there Was a moment where like all seven SWAT Team members are staring at me and I'm Staring at them they received a 9-1-1 Call the call said that he said that he Had murdered his three children and he Was coming back and he was going to Murder me and so that's why they wanted To check on all check on our children I Just was like he didn't do that he Didn't do that the entire time I'm Thinking you just think that the Neighbor has gotten away from you and is In our house so of course you could come And see that our kids are safe they were Like are there things that we need to Know about as far as like mental health And I was like no there's no problems And then they said does he even have a Job and the second they said that I Realized oh we've been swatted I said You know actually he has a job he's a YouTuber he's got a lot of followers and Not Everyone likes him and so I think Our home's been swatted Ben got out of The car and they'd confirmed that yeah We had been swatted

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