The “DEAD or DYING” Coins of Crypto!!!?? Get Out of These Altcoins NOW!!!!!

Today we reveal the top “DEAD or DYING” coins in cryptocurrency!! These are cryptos that should be avoided & if you are holding it should be SOLD!! These altcoins are both in the top 20 cryptocurrencies but both are heading to the crypto graveyard to never return!! What altcoins are DEAD!? Tune in to find out…

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:00 Intro: Who will (NOT) be this cycle’s Ethereum killer?
00:49 Top 10 Coins of previous two cycles
02:14 Solana is dying off
04:03 Solana project Jump Crypto about to go under
05:43 I warned viewers about Solana centralized dangers at their peak
08:52 Binance and FTX token similarities
09:51 Binance to fall just like FTX

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The bear market is the time for restructuring 
a portfolio. If you went into stables it’s   Time to deploy that capital into projects you 
see having a strong narrative when the bull   Arrives. The ones who are building and developing 
something people will use. But it’s also time to   Identify the shatcoins you should avoid & if 
you hold them from the last bull, it’s time to   SELL!! So let’s flush that crypto poo down the 
toilet….because it’s time for Chico Crypto!! Every crypto cycle…there are hyped projects 
in the bull…that get crushed in the BEAR   To likely never return…in the early 
days…2013…the only 2 coins who survived   In the top 10 are Bitcoin and Litecoin, 
2-8 are all irrelevant at this point! Checking out the 2017 bull run peak we can see 
things got better with more projects surviving…but   Many of the top have still become irrelevant. 
#3 Bitcoin Cash has pretty much lost all steam,   #6 IOTA is still around but the hype 
is completely gone, #7 Dash has died,   #9 NEM nobody knows about, #10 Bitcoin 
Gold is an afterthought & the Ethereum   Killer #12 EOS failed to take down 
Ether as the smart contract king. So which TOP coin is going to succumb 
to the fate of irrelevance? As the top   20 coins during this bull run peak is so much 
different than in 2017. Well first we have to   Identify the EOS of this cycle…the “Ethereum 
Killer” that is failing to kill Ethereum…. And that is Solana…who got to all the way 
to rank #4 this last bull run!! Solana is   Getting trashed lately…it’s fallen all the way 
down to rank #20 on Coingecko. The price has   Fallen from above 259 dollars down to $9.40 
cents…a crash & burn of over 96 percent. Solana DeFi is drying up….checking 
out DeFi LLama and ranks based on TVL,   Solana DeFi has been passed 
by Mixin and DeFi Chain… Diving further, we can see TVL 
was 10.17 billion at it’s peak,   Today it’s just over 203 million. A 
decrease of 98 percent!! Shoot in the   Last couple months alone it’s dropped from 1 
b to its current state…a crash of 80 percent!! Now if you didn’t know SBF, FTX & Alameda were 
major supporters of Solana & it’s ecosystem.   Actually Alameda holds a very significant chunk 
of the circulating supply of SOL. As we can see,   The circulating supply is over 365 million SOL,   And alameda holds over 48 million of 
those…or 13.1 percent of all SOL circulating… Those are eventually going to be DUMPED to pay 
back investors!! Alameda Research had a BIG   Investment portfolio, but a large majority of 
their investments were projects working in the   Solana ecosystem….the tokens they received 
from these projects will also be dumped!! Although the biggest thing Solana fanbois 
and girls need to be worried about…is JUMP   Crypto!! If you remember, back in February of this 
year…the wormhole bridge for Solana was hacked for   $320 million dollars. Well the crypto VC firm 
Jump, jumped in and replaced the stolen funds!

And Jump is close to FTX and SBF…protos posted 
this article in November “A look at Jump Crypto   And its shady past” and the article states “Jump 
and FTX go way back and the relationship is a deep   One. However, the links haven’t always been 
viewed favorably. Indeed, Jump was accused of   Colluding with Sam Bankman-Fried’s Alameda 
Research on seed funding rounds and yield   Farming investments. It’s also been alleged that 
Jump withdrew $300 million in assets from FTX the   Day before the exchange paused withdrawals. That 
wallet spent a few days routing USDT and USDC   To two other Ethereum addresses. It also routed 
thousands of ETH to at least two other wallets.” Jump is likely going under and taking a swath of 
Solana projects with it. The President of Jump,   Kanav Kariya, said this in November to someone 
replying to him “how to say we're down bad   Without saying we're down bad” He said “no doubt 
we're down bad. it's a dark day for the industry” Besides the VC blowup…Solana 
is centralized…it’s a glorified   Database that is controlled by the Solana 
foundation. The Solana blockchain went   Down & down & down again…facing outages 
that reached nearly 24 hours on occasions! And I tried to warn…everybody at 
the Solana Top, November of last   Year I was on Crypto Banter…arguing with 
Solana Fanbois and this is what I said… This is what the Solana Fanbois were saying…. Yeah Vinny was thinking Solana was going 
FLIP Ethereum while I was saying this…. Remember that video was in November, the peak of 
the last bull. Arbitrum TVL has held since then,   And Optimism’s TVL has doubled…even with the 
bear sucking liquidity away…and as we know,   Solana TVL has been sucked dry!!
Solana is the EOS of this last   Cycle…it’s not an Ethereum killer, the VCs 
who supported the price are abandoning ship,   And they are still plagued with their blockchain 
issues. I’m not saying they will be 100 percent   Irrelevant by next cycle, in the crypto 
graveyard…but like EOS they will fall from   Grace…EOS in 2018 got all the way to rank #5, but 
today it’s fallen all the way down to rank 40… What other coins should be 
avoided which are highly   Ranked?? Well another one is Binance Coin BNB… Binance coin is way up there….rank #5 with 
a marketcap of over 40 billion dollars but   It’s an exchange token that relies 
on the centralized entity Binance…. And we all know how that went over for FTX’s FTT 
token…but the centralized aspect of their token   Isn’t the only thing they have in common 
with FTX. Both offshore and unregulated,   Both have their own market makers active on its 
exchange, both have minimal corporate governance,   No board of directors, and both are under 
investigation for market manipulation. In my opinion, Binance is just like FTX, 
overleveraged and doing extremely immoral   And illegal things, only they’re bigger and with 
a much more sophisticated mafia-like structure…

Dirty Bubble Media, the one who broke 
the news about FTX in early November,   Even before CZ tweeted…is now going shedding a 
light on Binance with the article “Is Binance   US A Fake Exchange” where he shows with on-chain 
proof that Binance and Binance.US have transferred   Billions of dollars in crypto between each other. 
They conclude with “We believe that these simple   Analyses demonstrate that Binance.US customer 
funds are being sent to Binance and commingled   With Binance customer assets. Our data also 
suggest that Binance.US is using Binance to   Perform customer trades while pretending 
to be an independent entity. In reality,   Binance.US appears to be little more than a facade 
to obfuscate the fact that an unregulated offshore   Crypto business currently under investigation 
for money laundering and sanctions violations   Is doing business in the United States 
despite being banned from the country.” If this is true…Binance is 
in HOT water…like REAL hot   Which makes holding Binance Coin extremely risky! Popular crypto analyst Dylan Leclair tweeted 
“BNB is currently serving as collateral   For nearly the entire crypto derivative 
complex. Binance is the only game in town,   And an inflated $BNB price is integral 
for margin positions. They own ~50%   Of the entire float and they subsidize 
financing costs against it as collateral. Although, there is no way to check the safety 
of BNB…is it overleveraged?? Blockchain analyst   And journalist Data Finnovation put out a 
great thread investigating the BNB chain   Due to many requests and they found some 
very suspicious things. They said “we can   Now see for sure there are magical transfers 
between systems and these are not auditable.   The supply of bnb does not appear to be 
consistently managed across both halves   Of the "binance chain complex". Lots 
of stuff here does not look to have   A verifiable history. its probably not 
fair to call this a "blockchain" anymore There is no way to audit the chain, supplies 
don’t match, no verifiable history…BNB is likely   Overleveraged & in my opinion is a ticking 
time bomb. Cheers I’ll see you next time!

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

There are many sites for you to get the latest news about the crypto market. It is important to keep up with current events and developments to stay ahead of the game. To find a reliable source, you need to narrow down your options and pick a site that has the most authentic and comprehensive coverage.

CoinDesk is one of the largest and most well-respected sources of cryptocurrency and fintech news. The site has millions of subscribers and publishes news about crypto and fintech daily. In addition, it has millions of views on its website and social media. The Wall Street Journal incorporates CoinDesk BPI charts into its reporting. This is the most widely sourced price index for the Bitcoin currency.

CoinSpeaker is a new and growing crypto news site. It delivers the core story in a simple factual style. Its coverage is comprehensive and spans all aspects of the bitcoin markets. It also includes financial analysis, ICO news, and market sentiment.

Crypto Tips is a comprehensive source for all of the latest news and information on the crypto market. They provide in-depth reviews and analyses of the current state of the market, upcoming ICOs, and tips on avoiding hacks and protecting your coins. Their articles are ideal for those who are just getting started with crypto and want to know more about its impact on the global economy.

ETHNews is an independent publication that covers the Ethereum ecosystem and its latest news and events. In addition to the latest news, ETHNews provides comprehensive guides on the Ethereum protocol and other cryptocurrencies. Aside from covering the Ethereum platform, ETHNews also offers news about other virtual currencies, including Litecoin and Ripple.

Unlike most crypto news sites, Coinspeaker doesn’t focus on marketing or selling products. Instead, it provides a solid, unbiased source of news. ETHNews is also non-monetizing, meaning it isn’t in the business of making money off of its users’ subscriptions.

Another good option is Altcoin Today, which is a daily crypto news site that covers major coins and prominent figures in the crypto space. In addition to its regular features, Altcoin Today has a dedicated op-ed section, which covers topics such as crypto fads and a look at how the crypto industry is changing the global financial system.

Brave New Coin is another news site that delivers solid news on the cryptocurrency market. The site’s data-engine taps into every crypto exchange on the planet, allowing it to track all tokens in real time. Additionally, the team produces research and tools for developers and key decision makers.

CryptoPanic is another great resource for those looking for a site that provides a variety of unbiased news and analytics. Subscribers can add their own RSS feeds and Twitter sources to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. Users can also customize their news feeds to include specific cryptocurrencies. You can also follow a portfolio to monitor the performance of your portfolio and social signals for price action.

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