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We have a very exciting new Cryptocurrency project to learn about on The channel today this one is called Dapos and it's coming straight out of The binance incubation lab so this is a Very exclusive project it actually beat Out over 900 other projects in the Crypto space to win a premium spot on The binance labs incubation program so Catching the attention of the biggest Crypto Exchange in the world right now And what we're going to do in this video Is we're going to run through exactly What dapos is what is the utility it's Bringing to the market what does it do For users in cryptocurrency we're also Going to take a look at some of the Massive Partnerships they have recently Put together and on top of that we'll Also be talking about this massive Giveaway they are doing as well so if You like getting your hands on free Crypto make sure to hit the thumbs up Button on this video this one is a Sponsored review and on top of the free Giveaway dappos is doing I'll also be Giving away some free crypto of my own To you guys because I appreciate you Tuning into these videos right now so if That sounds good please do me a favor Hit the thumbs up button on this video As always this is not Financial advice And let's get straight in to this Exciting project so this one is called

Dapos it's actually part of the very Exclusive binance Labs incubation Program that I mentioned at the very Start so binance Labs very very hard to Actually become a member of this there Are you know hundreds if not thousands Of crypto projects they all need to be Part of binance because binance is Basically the king in the crypto space And you can actually see this quote from The head of binance labs and it says Right here binance Labs has always been Actively looking for scalable and Downturn resilient projects that we Believe are crucial to the growth of Web3 Industry our incubation program Aims to empower early stage web 3 Founders and help them reach their full Potential regardless of market Conditions so very very exciting for uh Dapos to actually be part of the Incubation program and to get that Recognition from binance for actually You know the potential of what they Bringing out and you can see just from The Twitter account they want to bring You know crypto from the millions to the Billions bring web to user experience to All dapps so you guys know one of the Tricky things with cryptocurrency is uh User experience so sometimes it's a Little bit complicated for people out There and if we actually jump over to DAP os's website right here we can see

What exactly they are bringing out so It's all about user experience it's About making things easier for people in Cryptocurrency and it says dapos is an Operating protocol that manages crypto Infrastructure for users anyone can Access dapps without complicated Workflow or crypto knowledge so you can Develop with dap OS so it's going to add Really good development to crypto Projects out there make it simpler make It easier and we're going to take a look At some massive Partnerships later on That are already using dap OS in their Crypto projects and it says right here Dapos account what can you do right There no confusing recovery phase reset Account by other device devices or even Third-party kyc services unified account As well and they also have the workflow So it only takes one click to verify the Entire workflow and that is very Impressive so you know in crypto Sometimes there's a bunch of steps it's Very complicated you have to do lots and Lots of things to make things happen Zappos is basically simplifying that for Crypto projects as well so how does Dapos work so you have the UI the user Interface so it's going to have some Very nice front-end interfaces to access Services and manage accounts many Program platforms for lightweight apps SDK for third-party apps or websites and

Then on top of that it has the DAP OS Services too so system services Including chain encapsulation virtual Wallet systems and hybrid payment Develop application Services based on SDK of system services and the host Network makes all services Decentralized right there so it's all About user experience it's all about Making the crypto flow simpler and uh Basically simplified utility is how I Would classify dap OS so this has Massive potential to lots of projects Out there and uh this is probably why it Got recognition from the binance labs Incubation project and it does show People how to build on dap OS as well so Very very easy deploy your contract Develop based on the SDK they have Upload the package that contains both UI And back-end services and the app is Ready to be used by users from any chain Or even without a wallet so that is how Simple it is for people to get started With dap OS and if we actually jump into Their documents right here you know it Highlights exactly what they are trying To achieve right here and it's all about Making dapps as user friendly as Possible for people out there and they Really want to onboard you know billions Of users into web3 so user experience Really matters and they've identified That web three accounts you know they

Can be confusing the recovery process Can be confusing but they have a Solution for that and they also Understand that complicated workflows Are a problem as well so they talk about Liquidity farming right here you know The whole process to you know do a Liquidity farming operation you've got To do multiple contract Integrations but Dapos is basically looking to streamline It make it easier for people and that's Really bullish overall for the crypto Market so we want more people Participating in web3 we want more People to participating in defy and you Can just imagine how many projects dapos Could provide massive value to as well But that is exactly what dapos is Bringing out and you can see dappos V1 Here and how the workflow works so You've got dapos user accounts and that Through the dapos network you know they Can automate some of the workflows which Is the real big value driver for the Service that you're bringing out and if We actually have a look at this article Right here you can see some of the Massive progress dapos has been making Recently so again they're one of the Exclusive binance Labs incubation Projects they've got tons of new Partnerships we're actually going to Check out some of the interfaces of some Of those Partnerships as well that dapos

Has been instrumental in building out They have a massive growing Community as Well over on Discord and on Twitter We're going to be checking that out as Well and they did beat over 900 other Web 3 projects which is a massively Exciting and you can see right here it Says thanks to DAP os's SDK and virtual Wallet developers can deploy multi-chain Deployment easily and users can get a Frictionless access to any dapps making The experience comparable to the Familiar web 2 mobile applications and You can see right here they have some Big Partnerships but let's check out Some of the user experience that is Already up and running with dapos so you Can see Bank Qi right here and they Implementing dapos you also have quick Swap as well so quick swap is utilizing Dapos's a user experience user interface Ux and that is looking very good as well And you also have kyber swap as well so Kyber swap is utilizing a Dap OS as well And these are some of the big Partnerships the big collaborations Dapos is doing in the crypto swap so Q Swap kyber swap quick Swap and I expect These to continue to grow because the Good utility dap OS is bringing out Right now and you can see right here These Partnerships are really starting To grow so 14 new Partnerships eight Public chain integration so it's a

Multi-chain a project 2 500 plus CN Users 40 000 total transactions and 2 Million tvl so the party is really Getting started and you can see right Here the value that you're bringing out Through the user experience but also Reducing the number of steps so it says Right here for example the number of Steps required for sending receiving and Using assets on on the BNB chain was Greatly reduced from 76 down to four and The entire process can be completed Within one minute rather than 12 minutes Needed previously so that is a really Really good to see and again because of The utility to bring out they are Landing a lot of these big Partnerships Right here and the community is growing Out which we will check out soon on top Of that in regards to security they have Been working with secure three for a Really good thorough security assessment Which is a nice signal in the crypto Space but on top of that them getting Recognized by binance as well is another Very nice security signal as well so I Really think Finance is big on security And for them to get part of the Incubation program uh they would have Some good Security in place that's my Interpretation anyway and uh in addition You can see their Community really Starting to grow so 110 000 people in the community lots of

People on Twitter Telegram and Discord Right there they have a lot of our Campaigns going amas giveaways we'll Talk about the giveaways soon in the Media as well so really good marketing Campaign happening daily Community Engagement they got ambassadors as well Uh speaking about the project a thousand Plus user reviews and things are looking Really good so the crypto Market is is Picking up dapos is bringing some really Big utility to the crypto space and if We learn more about one of the big Giveaways they have right now so this is Just kicked off recently and if you want To get your hands on some free crypto You can so dapos with kyber swap there Is a big giveaway happening right now so You can potentially get some free crypto Are they giving away up to twenty Thousand dollars worth of usdt and also Kyber swap tokens and you can see right Here it says to celebrate our Collaboration with kyber swap we are Organizing a giveaway worth of 20 000 Usdt and KNC tokens to participate you Are required to complete a staking task On kyber Swap empowered by the dapper OS And they also have a link right here to The tutorial so how you actually do it And if you go through those steps follow The steps then you can get some of the Rewards that are now in place so they Have up to 500 prizes to give out and

How many people have completed it Already so you've got 197 have already Went in for it so there are some rewards Left and that is very exciting right There and you can see the follow-on Instructions right there so massive Giveaways are happening up to 20 000 Usdt and kyber networks and they also Have a premium bonus of up to 10 000 USD In usdt giveaway as well with some more Instructions but I'm going to leave a Specific link to DAP os's uh giveaway Right here on how you can get your hands On some free crypto right there but that Is looking very exciting and if we jump Over to their Twitter account you can See a lot of exciting tweets are coming Out constantly about these guys they're Having lots of amas lots of giveaways Lots of community building as well and Uh lots of exciting tweets are coming Out for dapos but really good to see Them getting recognized by binance Really exciting to see the progress they Are making over on Twitter and if you Guys want to learn more about dapos Definitely make sure to check them out Over on Twitter they are also on a bunch Of other platforms too so they're on Telegram they have a telegram Channel That's the official telegram channel Right there so if you want to learn more About this and the value that it's Bringing to the crypto Market get some

Free crypto be part of the community you Can check out their telegram right there On top of that they also have a Discord As well so you can jump into the Discord Ask some questions in the Discord they Have Medium as well and of course their Website but that is a very very exciting Look at our dap OS and some of the Utility and value they are bringing out To the crypto Market I hope you guys got Value out of this video if you did Smash The thumbs up button and in addition to The massive giveaways dapos is doing Right now I'm also going to be doing a Giveaway over on my Twitter account so You guys tuning into these videos always Appreciate it when you do tune into These videos means a lot so what you can Do head over to my Twitter account after This video goes live I'm going to put Out a tweet about this project like and Retweet that and you're gonna get your Hands on 50 worth of busd go to see of Me today but guys that is a very Exciting look at dapos Making Waves in The crypto space getting recognized by Binance hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll see you in the next one crypto Zeus Signing out

Top Crypto News Sources – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sources – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

With a variety of cryptocurrencies and a fast-paced market, it’s important to stay on top of the latest crypto news. This can be tricky, but if you follow reputable sources, you’ll be able to stay up to date with the latest developments. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most influential news outlets for crypto fans.

CoinDesk is a popular online media outlet that features editorial and technical articles, video clips, podcasts, and newsletters. They are a major source of unbiased crypto news. Their coverage covers a wide variety of topics, including artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and the blockchain. In addition, they have the most sourced Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) and are also the host of the Consensus Summit in New York City.

Cointelegraph is an online independent news outlet that provides news and reviews about the Internet of Finance, a new ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, and other cutting-edge technologies. The site is known for its well-crafted journalism. Unlike other outlets, Cointelegraph focuses on expert opinion, rather than promoting a particular cryptocurrency. It’s a great resource for those interested in learning more about the technology and how it’s shaping the future of the web.

ETHNews is an independent news outlet that provides comprehensive information about the Ethereum ecosystem. Although the team focuses on the Ethereum platform, they also cover virtual currencies and other technology. If you are an entrepreneur or investor, you can subscribe to their newsletters, which are regularly updated with relevant news.

Bitfalls is another crypto news outlet. While they do focus on the technology behind cryptocurrencies, they also cover shady dealings and irregularities. They also offer guides for those new to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Reddit is another great source of unbiased news. There are a variety of subreddits devoted to a range of cryptocurrencies, from r/Bitcoin to r/Ethereum. Users are encouraged to express their opinions and engage in a variety of discussions. One of the best features of the site is its confirmation system, which allows users to verify rumors. Another benefit of using Reddit is its diverse audience, which includes a large group of crypto enthusiasts.

CryptoPanic is one of the first crypto news aggregators. They have a comprehensive news section that includes breaking news, social signals, and price action. You can also follow specific cryptocurrencies, and you can customize your subscription to receive tweets, Twitter sources, and RSS feeds.

Altcoin Today is a daily crypto news site. While it doesn’t post as much as the other sites on this list, they are still a valuable resource for anyone looking for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the cryptocurrency market. They don’t promote the sale of new cryptocurrencies, but they provide in-depth coverage on the state of the industry.

The Defiant is a podcast and newsletter focused on long form content. They often feature interviews with the leading figures in the crypto and fintech industries, and they cover a wide variety of topics.

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