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0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Christmas Sale
1:14 – This Coin
1:41 – Price Action
2:14 – Curvature
2:56 – Stochastic RSI
4:05 – Pressure Cooker
5:28 – Unveiling the coin

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THIS COIN About To Do Something For FIRST TIME In 2 YEARS


Have you seen the seen this chart right Here do you know which coin this is There's something brewing there's a Pressure cooker for me we're gonna Unveil what this is which coin this is And what you should be doing with this Coin right now hit that subscribe button My name is Steve time is running out we Just launched the largest sale of the Calendar year 75 off on our all-in-one I want to Introduce you to a couple students who Signed up to the all-in-one take a Listen I realized that I definitely Didn't know enough and I lost some money I was trading primarily with emotions And I was losing bad and my back what I Spent on the course times three and uh I've made I've made money back and I was Making more money than they were in the Course Steve just things so simply it Was so easy to understand I learned so Much you learned to do it without Emotion this was literally changing my Life it was changing my family's life You heard it first I want to help Change your life but time is running out Only a limited time on that 75 off let's Jump into it now in today's video what I Want to share with you is this coin Because this coin is in a pressure Cooker and it could be about to do

Something for the first time in two Years and I want you to be well aware of What this is we've got a lot happening With price action up here we've got some Pretty cool stuff happening with the Stochastic RSI although some slight Problems and then we've got our pressure Cooker forming here you know which coin This is put your guess in the comments Down below we'll unveil it in a moment Let's start with price action price Action has been battling this green line For quite some time this candle of October 31st Halloween candle was Literally the only candle that we ever Closed above this green line this whole Calendar year this was the only candle And it was short-lived we closed above It and then this was our breakdown Candle again but the last time that we Are above it was literally December of Last year so we've been battling this Green line the one thing that we can say About this green line that's pretty Fascinating is that this curvature of The green line is showing some signs That we could be changing our momentum Again when you see the moving average Just continue down and down and down is Resistance resistance resistance you Want to look for a pivotal point you Want to look for an inflection point of A change in momentum you can see here When we're going down down down down

Down we started to have some curvature Here and that's when we finally broke Above and you can see that all moving Averages are similar we're starting to See that curvature come we're starting To see some just a little bit of early Warning signs that we could be changing Our momentum then we go to the Stochastic Garcia and again we're on the Weekly but our stochastic RSI is not Looking as friend finally you can see That we had a cross setback here when we Had our pivot low when we reached down To below 900 and we battled up after That stochastic RSI cross it was about 134 percent of an increase but a Rejection from this green line but That's the power of the stochastic RSI And after we had that downfall we Created a high a lower high and another Lower high and we're having a little bit Of problems here we do have a cross-up Our momentum is heading up what I want To see with this Cross of the stochastic Cross eye is to get above this last Swing high of 75 you want to see that Get above here because you don't want to Continue to have a high a lower high Another lower high you don't want this To be yet another lower high and a Continuation to the downside you want to See that get above here created a new High a new swing high and start to Change that momentum and it could

Coincide very nicely with this green Line now to the main point what you see Here is something that's similarly Playing out with Bitcoin where we're in A pressure cooker make no mistake about It we had our swing High here another Lower high another lower high back here In November of 2021 so all of 2021 lower Highs in all of 2022 lower highs what You see happening now is we had this Little pivot here and we're kind of Topping at the same area here and Getting rejection from this red line We've got several touch points of our Red line and this is our base at 37.7 And it goes back all the way until November 2019 and even resistance from August 2018 and also some support and Resistance from back in 2016. So this Level for us is so critical we're Holding it as a nice little base since August of this year and we're running Into our pressure cooker the clock is Ticking and it's going to make a move Right it's either going to break its Head through this upside which would be A Telltale sign of this line here and a Higher swing High than this one which Could cause the price to go up and Actually start to close above this green Line but again what could happen is our Pressure cooker could break to the Downside and we could reverse this green Line to the downside and we could

Continue to have some problems with our Momentum shall we unveil what this chart Is it's one of my favorite coins on Planet Earth outside of Bitcoin let's Unveil it now drum roll please This is ethereum we're on ethereum on The weekly chart congratulations if you Guessed it correctly and we're going to Be making more updates on ethereum Ethereum is at a critical Crossroads Very similar story to bitcoin but one That's going to play out over the next Couple weeks so it's going to be very Very quick that we're going to know more Fate For ethereum subscribe [Music] Thank you

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