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We have some very exciting updates to Talk about for over the reality the Exciting metaverse Next Level Cryptocurrency that has recently entered Into a massive partnership with just Central and we're gonna be covering this Big event that they just recently hosted Uh in the metaverse so it actually Happened virtually and some of the key Statistics coming out of that event and We're also going to be learning more About this crypto project as well so What exactly is over the reality the Future AR metaverse project what is this All about who is on the team what does The security look like and what are some Other exciting things these guys are Doing in the crypto space right now so If that sounds good to you guys and you Guys enjoy learning about these exciting Updates make sure to hit the thumbs up Button on this video drop a comment down Below this one is a sponsored update but In addition I'll be giving away some Free crypto of my own so make sure to Stick around to the end of this video if You want to learn how to get some free Crypto as always this is not Financial Advice I'm not a financial advisor but I Hope you guys are enjoying the journey So far so guys I want to kick off this Video actually by playing a video to you Which some highlights of this massive Concert they actually had with

Decentraland so this metaverse event it Was absolutely crazy you can see the Tweet right here we recently Participated one of the biggest music Festivals in the metaverse decentralized Mvmf 2022 we were happy to partner with The central land to showcase the future Of music events through a cross-chain Platform experience here are a few Highlights so let's play this [Music] [Music] All right Bye [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] So there you guys go very very exciting Look at uh some aspects of that Metaverse event and also some aspects of The cryptocurrency itself so doing a lot Of cool things uh in the crypto space And if we actually check out this Article right here and you can see this Was a big event so there are some big Highlights coming out of this uh but at A broad level if you guys don't know About over the reality this is an Augmented reality platform it's built on The ethereum blockchain we're going to Take a look at the website soon but it Is actually live it's working they've Got apps up and running and the

Technology is actually here and it Actually works which is amazing to see And this AR can be experienced through Both Mobile smartphones or even smart Glass as well and over is basically the Bridge between the virtual and the real World and this is actually a very very Immersive environment so video audio VR AR the amount of creativity that can go In to this cryptocurrency ecosystem is Pretty unparalleled and you can can see They did have that massive partnership With decentralized metaverse music Festival 2022 and there was a lot of famous People who actually went to this event You can see DJ regard if you've heard That song write it on Tick Tock DJ Regard is the person who created that Song and he was playing at this event There was Nicola Fasano there was Dan Ross Hazel Ozzy Osbourne and also Soldier Boy as well performing at this So very very exciting event and what Kind of took this to the next level was That interaction with the AR and the Virtual reality and actually 49 000 People actually participated in this Over the four day event and there was a Lot of transactions going through within The ecosystem itself so you guys can see Right here people were using the app Overlands were getting sold over tokens We're getting spent over tokens we're

Also getting burnt so good signals of The crypto ecosystem is alive those Transactions were going through and you Guys can see right here over is also Looking into the clothing and the Accessory Marketplace right now and so You guys know fashion and the metaverse Also has really big potential so some of The biggest fashion brands out there are Coming into the metaverse we already Know DJ's famous DJs are coming into the Metaverse and we also know you know the Metaverse is open to people who want to Participate in the ecosystem as well but Fashion and clothing is another big Thing on the horizon for this Cryptocurrency and uh this was a massive Success with decentraland and also Successful that I've just seen this Tweet come out just recently so over the Reality fresh tweet metaverse Fashion Week 2023 March the 28th to the 31st Save the dates and again another massive Partnership happening with decentraland Also spatial as well and this is aiming To be 2023's biggest cross metaverse Fashion Event and you guys know Decentraland is already a massive crypto In the market so things are really Starting to cross-pollinate the Ecosystem is starting to build out and If we do check out their website right Here guys check it out the website is Very Sleek but you can see some of the

Technology that is already up and Running so you can create digital layers In the application you can create the Next level geolocalized experiences and You can see some previews right here of How it operates you can see Virtual Worlds which is pretty cool you can see The transactions going through as well And there's basically a lot of Opportunity already up and running so You can become an nft land owner in the Ecosystem and you can also jump into the Metaverse yourself so you can create a Nevada download the applications to the Application is already up and running on The Apple App Store and also Google Play And uh these guys are basically building Out a massive metaverse ecosystem right Now so this thing is getting constructed Right now but it's already up and Running it's already active the nfts are Flowing and people are getting excited About this and you can see a little bit Of the Overland right here so some of The transactions going through for this But this is pretty Global right now so Lots of things happening in this Metaverse and they also have the Marketplace as well so you've got the Overtoken it right here and you've also Got the Overland as well and if we learn A little bit more about this Cryptocurrency this one I would rate as A very professional cryptocurrency

Project so it's a big crypto project There's a lot of people on the team all These people have LinkedIn accounts as Well you can see David a uh right here Who is the CEO of the project you've Also got Diego uh Tomaso here's the CEO Of the project uh but basically there's A huge amount of people uh working on This project right now so it's a very Serious cryptocurrency project I would Rate the team of this crypto as a Professional cryptocurrency with a Professional team but it's a very big a Well-supported cryptocurrency so the Team is looking good and that's a really Good security signal with this crypto And uh in addition these guys are Building up a massive roadmap as well so They've already ticked off a lot of the Boxes in 2022 for this crypto they had That massive event just recently with The central land but you got you can see Right here they're working on heaps of Things so map to one to development Staking 3.0 more future development Happening for the rest of 2022 and this Will continue to develop into 2023 as well and if we learn a little Bit more about this crypto over on Social media they actually have a very Strong presence over on uh Twitter they Are doing giveaways as well so if you Guys want giveaways in addition to the Crypto giveaway I'm doing you can check

Them out over on Twitter so they are Putting out lots of exciting tweets and You can actually see some of the Augmented reality they are building out Right here so if we watch this through Right here you can actually see a bit of A preview of how this actually works so It is very very cool to see this happen In real time with the technology uh These guys are building out right here So inside the overar metaverse so that Is awesome and I also saw some really Cool things coming out for a Christmas As well so you guys know Christmas is Coming up and you can actually put a Christmas tree up in the ecosystem a Virtual Christmas tree so it's been Designed it looks like and that is just Awesome to see right there so digital Christmas trees are getting put up in The metaverse right now getting into the Christmas spirit right there which is Awesome to see and there's basically a Ton of more activity happening over on Twitter so definitely make sure to check Them out over on Twitter and see what's Going on over there so if you guys want To learn more about Overland definitely Check out their website I'll leave a Link tree link as well so they've got a Ton of different links to different Aspects of the ecosystem and information About the cryptocurrency and the token Itself which is a big part of the

Ecosystem it's trading over on Maxi Right now bingx bit get cuecoin as well Uh bitmart and a lot of other exciting Crypto exchanges as well so that is Where the over token is trading but Really good to see these guys get some Massive partnership recognition in the Crypto space launching some big Metaverse events and uh I'm looking Forward to 2023 for these guys as well And guys that is a big update on the Over metaverse if you guys enjoyed it Make sure to hit the thumbs up button And as promised I will be giving away Some free crypto so to get your hands on Some free cryptocurrency of me today Make sure to like this video comment Down below what you guys think of this Cryptocurrency project and then head Over to my Twitter account so I will be Putting out a tweet after this video Goes live drop a like and retweet on That tweet and one of you guys will win The 50 free crypto giveaway today so Guys appreciate you guys tuning into the Video I hope Overland goes well and I'll See you guys in the next one crypto Zeus Signing out

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