THIS Will Kill Crypto

Among the biggest threats to the integrity of the space is the needless in-fighting that comes from people’s willingness to make accusations without merit or proof. We need to do better. We need to raise the standard – not only for holding each other accountable but for how we do it.
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Understand the problem with this first Of all we have not had a single Sponsored video since January of last Year or January of this year we gave Away 100 of our YouTube profits this Year to our nft community 100 okay the Fact is is that you have people that Talk nonsense that don't know us that Tried to throw us under the bus Meanwhile I'm working with politicians And Regulators trying to fix the space If you don't know a person and you don't Have proof of something they've done and You're out here saying and accusing on Twitter you are the problem you are the Reason why there's why there's no trust In this space

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