This Will Make Crypto 10X (Don’t Miss This!)

The bullish part of the Bitcoin Spot ETFs is only getting started. See why I believe this next bull market is going to be much bigger than the last one.

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00:00 This Is Going to Make Crypto 10X
0:50 Bitcoin Price Discussion
1:46 Google Bitcoin and Crypto Ads Soon
3:24 Important info about Bitcoin Spot ETFs
5:33 BlackRock Bitcoin Updates
7:00 Grayscale massive Bitcoin dumps
7:40 Bitcoin and Crypto Trend Level Info
10:45 Crypto and NFT Trend Level Info


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What's up everyone this is Tony Journey Crypto welcome back to another video so We have Bitcoin up around 6% this Morning it just broke $42,000 so even with the massive selling Pressure from grayscale they're selling Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin every single morning even with That massive selling pressure uh from Them and other whales there's enough Buying pressure to counter that and Continue upward so we didn't really get The correction everyone is talking about Bitcoin dropping to 30 to 35,000 that could still happen at some Point but uh there are some new bullish Developments as well I do want to talk About that's going to greatly increase Retail adoption over the next couple Months I do want to talk about Google Trend levels as well and why this is Very important and where I see things Headed and how you can use this to get Ahead of the herd as well and do great In the crypto markets so if we take a Quick look at the Bitcoin chart we can See the move upwards today is really the First move up we've had since the Bitcoin spot ETF approvals here where Bitcoin was around $47 48,000 uh so after after that it was Pretty much just correcting downwards uh Which was expected a lot of people that Did buy to uh sell on this news uh

Bitcoin was pretty much up 2x at that Point so that is expected uh but now we Are seeing a little move upwards but That doesn't mean we're just going to Continue upwards from here there can Still be a correction down to 30 to $35,000 that's where a lot of people Think uh we are going to retest for a While before we actually uh continue Moving upwards getting closer to the Bitcoin having in April so just because We have this move up today and things Are looking good it doesn't mean we're Out of the woods and we're going to Continue upwards from here uh still very Likely we continue having a correction And we do test 30 to 35,000 over the Next month or two but there is a couple Bullish things here that are starting That will help retail interest uh start To rise as long as retail interest is Consistently Rising that means more Buying pressure is coming into the Markets leading into the Bitcoin having In April where the supply is going to Get cut as well those are multiple Things that is uh taking a lot of Supply Out of the markets and uh with demand Rising at the same time that does mean Prices are going to go up overall so This is massive news in my opinion Google to permit Bitcoin and crypto ads Starting January 29th that's just in a Few days from now so this is massive

Google is the largest advertising Platform online this includes YouTube as Well so like we've been talking about For the first time ever all of these Institutions are going to be spending Millions of dollars to promote Bitcoin And crypto because they have products For this now the Bitcoin spot ETF we've Seen uh over a dozen ads come out for This already between all these different Companies so the fact they're going to Be able to start actually advertising Through Google and YouTube with these That is massive and that means all of Them are going to start competing so This is going to start within the next Week here so uh this is much bigger than A lot of people expect uh the previous Bull markets we didn't have this type of Advertisement coming from these Companies and and for the first time Ever they're all going to be competing For that ad spot and uh spending Millions of dollars to promote Bitcoin And crypto which will gradually over Time increase uh retail demand which Will bring more people into the markets Uh take more Bitcoin out of Supply with The Bitcoin having coming shrinking the Supply even further that is very bullish For the mid to long term so I think this Post is important uh from the CEO of Bitwise uh they're the company that did The first Bitcoin spot ETF commercial if

You guys didn't see this uh they did a Great job on this and it got a few Million views organically uh being first To the market with that as well so They're probably going to start putting Millions into advertisement with these Ads that they made especially with that Google ad approval coming so this post I Think is pretty important he said Bitcoin ETFs are starting the transition From the first inning to the second First inning was the excitement of Launch and investors who could move Quickly doing so second inning is now The journey hundreds of meetings and Conversations to help people Thoughtfully consider the opportunity Bitwise as a specialist uh this is all We do excited about the conversations Already underway and the weeks ahead so I did talk about this a little bit uh There's not just going to be a rush of Massive Demand with the Bitcoin spot ETF Approvals these companies are going to Take time to convince their clients uh That Bitcoin is a worthy investment uh They're going to start rolling out their Ads over time it's going to be a mid to Long-term thing but overall it's going To have a massive effect on the crypto Market so this is just getting started In my opinion this second inning is the Important part this is where retail Adoption starts gradually rising and

This is what's going to have the massive Effect on the crypto space in the mid to Long term uh much bigger effect this Will have than uh what he mentioned with The first inning the excitement and the Actual approvals themselves uh so what Actually Matters from the Bitcoin spot ETFs is the actual ual adoption that Comes from it and that takes time They're not going to get every single One of their clients to buy in in the First week it's going to take time Especially some of these people they're Skeptical on bitcoin they're just now Hearing about it they need to learn About it they need to have these Meetings uh they need to do their proper Research and due diligence so it will Take time but over time I do believe Demand will be rising because of this Especially leading into the Bitcoin Having so you can see there's a reply in This post as well from Black Rock Basically uh inviting their clients to a Webinar uh which was actually just a Couple hours ago from the time of this Video uh so it says join digital asset Leaders from Black Rock for a follow-on Discussion on what the newly launched Bitcoin ETFs mean for investors and Advisers topics will include what makes This a pivotal moment for investors Insight from early Market activity post Launch uh deeper dive on I shares

Bitcoin trust uh resources available to Help educate so they are uh actively Trying to educate their existing clients And with all the advertisement that's Going to start between Google and YouTube uh over the next week here Gradually this is going to start picking Up retail interest with bringing in a Lot more money into the markets so very Bullish uh like I said for the mid to Long term so this morning Black Rock Spot Bitcoin ETF now holds around $2 Billion worth of bitcoin that's pretty Massive we're only a couple weeks in After the spot ETF approvals this amount Is going to gradually increase uh like We saw with that webinar that was Actually just this morning Advertisements starting in the next few Days they're going to continue the Webinars and promoting to their existing Clients while they're now going to start Really pushing to retail interest uh Retail investors as well so not just From Black Rock but all these other Companies as well like bitwise uh Fidelity all these other companies that Are going to be doing the same uh which They already have trillions of dollars Between existing clients not only that Bringing in new clients uh through their Advertisements so very bullish in General uh so like we've been saying Grayscale adding massive selling

Pressure to the markets how would the Markets actually look right now if they Weren't selling massive amounts of Bitcoin but regardless Bitcoin looking Good today and not even having too big Of a correction that's actually pretty Bullish in my opinion cuz once this Starts slowing down and that retail Interest continues on a steady rise We're just going to start moving up even Quicker so grayscale has transferred uh Over 100,000 Bitcoin now to coinbase Since the ETF approval and they still Hold around 500,000 Bitcoin so is this Going to slow down at anytime soon uh is It going to matter even if they do Continue moving that much so I quickly Want to go over Google Trend levels I Think this is very important it gives You a good understanding of where we're Currently at in the markets the massive Potential ahead and how the flow of the Markets work as well how things uh Interest moves from one thing to the Other and how you can use this to your Advantage so if we take a look at the Chart we can see Bitcoin had its first Major Peak at the beginning of 2021 in January uh where it did Peak here at 87 And we can see crypto's first Peak Wasn't until Fe beginning of February so It took 1 month from the peak of Bitcoin For that to flow over into crypto and Then similarly uh that also had another

Peak for Bitcoin and then we saw the Next crypto Peak around the same time as Uh the actual peak of retail interest For Bitcoin when it hit 100 so that's Kind of the flow of the markets uh Bitcoin and ethereum will bring in all The new retail interest and uh those new Retail investors will start branching Out learning about altcoins and other Stuff in the crypto space it takes them A few weeks but that's when the altcoins Start picking up after we get the first Major peak of the Bitcoin ethereum and Other top 10 Cryptos uh so we can expect something Similar to that uh but we can see here Currently uh the crypto Trend really Hasn't moved much it moved up a tin tiny Bit with Bitcoin but um I really don't Think we're going to get our major Altcoin season until a few weeks after We get our first major Peak like this For Bitcoin which I do think that's Coming uh maybe before the Bitcoin Having but I do think by mid 2024 uh very possibly we're going to be Seeing Bitcoin break previous all-time Highs and hit new major uh retail Interest levels and of course that will Follow into crypto so I really believe That Trend levels and Retail interest Will be peing higher at some point During this next bull market than it did In the previous bull markets uh so we

Will be seeing these lines higher uh Than this previous pool Market which Also means a lot more people in the Space uh the space being much larger Overall and a much higher global market Cap uh Bitcoin ethereum and a lot of Different altcoins breaking their Previous alltime highs so we haven't Really had an altcoin season yet and I Don't think we we will until we see a Major Peak for Bitcoin and ethereum uh But it's pretty much programmed with the Bitcoin having coming up and all this Other bullish stuff so at some point Throughout 2024 I do think we're going To get one of these major Peaks and That's really going to kick off the next Bull market so I really don't think We're even in this really bullish phase Of the bull market um at this point uh With this recent Peak though I do think That actually ignited the next bull Market so we're in the early phase of The bull market in my opinion where a Lot of altcoins are still considered to Be in a bare Market but as we get uh This first major Peak uh we're actually Going to be seeing a lot of those Altcoins go up a few hundred% and more In a short period of time especially as They launch their own new products and Stuff so I also want to add nft to this Uh because nfts are newer uh the last Bull market was pretty much the first

Bull market they had but uh we can see Here it peaked out the first time uh This is one cryp punks first had their First major surge back uh during the Bull markets uh in March April uh did level out a little bit but Then it hit its major peak in January of 2022 and that's when actually Bitcoin And crypto were entering their bare Market so that's pretty interesting but I do think a similar flow is going to Happen here we're going to see Bitcoin And ethereum being the first movers Followed by altcoins next and then nfts Being last but if it also depends on the Project that you're talking about uh Depending on what they're launching and Doing but nft search Trend overall I do Think will be peing at some point with The crypto Trend um few weeks to a few Months after the first couple major Peaks for Bitcoin and ethereum so I like To keep an eye on Trend levels because It gives me a good idea of where we're Currently at in the markets the Possibilities going forward as well and Like I said I do think retail interest Will be much higher in this next bull Market for pretty much everything uh Than it was in the last bull market so Uh crypto hardly having an uptrend uh in The past couple months uh it's currently At a trend level of eight if it gets Back to 36 here where it peaked um or

Even higher I do think a lot of these Top 100 altcoins uh will be up 10x or More uh depending on if they're Launching bullish products and the Demand for the project overall uh but That gives us a good idea of how early We are and we haven't even really had an Altcoin season yet uh with Bitcoin Moving I do think at some point in the Next 6 months we are going to have that First major Peak here like we saw back In January of 2021 that's when massive Retail interest starts Entering and uh it really starts uh it's Really going to start in the next couple Weeks here with all these companies Starting to run these ads and promote to Their existing clients leading into the Bitcoin having uh being election year Stock market at all-time high lots of Bullish stuff happening overall uh more Accessible than it was in the last bull Market as well so I hope this gives you A good idea of how early we are into the Bull markets still in the very early Phase in my opinion we haven't even had Uh an increase really in crypto or nfts Bitcoin is only just getting started I Do expect the first major Peak for Bitcoin at some time in the next uh 3 to Six months where we likely will see new Alltime highs for Bitcoin as well so Lots of bullish stuff happening here Very excited for 2024 and and uh if you

Are in the markets now you're pretty Much ahead of the herd the only thing You really have to do now is do your Research and find the good projects that Have the highest potential and uh make Sure you have your entry and exit Strategy in place and have a plan going Forward so if you guys want more regular Updates for me I do recommend following Me over on Twitter at jrny crypto There's also links in the video Description I do recommend following Block as well this is our Crypto nft News website where we post Breaking news pretty much anything That's happening that's important in the Space is being posted as it happens and Then articles on the website and other Socials as well uh so that's it for this Video I hope you guys found it useful And I'll see you guys in the next one

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