TOP 3 “Get Rich” Crypto Airdrops of 2023!!!! The Biggest & Most Lucrative of ALL TIME!!?

RING THE AIRDROP ALARMS!! The biggest and most lucrative crypto airdrops will happen in early 2023!!! Today we reveal our top 3 cryptocurrency airdrops that will be game-changers during the next bull run. Scaling Ethereum, Yield Curve for DeFi & a commision-free DEX. These are the airdrops you do not want to miss & we show exactly how to get eligible for each one!!

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00:00 Intro: Predicting the Next Bull Run Gems

01:34 Pick #1: EigenLayer
04:25 Pick #2 IPOR Protocol
06:41 Pick #3 GammaSwap
08:23 Extra PickTimeSwap

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We are in the depths of the BEAR
which on the 
surface feels like we're staring down the barrel   Of a never ending blackhole of suffering
that will abruptly end before you know it,   So right NOW is the time to discover the hidden 
gems, the crypto projects and narratives that   Will emerge as the fuel for the next run. So 
are you ready to burn this mothefricker down?   Well you don’t really have a choice, 
because it’s time for Chico Crypto!! If you’ve watched my channel since the last 
BULLRUN, you should know in the depths of the   Bear
. I have a knack for identifying projects 
and technology narratives which will surge come   The next bullrun. Before decentralized 
exchanges were household crypto names
I   Was shouting at the top of my lungs that Uniswap 
would be the DeFi to kick off the next bullrun. Well now it’s time to try and do it again
 Sooo everyone should have noticed
major theme of this “bear” market has   Been scaling as the market wasn’t 
ready for the traffic of the last   Bullrun. Getting dapps the technology they 
need to process thousands of transactions   Per second has been a goal of some 
of the biggest thinkers in the space. That is why the crypto project 
which can take scaling Ethereum   And its dapps to the next level
surge in the next couple of years. And that project is
.the Eigen Layer. So what is Eigen Layer and why is it special?? 
Well Eigen Layer is hyperscaling Ethereum dapps,   By letting them create their own 
“blockchains” which connect to the   Ethereum mainchain and leverage it’s security 
through a process called restaking This means   Eigen is a general-purpose marketplace for 
decentralized trust as it unbundles the   Trust layer of Ethereum so components of 
the trust network can be reused for other   Purposes. It’s the Polkadot or Cosmos 
structure of the Ethereum ecosystem
 Yes my friends
.if you are an Ethereum staker, 
especially a solo node operator
you will be able   To earn boosted rewards for providing 
security services to oracle networks,   Data availability layers, or dapps running 
on rollups or sidechains. The beauty of Eigen   Is in that it can increase the security of 
the current ETH landscape too. Per example,   Polygon and their proof of stake sidechain
can and most likely will integrate with Eigen,   Increasing its decentralization 
and economic security.. So if you have 32 ETH and you’re not staking 
I would highly recommend getting an Avado,   Which is a plug & play Ethereum staking 
device, I use one and I love it
.as it   Takes out the complex technical difficulties 
of staking Ethereum & when Eigen launches   You won’t have to wait to earn the boosted 
rewards & you will get 100 percent of those   Rewards
which won’t happen if you use 
a centralized entity to stake your Eth.

Now, if you haven’t noticed solo Ethereum 
staking has been a key narrative in this bear   Market
looking at Rocketpool’s Coingecko 
ranking just after the bubble popped,   In June of 2021, we can see it was ranked 
.well through this bear market,   Rocketpool has surged all the way up to rank #94
 Guess who is integrating with Rocketpool? 
Eigen is
Sreeram Kanaan, the founder has   Tweeted multiple times about using rocketpool 
stakers to provide restaking services across   The Ethereum ecosystem. So if decentralized 
Ethereum staking with things like rocketpool is   A bear market narrative, I can only imagine what 
Eigen will do in the Bull when it is released
 Yes Eigen is tokenless for now
but now it’s time   To dive into another BIG project who has 
a token confirmed coming down the road
. And that is the IPOR protocol. The goal of 
IPOR is to bring transparency and stability   To the volatile DeFi credit market. They 
will establish a yield curve representing   Average cost of borrowing in DeFi through 
2 main parts. First a benchmark interest   Rate for DeFi which is the index and then 
second, a suite of interest rate derivative   DEXes.Traders can hedge, arbitrage and take 
directional positions on the interest rate   Movement allowing the management of 
risk across their credit portfolios. There is not a single dollar locked up in 
this arena in crypto DeFi. Looking at the   Value of interest rate derivatives in the 
traditional world of TradeFi, which sits at   450 trillion dollars
you can start to grasp why 
IPOR could make some BIG waves once unleashed. That is why getting yourself in a position to 
receive a possible airdrop isn’t a bad idea. Now   IPOR labs has released a community activation 
program CAP and from their tweet on it they   Say “The CAP enables you to get recognized for 
furthering the IPOR mission and receive rewards.” So are those token rewards? Well Vlad 
Dramaliev, director of marketing at IPOR   Tweeted this about the program. “IPOR is one 
of the 1st #DeFi projects to integrate a new   Type of Web3 community engagement platform -Crew 
3-It enables the gamification and autovalidation   Of community activities and quantifies members' 
contributions, qualifying them for token rewards.  It's beautiful
and if you didn’t 
notice, Vlad bolded the world token
 I’ve included the IPOR thread on their 
CAP program down in the description which   Goes through all the steps to get 
setup with Crew3 to receive their   Future token airdrop.I’ve also 
included a link to their Crew3 The final 2 projects I want to cover 
also have a confirmed token and once   Again is innovating the crypto and DeFi space. That is GammaSwap, which is going to 
change LPing aka liquidity pooling,   Forever!! Gammaswap is a platform for volatility 
trading and commission free token trading. Yes  

Gammaswap is a DEX protocol, but with some major 
innovations. LP positions can be lent or borrowed,   Thus those who provide liquidity, the 
LP’rs are compensated with fees from   Those on the wrong side of the 
the longers and shorters. What this means is with token trading on the DEX, 
the commissions paid to the LP’rs isn’t being paid   By the traders and swappers
is the first commission free DEX. And the beauty of GammSwap is it can 
be integrated with other DEX’s and   AMMs like Uniswap or Sushiswap. A Crypto 
Andrew on Twitter put out a great 1-pager   And said this about the protocol: “Can be 
applied to any AMM, automated market maker” (Link #7 GammaSwap 1-pager tweet)
So a token
this is confirmed right?   Yes sireee Bob!! The Gammaswap twitter 
actually replied to the one-pager from   Crypto Andrew and said “Thanks 
for putting this one pager and   Thread together sir. The token will 
be $GS. Don't sue us Goldman Sachs! Then just yesterday they tweeted 
this “Tokenomics coming soon,   We have plans to be way more 
than just a governance token!” But regarding innovations with AMMs, we have to 
talk about TimeSwap. Timeswap is a lending and   Borrowing exchange inspired by Uniswap. In 
Uniswap, you exchange tokens in the present   While Timeswap is lending and borrowing through 
time. Lending is exchanging tokens from present   To future while borrowing is exchanging tokens 
from future. Basically Timeswap allows anyone   To borrow or lend any ERC20 token for a fixed 
period, using any other ERC20 token as collateral. Soooo token coming?? Well an airdrop tracking 
twitter account freeairdrop tweeted this regarding   A Timeswap airdrop “Timeswap has announced 
that early users will be duly awarded”… Timeswap, just like GammaSwap has a Crew3, 
where you can perform tasks to earn points,   Which as we can see they call them TIME points. The Timeswap twitter, last Friday tweeted this 
about their Crew3 “Ah, i'm questinng! Check out   Our crew3 quest, bag roles on Discord & take home 
amazee $TIME Points ✹You won't regret it, anon
 You won’t regret it
.that is totally a hint 
they will be rewarding people who do the tasks. Well my friends, I have a feeling these projects 
and protocols are going to be game changers.   No one is looking when we are in the depths of 
the bear, but this is when Chico Crypto shines   Because we find those diamonds in the 
rough. Cheers I’ll see you next time!!

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