Top 3 Hidden Crypto Gems on Coinbase

Coinbase is the biggest exchange in the United States and has a handful of hidden altcoin gems. In this video Josh shows you some hidden crypto gems.

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Here are the three best hidden gems you Can buy on coinbase right now now of Course there are dozens of projects Already listed so let me know which ones You believe should be added to coinbase In this upcoming bull run because if They win this lawsuit with the SEC these Alt coins are going to explode it's time To discover Crypto project number one is going to be Fetch AI which right now is currently Sitting at 61 cents and has performed Amazingly throughout this entire bare Market now fetch AI is allowing you to Build deploy in monetize artificial Intelligent apps marketplaces and really Be an open platform for all all Artificial intelligence moving into 2024 Here's their CEO explaining what they do On Fox News just a few weeks ago CEO Kuman Shake it's great to be here first Off tell me a little bit about how this Worked yeah so we are expecting is that Every individual will have their own Agent they will have their own Preferences but also all the small Businesses and all the other businesses Will also have their agents and U we ma The the the agents will match each other And deliver the final service so they Actually don't just uh chat to you they Actually do the execution of the task That you ask them to do it's amazing and They they're paying kind of a flat fee

It's like hosting a website for example It's not a commission on every Transaction and it's meant to make the User experience easier it's going to Roll out within the next few months That's correct so the user doesn't pay Anything uh you cut out the middleman Which is taking 25 30% the small Business gets the full effect uh the Benefit of all the pricing uh so it Makes everybody's life easier so it's a Win-win for both sides AI is going to be A part of everybody's lives guys it's Only going to advance more and more in Fact this is definitely one of the Industries that I'm probably most Bullish on moving into this next Presidential election especially as Things like deep fakes start to just Progressively get worse so Decentralizing this entire industry and Adopting and utilizing cryptography in The sense of fi is extremely bullish to Me now number two we are going to have Ando which just recently actually got Listed on coinbase itself and is sitting At $341 million with a trading volume of $61 million this is getting a lot of Activity there's a lot of development There's a lot of trading uh taking place Here that's going to be due to the fact That Ando is attacking the traditional Finance system they are institutional Grade Finance now on chain Ando is

Building the next generation of Financial infrastructure to improve Market efficiency transparency and Accessibility now of course we could Talk about all the boring us treasuries And the yields of getting a whopping 5% Or 4% but the tokenization of real world Assets is a narrative everybody is Starting to talk about in fact they are Working with crazy big Partnerships with Superior asset management companies like Black Rock Pimco they're also working With regulated service providers such as Nav or clear Street Stone X and they are Continuously starting to just develop More leadership projects and Partnerships with even experience of Projects such as Goldman Sachs one of The world's largest banks you and Bridgewater now they offer a service Known as flux protocol of course another Flux on the market but that is going to Allow them to lend and borrow on chain On Twitter they even just recently Posted this video of Larry thinkink Stating how ETFs are one step closer to The technological revolution in Financial Market let me be clear I think ETFs are step one in the technological Revolution in the financial markets step Two is going to be the tokenization of Every financial asset you can see they Commented below right here saying the World economic Forum estimates

867 trillion yes 867 trillion nearly one Quadrillion dollars in the traditional Financial assets right for tokenization Ando Finance is the marketplace leader Facilitating this transformation by Scaling access to institutional grade Financial products on chain our worlds Are starting to collide we now have Bitcoin spot ETFs ethereum ETFs are more Than likely right around the corner and The tokenization of all of these Derivatives markets and all of that free Flowing capital or the ill liquid assets That exist in our markets are going to Be tokenized and Ando is at the spear Head up now the last product I'd have to Shout out on coinbase is going to be Hive mapper or honey it also just got Listed roughly 9 days ago it has been Performing relentlessly throughout this Bare Market pumping massive Uh and is currently sitting at a $122 Million market cap with roughly 2.3 Million in trading volume now honey Token is going to fall under the Category of decentralized physical Networks AKA dpin dpin is an entirely New buzzword and narrative that is Starting to run up in the crypto space And we have an entire video of course Dropping on that channel later this next Week going in depth on what that is and The best ecosystem projects that are Providing the most amount of utility so

Make sure you guys smash SM that like Button and subscribe cuz you're not Going to want to miss out on that Alpha Now Hive mapper might be something You're familiar with I would compare it To something like helium or h&t but here Is the CEO explaining exactly what high Mapper Provides my name's arel Sidman I'm the CEO and co-founder of Hive mapper so Hive mapper is building a Global map and The way that we're doing that is quite Simple so you buy this dash cam you Install the dash cam on your car it is Collecting all of this imagery all this Location data and as we're mapping here The salana blockchain is supporting our Ability to ensure that this is being Done correctly and being done in a way That is Equitable to everybody who's Participating there's all these cars Every single day that are driving around If you put a little camera on them we Reward you in our honey token it's a Reward mechanism saying like look you Put in this effort right to build this Map to contribute and collect this data Here's your reward for it when people Think of Hive mapper today they think of The hive mapper dash cam right the the Device it is the eyes kind of you know Just driving down the street and it's Like okay what do I see okay and then What do I see needs to be translated

Right into little bits of information That make up an actual map and then we Have these map AI trainers and so the Map AI trainers they can be sitting Anywhere in the world behind a computer And they're training the ai ai says hey I think this is a 35h hour speed limit Sign and it's located here right is that Correct or not and by training it we're Actually improve proving it and those People by the way are also rewarded in Honey tokens so well that might scare Some of you cuz you have a camera now in Your car realize guys we're in a world Of electric vehicles and even right now In California is a bill trying to be Passed to actually limit a cap on how Fast you can actually drive so if it's a 25 mph Zone your car physically won't be Able to drive faster than 35 mph this Brings up so many questions in the de Centralization and control of this with Big tech companies and the government Should they be able to access people's Uh vehicles and tell them how fast and How slow they can or cannot drive so This is essentially giving that Decentralization aspect back to that Physical Network that back to that Physical uh infrastructure and giving That data back to the user and paying You to do so so this is really another Narrative that I believe is going to Start exploding and moving in a positive

Upward rejection as we approach Artificial intelligence adoption in the Near future now again there is dozens And dozens of cryptos on coinbase so let Me know in the comments which ones you Believe are undervalued but again you Know as we approach the adoption or the The final decision between the SEC and Coinbase if coinbase wins guys just Remember the coinbase effect will be Very real because this will be now a Point where any altcoin that is listed On coinbase will have a lot more clarity Than the rest of the industry and that Is just beyond Bullish [Music]

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