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Kambria KAT

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AI cryptocurrencies have been absolutely Exploding in price recently and uh Potentially is this the next 1000x Crypto gem to watch out for in the Market this one is called Cambria and Right here you can start to see this one Starting to take off in price so what I Want to do in this video is actually a Dedicated look at our Cambria this Cryptocurrency AI is it the next 1000x Gem what do you need to know about for This crypto and a lot more so if that Sounds good to you guys you guys enjoy These videos where I'm basically looking At AI projects ones that are creating Very explosive games in the crypto space Make sure to hit the Thumbs Up Button This is not Financial advice and this is Not a sponsored video either we're just Having fun looking at some exciting Cryptos in the crypto space and uh guys Let's get straight into this video so so This crypto is called Cambria it did Catch my eye when it was a bit lower in Price so I actually mentioned it in the Last crypto news update did it on the Channel a bit of alpha at the end of That crypto news update but you can see Here right here so it's trading right Now at one cent the crypto is called Cambria the ticker is k-a-t and it's Starting to move up and get some Recognition in the crypto space and uh What I actually like about this crypto

Is it is very very low ranked in the Crypto space if you guys like your Altcoin gems your low cap cryptos like I Do when I go hunting for 100x and 1000x Cryptos you want this number here on the Left you want this one big as possible So you know once they start to get into The top 50 top 20 you know those cryptos Become a lot harder to kind of move up In market cap I get really excited when I look at these little cryptos with uh Rank 604 and uh potentially could this One really start to explode we're going To find out about that in the future and If we actually do have a look at the All-time uh movements for this crypto You know it actually was trading at Around three cents all-time high when it First came onto the market and it's been On the market for a long period of time So 2019 is when it first came onto the Market and it did have a bit of a Spike Back in 2021 right here but just Recently with the takeoff and AI it is Getting some massive recognition on the Market so it is starting to really push Up in price you can see the volume Really starts to climb for this crypto And this one is trading over on cuecoin Right now and you can see that volume Come in for it but uh let's learn a bit More about Cambria so again not a Sponsored video but let's just learn About this one what are they bringing to

The market so it says right here Cambria Is an Innova is an open Innovation Platform for deep Tech AI robotics Blockchain VRA iot through the platform Nft IP Marketplace in Dallas anyone can Collaborate in researching developing a Commercializing deep Tech Solutions and Get rewarded fairly for their Contributions so it has a massive focus On machine learning deep Tech AI Robotics blockchain so this is exactly The field you know we want to see Cambria play in and I can't for some Reason zoom in on the text right here so It might be a little bit hard for you Guys to see but basically it but Basically it is an AI cryptocurrency and Uh to be honest what kind of caught my Eye about uh Cambria and I was kind of Looking through a lot of these other AI Crypto projects uh is uh when I was Going down here I was pretty impressed By the team so this team looks like it Has some strong connections out of Vietnam but on top of that it also has a Bunch of Partnerships potentially with Some really Elite universities out there And uh you know platforms as well so Have a look Stanford University so if That is a real legit partnership with Stanford Stanford it's probably one of The best universities in the world and Uh very very impressive to see that Partnership right there and they

Actually have some people working on This crypto that uh I was having a look At their bios and uh this guy Dr Vu Right here he's got a PhD from Stanford And uh BS from Carnegie Mellon both in Computer science and you know they're Building out this crypto project right Now and uh the other thing that kind of Caught my eye about this crypto is it Does have a big team there's a lot of People kind of associated with this Crypto they have LinkedIn accounts and I Thought that was another good signal so I do like those cryptos that do have Teams that are present you can kind of Get a feel for uh you know what they are Bringing to the market and uh when I was Kind of looking through some of these Bios you know I was pretty impressed With you know what these people are Bringing to the cryptocurrency space so That was kind of one of the standout Points uh for this crypto Cambria Kat Right now and the other standout thing Is it is a pretty open crypto so again It's open to Evolution uh they do have a Big focus on AI you know collaboration Deep Tech education and this is exactly Kind of what's Happening overall in uh AI right now so you guys know if you Tune into the crypto news video earlier Today you know Google's release bad Ai And it's all about collaboration Research and kind of getting on the very

Cutting Edge and I thought you know with This team what Cambria is bringing with The Dow and the token I thought it is a Very exciting crypto so definitely one If you guys are watching this video Right now put it on your radar because Potentially you know it could explode Higher it is ranked at number 604 which I quite like a lot but again you know We've been talking about other big Cryptos on this channel uh some of them Have really started to explode so we've Spoken about artificial uh liquid Intelligence sitting at number 222 right Now we've spoken about ocean protocol as Well right up there 119 fetch AI broken Into the top 100 Singularity net agix is Also smashed into the top 100 as well so Again you have to watch out for these Trends in the crypto space do your Research on these sleeping gems could Cambria be the next 1000x gem guys Comment down below what you think of This cryptocurrency is it undervalued Right now for what they are bringing to The market do you see the potential in Cambria as always with crypto hunting Make sure to do your own research when You're looking into these projects but I Am liking what Cambria is bringing into The market so I would classify it as a High reward high risk AI cryptocurrency On the rise one to put on your radar Want to do more do more research on and

If you guys enjoy this type of content Where I'm basically just browsing deep Into low-cap crypto jams putting them on The rate of you guys for you guys to do Some more research on it let me know in The comment section below if you guys Enjoy this type of content I can Continue it on the channel and if you Guys are new to crypto Zeus what are we Doing on the channel guys we're doing Big crypto news we're checking out Exciting AI crypto projects and uh just Recently dropped a tax video as well so If you guys are making money in the Crypto space investing in this AI crypto Coins and making lots of money uh make Sure to check out my tax video so lots Of important information and some Countries out there also have secret Zero percent tax locations and then on Top of that if you guys want to sign up To the free email list you can I've got A Mastery course where I basically share With you guys uh what I'm looking for in Cryptos the ones that you know make 100x Games and things like that early access In the patreon and lots of other bonuses And links that support the channel as Well where you guys can get some free Bonuses but guys that is an exciting Look at Cambria let me know if you guys Want me to to continue this one and Cover this one more on the channel Comment down below I hope your crypto

Journey goes well thank you guys for Watching the video and I'll see you guys In the next one crypto Zeus signing out

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Strategy 2. Social Sentiment/Twitter Chattered Based on Crypto Demand

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Another way to track these coins is by using group messaging apps, like Telegram or Discord, where traders are constantly communicating with each other about the latest developments in the crypto space. These platforms are a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry and get tips on new coins that are worth buying into.

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