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Artificial intelligence cryptocurrencies Have vastly outperformed Bitcoin in the Last few months you guys can see the Article right here and uh what's been Interesting is we've been covering some Of these big crypto projects had a big Focus on them but what I want to do in This video is actually check out a very Small crypto project this one is called Riz token and it's an artificial Intelligence focused cryptocurrency Project it's got a tiny market cap so It's a super low cap cryptocurrency and What we're going to do is basically Learn about this crypto so exactly what Is Riz bringing out to the market how is It kind of intertwining AI into the Crypto project we're also going to be Checking out the security as well so What is on the security for this crypto Project and some other important things You guys need to be aware of for this Crypto project so if that sounds good to You guys and you guys enjoy learning About AI projects make sure to hit the Thumbs up button on this video this one Is a sponsored review but as always this Is not Financial advice but I hope you Guys are enjoying the journey so far so This one is called Riz token it's Actually undergoing a fair launch right Now for the next couple of days and it's Already off to a good start so 18 BNB I've got the pink cell linked behind me

And uh so it's a very small micro cap Moonshot AI cryptocurrency project and Uh what they are trying to do in the Crypto Market is they're actually Focused in on The Dating market so you Guys know apps like Tinder you guys may Know other types of dating apps but Rizto can potentially is looking to uh Integrate AI functionality with these Types of dating apps build out a dating App and then use the token as a form of Utility to unlock features within the App so that's at a very very big level So combining dating and artificial Intelligence and if we learn a little Bit more about this crypto project you Guys can see right here a bit of a Preview of uh you know the app that They're looking to build out right now It has a zero percent tax on it so it Doesn't actually have big toeconomics And we've seen some other big tokenomic Cryptos on the channel this one actually Doesn't have big tokenomics on it and The plan is actually to get this app Onto Google Play and also the Apple App Store and it says here risk token Provides the best solution to find your Soulmate through its algorithmic Matching techniques and that pair you And your potential partner based on Photos information and data alike the App will let you either find your hookup First Love or a future soul mate res

Will be available on Android and iOS Providing the ease of access to mobile Users alike while also providing a Residual monetization aspect for the Riz Token so this is really interesting and As someone who's played around with uh Chat GPT and some of the other AI Programs out there you know the impact Of AI on the world is yet to be seen if They can actually program AI to actually Match people that's actually going to be Crazy in my opinion so if this actually Is a concept that does materialize I Think it does have some very very Exciting potential because the potential Of data and AI is very exciting but that Is kind of a big level look of the Crypto on top of that it does say They're going to look to develop a flirt Bot as well so you guys know chat GPT it Can actually come up with narratives and If this narrative also works with Riz That could be interesting so could it Actually help people uh converse with Potential Partners out there that is a Big question but that is another element Of this cryptocurrency they're looking To kind of focus in on and it does say Right here you know the token itself Will unlock more features with this as Well so utility is tied into Accessibility and the additional Features that they're going to build out For this crypto in addition there's also

Going to be staking rewards for this Crypto as well so you can stay careers Earn passive rewards and they do plan on Having a 30-day lock right there and on Top of that they've also got some nfcs Coming out as well so nfts are getting Developed and potentially these will add More benefits to the Riz ecosystem and Also the club and other special perks to Do with this crypto so right now the Tokenomics of this crypto to binance Smart chain cryptocurrency there's going To be a total supply of 1 million right Now they're having a pre-sale so the Pre-sale is live the liquidity will be 22 centralized exchange listing so Potentially in the future they may be Going to essentialize The Exchange so Watch out for that as well they got some Allocations out for marketing and also Staking as well and if we jump over to a Bit more of a detailed look at the Roadmap again this crypto not launched Yet undergoing Fair launch right now They've just put out the website they've Got the telegram going as well we'll Take a look at that Reddit Twitter again At the very very early stages of this Crypto and let's just jump over to the Security of this crypto project so as an Objective review of this crypto you know They do have a telegram channel so if You guys are interested in asking Questions always feel free to jump into

The telegram portal right there the Developers will be in there they've also Had an audit done by a solid proof and They did not find any issues with the Audit it is a non-renowned contract and Then on top of that they have done a kyc As well with a solid proof which is a Nice security signal as well and then on Top of that they're going to have a lot More marketing as well so this crypto Will eventually get launched and Marketing campaign will get unlocked and Then it's going to be all up for Development infusing AI into exactly What they're building out right now so Getting the app up and running getting The AI working and you know looking to Really you know potentially change the Market so if they can change the market It's going to be pretty exciting if they Can do that because you guys know Tinder And those other apps have a huge market Share right now could res eat up some of That market share we'll find out in the Future and looking to continue to Develop a lot more AI into this Ecosystem right here so looking to do Some good things in the crypto space and If we do check him out over on Twitter As well they do have some exciting Giveaways they've got free crypto being Given out as well so they've got a sweep Widget up which you can check out and a Lot of other exciting tweets coming out

Just now so very very early Cryptocurrency one to definitely conduct Some research into I'm going to leave a Link to Riz in the description of this Video as always with cryptocurrencies Make sure to do your own research Understand there's always going to be Risk and rewarding cryptocurrency and uh Potentially if this one can explode it Can be very very exciting but as always Make sure to be comfortable with your Levels of risk and if you do have any Questions for the crypto make sure to Jump into the telegram group and chat to The team in there but guys that is an Exciting look at Riz looking to shake up The dating Market with AI if you guys Enjoyed the video like learning about These little cryptos early on the radar Before they even launch let me know in The comment section below hit the thumbs Up button but guys really appreciate you Guys tuning into this video have a good One and I'll see you guys in the next One crypto Zeus signing out

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